Adopt a cute little Sinister Six Dixie

don't be pointing your mouse at me!Gary: New News:Greetings and welcome to our Adoption Page. You may remember this place being opened up in the past...but adopters didn't follow the rules that Ice Man had displayed. So now the Adoption Centre has changed dramatically to avoid people emailing him, and leaving false info in the form. Now vistors can adopt a Dixie without even emailing the webmaster! Just check it out below!

Old News:This place will allow you to adopt a cute little Sinister Six Dixie. What is a Dixie? It's sort of like a life-like doll. I started manufacturing these dolls and it went over board. Now this place is flooded with them!! It's decided I put them up for adoption. Be sure and give them a good home on your website so that it can make your visitors go "awwwwwww, isn't that cute" Anyways. How to adopt a Sinister Six Dixie is listed below.

A NOTICE: Much like any Adoption Centre, there are rules to follow. Read this first before adopting a Sinister Six Dixie!

1)Do not in anyway (unless specified or to name your Dixie) change the code of the script displayed below to paste your Dixie onto your page. The code is designed specifically for that purpose and not to be changed in anyway!

2)You must have a webpage in order to adopt a Dixie. And when you do adopt your Dixie display it where visitors can find it or see it.

3)You can adopt as many of any Dixie you wish, just don't flood your page with them.

4)And finally, do not pirate the sprites. They are unique to my page.

With that out of the way, you may now select your Dixie Below


Note: Each Dixie has a unique animation when you adopt them (Like for instance, Elec Man has a shocking surprise for your visitors), they aren't animated here because they take up to much loading time.

To simply adopt a Dixie...just copy the HTML fragment below the dixie and poof! It shows up on your page!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just copy the script in the Box below the Dixie you wish to adopt, remember to name your dixie where it says (Name of Your Dixie).

Yer Old Sinister Six Dixies







New Dixies for you to adopt!!








More Help in adopting a Dixie

Adopting your very own Dixie is as easy as pie. All you have to do is follow the directions listed above.

Another Important Note: This Adoption works just like any other adoption you've seen on the other Mega Man Homepages. So please treat this like any other adoption and respect the rules of it. Now that you've read and hopefully agreed to the Rules of the Adoption above, you may now adopt a Dixie. Have fun!

Don't understand the code or script? You can still Email me here: to adopt a Dixie. Just note that submissions may take a while to recieve, if they get a response at all. I don't like getting fluke emails.