The Sinister Six In:

8-Bit Blues

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Here we go again, on yet another Sinister Six Adventure! What kind of goodies will appeal to you this time? One way to find out and read on!

Narrator: In a secret lair deep within the hilled side of Megalopolis lies Super Chaos deep at work with a new invention. Surprised? He can invent.

Super Chaos: Hmmm...maybe if I connect this wire to...(ZAP!!)

Super Chaos: God !!! I need a proffesional to help me build this dang gadget. I better call Dr. Wily for some assistance...(shrugs)

Super Chaos: I can't wait to see the looks on those idiot's faces when I blast them with this here gizmo. (laughs as he dial's Dr. Wily's number)

Dail Tone: How did you get this number? If you are a Robot Master or a Wily Guardian press 1 now. If you are a spy press 2 now....

Super Chaos: Crap, this can take a while...

Narrator: As for the Sinister Six.

Tim: Hey all, it's time for some breakfast.

Scott: Goodie! I'm starved!

Jason: Has anyone ever noticed that nearly half of these Episodes we usually start off with food.

Scott: And you're complaining? (takes a stack of pancakes and gulps it down in one bite)

Andon, IRA, Tim, and Jason: 0_0 Oh my god!

Andon: Definatly do not, I repeat, do not challenge Scott to an all out eating contest...

Gary: (comes into the room) Nooooooooo.....REALLY!? Now, are we ready to go yet?

Tim: Oh! I completly forget about the team meeting!

Gary: That's why we are in our armor ya big idiot! To be ready to go.

Tim: (throws the table at Iceman knocking the food off)

Gary: Ouchies!

Scott: Not food! Eating! (dives to the floor)

Tim: Nobody calls me an idiot... Now let's go. Sinister Six Reunite!

(nothing happens)

IRA: What the? That's a first.

Jason: Did it malfunction? Shortcircuit?

(everyone turns to Scott, who is still gorging himself on the floor)

Jason and IRA: Oh, nevermind.

(Tim pulls Scott away from the floor)

Scott: Can't! Still eating! (breaks free and attacks floor)

Tim: Come on Scott!!

Andon: Just take the food and lure him to the group, once he's in the group, then say the fraise. It should work.

Tim: Worth a try I guess. (approaches Scott's food)

Scott: BACK OFF! (Snaps at his hand and goes back to eating)

Jason: Holy man! He's really messed up!

(Tim tries to take the food again, but Scott got into defensive and threw a bomb at him)

Tim: DAMN! AND HE KNOWS EXPLOSIVES ARE MY WEAKNESS!! (gets blown into seperate peices)

(The others sigh)

Andon: Welp, this could take a while, mainly since we can't teleport unless we all are in one peice, and Scott is being the robot garbage disposal again, and of course...

Gary: (throws a pillow at Andon)

Narrator: At the meeting, the Mechanial Maniacs are getting started. Gauntlet heads to the back of the building to call the Six...after all they are late.

Gauntlet: Damn them guys. They are running late again! I wonder what their excuse will be this time. (turns on his JLA Device)

Super Chaos: (bardges though the back door) Hey there Gauntlet! WAZZZZUPP!

Gauntlet: Oh hey Super Chaos...(thinks for a minute) SUPER CHAOS!

Super Chaos: That's me, you'll be perfect for the first test subject with my new invention.

Gauntlet: That is if you can catch me (gets into battle stance)

(Super Chaos pulls out a small laser gun and fires a red blast of energy)

Gauntlet: (dodges the blast) You missed ya big blob!

Super Chaos: Hmmm...okay. I'll try this! (fires a blue blast at Gauntlet)

Gauntlet: (uses stealth to dodge, but only to find out the blue blast is homing)

(He gets hit directly)

Super Chaos: Different color laser, but the effect is the same!

Gauntlet: What have you done to me...(looks at himself)

Super Chaos: (laughs evilly) It worked!

