The Sinister Six meet:

The Backstreet Project

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

The Backstreet Project.

Andon: Well, since I’m the new Elecman, I’ll be starting all the stories now, but actually I’m asleep in bed, so this intro. kinda sucks…

(At Sinister Six H.Q, Iceman gets a disturbing dream and shakes in his bed)

Gary: You again…what do you want…

Voice: You must join me on my conquest to terminate all humans…we’ll be brothers in battle.

Gary: Red….? It can’t be…after all these years…

Voice: Yes Iceman, together our power will be unstoppable…join Me.. or perish! (the voice fades out)

(Gary woke alarmingly in his bed with a startle and then with shear luck, the alarm in S6 HQ blares off awaking the other members)


(The others look at IRA with a blank expression)

Tim: That’s the security alarm you idiot.

IRA: Oh..

Andon: I’m worried about you my torch-headed friend.

Jason: Who can be causing trouble at (looks at his watch) 8:00 in the morning?

Scott: Probably Super Chaos on the verge to annoy us like he always does.

(The other members look at Scott with confusion)

Andon: Intelligent are we Scott? Quite impressive.

Scott: Either that or I accidentally trigged the alarm when I fell out of bed.

(The others fall over)

Tim: Actually it is Super Chaos again. In Times Square…and he has the Mayor! (watching the news)

Gary: I must go….I’m sorry guys, but Red has contacted me again.

(Before Tim could say “no” Andon puts a firm hand on Gary’s shoulder)

Andon: Do what you must do my Eskimo friend. We’ll take care of Chaos.

(Tim raises his hand but Gary interrupts him)

Gary: Thanks Andon, I’d knew you’d understand.

Gary: ICE MAN TRANSFORM!! (Gary is in his armor)

(Tim tries to say something but…)

Andon: Go get ‘em Gary dude.

Gary: (Gives a thumbs up)

(Tim tries to get into the conversation but Gary teleports off before he can start)

Andon: Okay, guys, Sinister Six Reuni…

Tim: (interrupts) Who exactly made you the leader eh?

Jason, Scott, and IRA: (laughs)

Andon: (shudders) OOPS, I’m sorry Tim, I guess I used the wrong judgment, but it fit the situation, and I’d knew you’d be the understanding…

Tim: (covers his ears) Okay Andon, Apology accepted. Now, we still have to transform.

(The six say their lines and in an instant, they are battle armor ready)


(At City Hall, Super Chaos is about to use the Mayor as a toothpick)

Super Chaos: Now Mayor, feel my wrath.

(soon the Six....errrr...five...come to the scene)

Super Chaos: (turns to them) NOOO!! Not you!

(The Mayor makes a getaway)

Andon: Yes it's us Super Chaos. None other than your friendly neiborhood crime fighting heroes.

Tim: (whispering to Jason) Keep an eye on Andon, you know how he is with Government issues.

Jason: Right

Tim: (whispering to IRA) Keep an eye on Jason. I don't want him to turn into Megamanxtreme, the pokemon loving....

IRA: Right

Tim: (whispering to Scott) Keep an eye on IRA, I don't want him going drunk....hey wait a minute... why am I telling you this?

Scott: I donno.

Super Chaos: I finish you all off!! (fires a thick laser beam at them)

Tim: Ack! Watch out!

(They get hit)

Super Chaos: Mwhahahaha! You guys are pitiful. Even my grandma can whipe up the floor with you!

Andon: (gets up) Okay, that does it!

Tim, Jason, Scott, and IRA: Uh oh.

Andon: Throwing lasers, rocks, and even buildings at us, is one thing, but using your sweet grandma as a metaphor is going too far! Your political issues doesn't add up! And your fighting style is slow and dimwitted.

. Tim: Quick! Cover your ears!

(They cover their ears)

Super Chaos: What the heck are you talking about!? Women are weak!?

Andon: No! My mom plays for the Detroit Lions! So that's not what I'm relating too! I'm relating to you using your Grandma as a fighter when she isn't. Now is she?

