Finally the art section is ready and ripe for your viewing. Not much to see hear as we're (slowly) picking up the pieces. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates.




Britt's Gallery

Your one stop shop for the wonderful art of Cut Girl AKA Quick Chan.

Ben's Sketchpad

Rummages through the pages of the sketchbook of the Sinister Six's resident psychopath.

Gary's Scrap Book

Random crap drawn by that Freakish Blue Eskimo

Guest Artwork

Artwork made by fans and friends of the Sinister Six.

Sinister Six Comix

Follow the crazy sprite comic adventures of the Sinister Six. Click on this link for Great Justice!

Megaman Soccer Conversions

Though long since abandon, here's some custom MM Soccer Sprites for you to enjoy.

Megaman CD Collection

No music here, get the CD Images of the Robot Masters you see in Megaman & Bass but this section dates back to when the game was on the SNES.