The Sinister Six In:

The Stupid Bomb

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Well, this one is short and kooky, but well worth a read anyway. Enjoy and what not! I need more screen time...*groans*

Narrator: At the Justice Leaque Headquarters, Gauntlet, Ben and several other Megaman Community Members discuss a plan to take on the new evil forces which have plaqued New Megaolpolis.

Ben: *slaming a fist down on the table* We have to act now! There's no telling what those army of villains are up to.

Gauntlet: Don't worry Ben. We've Got Gary doing undercover work. He's at Super Chaos's base now spying.

Captain Sparky: No offense, but Gary isn't exactly spy material.

Sanity: Right. You should of went yourself.

Ben: True...but we aren't getting pranked right now...right?

Everyone: Good point!!

Narrator: Elsewhere Gary is dressed as one of Super Chaos's minions spying at the front.

Gary (as a Minion): Here's your shake sire.

Super Chaos: Finally! *takes it*

(Another Minion comes in)

Minion: Sir! We have developed the new weapon!

Gary: (To himself) Uh oh...

Super Chaos: Good. Explain how it works.

Gary: (To himself) Yes...please do.

Minion: Well's quite simple. Presenting The Stupid Bomb! *pulls out a bomb*

Gary: We're really in trouble...*to himself*

Minion: Basically, you throw it at a target...then the target becomes really stupid for a long while.

Gary: *is taking notes*

Super Chaos: *spits out his drink* Bleeech. This was supposed to be super crunchy. This is super spicey!

Minion: Crap...I gotta go check the other bombs.

Gary: *approaches the minion* Here...let me hold that for look awfully tired.

Minion: Thanks...what a pal. *takes off*

Gary: *prepairs to leave when Super Chaos approaches him*

Super Chaos: HEY! Stop right there!

Gary: *gulps*

Super Chaos: *peers over him* Look at your armor! It's horrible!

Gary: *mimicking his voice* YEah...I bought it at the Megaopolis Shop down the street.

Super Chaos: IT'S CHEAP!

Gary: *takes of the armor and leaves it on the floor in front of Super Chaos*


Gary: *leaving with the bomb* I bet Super Chaos was the inspiration for the Stupid Bomb.

(At headquarters)

Gauntlet: Agreed. We'll let them make the first move...and we'll go from there.

Ben: We'll be sitting ducks!

Sparky: It seems we all can't come to an agreement.

Sanity: I know...I wish Gary would get back with some information.

Gary: *comes running in with the bomb* Hey Guys! Guess what I got!

(Gary trips and he drops the bomb and it explodes)

Ben: I was going to say attack first...but screw that! *hits his head on the wall*

Gauntlet: I was going to say something important...but I forgot...

Sparky: Hehehehe...An Eskimo in 80 degree's heat.

Gary: What happend? Ah well...*Hits himself over the head with a mallet*

Sanity: Wow...I feel so much better!

Scott: What's goin' on? I don't feel any different!?

Gauntlet: Come on Ben...Gary...let's go attack Super Chaos's Army!

Ben and Gary: *looking in opposite directions* OKAY!

(Meanwhile The Minion has assembled the large army of Super Chaos out in the field)

Minion: Okay guys. You all are armed with the most powerful weapon in Megaolpolis warfare. Together we will crush the good guys and reign supreme.

Army: Yeah!

One guy: How do you opperate the weapon?

Minion: Simple! Treat it like a ordinary bomb. But remember, it's perfectly long as you don't drop it.

Some guy way out in back: Uh oh....

Minion: Is there a problem out there?

Some guy way out in back: Hmmmm...maybe.


(The entire Army is now a bunch of stupid idiots)

Minion: that we are all stupid...I guess we should...ummm..

One guy: Look at this! *booooom!*

Another guy: *laughs* Watch this! *boooom*

Another Guy: Look what happends when I smash two bombs together...


Guy: A bigger explosion!

Gauntlet: *taps Minion on the shoulder*

Gauntlet: EXcuse this the army we are supposed to defeat?

Guy: *rides by on a unicycle juggling bombs*

Minion: Oh my! We have guests! And nobody told me!

Ben: *shakes Minion's hand* Shall we battle now?

Minion: Here honered guests! Take these bombs as a gift. *gives them several bombs*

Guy: *plays baseball with a bomb*

Another Guy: *tries to hit it with a bat*


Gary: I guess this means we won? *walks off with Ben and Gauntlet*

Gauntlet: Spoils of war...

Ben: Yay!

Gary: I wonder what these things do?

Ben: Donno...*looks at it upside down*

several hours later at Super Chaos's base...

Minion: Hmmm...the effects are slowy wearing off sir...however the army are still playing around with the stupid bombs.

Super Chaos: *groan* This isn't working out so well...And you said you "gave" those goody goodys some of the bombs?

Minion: *gulp* Yesss sir...but it wasn't my fault...the bomb's effects...

Super Chaos: *waves a hand of silence* No matter. One of those lame brains is sure to set one off...making them stupider than us.

Minion: the rate the army is going...I'm afraid we're the dumber ones.

Super Chaos: Yes...but that will be fixed thanks to my new invention. My Smart Bombs.

Minion: Smart Bombs sir?

Super Chaos: *pulls open a curtain showing a pile of them* These outta counter effect the stupid bombs. Drop a slew of these on our own men, and we'll be the smartest army in the world.

Minion: *examining the bombs* Not bad sir. A definate success.

Super Chaos: With the goodies dumb as mud, and us smarter than heck...they'll be no stopping us.

Minion: *pulling out a bomb from the middle of the pile* So how do they work...


Super Chaos: OH no...

*the pile lands on Minion and they all explode*

Super Chaos: Great...

Minion: A unique success. It seems that now I'm smarter than you former leader.

Super Chaos: What do you mean..."former"?

Minion: With my new brains I shall rule this army with a strong hold. And now I know all your clever little traps. *pulls a lever*

Super Chaos: *falls in* HEY!!! *trap snaps shut*

Minion: Now I shall rule the world!!

*Back at HQ*

Ben: *holding his head* The effects are starting to wear off.

Gauntlet: Finally! Super Chaos could of attacked us while our guard was down.

Gary: Sorry about that guys...forgot that I'm kinda clumsy.

Gauntlet: Yeah...well next time leave the spying to the master.

*Naop comes in*

Naop: Hey guys. I found this bomb in the hallway. Let's set it off and see what it does.



Narrator: With the heros down with stupidy...will Megaopolis be doomed?

Minion: *standing on a hill with all the stupid army running ammock*

Minion: My army. Together we shall rule this planet!

Guy: Look what happens when I smash three bombs together!

Narrator: Nah.

Special Note: Thanks to the Super Mario Brothers Super Book for inspiration for this epilouge!