The Sinister Six In:

Almost Beat Him

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: if you all can't get enough of us. It's time for yet...another wacky adventure. This one is a tad different, but well worth the read. Hope you enjoy and what not.

Narrator: After Super Chao's recent defeat, there wasn't much to do on the next night. So The Six head off to "Midnight Simmons" to hang out and eat dinner. After all, who can miss the midnight specials?

Door Handler: Welcome people, do you have reservations?

Tim: Yes, we should be listed under that list as The Biniki Brothers.

Jason: We gotta thank Egoraptor for the name...kinda cooky though.

Andon: Indeed Dude.

Door Handler: I'm sorry gentlemen, there is no "Biniki Brothers" on the list. I'm afraid I can't let you in.

Tim: WHAT!? How can this be? Ego said he'd call ahead for us.

Gary: That's Ego for ya. He forgets to do stuff a lot. Like that one time he said he's change out the dirty laundry when he stayed at our place. And well, the place stunk worse than any gym locker I've ever...

Tim: OKAY GARY! (grunts) You sure we're not on that list?

Door Handler: I'm sure sir. I can't let you in.

Andon: Let me talk to the guy my brown-haired friend. Let's see here. This place is basically only open at midnight, am I correct?

Tim, Gary, Scott, IRA, and Jason: Uh oh...

Door Handler: Yes sir...

Andon: Then what's the point of reservations! I mean, hardly anyone knows this place even exists! I mean, you'll be lucky if you get 10 customers a night. Considering the fact I'm amazed a place like this is even still in business! I mean come on! You can spare six more people for your buisness right? It's not like we are...*continues yapping*.

IRA: Welp, Andon should get us in there in no time flat.

Jason: Just wait a few minutes.

Tim: If it doesn't work then preventing Scott from getting food will.

Scott: Huh?

Tim: Nevermind Scott, just go back to what you were doing.

Gary: (Looking at his watch) Time to start the countdown.

(Andon contiunes jibba jabbing to the Door Handler)

Gary 5.................4...................3...................2.... ..


Gary: A tad early, but I was right.

(The Six go ahead inside and sit down at a table)

Tim: The Team Chat is now in progress. We have the night off, so let's talk!

(There was a short silence at the table)

Tim: Well?

Jason: I got a Steelix in my Pokemon Gold Version today.

Tim: Okay....congrads Jason...ummm...whoelse?

Andon: Well, we can talk about how I feel about the Raciest Clubs that are organizing around the globe and how sick it is. I doubt you guys care.

Tim: You're right. I'm not raciest or anything...but let's change the subject.

(silence again at the table)

Tim: Well!?

Scott: (Lets out a gigantic fart)

Gary: (starts laughing like crazy)

IRA: DAMN SCOTT! (covering his nose) WHAT DID YOU EAT!?

Tim: Great...(watching Gary laugh like an insane idiot)

Scott: (starts laughing and leans over to fart again)

Gary: (more insane laughter)



Andon: I have an idea.

Jason: Good. Anything is better than listening to fart factory over there and laughing box.

Tim: Go ahead Andon.

Andon: I found this letter in a box the other day, it's Edward's. It lists a story on how close he came to destroying Megaman. I found it fasinating on how clever he plotted and schemed. He would of won...if this something wouldn't of interfered.

Tim: I

Andon: Let's tell stories. I can read Edward's story on his almost victory, and you guys can share yours. We can see who came the closest to beating Megaman.

Jason: You know...that's not a bad idea. I'm sure we each have a unique story to tell.

IRA: I'm in! I have a good story. Let's do it.

Gary: Yeah! Me too! Espcially since I almost had beaten Megaman once!

Tim: Then it's settled! Good idea Andon! Very good!

Andon: I try.

(short silence)

Scott: (Let's out another big one)

Gary: (More insane laughter)

IRA: Okay! (picks up a fork) I'm this close to hauling this thing in the crack of your to plug it up!

Gary: (Lets out his own fart and laughs insanely)

Jason: (covers his nose)



Tim: Just for that, you two will be last to tell your stories.

Scott and Gary: (groans)

Jason: Who'll be up first?

(Tim sets out four sets of straws and hands them to IRA, Andon, and Jason, and keeps one for himself)

Tim: Short straw will go first.