Super Chaos: Well....not really.

Andon: So stop saying things that aren't politically correct. That kinda of talk leads you to failure every time, and so it will remain. This issue will teach you a valuable lesson in battle talk and thinking before you speak...


Andon: HEY! I'm not finished with you yet!

Tim: Nice job Andon, you defeated Super Chaos without even lifting a finger.

Andon: Actually...

Tim: (interrupts him) Nevermind. Let's go see how Iceman is doing with that look-a-like of his.

???: Halt there robots!

Tim: Eh?

(Five figures stand amongst a small building on the roof)

Brian: This destruction and chaos you have caused will not go unnoticed.

Tim: Who the heck are you?

Nick: What? You never heard of us? I'm insulted.

Andon: You obviously have never heard of us, sense you related to us destroying City Hall.

Howie: We know who you are. We know robots of Queen Sinissta's army when we see them.

Jason: Who the booja mooja is Queen Sinissta?

A.J.: You are the Sinister Six right?

Tim: Ummm....yes.

(With that phrase the five figures jumped from the building to the ground battle ready)

(The Six were startled)

Kevin: You must work for the Queen, the name "Sinister" and "Sinissta" are almost identical, and you are robots. All robots work for that evil queen!

Scott: Oh really? Well, let's just see...

Tim: (covers Scott's mouth) Our intentions aren't evil. Honestly, we don't know who this Sinitara...errrr..Sinistiao...errr...whatever her name is.

(The five figures turn to each other and mumble)

Tim: Hmmm...I've never seen these guys before. Seems like they are a little loco in the cabasa. (twirls his finger close to his head with his tongue sticking out)

IRA: My scanner says they are human.

Tim: Human Super heroes? In this part of the world? Get out of here!

IRA: My scanner never lies.

Jason: (groan), does that mean we have to go easy on them...

Andon: They maybe human, but their abilities may prove them to be more formidable than they look.

(the figures look back to the six)

Nick: Okay, so you may not work for her, her Robot goon’s armor usually ain't so fancy decorated. But why are you destroying City Hall?

Tim:We weren't destroying City Hall!! We were stopping Super Chaos from destroying it!

Kevin: Sure you were, You're playing the innocent act.

Scott: (bites Tim's hand)

Tim: Owwwww!!

Scott: Bring it on! I'll massacre ya! (throws a bomb at Kevin)

Kevin: (dodges it)

Tim: Scott you idiot!!! We aren’t' supposed to fight them!!

Nick: Backstreet Project! Attack!!

Tim: Oh boy! Sinister Six Reunite!

(And then, The battle started)


(As for Iceman....)

(Iceman walks down a cold alley. The silence shakes him)

Gary: Hmmm...chilly down here. And not a soul in site.

(Soon a large flame appears before him and out comes his reddish double)

Gary: RED!

Red: Awww...long time no see Iceman clone!

Gary: Iceman clone?

Red: Yes, I am the "original" Iceman!!

Gary: WHAT?!


(the battle rages on as Nick and Jason have a slashing contest, while Andon and Howie confuse each other with there minds) (Kevin and Tim employ a battle of strength, and A.J. and IRA try to blaze each other with there fire power) (Brian and Scott continue to throw barrages of basketballs and bombs at each other)

Jason: Man, you are good with the bladed weapon.

Nick: I haven't even started my assault. (slices Jason's scissors off his head)

Jason: Yipes!

Howie: (forms a large dinosaur over Andon and it try’s to stomp him)

Andon: An obvious illusion, (shocks Howie off his feet) (dinosaur vanishes)

Howie: Ack!

Andon: Using a Dinosaur in the 21st century is a wrong illusion. Mostly cause the T-Rex appeared during the Crestatious period, there for seeing an actual T-Rex during this time-sector is highly unlikely and...

Howie: (covers his ears) MAKE HIM STOP!!

