Sinister Six Arcade is an arcade game idea produced by Gary and Rich. Although the game was in the works at one time, it is unlikely that it'll ever spawn. That is unless Gary, Rich and crew decide to pursue the idea. *hint hint* Below I'll list everything that I can about the game. Including a game walkthrough, sprites of the enemies and bosses, some neat tricks, character profiles, and other intresting information. Keep in mind that the game isn't real, but knowing me, I try to make it as real as I can. Anyways, enjoy and what not.


The is a side-scrolling fighting game based on the characters of the same name. It's a subseries dedicated to the first robots created by Dr. Light, who went off and sported their own wacky adventures.

The player chooses one of six: Cut-Chan (Britt), Gutsman (Erik), Iceman (Gary), Bombman (Rich), Fireman (Ben), and Elecman (Leon). The team consists of the newest recent line up for the Sinister Six. Their objective is to stop the mysterious villain from wreaking havoc on human civilization. They must fight through an army of hundreds of mechanicaloids, including different versions of the Sniper Joe and supervillains such as Pulzar, Super Chaos, and City Garage --who strangely transforms into a robot during his boss fight. Apple was also a boss enemy in the game, although she simply took the form of someone else and attacked players with punches and kicks. Later, Scorpion kidnaps Dr. Light, prompting the heroes to go on a rescue mission.

Although Final Fight set the standard for scrolling fighters, Sinister Six created several innovations for the genre, including the ability to hit felled opponents to prevent them from getting back up, as well as a character-specialized "Robot Master Weapon," which could either clear the screen of enemies, freeze them in place, or just pulverise everything in their path. To pay for such a devastating move, they have to cough up a 'power orb', and you only get so many.

There are also unique attacks each character can execute. Like Elecman can momentaraly stun opponents from moving for a second or two. Fireman can burn opponents while he's pulverising, and Bombman can lay land minds. Each character is unique, but none is better than the other. All Six are about evenly matched altogether, but playing each one at different times presents a different approach to the game! So the replay value is excellent!

The game is fondly remembered by those who played it for its fun,addictive gameplay and colorful graphics. However, it is also sometimes criticized for its wooden voice acting and often ungrammatical script, particularly from Scorpion ("All your base are belong to us."). Could be an inside joke though. The Japanese version of the game featured enemies that would drop health and Power Orb refills upon their defeat. These enemies were absent from the American release of the game.

Depending on the machine, the maximum number of simultaneous players varies from three to four.




Sinister Six Characters

This section lists the characters that players can use in the game. Their strengths, weaknesses, and what they can do during battle. Each character is different, so choose your Sixlet wisely.

Game Walkthrough

A walkthrough through the game. It lists the Eight Levels you'll be going through, along with strategies on how to defeat the bosses at the end!

The Enemies

Here's a list of enemies that will appear throughout the game. Refere here for defeating the enemies.

The Visual Gallery

Here you can view sprites and screen shots of the game itself. It's eye candy that evens out all the reading that can be done here.

Cheats and Tricks

And Finally other weird info can be found here. Probably stuff that never made it to the game, and hidden easter eggs that can be found too!