Gauntlet: I feel like I've been degraded...(flings an 8-bit version of his Shadow Blade at Super Chaos)

(it bounces off)

Super Chaos: YESSS! IT WORKS! All 8-bit attacks won't hurt me! The test is over Gauntlet, and since you're not my enemy, I'll leave you to Galvatron to finish you off! Now to go after the six!

(Super Chaos leaves in a bright flash)

Gauntlet: Damn! I gotta warn the Six! (tries his JLA Divice, but it doesn't work)

Gauntlet: Oh boy, I guess the signal degraded down along with me. I hope the others Mechanical Maniacs don't find me. They'll surly have their fun...

Needle Gal: Hey! Look what I found! Gauntlet at his weakest!

Gauntlet: Oh great. (growns)

Narrator: The Six finnally manage to get Tim repaired while Scott finished eating until there was nothing left. Then they arrived at the building where the secret meeting was to take place.

Gary: Welp, incase we run into problems I brought along a pet to help help out.

Tim: A Pet? Should I ask?

Gary: Sure if you want. Come on out Bloopy!

Blooper: BLOOPAAA!

Tim ,Andon, Scott, Jason, and IRA: ...............

Gary: Shadow Blade let me keep him. Ever since I visited his under water oasis, his pet Blooper has followed me ever since, now we are best buddies, isn't that right Bloopy! (nuzzles him)

Blooper: (bites his nose)

Gary: Son of a ! (runs around with the Blooper attached to his nose)

Andon: Now that was funny.

With the sudden commotion from inside the building out comes Gauntlet in his new form.

Gauntlet: Some friends you guys are! (slams the door)

Gauntlet walks up to the six and stares up at them

Jason: (Stares down at Gauntlet) look different.


Gary: (pulling the Blooper off his nose) No need to get bent out of shape about it, at least I'm not the short one anymore. (laughs)

Gauntlet let loose several Shadow Blades at the menicing Eskimo, only to have them reflected off.

Gauntlet: Damn, you are one lucky prankster.

Tim: Serioulsy though, how the heck did this happen?

Gauntlet: Well, let's just say Super Chaos developed some kind of 8-bit transformation device and he set his sites on testing it on me. Now he's coming after you with it.

Andon: Yikes! For a big blob idiot, this is actually a very sneaky tactic. Being an 8-bit sprite definatly lowers our capabilties by 10 fold, heck...even a 32-bit Metool can wipe up the floor with an 8-bit Robot offense my ninja 8-bit friend.

Gauntlet: (hurls a Shadow Blade at Andon even knowing that it will bounce off) None taken.

Andon: I sence some aggression in Gauntlet.

IRA: I would be pissed too if I was a puny 8-bit sprite.

Then in an instant a large blue blast blazed through IRA, and in a puff of smoke...well...let's just say, he's going to be pissed.


Tim, Scott, Jason, Gary, and Andon: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Intense laughing coming from the background)

Super Chaos: Haha! I got you little runts now! Prepare to be degraded!

Super Chaos fires several red blasts at the Six.

Tim: Look out! (dodges the lasers)

The others do the same.

Gauntlet: (takes a laser blow, nothing happens) Welp, the gun won't affect me anymore, might as well try to fight Super Chaos.

Gauntlet attemps a jump kick at Super Chaos only to get knocked back by the massive beast.

IRA: Eat this!! (Fires a douse of Flames at Super Chaos)

Super Chaos: (sitting in a lawn chair with sunglasses) Man that feels good, do that again Fireman.

IRA: ..............

Super Chaos knocks IRA with a mere flick from his finger while the rest of the six cower in a corner.

Tim: We have to do something! IRA and Gauntlet can't touch Super Chaos! We are the ones that can!

Jason: True...but if we get blasted by the laser, we'll be as helpless as them.

Scott: Finally I get to say something...anyways...ummm...crap. I forget what I was going to say.