A.J: (fires lasers at IRA at a fast pase)

IRA: (dodges and counters with Fire Storm)

(soon the two hit each other)

Brian: Okay Bomb nut, let's see ya dodge this! (jumps 30 feet into the air)

Scott: (looks up) Wow. You jump high for a human.

Brian: I'm not finished yet. (throws down a flaming basketball hitting Scott just as he was about to throw his bomb)

Scott: Ack! I’m weak against fire!! (drops the bomb)

Brian: (lands) Got him. (grins)

(The bomb rolls up to Brian)

Brian: Uh oh...(tries to escape but gets blown up)

(Brian faints)

(Kevin and Tim continue their strong hold)

Kevin: are strong.

Tim: You too, for a human...but please listen...I'm not evil.

Kevin: I'm listening. (sweating)

Tim: If you ask around, you'll find that we are good guys. (struggling)

Kevin: But "Sinister" means evil. (struggling)

Tim: True, but the name suits us. We were reprogrammed to be evil, and that's what our enemies called us when we ravaged the city... (struggles more to break Kevin's grasp)

Kevin: So you are evil. (tries to overcome Tim)

Tim: Not anymore, our creator redesigned us with human-like emotions and feelings, and made us into good robots, much like Megaman. The name "sinister six" kinda stuck with us. (lets go of Kevin gasping for air)

Kevin: Megaman? (gasping for air) He is a legend. You are the "six" original reploids built by Dr. Light?

Tim: (nods)

Kevin: I think I made a mistake...


(light flickers the abandoned city as Iceman and Red engage in an intense battle)

Gary: What do you mean you are the "original Iceman" ! That doesn't make sense.

Red: It's true (red covered flames surround him). I was built before you, you see, back then, I was known as "Iceman", but the public thought that my design was comical, if not "goofy", and I constantly was being made fun of because of it.!

Gary: (blue covered flames start surrounding him) Oh really? So where did I come from?

Red: (powers up his flames) You came after I went bezerk. After the feuding with Dr. Light, on how making him make a better design for me, I left his pathetic team of robots. I never wanted to help man kind. If anything, I wanted to destroy it for taunting me.

Gary: (powers up his flames) That's no reason to discard the human race. So they made fun of the way you looked, don't you think that a lot of people get that.

Red: (fires a blast of red energy at Iceman) Humans showed no sympathy for me, so now I repay them with no sympathy, by destroying their entire race!

Gary: (lowers to his knees in pain) Ugggg.....I can't let you do that!

Red: (hovers over him) After my absence and sudden betrayal, Dr. Light built a 2nd Iceman to replace me. That is you. Hoping not to tell anyone about me, he put you in my place. This angered me even more. Before I left Dr. Lights Lab, I accidently stumbled across a Time-Traveling Device, and I teleported near the Dawn of Time.

Gary: (remembers the Time Machine that Dr. Light once built but destroyed later in his older years)

Red: At that time, I grew in power, and then I cursed a plaque on the human race, that if any human would die of unatural causes, I would get there soul. My personal revenge. The only way a human can escape this curse is if they died of natural causes.

Gary: So if someone got shot…(struggles to his feet)

Red: (smile vanishes from his face) I ment for the bullet to strike, even though I wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger.

(Gary rids of the red flames with his own)

Gary: Why reveal yourself after all this time?

Red: If there is one good thing Dr. Light built in me it's self-conscience. I had been having this internal rage battling inside me for years. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. My hatred for humans got so bad that I decided to show myself to you. This is...

Gary: (throws a pie in Red's face) Are you finished yapping?!

Red: You insolent fool!'s Coconut. (licks his lips) Now, what was I talking about?

Gary: Calling off the fight and letting me win.

Red: Oh yeah. (falls down holding up a white flag)

Gary: Victory is mine!

Red: Wait a minute!! (gets back up) Nice try Ice head! I should of known you'd have the "prankster side" This battle isn't over yet!!

Gary: DAMNIT!!

