The Sinister Six In:

Battle and Chase

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: What a fine tuned day at the races. Every year we come to the Battle and Chase racetrack to partake in our ritual. Watching Gary represent us on the race track. Though this year evil is uprising...for the prize money which is handed out to the winner. This sounds intresting, so let's watch!

Gauntlet: Tis I Gauntlet! Here to tell you all that I helped Ice finishe this epilouge! Enjoy it!

Narrator: A crowded stadium sits in the middle of Megaolpolis as this years Battle and Chase racetrack prepairs its debut. Vistors from around the globe visit to watch, or members of their Megaman Teams come in to cheer for their racing champion. The Announcers begin speaking.

Chest: Welcome to this years Battle and Chase Racing Tournament!

Plum: This years contestants all have unbelivable racing records which made them competitors in previous years contests!

Ripto: This surly could be the most exciting race ever! And for the new comers we'll dicuss the simple rules.

(The Sinister Six minus Iceman and Bombman make their way to their seats)

Andon: Man dude, this place is packed!

Jason: True That, at least we got a nice close up spot to watch Gary.

Tim: What is this now...third year running? He still hasn't givin up...

Andon: Don't worry so much my big friend.'s a dangerous sport...this Battle and Chase, but Gary enjoys it!

Tim: That's what I'm worried saw what happend last year.

IRA: That was a nasty crash, at least he still pulled off to be a tough competitor.

Jason: I Heard Gauntlet is representing the Mechanical Maniacs this year...*looking at the racers list*

Tim: Really? I'd never think he'd get involved into something this dangerous.

Jason: You know Gauntlet...he'll do anything for money...and I mean anything.

Scott: *sits down with huge pile of food*

IRA: Jeeeze sure you can eat all that?

Scott: Hell ya! SO BACK OFF!!

Tim: Just leave him be IRA...

Andon: Boy, you are worried about Gary. I can see it in your eyes.

Tim: I'm not worried...I mean...anyone can drive a off terrian vehicle...armed with various weapons...and can be clocked at the kilo speed record of more than 135 miles per hour...

Jason: Bet you can't do it.

Tim: I can!

Andon: Jason's right my optimistic racing friend, you don't have experience like Gary does, and...

Tim: Shows what you know Andon! *pulls out an international racing card* I've raced tons of times before...just nothing this intense.

Andon: Dude! You never told us you used to race for sport!

Tim: Well yeah...before the Sinister Six was formed...I really didn't have anything exciting to do.

IRA: Awesome man! With that card you can compete in the Battle and Chase Tournament!

Tim:'s too dangerous.

Scott: *with mouth full* Do it!

Andon: Don't force him if he doesn't want to.

Jason: Actually if Tim was to compete...we would have "two" racers representing us! It'll double our chances at winning the prize money.

Tim: That is true...and I haven't gotten into my Wild Arms Racer in forever.

Jason: It's time for a reunion. *smiles*

Tim:Tim: You got it! Just give me a few minutes...and I'll be signed up! Won't Gary be surprised!

Andon: GO GET 'EM MAN!

(The announcers continue with the rules)

Plum: Each contestant having their own special attack to use to knock other racers off the road.

Chest: Then there's the road hazards...Rock Slides, landmines, all kinds of disasters to hinder our racers progress!

Ripto: You got it Chest! It's anyones game!

Plum: The track itself is nearly 10 miles in distance. Each car must successfully treck the 10 miles 3 times, making each successful run a lap.

Ripto: 30 miles total...that's a lot of territory to cover. And the recovery points could issue time to get your car spruced up, but don't spend to much time there...the action is fast and intense!

(In the garage, Turboman, last years running champion pollishes his armor)

Turboman: The other racers may have built their cars, but I don't need to build mine...when I can simply transform! *morphs himself into his car form* I'll surly win this year just as easily as I did last year!

???: *a dark figure emerges* That's what you think!

Turboman: Huh? *gets whacked*

(Back to the announcers)

Chest: And that's the rules my friends. Simple, yet dangerous, but that's why we call it...


Plum: *smiles* That's so Kawii! Anyway...oh! *brights up* Here comes our racers!

(The audience breaks out in loud cheers as the racers make their way to the starting line)

Ripto: Ah...the racers. Unique and different in their own special ways. We have old favorites and some new celebs to add to the list this year!

Plum: OH! It's Megaman! Megalpolis old hero! A legend and all around favorite racer of the pack!

Megaman: *waves to the audience* Alright Rush! Transform!

Rush: *transforms into a car*

(all Megaman fans cheer loudly)

Ripto: He's representing Light Tech, and Dr. Light is in the audience tonight!

