The Big 128 Project

Megaman Battle chip Challenge for the Game Boy Advance is as fun as it is challenging. Here you can check out over 128 codes for your custom Tournments starring the people in the Megaman Community themselves. Most of these codes were created for you by RaijinK and myself. The Big 128 is a huge project, and we hope to actually develop 128 Navi Codes for you to explore! 0_o



#001 JAKE
Jacob (Snakeman)

Snake Man
DX2 (club) P4 (spade) 2 MB9Z KY73 (star) 3TG RRM1 450 Wood Old Mechanical Maniac Member, Jacob strikes as Snakeman with some sneaky Spice Chips.
#002 KEN
Ken (Flameman)

Flame Man
ITPV JDZG CNTG XJ1L MR1 (spade) (diamond) PDZ 600 Fire Ken portays Flamman (lol) and does what he does best. Be a Hothead. His High HP and fast Fire attacks make him a worthy adversary.
#003 LEE
Jonathon (Clownman)

Colored Man
L20T P (club) VF V4 (heart) B L7FP 8QGW (club) Y31 450 Normal Everyone's fave Clown playing as Coloredman. He has a mixture of Fire and Aqua Chips. Double the fun.
#004 FC
Vanessa (Classi)

PY88 (Diamond) 3M (star) 8QLF WY (Diamond) Q DX5 (star) 6RT1 450 Normal Classi plays as Ring .EXE and sticks to her classic Element with some devistating electric attacks.
#005 ERIK
Erik (Wind man)

Air Man
RR (spade) L Y2 (diamond) T 8 (club) XY M (star) B (club) 02HN 06X0 550 Normal Erik blows you away as Airman. He mainly attacks your deck, so bring high HP Level Chips!
#006 ROB
Rob (Slash Beast)

Beast Man
BV1S (Club) LZS 5KWM 1 (diamond) 5Q HDLY 5C (star) 0 500 Normal X-Force Rob will slice you up as Beastman. His attacks are rough and fast! Stay on your toes.
#007 KITY
Kitty Kat (Needle Gal)

Norm Navi Wood
YJNH 8M12 Z (heart) GW Y8D0 810R ZYQ0 550 Wood Kitty Kat plays as Norm Navi W, and sticks to her traditinal needle attacks
#008 XARD

Norm Navi 3
WG (heart) L B380 C9P8 Y (club) L (diamond) X406 RJZ1 600 Normal Xardion plays as Norm Navi 3, and attacks you with Waves and Cannonballs. He also has good defense.
#009 TIM
Tim (Gutsman)

Guts Man
MLXH WMRW D88 (heart) G2 (star) K HZPT Q7 (star) 1 600 Normal Tim uses his strength as Gutsman and tries to over power you with all kinds of Fists, and Rocks.
#010 TREV
Shadow Blade (Bubbleman)

Toad Man
(spade) (spade) 6F H (spade) (spade) R KYB (club) 7L9 (star) JX3W KCZ0 400 Aqua Shadow Blade looms not as Bubbleman, but instead as Toadman and uses Aqua-style Bubble Attacks.
#011 PROF
(Proffesor Fandango)

Number Man
4C3K 0KH7 (star) QX (spade) 608 (star) W69M 7QR0 400 Normal Professor Fandango retains his Numberman form and deploys a massive Timebomb assortment, along with other surprises.
#012 BRIT
Britt (Quick-Chan)

Quick Man
284T T (heart) 9N 0J50 B (spade) 9H MP00 5DD0 450 Normal Britt comes at you as Quickman, and she has all kinds of lightning fast moves. Can you keep up?
#013 JON
Novaman (Magnet Man)

Magnet Man
2K5V D4K (diamond) L1T0 2 (heart) (Club) (Club) M (diamond) VH 2420 600 Electric Novaman can be deadly with his Magnetman deck. Espically combined with some stunning chips and high HP.
#014 KOAL
Koala (Wood Man)