IRA: That be me.

Tim: Okay...go ahead and start IRA.

IRA: Hmmmm...

(A waiter approaches)

Waiter: What can I get for you all tonight?

(They make their orders and IRA starts his story after the waiter leaves)

IRA: It happend on Halloween. I was setting a trap for Megaman at the time. So I placed pumpkin bombs all over the yard, along with eerie noises... (IRA fades out)

Megaman: Damn...this place is spooky. But this is where the activity is taken place.

Dr. Light: (coming in over an intercalm) Megaman! Is that you!?

Megaman: No, it's the tooth fairy, of course it's....


Megaman: Doc! Simmer down! It's me, Megaman! You know, you're creation!

Dr. Light: Oh. (looks embarrased). Sorry. Anyways, my scanners are indicating that Fireman is up to no good in that old house.

Megaman: Right, I'll check it out. Mega out!

(looking all over the place, Megaman looked for a place to go in. Soon he heard Fireman's voice over a speaker)

Fireman: Ahhh...Megaman. So nice of you to visit me on this lovely Halloween.

Megaman: Fireman! Where are you?!

Fireman: That's not important right now. You should be asking "How am I going to get out of this?"

(The pumpkins start releasing knock out gas only that effects robots)

Megaman: This gas...smells funny...who cut the cheese....(faints)

Tim: Yeah...*covering his nose* who cut the cheese...BOMBMAN!

Scott: Oops...sorry.

IRA: Can I continue now?

Tim: Ummm...sure. Go right...

Gary: *Lets out a big one and laughs like a lunatic*

Tim: All right! THAT'S IT!

(As Fireman continues his story Gary and Scott now have corks up their butts)

Fireman: Fireman to Dr. Wily, you come in? *speaking over the holovid*

Dr. Wily: This is Wily, go ahead.

Fireman: I caught Megaman, what do you want me to do with him?

Dr. Wily: You caught Megaman?

Fireman: Yeah, he's tied up onto the wall in the next room.

Dr. Wily: You? You caught Megaman?

Fireman: Yes!

Dr. Wily: It is April Fools day? Is this some kinda joke?

Fireman: No, he's in the next room if you...

Dr. Wily: All by yourself? You caught him. Without no help, one of the worlds clumysest Robot Masters...

Fireman: I resent that remark. I'm not that clumsy.

Dr. Wily: *starts laughing* be...kidding...*falls on the floor*

Fireman: Come on Wily...I'm serious. I caught him.

Dr. Wily: Oh, this is good Fireman. Next you'll be telling me that you defeated Protoman with one hand! *gets up laughing*

(An hour later)

Fireman: Come on Doc, you're hurting my feelings...

Dr. Wily: Robots don't have feelings Fireman...*tries to reframe from laughing*

(At that moment Megaman had regained conscience and broke free from his chains)

Dr. Wily: What was that?

Fireman: What was what?

Megaman: It's mighty Megaman, not even chains can hold him!

Fireman: *turns around* MEGAMAN! HOW DID YOU ESCAPE!

Megaman: You left me hanging to long, I got bored, now prepair to be beaten.

(Megaman and Fireman fight and Fireman loses)

Megaman: Welp, I gotta go now. Nice hanging with you guys. Lata. (escapes)

Dr. Wily:................

Fireman: (gets up) Ouch...that little blue louse.

Dr. Wily: FIREMAN YOU IDIOT! Why didn't you tell me you had captured Megaman!!!

Fireman: Huh? I....did.

Dr. Wily: You should of destroyed him while he was out cold! You blithering doofus face! You had a perfect chance...

Fireman: Ahhh...shut it, you old fart. *turns off the holovid*

Tim: You mean, if you would of never called Wily and never got into that argument with him. And if you would of just destroyed Megaman right away, you would of won.

IRA: Pretty much yeah.

Tim: Well that bites, but like Wily said, you should of destroyed him before calling Wily.

IRA: Yeah, but I was a clutz back then...

Jason: Can I go next now?

Tim: Sure, I don't see why not. *watching Gary and Scott tring to fart* *snickers to himself*

Andon: Let's see if you came closer to defeating Megaman than IRA.

Jason: Oh, I know I did. Listen to this...