(The camera pans to Dr. Light)

Dr. Light: (waves and holds up a flag with Megaman and Roll)

Plum: Also representing Light Tech tonight is Roll! Megaman's Sister! She looks all hiped up tonight!

Roll: *gassing up her car and blows kisses to the audience*

(all Roll fans cheer)

Chest: Roll has been the only female to participate in the Battle and Chase Tournaments, besides new runner upper QuickChan, and she returns from last year to put the hurt on the other racers.

Ripto: Yes...even Megaman is weary of her racing skills...I guess it runs in the family eh?

Plum: competiton.

Chest: Speaking of family, another old favorite is racing this years marathon. It's Protoman!

(all fans cheer)

Plum: *blushes* Oh...isn't he cute! Megaman's older brother is new to this years Grand Prix competition, and his car looks so Kawii!

Protoman: *strikes a pose as he hops into his car*

Ripto: Sniper Joe is ready on the field. His car the Homing Sniper has proved quite well last year...will it fair against this years competition?

Sniper Joe: *waves to the audience*

Plum: Representing Darkman's Robot Warriors and Sanity's team is Napalmman!

Napalmman: *polishing his car*

Chest: An all around competitor and well ahead of her game we have an old racing champion QuickChan! Who missed out last years race but appears this year!

Plum: Britt's outstanding performance and ability to litterally break the sound barrier has earned her many 1st place finishes! And she's still representing Wily's Warriors!

QuickChan: *runs around her car and poses as she finishes*

(A large uproar fills the stadium)

Ripto: Another impressive racer to be noted is out there this year. 3rd year straight, and is known for his outstanding racing strategy! Iceman! Representing The Sinister Six!

(More loud cheering can be heard)

Iceman: *checking his engine, then looks at the large crowd*

Andon: GO GARY!!

Scott: YOU CAN DO IT!!

IRA: *cheering loudly* You're the man!!

Jason: GO GO GO!!

Chest: Gary has shown great skill in racing history, for starting out slow but coming from behind. This strategy has earned him many first place finishes!

Plum: He proves that slow and steady does win races! Oh look! Another Sinister Six Representative is racing today!

Ripto: It appears we have a new racer out on the field. It's Gutsman from The Sinister Six! (cheers break out)

Ripto: Seems to be a lot of S6 fans out there.

Plum: A first time runner in the Battle and Chase Grand Prix, we still have yet to see how Tim proves himself out in the field.

Gutsman: *waves at Gary then at the audience*

Andon: This is getting hyped dude! Can't wait to see how they do!

Scott: *eating two ice cream cones* I don't know which one to go for!

IRA: I'd say Tim has a good chance! Gary is strong! Just pick one Scott!

Scott: No...I ment which ice cream cone to eat...Chocolate..or Strawberry.

IRA: *falls over*

Plum: Springman has set up an interesting set of wheels...

Springman: *bounces around and shows off his new car to his audience*

Chest: Ah yes, a good site for Springman. Bass on the other hand looks like he's ready to rock and roll!

(A loud cheer breaks out)

Ripto: He's repreating Dr. Wily! The last several years Bass has put on an extrodinary show! Which in turn had made him extremely famous here at Battle and Chase Stadium tonight!

Bass: *smirks evilly signaling Wily*

Dr. Wily: *winks at Bass*

Plum: Oh...isn't that cute! We have yet another new racer this year! Representing the Mechanical Maniacs, we have Shadowman!

(The Maniacs cheer)

Chest: Otherwise known as the mysterious Gauntlet! We have yet to see what tricks he has planned for this one.

Shadowman: *appears next to his car and hops in it*

Ripto: And finally we have our last years champion and all time runner up! TURBOMAN!!

(The whole stadium goes crazy)

Chest: I haven't heard a cheer like that since Mark McGwire hit 4 homeruns in one game!

(A kid runs to one of the announcers)

Ripto: Hmmmm...we seem to have an announcement change here...

(The crowd gets quiet)

Ripto: Ahh..well..Turboman calls in sick, but we have his replacement! Super Chaos!

Super Chaos: *enters onto the field with his car*

(crickets start chirping)

Super Chaos: HEY! I spent a lot of time on this car! The least you can do is cheer!

(one person cheers, but that's because he finally got his hot dog)

Super Chaos: -_-

(The cars approach the starting line)

Plum: Now the time everyone's been waiting for. The racers are now in position.

(The audience quiets down and awaits the countdown...everyone can hear the engines roaring)

Bass: *pulling up next to Megaman* You ready to race Blue Dweeb!