Andon: Well, We need to use some sort of defense to avoid getting hit by that ray.

Gary: Maybe....

Ice gets cut off by a Robot charging out into the field.

Jonathan: HIYA! I'll help you out Sinister Six! If it gets more parts to star in this series...I'll be a hero!

Clownman grabs a hold of several light poles and does a strange trapeze act in front of Super Chaos.

Super Chaos: (Blasts Clownman with the Ray gun)

Jonathan: Was that supposed to hurt? I didn't feel a thing.

Totally unaware of his 8-bit looks (cause nobody has really seen Clownman as a 8-bit sprite before) does his Trapeze Attack on Super Chaos.

(It bonks off)

Jonathan: Hey! What gives!

Tim: Okay! Let's go! Sinister Six Reunite!

With that Flash the Six teleport all over Super Chaos trying to grab the gun from his hands.

Andon: It worked! We got him by complete surprise! (grabs the Ray Gun)

Super Chaos: NOOOOO! You little welches! NOW BASS!

Before Andon could fire the ray at Super Chaos, he teleports away and a blue light of energy zaps the five remaining members of the Six.

Bass: Got 'em! (Bass Stood with another Ray gun exactly like Super Chaos')

Super Chaos: (Appearing next to Bass) Fools! Do you really think that I'd go down that easily!

Tim: Come to think of it...yes. (signaling to Andon who still ports Super Chaos' gun) FIRE!!

Andon: (fires the ray at Super Chaos and Bass...only to find out it had no effect.)

Jonathan: What the!? How is that possible!?

Jason: Impossible!

Scott: Huh...? I'm confused.

Tim: You're always confused Scott.

Gary: (felt a Shadow Blade hit his back side) OWCH!!

Gauntlet: There we go. 8-bit sprites can hurt other 8-bit sprites. Revenge is sweet...anyways, being the smart ninja that I am, I know why the ray didn't work.

Andon: Me as well my Star throwing friend.

Andon and Gauntlet: You see, this gun was zapped along with us, which shrunk down its capabilites as well, which mean...

Tim: It's useless.

Andon and Gauntlet: Exactly!

Super Chaos: We did it Bass! The Sinister Six can no longer stop us! We are free to destroy the city!!

Bass: Right! Finally, we can go have some fun!

And after that Super Chaos and Bass leave the scene in a bright flash of light.

Blooper: (bounces up and down)

Gary: Hey, the gun didn't affect my Blooper.

Tim: Intresting.

Gauntlet: Maybe the ray only affects Megaman Characters...

Andon: Either that, or that Blooper is already an 8-bit sprite.

Blooper: (continues bouncing leaving cracks in the pavement)

Jonathan: Look! An 8-bit sprite can't do that! (Clown shocks the ground to prove that it does no damage)

Tim: Yeah...I think Gauntlet is right. Maybe the ray doesn't affect non Megaman Characters. No use trying to get the rest of the Mechanical Maniacs to help, cause they'll be just as vulnerable to the ray as us.

Jason: Even so, Gary's pet isn't strong enough to get the gun back from Bass.

Andon: True, but with this gun, even though it doesn't work, we maybe able to analize it to see how it functions. Maybe come up with a antidote.

Tim: Awesome Idea! Back to Sinister HQ and to the lab! Sinister Six Reunite!!

(nothing happens)

IRA: Obviously that doesn't work.

Andon: Right. The teleportation device shrunk along with us, making it impossible to work, even Scott should know that.

Scott: Know what?

Andon: Sorry, I don't rest my case on that one.

Gary: (groans) Does this mean we have to walk back to Sinister Six HQ?

Gauntlet: Nah, you guys can use our lab. Come on in.

The others follow Gauntlet inside.

Tops: Well, if it isn't old Shadow Man. How does it feel to be the outcast now?

Gauntlet: Don't start with me. Once I get back to my 32-bit self you all are going to get it.