(At a Museum, several Robot Masters are looking for a priceless jewl that Dr. Wily needs to power up some kind of weapon, being in the dark. None of the Robots know what the weapon is used for.)

Needleman: Uggg...the darn contraption ain't in here.

Metalman: *slicing through some glass* Not in here either.

Cutman: Keep looking guys! Its gotta be around here somewhere.

(A small boy comes into the room)

Cutman: What do you want kid? Can't you see we are busy?

Little Boy: I know sir, I just have one question.

Cutman: Well, what is it already?!

Little Boy: *pulls out a Tootsie Roll Pop* How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

Cutman: Let's find out. *takes the sucker and starts licking*

Cutman: *licks* One.

Cutman: *licks* Two.

Cutman: *licks* Three.

Cutman: *looks at it for a moment and thinks to himself* I don't have time for this. *He then cuts it with his blade and eats the peices*

Cutman: Three. *hands the stick back to the boy*

Little Boy: *looks dumbfolded*

Announcer: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? The World may never know.

Tim: Okay, very funny Cutman, but what does this have to do with destroying Megaman.

Jason: I'm serious! That really happend.

Tim: All right. *sigh* Our dinner as arrived, let's chow down while Jason finishes his story.

(Bombman is already halfway done with his meal)

Jason: Damn man!! Anyway, as I was saying...

Cutman: Okay kid, get lost.

Little Boy: *walks away confused*

Metalman: Now if you're done playing around we can go. Needleman found that Jewl.

Cutman: Good! About time! Let's slice our way out of here.

Megaman: *breaking through the ceiling* Not so fast Robot Goons!

Needleman: Mega Fart! I'm not letting you ruin our plans! Guys attack him!

Metalman: Wait a minute...who put you in charge? Why don't you attack him?

Needleman: Because I have the jewl in my hands you big idiot!

Metalman: don't have any hands, how can you actually hold that thing?

Needleman: Everyone's such a nit-picker.

(At that moment Megaman...using his time wisely blasted Needleman and Metalman into submission)

Cutman: !! Those weak fools! *takes the jewl* Back off Megaman! I'm not afraid to use this gadget!

Megaman: Let's not get careless Cutman, just hand it over to me, and I'll let you go quietly.

Cutman: I think not! *holds the jewl in front of him* Go turn into a piece of crystal or something!

(At that moment the jewl lit up with light and the whole room shined which blinded Megaman and Cutman)

Cutman: What the heck? *he looks at Megaman, which is now incased in a giant crystal*

Cutman: This thing must grant your wishes! Or something! *he studies it*

Cutman: I wish for..... A MILLION DOLLARS!!

The Jewl: Gives him a Million Dollars

Cutman: Cool!!

Cutman: Now to destroy Megaman! Jewl! I want you to destroy Megaman!

The Jewl: What you command, is what shall be done.


Jason: John? What are you doing here?

John: Listening to your fake story. I was there! Remember!? That's not what happend.

Jason: *GULP!*

Tim: This, I gotta hear, tell away John.

John: Okay, here we go...

Cutman: I think not! *holds the jewl in front of him* Go turn into a stone statue or something!

(At that moment the jewl lit up with light and the whole room shined which blinded Megaman and Cutman)

Cutman: What the heck? *he looks at Megaman, which is now incased in stone*

Cutman: This thing must grant your wishes! Or something! *he studies it*

Cutman: I wish for..... A MILLION DOLLARS!!

The Jewl:I don't grant such ridiculus requests *It shocks Cutman*

Cutman: OUCH! Why you peice of rocky crap! *slams the jewl to the ground, shattering it in peices*

(The Spell is then lifted off Megaman)

Cutman: Uh no...

(Megaman and Cutman fight and Cutman is beaten)

Megaman: You guys should of put Metalman in charge...cause well, he's so good and all that. (escapes)

Jason: That's not what happend!

John: All except that last line. Megaman just plain escaped, and Cutman had to pay the bill for that jewl.

Tim: And you're still paying for it, I figure.

Jason: *nods* Had to spoil my story though, didn't ya John.

John: Well, yea, if you're not telling it right. *gets up and leaves* Cya guys later. Tell me who wins on coming the closest. I know Jason ain't going to win that.

Jason: Grr....