Megaman: Maybe this time you can prove you're better at something than can't.

Bass: Grrrrr...*smiles* You'll see. *looks at Wily*

Dr. Wily: *nods*

(Forty minuts go as the racers are introduced. Sniper Joe representing Sniper Joes everywhere fights for communism. 4-roader fights for no cause at all, he was built for the race by the Battle and Chase producers so they wouldn't have to reward the prize money to anyone should 4-roader actually win! QuickChan is fighting for Turboman who was found mysteriously knocked out, although she origionally intended to challenge last year's champion. For the Lethal Eight Springman fights for fun and glory. Lastly, and surprisingly, Duo has appeared in the race, intentions unknown. Only Duo knows that he's fighting for his own selfish pride and a chance to outclass the other racers. Finally, in a surprise move, Wily has shown up in a car as well. He has a deal with the United Nations that if he wins the race, they give him the world! If he loses he will give up his evil ways and never trouble the world again. Only Wily and the more logical know that he has no plans to honor his part of the agreement. With their pride on the line the racers line up their cars.)

Ripto: Ready, racers? On your mark ..... get set ....... GO!!!

(Immediately the cars of Wily, Duo, Sniper Joe, Napalmman, Springman, 4-roader, Protoman, and Springman explode!)

Plum: What the Hell was that!?

Iceman: What in the? I thought I was doing the jokes around here!

(Shadowman surpasses the competition and takes an early lead in the race!)

Shadowman: Heh heh heh....

Ripto: It looks like some of the racers have engine trouble, Plum.

Plum: That or someone's not playing fair, Ripto.

Ripto: The other racers have recovered and are in the race, but they don't look too happy with Shadowman taking an early lead like that. Do you suppose he'll be disqualified for cheating, Plum?

Plum: I'm in contact with the judges and they tell me that if we let the racers shoot at each other then why not blow each other up?

Ripto: Our judges really suck.

Gutsman: GAUNTLET!!! You no-good dirty cheater!

Shadowman: Eat my dust good buddy!

(Shadowman lets loose a smoke bomb which cases the racers to lose their vision.)

Iceman: Oh no you don't Shadow. I'm not gonna lose to you!

Shadowman: It's not like you have a choice!

(Shadowman begins throwing shadowblades at the racers seemingly at random. He laughs insanely fully confident in victory.)

Shadowman: Fwa ha-ha hah! Look at you! None of you can win! None of you!

(Just as he says that Quick-Chan puts forth a burst of accelleration and speeds ahead of the startled ninja!)

Shadowman: Hey!

QuickChan: Sorry Gauntlet, this race is mine! *she smiles slyly*

(Just as suddenly, Shadowman is hit by weapons from the other racers, causing his car to spin out of control! In no time every other racer has passed him by!)


Megaman: JERK!

Roll: You suck!

Protoman: *grunts*

Shadowman: Grrr......

(Shadowman takes a moment to pick up a communicator)

Shadowman: Needle? It's time for operation: trojan horse.

Needle Gal: Gotcha.

(Elsewhere, the race begins to heat up as Bass and Megaman begin taking things a little too personally.)

Bass: You're mine, you blue dweeb!

Megaman: No way you fish-headed, dim-witted, obnoxious fuck up!

Bass: H-hey! You said a bad word!

Megaman: Damn straight I did!

(Stunned by Megaman's newfound vulgaridy, Bass is unprepared as Roll hit's him with a spin attack sending him spinning out of control!)

Megaman: Thanks, sis!

Roll: No problemo!

(Roll is suddennly knocked aside by a giant boulder!)

Megaman: Hey!

(Gutsman begins throwing boulders at everyone in sight!)

Gutsman: Gwaaaahhh!

Iceman: What's wrong with you, Tim? Drive like a sane person!

Gutsman: I - I can't help it! I've lost control of the Wild Arms!

(Unseen by everyone, Needlegal operates a remote control and chuckles at the chaos on the track as Shadowman catches up to the crowd.)

Shadowman: 'scuse me.

Iceman: Damn it, G! You're going to -

(Gutsman's car crashes into Icemans and the two spin into a wall.)

Bass: Damn! And I thought I was bad for deflating Megaman's tires and knocking Turboman out!

Ripto: Well, it looks like Shadowman's back in the race again!

Plum: While the contestants from the Sinsiter Six have suffered a big setback.

Ripto: Yes, but at least they aren't dead last. That place belongs to the lumbering Super Chaos. Just look at him go! He's so heavy he weighs himself down and beats HIMSELF!