Needle Gal: Yeah, lighten up Top. I mean...yeah, he stoll the spotlight at times...

Sean: All the time.

Needle Gal: Just give him a break! And if you all didn't notice we have celebrities in here! The Sinister Six!

Gizmo: Whoah. I didn't even notice them. They are 8-bit too?

Jonathan: Hello! Attention here! (waves his hand)

The Mechanical Maniacs surround the six.

Jacob: How the heck did you guys become 8-bit? Same as Gauntlet I presume.

Gary: Yup. Now I'm shorter than my own pet!

Blooper: (starts sniffing Gauntlet)

Gauntlet: Ummm....Ice...CALL IT OFF!!

Jonathan: (juggles balls while riding a unicycle) It's Clownman! From The Clownman's Circus! See me!!

Sean: If the Sinister Six are this weak...then maybe we can become the...

Jason: Don't even think about it.

Sean: Yeah...oh well, I guess you guys are going to try to figure out how to get back to normal.

Tim: You got it. We need to use your lab, if you don't mind.

Tops: Nah, we don't mind. Go right ahead. Anything for the Sinister Six!

Jonathan: (bouncing around) HEY!! WHAT AM I! CHOP LIVER!?

Blooper: (Knocks Clownman outside the window)

Jonathan: ACK!!

Gizmo: Did you guys hear something?


(The Six and Gauntlet then enter the Lab)

Andon: Okay, to figure out how to see how this ray gun works, we need to analize the signature of the laser. That way we maybe able to reverse its effects.

Gauntlet: Right. I have some laser scanning equipment over here. (leads Andon)

Tim: Welp, there's little we can do when it comes to machinery and science, so we'll leave that up to those two. For now. (switches on the news), we better keep up on the damage Chaos and Bass are causing.

News Caster: Super Chaos and Bass are ripping the city apart! And so far no Team has been able to stop them! Sinister Six had failed, Mechanical Maniacs not budging. Just recently, the Cossack's Creations have been turned into what it seems like...only 8-bit sprites!!?? How is this possible...

*TV clicks off*

IRA: Shoot! The Cossack's Creations have been degraded too!

Jason: I know. It's a matter of time before all the teams are turned into 8-bit sprites, and all the enemies of this world will unite and take over. Galvatron, The other Sinister Six, Dark Moon, and all the rest.

Tim: Unfortunatly there's nothing we can really do. All the hope rests on Gauntlet and Andon.

As for the two...

Gauntlet: Damn! There's gotta be a way to nutralize this thing!

Andon: Patience my Karate trained friend, this stuff takes time.

Gauntlet: Time...unfortunatly is not on our side......*a transformation takes place*

Andon: Whoa!!! Look!! (hands Gauntlet a mirror)

Gauntlet: (Looking in the mirror) I DON'T BELIVE IT! I'm back to normal! But how!?

Andon: I don't belive we did anything to nutralize the ray. Perhappes its effects was just temporarly.

Gauntlet: If that's the case, you guys should be returning to normal too.

Andon: I doubt it. After looking at the laser sample through this microscope. The effects slow down tremendously. You were shot with the laser first, so it makes sense that you regained your form so quickly.

Gauntlet: So what you're saying is, that the longer you stay in the 8-bit form, the slower the process to turn back to normal. Then IRA should be turning back to normal shortly, then Clownman...

Andon: Then eventually us. There's no estimate to how long the effects last, and even if we do regain ourselves, Super Chaos can simply fire at us again, therefore; being shrunk down again.

Gauntlet: And of course the effects would last much longer....damn. So much for a bright side. Then somehow we'll have to get the gun from Bass before he has a chance to degrade us again.

Andon: A risk. A very tricky risk. For all we know, they could have many copies of that gun.

Gauntlet: I am the master of camouflage and espionage, I'll sneak in and see if I can get the gun or guns. You try to come up with a antidote or something of use.