Andon: Actually Jason may have came closer to it than Fireman....cause if he wouldn't of smashed that crystal, he wouldn't be paying that bill. Plus he could of destroyed Megaman right there.

Tim: How true. Okay Andon, you're up next.

Andon: Hate to say it my big friend, but Edward's story here is very good. And I mean very. I suggest we just save this one for last.

Tim: That's fine with me, since Iceman and Bombman both have been punished, I'll go next then.

Gary and Scott: *Groan*

Tim: Anyways, this was back when I had very limited intellegence...

Gary: *raises his hand*

Tim: Don't say anything! As I was saying...

(flying on Rush, Megaman hears screams from down below)

Megaman: Come on Rush, we gotta help those innocent people!

(They fly down and see Gutsman and Pharaohman chasing after people)

Gutsman: There's the little blue twerp now! *points up*

Pharaohman: Good, he fell for the bait, now to trap him!

Megaman: Alright Trash bots, enough of harrasing citizens! Prepair for defeat!

Pharaohman: You are the one that should be worring about defeat! *powers up a big ball of yellow energy over his head blinding Megaman and Rush*

Gutsman: *grabs a telephone pole and smashes Megaman while he's in mid air and they both fly to the back alley wall*

Phaorahman: Nicely done Gutsman. Now fire the imobolizing chip on him!

Gutsman: Right!

Scott: *farts and the cork flies around the room then falls in Fireman's drink*

IRA: Ewwww...gross!

Gary: *laughs like an insane lunatic*

Tim: *Sighs*

Andon: Guys! Let Tim finish his story so the rest of us can continue! This place is going to be closing soon.

(everyone shuts up)

Tim: Thanks Andon...anyways...

Megaman: I can't....move!

Pharaohman: Exactly! You are now an easy target to be destroyed! *charges up a Pharaoh Shot*

Megaman: I may be down, but I can still attack. *firing his Mega Buster into the street, it bounces off and hits Pharoahman knocking him off his feet*

Gutsman: Pharoahman! Damn you Mega Wimp!

Megaman: What can I say? I'm a skilled shooter!

Gutsman: You're going to be a skilled pancake after I get through with you!

Gary: Skilled Pancake? Not the best choice of words man.

Tim: I told you that I had limited intellengece back anyways...

Rush: *barks and snaps at Gutsman*

Gutsman: Enough of you mutt! *flicks the dog away with his finger*

Megaman: Rush!!

Gutsman: *picks Megaman up* Let's go! I'm going to finish you off!

(Megaman unable to struggle because of the imobolizer Chip was hovering over Gutsman's body)

Gutsman: *Standing over a huge gorge with spikey rocks down at the bottom* I'll be famous for destroying you!

Megaman: You won't get away with this Gutsman!

Gutsman: Oh yeah! Watch me!

Rush: *starts digging in the ground*

Megaman: Oh...great. I'm about to become a Mega Splat Man, and all Rush cares about is finding a bone.

Gutsman: Prepair to die Mega....*A bone clonks Gutsman on the head*

(Gutsman accidently drops Megaman on the ground inches from the crater and the imobolizer falls off from the impact)

Gutsman: Uh oh...

(Megaman and Gutsman fight and Gutsman is beaten)

Megaman: You almost had me Gutsman, but thanks to my faithful Robot dog Rush, I won this match.

Rush: *chokes on a bone and hacks*

Megaman: Gosh darnit Rush, what have I told you about swallowing bones whole!!

Andon: Not bad my friend, not bad. If it wasn't for Rush's clumy mistake, you probably would of had him.

Tim: Indeed. Though, I think I came the closest so far.

IRA: Maybe...

Jason: I still think I did.

Gary: Wait tell you hear my story.

Scott: NO!! Me first!

Tim: I think it's safe to say that Gary should go first...since...HE DIDN'T FART OUT HIS CORK YET!!

Scott: (shuts up)

Gary: *blows Raspberry to Scott* all started when...

Iceman: Dr. Wily! Megaman has entered my realm! I shall set up a trap for the unsespecting weltch as he enteres my lair.

Dr. Wily: You better waste him Iceman, the others have done a miserable job of doing so.

Iceman: As you command my master.