Wood Man
(diamond) N1N KG0L QDKT DQD (spade) TWG (spade) 8580 600 Wood Koala redefines Nature when you try to poke at his endless HP as Woodman.
#015 PHAR
Pharon (Air Man)

Air Man
(club) Q (spade) P MQCT 88W1 C8VJ 60 (star) S 0580 550 Normal Pharon has a unique blend of attacks while using Airman to delete your stash of chips.
#016 RICK
Generic Rick (Bright Man)

Flash Man
(spade) 7 (heart) 4 4FVM T31H QH (heart) (star) (heart) 9CB TW (heart) 1 550 Electric Generic Rick may not be Brightman here, but he's Flashman, and it's still the closest thing to put the shine on you.
#017 SPIN
Spinning Demon (Top Man)

Guts Man
KZ97 9D (heart) H (diamond) XD9 RWDN FHG1 BZP0 600 Normal Spinning Demon goes back to the ole' VI days as Gutsman and starts whacking you with Punches, and lots of spinning chips, like YOYO's and Twisters. about nasty combination of pain!
#018 TIAN
Ti-An (Plant Man)

Plant Man
J9X9 VTJM (club) 8 (club) Q FBCS (Star) BB (heart) T (Star) 31 550 Wood Playing his role as Plantman, Tian uses The classic Tree Bomb and Spice attacks to eat away at your yummy Chip Hit Points.
#019 IRA
IRA (Fire Man)

Fire Man
S (Spade) PP (spade) C (spade) F F (spade) (club) Q P07H 9C (star) 6 JJL1 500 Fire Old S6 Ventran comes burning into the battle field as Fireman. Complete with burners, swords, and chips of volcanic fury.
#020 LYSE

Elec Team
4Q (club) V 8 (star) WL VMVN 5 (Star) Y7 0V (spade) N 77X0 500 Electric Lysekoid takes the form of ElecTeam and stirrs you up with a nasty assortment of Electrical Terror.
#021 NIJ
Nijubu (Pharaoh man .EXE)

Norm Navi 5
1G9J (heart) 6Y1 4QGG D672 QW (diamond) 7 VL (club) 1 700 Normal Known as Pharaohman .EXE, Nijibu awakens with Norm Navi 5. His high HP and Anubus attacks are only half of your worries.
#022 LENN
Lennon (Gemini Man)

Proto Man
J (diamond) (diamond) D VTNT (spade) (spade) GP J663 3XKQ 3JL0 550 Normal The Swordmaster returns as Protoman .EXE. Without a Panel-Out Chip, Lennon will slice you into ribbons with his collection of swords.
#023 LUKE
Sanity (Stone Man)

Norm Navi X
M (star) (diamond) D (star) GMN (Spade) 87F 01ZT CFMY PKV0 700 Normal Sanity is not to be taken for a block head. As Norm Navi X he revives Stoneman's spirit by throwing God Stones, and Quakes every which way.
#024 BLZE
(Blaze Man)

Heat Guts
PRH7 4N (spade) (heart) 3W1C 2RX (club) 8RBP TLZ1 400 Fire Blazeman carries on his fire attributes as HeatGuts, and his moves are extremely powerful. Bring a Fire Extengisher along with you... 0_o.
#025 ODIN
(Odin Lionheart)

Gate Man
BKY9 3W (club) X H (spade) 1K QF (star) 2 8 (club) L6 QYT1 600 Normal The man of darkness that is Odin, now fights as Gateman in a hope to crush you with his Cannonballs, M-Cannons, and his mighty Guardians..
#026 SAM
Sam (Black Belt, Forte .EXE)

19P (star) (spade) (heart) MK (Diamond) PK1 9VVG HRMQ F (diamond) (star) 1 700 Normal Blackbelt returns as the dreaded Bass, and so is his leathal deck of powerful and deadly chips.
#027 RAIJ
RaijinK (Skull man .EXE)

Skull Man
R6G (club) NGRT P (heart) FP D6VV 5F (spade) L D960 650 Normal RaijinK rises from the dead as Skullman. Fear his frightning deck of spooky and horrifying monsters. (Am I over doing it? =P )
#028 EWRD
Edward (Thunder Man)