(Red releases his flames and sends out several Shadow Blades at Iceman at the speed of a freight train)

(Iceman is pinned to the wall)

Gary: What the heck!? How did you acquire Shadowman’s weapon?

Red: It’s all in the fun of the “Copy Utility”, all the rest of you insolent fools don’t realize that all of Dr. Light’s robots have the ability to copy their opponent’s weapons.

Gary: You mean…

Red: Yes, but this fight was only a decoy. Your friends are in grave danger. I’ll come back and fight you when the terms are more appropriate. I suggest you power yourself up, cause let me just tell you. You haven’t seen my “true” power.

(before Gary could respond Red vanishes in a large flame)

Gary: Cripes, he could of at least freed me from this. (Iceman looks around as he still remains stuck to the wall)


(Kevin and Tim sat out while their comrades continue fighting amongst themselves)

Kevin: So, you are the leader of the crew eh? Where is the sixth member of your team?

Tim: I’m the leader yes, and Iceman…well, he’s taking care of something else.

Kevin: I see. I wish I was the leader, I am the oldest.

Tim: Who is the leader?

Kevin: No one in peticular. We run on a democracy.

Tim: I see. Should we stop our friends from dismantling each other?

(The battle continues on)

Howie: (makes a clone of Andon appear)

Andon: Another fake. (tries to blast Howie, but gets hit by his own reflection) ACK!! Clever tactic!

Howie: (grins)

(Jason gets the cutting edge as he pins Nick down on the ground with his scissors)

Nick: Man, you are a worthy warrior.

(Jason gets knocked back by Brian who helps his fallen comrade)

(Soon the members regroup)

Nick: Man, these aren’t your ordinary robots, these guys are tough.

Brian: Yeah, they have some good skills. Bombman can jump nearly as high as I can.

Howie: Yeah, and I can boggle people with my mind, Elecman can really do that in seconds.

A.J.: That Fire guy is good with his target practice. He hardly ever misses. Look what he did to my trench coat!!

(The Six chat)

Jason: Man, these aren’t your ordinary humans, these guys are tough.

Scott: Yeah, they have some good moves. That guy with the basketballs can jump as high as I can.

Andon: Man, half the time, I can’t tell if those illusions are real or not, he makes Astroman look like a sissy.

IRA: That guy in the trench coat sure is a good marksman, he nailed me about 30 times with those blasters of his.

(Before Kevin and Tim could stop there friends, they do battle again, then all of a sudden Kevin is frozen solid)

Tim: What the heck?

(from the sky Iceman falls and knocks Brian off his feet)

Gary: Let’s see if this thing works.

(hovering over Brian, Gary touches Brian’s shoulder and a glow travels up from him, to Iceman’s mid arm)

Tim: What the heck…is it possible?

(The others watch)

Nick: What’s he doing to Brian!?

(Gary then turns to the rest of the Backstreet Project members and fires a flaming basketball from his hands, straight at them)

(They quickly dodge)

Jason: Did you see that!!?? Gary copied his power!

IRA: But how?

(Kevin breaks out of the ice)

Kevin: Alright! Who’s the wise guy!?

A.J. We are outnumbered! We may have to retreat!

Nick: I’m not going down without a fight!

Howie: Look what he did to Brian! He’s not moving!

(Tim and Kevin stand before the panicked Backstreet Project members, and the surprised Sinister Six members)

Kevin: Guys! Please settle down!!

Tim: Everyone! Stop fighting!

Kevin: (whispering to Tim) He didn’t hurt Brian bad did he?

Tim: Nah, he just took his ability temporarily, he’ll recover in a few. (Still surprised that Gary could do that)

(Soon the bunch settle down at a nearby building and the facts were presented to the table that infact both teams were on the same side)

Zanell: (over a holographic image) I can understand the dilemma, but something really bad has happened over here while you were fighting the Sinister Six.

Nick: What? What has happened Zanell?