Before Andon tries to stop Gauntlet, he's already off

After destroying a few parts of the City with little resistance, the duo rest near a street.

Super Chaos: Welp Bass, what little is there to do if there's no one to stop you?

Bass: Start a club. We can locate City Garage, and see if he wants a peice of the action. You only made two guns right?

Super Chaos: Uh huh. That's all we needed. The Six have the other one. But it's useless.

Bass: I hope your right...

A electric blast hits Bass on the only phases him.

Bass: What the heck was that!?

Jonathan: Take a wild guess! (throws more electric shocks at the two only to have them reflected off)

Bass: You really don't think you stand a chance against the both of us...espcially in that form do you!?

Jonathan: I can certainly die trying! (uses his arms and covers Bass)

With a good attempt at shocking Bass, Bass simply untangled the arms around him and threw Clown to the back wall.

Super Chaos: Got to admire his bravery.

At that moment Bass was tackled by Gauntlet who Immediately grabbed the gun from him.

Bass: Where the heck did you come from!! HOW DID YOU GET YOUR FORM BACK!!??

Gauntlet: (hovering over Bass) All in good time, now it's your turn to suffer. (blasts Bass with the gun)

Bass: NOOOOOO!!!

Gauntlet: Hah! You look pathetic as a 8-bit sprite. (then he turns his attentions to Super Chaos...who has vanished)

Bass: You may have gotten me, but now you have to worry about Super Chaos.

Gauntlet: (Immediately sensing danger, Gauntlet jumped into the air. Just as he did, a giant fist was ready to smash him in.

The shear power of the fist hitting the ground knocked Bass clear to the other side of the street knocking him out...Then there was Super Chaos.

Gauntlet: Alright Chaos! It's you and me! So let's get this on!

(Appears in front of Gauntlet)

Super Chaos: You can't defeat me! (breaks up in several rock peices)

Gauntlet: (fires the laser at Super Chaos, but it bounces off the rocks) CRAP!!

Chris: I'll help you out Gauntlet!!

Gauntlet: ????????

(Dustman fake hits Super Chaos with a timed jump attack but misses and hits Gauntlet)

Chris: Oops.. Sorry Gauntlet.

Gauntlet: You're not Dustman...are you? (clicks the red button on Dustman's chest and he fades out too...) None other than my arch nemisis Docman!

Docman: How did you see through my disquise!?

Gauntlet: 3 reasons. 1) The Cossack's Creations have already been turned to 8-bit sprites, I've been watching the news. 2) Dustman's aim usually isn't so horrible. 3) And the most obvious reason, Dustman doesn't have a voice box!

Docman: Well, it doesn't matter now. (holding up the ray gun he snatched from Gauntlet) You can't take us both on.

Super Chaos: (laughs) Let's get him!

(The combined efforts of Docman and Super Chaos were enough to over come Gauntlet and soon they pinned him down)

Gauntlet: (breathing hard and backing into a corner) Back off...leave me alone..

Docman: Hah! (aims the gun at Gauntlet) Super Chaos gave me the pleasure of turning you into an 8-bit and to finish you off. (laughs)

Gauntlet: (prepairs to dodge)

(soon a sound of electric energy landed near Chaos and Docman)

Tim: He we are! Good thing we kept up with the news, and saw the whole thing!

(Super Chaos and Docman remained stunned)

Gauntlet: How the heck did you teleport here if the signal shrunk down with you?

Andon: I didn't find a cure for the rays effects, but I did find a way past the signal. (grins)

IRA: Just like before! Time to use our special team attack!

Jason: We maybe 8-bit, but the power reserve should be enough to take care of Super Chaos and Docman!

Gary: Either that, or we'll put on a good fire work show.

Scott: Just like before...

Tim: Together! The Circle of Doom!

(Story Refrence: The Sinister Six used this attack to defeat the Insidious Six in the previous story...which hasn't been finished...sorry for the spoiler.)