Thunder Man
H (club) 70 YMZ2 CNX9 MX (club) 2 5DGK SM01 550 Electric Old Elecman, Edward lives on as Thunderman. His shocking attacks will leave you deep fried and scarred for breakfast.
#029 ADON
Andon (Elec Man)

Elec Man
SL (star) Q H96Y (Club) 07J 2S (club) 0 8 (club) Y9 LF12 450 Electric Who would of thought that Andon would have such a nasty deck? He relies on defense mostly cause...well he's a Pacifist. But his Elecman offensive chips are not to be laughed at.
#030 HARD
Hadrian (Hard Man)

Knight Man
VG4 (Diamond) 51RM KGV2 MN0V 78DDQP (star) 0 700 Normal There's no Hardman for Hadrian, so I chose the next best thing. Knightman. He's big right? With CrossShields, and a lot of Fist Chips, Hadrian proves quite hazardous to your health
#031 SCOT
Scott (Bomb Man)

Norm Navi Fire
1S1 (star) 4BM7 (star) FSJ B2 (Diamond) F TKW6 ZWW0 550 Fire Another Sixlet makes his debut. Using Raij's deck for Ed, (Norm Navi F) I arranged a nifty bomb assault for Scott. Scott uses all kinds of bombs, so be ready for any elemental explosion!
#032 KEBA
Chibi Keba (Heat Maam)

Heat Man
(diamond) C58 MMYB (star) Y3 (heart) F5 (star) 1 (spade) F T (heart) XTN1 650 Fire Anyone remember Chibi Keba? Well now she's back with Heatman as her Navi. I've included Fire Rattons, Burner's, and all kinds of fiery weapons to roast you for her entree!
#033 GAUN
Gauntlet (Shadow Man)

Shadow Man
ZGS (diamond) 810F 8Z (star) (Club) K3Q1 284P HLH0 450 Normal Gauntlet's got a pretty snazzy cheating deck full of Shadow's, Kunai, Murmasa, and other sneaky attacks. And of course he's relies on Shadowman for more punishment.
#034 DRZL

Aqua Style
XS8 (diamond) 10ZJ ZCG0 1KWT MX7H 9NH0 400 Aqua Drizl's Aqua Navi's deck is full of Cloud Chips. Why not? That's his trademark after all. He is also armed to the teeth with water defense and some other surprises.
#035 GARY
Gary (Ice Man)

Ice Man
LWRF (Spade) L3W 7YF4 D (club) TC K (Club) PZ (Star) Z91 500 Aqua Gary's back, and he's a nasty little brawler with Iceman. He's got all the powerful aqua-type attacks, which makes him pretty brutal. Bring some electric chips to sizzle fry him..
#036 BEN
Ben (Magma Dragoon)

Heat Man
VNGV X2N3 MSSZ V0V7 (STAR) B3J (DIAMOND) (STAR) G1 650 Fire Okay...this is just mean. Ben as Heatman goes totally on the offensive with the most annoyin' fire chips. Including his trademark Dragoon attacks. You'd better cool him down with water attacks, or expect to get beaten....badly
#037 JASN
Jason (Cut Man)

Norm Navi 4
5Z (heart) (diamond) (heart) LT0 45VP RRXT (heart) LXP GPR0 650 Normal There maybe no Cutman in this game, but Jason uses Norm Navi 4, along with a bunch of Yoyo's and Kunai to match his boomerang and blade style attacks. And to make things even more irritating, he's well protected with Cross Shield 3's!
#038 EGO

Wood Shield
(Club) 100 B (star) Y9 XB (diamond) L NZKT 4NC (diamond) T (Club) H0 400 Wood Ending the four style changes, Egoraptor uses Wood Shield for a nasty deck of Woodie style horror. His Wood +40 really makes his Twister attacks ugly. Watch for that.
#039 PHIL
TRC (Magic man .EXE)