Zanell: An old man in a white trench coat and a black robot came and took the sixth amulet. I fear that this old man will use it for evil.

Tim: Dr. Wily! And Bass! I should of known, that oldman would be up to something.

Kevin: (nods)

Zanell: Sinissta and her goons haven’t made much effort over here to cause any trouble, it is now vital that you get that Amulet back.

A.J.: Agreed Zanell, We’ll be on it!!

IRA: (nudges Jason) She’s kinda cute…

Nick: (looks over to IRA) Don’t even think about it.

IRA: (whistles innocently)

(With that, Zanell vanishes away)

Kevin: Okay guys, you all know what we have to do, let’s go. (The Backstreet Project get up and start heading out the door)

Tim: Wait a minute.

Brian: What’s the problem?

Andon: What my big friend is saying is, that maybe we can come and help, after all, this does concern us as well.

Nick: It’ll be nice to have some extra help.

Scott and Howie:: Let’s do it!!

Tim: Right! We’ll get you guys there faster than…

Gary: (interrupts) A bunch of Teenyboppers chasing after a very popular Quintet Music Group.

(Everyone looks at Gary and pulls out Stun Guns)

Gary: Now wait a minute, where the heck did you get…(gets zapped) ACK!!

Tim: Sinister Six Reunite!! (In a flash the Six teleport themselves and the Backstreet Project to Wily’s lair)


(Inside Wily’s Lair Bass and Wily prepare for world conquest)

Bass: How exactly does that piece of rock work anyway?

Dr. Wily: Simple Bass, you put it around your neck and…

(Dr. Wily undergoes a massive transformation)

Dr. Wily: Walla!!

(Bass looks at his master astonished)

Bass: Whoa Doc, now you look like a robot.

Dr. Wily: Indeed Bass, this here amulet grants you power that you've always wanted. Mine being a robot myself, that's why I spend my whole life creating them...but now I'm invincible!! (same old annoying laugh)

(But Before Wily could try out his new ablities 11 figures appear out of no where in front of the two startled faces)

A.J.: Whoa, that was great! We need something like that to teleport us to...

Tim: Guess who Dr. Wily, time to hand over that...

(All the faces look at Dr. Wily in amazement)

Gary: Dr. Wily I presume?

Dr. Wily: You fools! Now that you are here, you can witness my new awesome power! You and your friends shall perish!!

Andon: I don't think so Dr. Nutso!

Nick: He's got the sixth amulet, we'll have to take it back the hard way. (draws his sword)

Bass:: I'll handle this Doc. (approaches the bunch but Dr. Wily pulls him back roughly)

Dr. Wily: I don't need you Bass, At last I can take care of my enemies on my own! I DON'T NEED ANYMORE ROBOTS TO DESTROY MY ENEMIES!! NOW TO FINISH WHAT I STARTED SUCH A LONG TIME AGO!! BY DESTROYING DR. LIGHT'S GOODY ROBOTS!! (and with that Dr. Wily fired a blast unlike any other, knocking several members of the six back)

IRA, Scott, and Howie: (Screaming out in pain as they fly back to the wall and fall unconscience)

Tim: NOOOO!!!

Kevin: Howie!

Nick: (flys at top speed at Dr. Wily's mech and slashs at the chest plate)

(it does little damage)

Dr. Wily:(blows Nick back to the far will with his large cannon)

Andon: Time for a short circuit Wily!! (fires a stream of deathly electric blaze at Dr. Wily, only to have it reflected at the Electric Robot)

(Andon is taken out)

Tim: This isn't working! Cutman, Iceman! Let's Do a Team attack!

A.J.: (fires several blasts at Dr. Wily's large mech, but the shots reflect off)

A.J.: Damn! The skin on that baby is solid granite!

Kevin: Let's do a team attack as well, you approach from the front, and me and Brian will come from behind. Just keep him busy long enough!

(Iceman freezes the floor good enough where the giant Mech falls off its feet)

Tim: Good job! Cutman! Now!