(The link to Dr. Wily goes out)

Iceman: *smashes an icicle* DAMNATION! The blew twerp is more powerful then Wily thinks. I'm going to have to really think hard for a trap...I'm not making the same mistakes that Blizzardman and Freezeman had. I'll show them all who's king of the Underworld!!

Tim: Hold it. You mean you weren't acting all goofy and such back then?

Gary: Nope. Belive it or not, I was completly serious back in the old days.

Andon: Very intresting, please continue Gary.

Gary: But of course...

Megaman: *whipes his forhead* It has to be at least 20 degrees below 0 out here. Thank god I'm a robot. *he says as he makes his way to Iceman's gate*

A Guard Robot: You can't come through here, not without an invited note from Iceman.

Megaman: (thinks for a minute). Hmmm...Iceman and I are good friends. Didn't you know that?

Guard Robot: You are? I had no idea? I thought you were Megaman.

Megaman: Nope. (Playing the Bugs Bunny Routine) Megaman is blue all over with a helmet, about 4 feet tall, has a plasma cannon just like this. Big Blue boots, and has blue eyes.

Guard Robot: Oh! Could of fooled me. Sorry for suspecting you. Go on in. *smiles*

Megaman: Ummm...thanks. If you see Megaman, blast him one for me will ya?

Guard Robot: *raises his gun* You betcha! He's gonna have to be smart to pull one over me!

Megaman: Yup...*entering the gate* He sure will...

Iceman: *turns on some music and starts dancing* This is the beat. Finally I can relax and take off a few...

Megaman: Pounds. You've been packing the groceries Iceman. You're kinda pudgy.

Iceman: Grrrrrr...How did you get by my guard!

Megaman: It was a heck of a battle, but I managed, very smart. Your guard is.

Iceman: *turns off the music* Let's dance!

Megaman: Very well Iceman. *starts blasting away at Iceman*

Iceman: Ouch! *falls over* Nice touch, but let's see you dodge this! *pulls away a large cloth, revealing very, large spikes on the right side of the wall.

Megaman: Very clever, to bad it could of been a surprise if you didn't show those to me. *starts charging Iceman*

Iceman: If you want surprises, then you'll love this. *Iceman shoots an Ice Slaser at the floor freezing it up real good and making it slippery*

Megaman: *slips and starts sliding towards the wall with the spikes* OH CRAP!! This is not good!

(Soon a holographic image of Roll appears between Iceman and Megaman)

Iceman: Now all I have to do is get out of your sliding path...and....then....*sees Roll's image**starts parting his hair under his hood*

Roll: Megaman! Dr. Light has a message....Iceman?

Iceman: *gets infront of the image* Roll, you look lovely today. *blushes* How about...

Megaman:'d better move..

Iceman: *without taking his eyes of Roll* QUIET! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY! Now...are you open on Friday...

Megaman: *slams into Iceman stopping Megaman in his tracks and causing Iceman to slide towards the spikes* Can't say I did't warn you. *turns to Roll.* Heya Sis!

Iceman: OH NOOOOOO!!!

Gary: As you can see, the rest was pretty gruesome.

Tim: Maybe that explosion caused a change in personality later on, which is why you are so goofy in the head now.

Andon: Yup, if Roll never would of appeared at that moment, you probably would of had him.

Scott: Is it my turn?

Tim: Well, since Andon wants to go last, by all means Scott, you're the only one left.

Scott: All right!! You see there was this one night where Megaman and know....fought.

Tim: Okay. Then what happend?

Scott: I threw a bomb at him!!

(Silence at the table for a few minutes)

Tim: And?

Scott: And that's it!!

(Everyone raised their eyebrows)

Andon: story there...umm..Scott...yeah dude. *gives a thumbs up* You came close alright.

Tim: Yup...not as close as some of the others but close enough...ummm..yeah.

Gary: Uh huh.

Scott: *Looks satisfied*.

Tim: We're down to one last story Andon, and you're up. I surly hope you did save the best for last here.

Andon: Edward here was a smart cookie back then. Let me fill you all in on what he wrote. "My close victory with Megaman. By Edward (Elecman)"

(A large blue light appears outside a deserted run down factory outside the skirts of town)

Megaman: I'm here Doc. This place seems deader than your...

Dr. Light: Don't even say it Megaman!