Gauntlet: I hope they know what they are doing...

Docman and Super Chaos: What are they doing?

(The six form a circle and they quickly glow with red, blue, and yellow electricity)

Gauntlet: (takes the opportunity and hides)

(The power combined form a large explosion and everything around the six, including Super Chaos and Darkman was left in dust)

Jason: Did it work?

(The smoke clears and The Six look about to see... Super Chaos and Docman sitting on a couch watching a television set.)

Docman: (laughs) Man...that Gilligan!

Super Chaos: Did you feel a breeze?

The Six and Gauntlet: ..............

Tim: I don't understand! That move finished off the Insidious Six!! Surly it should have "some" effect on Super Chaos and Docman!

Andon: I guess that attack in 8-bit doesn't do diddly squat on 32-bit characters.


Gary: I was wondering when someone would say that.

(While Super Chaos wipped up the floor with the 8-bit versions of the Sinister Six, Docman was about to blast Gauntlet when all of a sudden...)

Blooper: (Simply climbed up Docman's back and covered his head so he couldn't see)

Docman: WHAT THE HECK!? (fires the laser at his head) (It had no effect on the Blooper)

Blooper: (takes the gun from Docman's hand and shoots him)

Docman: Crap.

Gauntlet: ????????

(The Six were pinned down by Super Chaos)

Super Chaos: (rises his foot over the six) Now to finish you!!

(Soon a large blue ray surrounded Super Chaos and in a great puff of smoke)

Super Chaos: What the heck!?

Blooper: (rewiring the laser gun then shoots the Sinister Six and they regain their 32-bit forms)

Tim: What in the world?

(Everyone looks blankly at the bouncing Blooper)

(Back at Sinister Six HQ)

Tim: Some hero's we turned out to be...actually it was that Blooper that's the hero.

Andon: Very true. It figured out how to reverse the effect of the ray, and now everyone is back to normall...except Bass, Super Chaos, and Docman...but eventually they'll turn back to normal...slowly.

Jason: True. That and the Mechanical Manicas can rest easy with Docman down for a while.

Gary: Maybe my Blooper can do all the crime fighting for now on!!

Blooper: (grabs some bags and the refridgerator, and takes off)

Gary: HEY! I WAS KIDDING BLOOPY! WAIT!! (runs after him)

IRA: Now that's what I call a running gag. Iceman is the "joker" of the group.

Scott: And he left the laser too, can I test it?

Tim, Andon, IRA, and Jason: NOOOOO SCOTT, NOOOO!!!

(As for the Mechanical Manicas)

Needle Gal: Welcome home Gauntlet.

Gauntlet: Thanks. Boy, this has been one adventure I'm never going to forget.

Sean: As usual you hog all the spot light.

Gauntlet: Not exactly. You guys had some lines, and heck...I was an actual cameo this time.

Sean: You still stole all the spot light.

Jacob: did.

Hard: nnnnNNNNNHhhhhh!!

Gauntlet: Oh shut up everyone. And where the heck is Magnetman!?

Tops: He's attracting metal again.

Gauntlet: As usual. So what did we all learn today? (Watching Iceman chasing after his blooper through the window)

Gizmo: I learned that putting fish on a pizza is not a bad idea. (burps).

Sean: I learned that Gauntlet is a spot light stealer.

Gauntlet: ALL RIGHT!! THAT'S IT!! (starts beating up Spark)

Tops: Well, until Gauntlet stops stealing the spotlight, we are .... the Mechanical Maniacs!

(As for Clownman)

Jonathan: I am...alone in my Circus...maybe I should just quit my career while I'm ahead.

(Iceman runs into Clownman's circus chasing after the Blooper)

Jonathan: Ice, what the heck are you doing in my circus!!

Gary: I'll explain later, just help me catch that Blooper!!

(Clown and Ice knock everything over trying to catch the blooper)

Blooper: (waves goodbye and smiles)