Jason: Gotcha man! TRI-CUTTER! ACTIVATE!! (Cutman releases a large blade which splits into three sections and fly for the fallen Mech.)

Dr. Wily: (With speed and accuracy, Dr. Wily blocks the blades with his giant cannon)

(He rockets himself back on his feet destroying the ice under him, and pulls the blades from his arm)


(Dr. Wily laughs evilly as he blasts A.J. before he even had a chance to attack)

Kevin: A.J.! NOOO!!

Tim: Kevin! Over here! Maybe we can still get him if the rest of us work together!

(Tim, Gary, Jason, Kevin, and Brian all huddle, then a plan is made)

Kevin: Okay go! Good luck everyone!

(With the sudden jolt of swiftness Gary and Brian distract the looming giant with their speed)

Brian: This outta keep him on the edge of his seat! (gives a thumb up to Gary)

Gary: (making radio noises) Houstin, I have target in site. Let's ice him Brian! (Gary shoots several Ice Shards at the beast and his feet turn frozen into the ground)

(Kevin and Tim quickly grab each cannon of Dr. Wily's Mech, and use all their strength to rip them off)

Dr. Wily: Noooo! Impossible! I'm unbeatable!

Bass: (Not to far off, Bass heres his master's cry for help) Ugggg, it's my duty to help the old fart. Here I come your royal pain in the...

Jason: (interputs and cuts a shaft from the ceiling and it falls on Bass) I don't think so!!

Nick: (regains conscience) head hurts. (turns to the fight) WHAT THE!?

(with speed and agilty the black ninja swipes the amulet from Dr. Wily's robotic neck and Dr. Wily turns back to normal)

Dr. Wily: plan...RUINED!!

Gary: (taunting Scooby Doo) And I would of gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you rotten kids!

(Everyone laughs)


(After Wily and Bass were locked away in their own castle, the group met near a deserted play ground)

Kevin: (shakes Tim's hand) It's been great working with you pal, but now it's time for us to go back to where we belong.

Gary: Why did you come here in the first place?

Nick: Our readings dedicated Heavy Robotic activity. Figured we check it out.

Tim:: I understand, there's trouble everywhere, and we can't do all the work.

Nick: Very funny man. Welp guys, it's time to hit the trail. Zanell will be happy we retrived the sixth amulet.

A.J.: I think we need a vacation. (puts his hands on Brian and Howie's shoulders)

Brian: Agreed man. Cya guys later.

Howie:: (opens up a green portal and waves the six goodbye)

Andon: Whoa! And you guys said we have a neat way of teleporting!

Nick: We all gotta travel one way or another. Cya guys later, don't forget to visit sometime. (waves as he steps through the portal).

Kevin: (turns around one last time and waves.) Thanks again guys! (Then finally he jumps into the portal)

(they soon vanish)

Tim: We may never see them again, but it's good to know there are other heroes protecting the world.

(the others nod in agreement)

(Tim then feels a snowball in the face)

Tim: Whoa! It's snowing!

(everyone gets into a snowball fight)

Tim: (throws a snowball at Andon) Some hero's we turned out to be, almost got beat by Dr. Wily.

Andon: (throws a snowball at Jason) But we made some new friends along the way.

Jason: (throws a snowball at Gary) True. That and maybe Gary will teach us the Copy Utility.

Gary: (tries to throw a snowball but slips, and falls face first in the snow)

(Everyone laughs)

IRA: Looks like the last laugh is on Iceman! Surprising eh?

Scott: Yup! Now to get him while he's down! (throws a bomb instead of a snowball)

Everyone: NOOOO SCOTT!! NOOO!!

Scott: Oops...

(big explosion)

Tim: Welp, he'll have to teach us this Copy Utility thing later.

Scott: That's gonna leave a mark...




(But evil still lurks in the darkness)

Voice: (viewing a crystal shard) I'm not through with you yet Blue, our fight has only begun...(voice fades out)