Magic Man
I0M0 313R 7MWG Z3CE IDHQ C5U0 350 Fire Magicman has a few tricks up his sleeve, including a sneaky Polt Chip along with his Anti-Defense.
#040 TRNT
Seraph (Shark man .EXE)

Shark Man
IU3R 4GEF IMPF S9GY F6AU MS20 400 Aqua Sharkman uses some painful and very wet techniques to send you to your watery grave.
#041 STAR
Starnik (Quick Man)

Quick Man
J661 1B (spade) D (Star) BJK L (star) KV 2YMV 0JN1 450 Normal Good ole' Starnik uses Quickman and has some pretty fast and annoying attacks. He also uses slow gauge to hinder your slot in progress.
#042 FANE

Norm Navi X
0FZM Q (Club) 9 (Club) M6 (Diamond) K K3WZ N (Diamond) C2 1ZD0 700 Normal Classic Oldbie Fanewgie comes at you with Norm Navi X and with a resortment of rare, and powerful chips. Along with a mixture of attacks. He is Fane after all!
#043 REBL
Rebel3000 (Freeze Man)

Freeze Man
KX (Heart) 7 NLST 11L (Diamond) 17JM 1MM6 65G0 500 Aqua Rebel3000 is going to put you on ice with Freezeman. He's got a unique blend of attacks, plus some other surprises.
#044 KIND
Kindle Woman (Darkman .EXE)

J6HK NBNC BQJ (Heart) 102 (Heart) (Star) (Heart) LL LNF1 400 Normal It was hard to come up with a deck for Kindle Woman, but I gave her Roll, along with a mixture of dark and candle chips to match her online personel. She's a tough cookie to crack!
#045 GEOF
Geoff (Spark Mandrill)

Norm Navi Elec
4G2G (Diamond) Y (Star) 1 H2 (Star) (Star) 5Y6J 7PMM 78P1 550 Electric Using Norm Navi Elec, mixed with lots of Fists and Electric Chips, made this Navi a powerhouse. It also matchs Geoff's online personality for Spark Mandrill.
#046 GRIN
Gringo (Wood Man)

Wood Man
612Y P (star) 3X XVXT Q (Heart) 92 WN (Diamond) G YR31 600 Wood The old Wood Man, Gringo from Wily's Warriors first team is back with a deck composed of chip eating Wood Bomb Chips. Bring a match to light this guy on fire.
#047 SOLA

Bass GS
9GF4 KRPY CG72 NW (Spade) G 5SP7 (Spade) WB0 800 Normal 800 HP is a lot of damage to endure, and Sola relives this horror in her Fire-style Bass form. With Bass GS's Navi attack gives her fire more of a kick. She mostly relies on flame attacks to pile on the hurt.
#048 CENT
(Centaur Man)

Norm Navi 1
G7Y4 G4H5 F (Club) 6Y K89V BG5 (Star) P6N0 500 Normal Centaurman was tricky, but I gave him Norm Navi 1 cause he's green. Though his Navi isn't the strongest, the chips are. For his cloaking I used Invis Chips, and for his Centaur Arrow, I put in Needle Attacks. And for his plasma shots, I put in a buncha projectiles. Not bad if I say so myself.
#048 CENT
(Centaur Man)

Norm Navi 1
G7Y4 G4H5 F (Club) 6Y K89V BG5 (Star) P6N0 500 Normal Centaurman was tricky, but I gave him Norm Navi 1 cause he's green. Though his Navi isn't the strongest, the chips are. For his cloaking I used Invis Chips, and for his Centaur Arrow, I put in Needle Attacks. And for his plasma shots, I put in a buncha projectiles. Not bad if I say so myself.
#128 MMHP
Mandi (Founder of M.M.H.P.)

Hub Style
CJ32 475L 5HWY 76 (star) G JZK2 Q7H1 200 Normal Here's the ultimate code. The founder of the online Megaman Community Mandi. She's got only a mesly 200 HP, but she's armed with so many rare chips, you simply just can't touch her. Being the founder and all, she's entitled to kick our arses. =D