Megaman: Sorry Doc, just had to put some humor into the situation. Anyways, I'm out. *he disconnects*

Megaman: I guess I better go inside. Elecman has really done it this time by draining all the power from the city.

(As soon as he get inside he feels a blast of electricity coming from the rafters)

Elecman: At last! That blast should of paralized you.

Megaman: Clever Elecman, but don't think I'm down for the count cause...

Elecman: *releases over 3,000 volts of electricity into Megaman and knocks him out*

(Later Megaman awakes tied upon a large circle-like platform)

Megaman: Where the heck am I? *tries to struggle but finds he's tied tightly*

Elecman: Ahhhh..You've awaken. Just incase you'd try anything funny, I'd disarmed your Plasma Cannon, it can't save you now.

Megaman: Damn! *it short circuits*

Elecman: I've been prepairing for this for quite sometime now, I hope you're ready.

Megaman: Go ahead and try me!

Elecman: *pulls a rope and the large circle platform moves upward with Megaman still on it*

Megaman: *thinks to himself* This ain't good...

Elecman: I didn't want to destroy you right off...instead I planned on a game. When I cut this rope, you'll pummet to the ground. You'll fall either two different ways.

Megaman: *gritting his teeth*

Elecman: That Platform weights about as much as 10 bull Elephants. When the platform lands it will either land on top of you crushing your metal body like a tin can or it will land the other way...probably breaking a few wires and circuits from the shear landing. Either way you'll be permanatly damaged and unable to function.

Megaman: You are a sick freak Elecman!

Elecman: Maybe, but at least I'd be famous for disposing of your utonium hide. *he cuts the rope*

Megaman: *Falling he jerks his head a nail comes out of his side. Quickly useing the sharp end of the nail the frees himself from the ropes*

(The circle platform lands on the ground causing a massive shake)

Megaman: Nice try Elecman...uhhh...where did he go?

(Outside the old Factory)

Elecman: Good thing I had a back up plan here. No place to run, no place to hide...prepair to be beaten Blue Freak! *he presses a button and the entire factory explodes*

(falling debree land everywhere and Elecman shouts in delight)

Elecman: I did it! I destroyed Megaman!

(The sheer force of the factory now on fire lit unlike any other, the death of a hero)

Elecman: *feels something on his shoulder* Huh?

Megaman: *sucker punches him*

Elecman: *falls over with Megaman pointing his cannon at him*

Megaman: *fires a shot over the hills to show it's working*

Elecman: How the heck!! HOW DID YOU GET OUT!!

Megaman: Pretty clever Elecman.

Elecman: HOW DID YOU GET OUT!!!???

(Soon the police come and take Elecman away)

Officer: Impressive Megaman, how did you escape such a hellish death?

Megaman: It wasn't easy, I can tell you that.


Megaman: No place to go, but after I escaped the large steel platform I saw from the window that Elecman had set the place up to explode. I quickly hid in the safest place inside the building. Under the steel Platform. I maybe small, but I'm strong.

Officer: So basically the object that Elecman was going to use on you, actually saved your life.

Megaman: Right...and Elecman will find out the hard way, how I escaped such a clever trap.

Elecman: *screaming in the distance in his jail cell* HOW!! HOW DID HE ESCAPE! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE! IT CANNOT BE DONE! A DEMON! HE'S A FREAKIN' DEMON!!

Andon: And that was that. Elecman had found this out later after we all became good guys...but since then, he turned mad and savage.

Tim: Wow.

IRA: Unbelivable.

Gary: That is an amasing story.

Scott: That was good.

Andon: Basically Megaman could not escape if it wasn't for the ideal weapon that should of killed him in the first place. Very sneaky, very well planned out.

Jason: I still think I came the closest.

Tim: Maybe, I think we all came real close to defeating him. Just in our own unique ways.

Andon: How true my friend. But now it's closing time, we'd better go.

(The Six pay there bills and start heading out the door)

Tim: Some heros we turned out to be. None of us destroyed Megaman.

Andon: But we came close along the way.

Jason: True. That and maybe we'll have another chance again.

Gary: We'd have to turn into badguys.

IRA: way!

Scott: I still think I came the closest, can I tell you guys the story again.

Tim, Gary, IRA, Jason, and Andon: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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