Super Chaos: Damn it ..... I can't lose! Not like this. It's a good thing I have my ...... secret technique. (S.C. akes out a remote control and calls up 4-roader and Sniper Joe) Fellows! It's time. Activate ..... BLACK RACER FORCE!

Sniper Joe: Right! Activate Sniper Joe Black Racer Force!

4-Runner: What so I speak now? Yeah, activate black racer force ..... or something.

(A burst of dark energy erupts from the three racers. Although their outer apparance hasn't changed they're all black and their cars much faster than anything legal. 4-roader and Sniper Joe are back in the race as their cars are fully repaired - better than before. The trio put forth a burst of speed.)

Plum: Ripto! Three seemingly new racers have just entered the race!

Ripto: I can see that! Well, the judges are allowing this too.

Chest: Why do we even have judges?

Black Devil: Out of my way, peaons!

(The Black Devil blasts away QuickChan, and the other two Black Racers are quickly approaching.)

QuickChan: Well...this bites...*she knaws on her bommerang*

Shadowman: HEY! You just can't come into the race like that! There are rules! You have to regester first! So even if you win -

Black Joe: Shut up, comerade!

Black Roader: Yeah, whatever.

(The black racers come up from behind Shadowman and with a series of several powerfull blasts send Shadowman flying into th air and into last place!)

Iceman: Geez Louise! At least that cheating Ninja is out for the count...

Megaman: That's some firepower.

Black Devil: You girls want a real race? Let's go?

Ripto: The racers are putting forth an extra effort now that the Black racers are involved! There's so much shooting it's hard to tell who's in the lead and who's not!

Plum: That's right, lover. But .... Hell, it looks like Iceman's just kinda snuck into the lead without anyone noticing!

Ripto: He's put on a burst of speed! The other racers have finally noticed him. Looks like Black Devil and Bass are firing at him, but the little guy's pretty manuverable.

Plum: Never count the little guys out.

Ripto: Wait ..... ? When did that......?

Plum: It's neck and neck!

Ripto: Was it ...... New Years? I know I had alot to drink, but ...

Iceman: I won't lose, Chaos!

Black Devil: And I'll win, shorty!

Ripto: Maybe I should go to AA......

Plum: And the winner is ........ SHADOWMAN!

Audience: WHAT!?

Black Devil: Shadowman!?

Iceman: GAUNTLET!? Where is that lousy.....?

(Popping and sputtering sounds can be heard as Shadowman ..... slowly ... crosses the finish line in his beat up car.)

Shadowman: I won! I actually won!

Gutsman: What the Hell happened!? Gary won!

Black Joe: Nuh-uh, comerade! Comerade Devil won!

Roll: What's goin' on here!?

Megaman: Something stinks.

Protoman: And it ain't my scarf either...

Shadowman: What? Can I help it if I'm so devilously handsome that the judges just couldn't help but award me the prize?

Plum: And the winners of second and third place are ...... also Shadowman!

Shadowman: Ho-RAY!

Iceman: GAHH!

(Ripto places all three medals on around Gauntlet's neck.)

Iceman: The judges! Where the Hell are they!?

Judges: Right here!

(Magnetman, Topman, and Geminiman all walk out of the judges booth and take off their disguises.)

Gutsman: GWAAAAAHHH!!!!

Shadowman: Heh heh heh heh.

Megaman: But ..... But ....

Lennon: Apparently we were on the list of auxillery judges to call if the first set couldn't make it for ...... some reason.

Shadowman: What a great day for the sport of racing!

Gutsman: It's a lousy day for the sport of racing!

Iceman: Hm. Don't suppose you have plans for that money.

Shadowman: Indeed I do, my friend. I plan to build myself a cliff-side fortress and will hold my own competition!

(The crowd listens intentively as Shadowman explains his proposition.)

Shadowman: Ten million zennies for any who can best my fortress!

(Months later, crowds gather to brave Shadowman's fortress. One by one the contestants fail until only Gutsman is left.....)

Tim: Finally. The boss room door. Behind this is Shadowman ..... and all my money.

(Gutsman opens the door.)

Tim: Alright, you cheater! Time to pay for Battle and Chase!


Show yourself!






Oh no. I won't leave so easily. Sooner or later you'll have to fight me! Do you hear!? I'm not leaving! Shadowman!!!!!!!

(Upon searching Tim found no money and no Shadowman in the entire fortress. What did Shadowman really do with the money?

Not THAT is ....... a secret!)

*meanwhile 30 miles from the race track....

Springman: Where the hell are we?

Napalmman: I could of sworn that last turn lead us to the finish line...

Dr. Wily: This can't be happening to me! I'm too much of a genious to have taken a wrong turn.