The Sinister Six And
The Children of the Void in:

The Tale of Two Cyclops

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Finished by that zany ninja, Gauntlet! At the time of this Gary was part of the team known as Children of the Void! Witness the amazing crossover of the two teams!

(Across the street in the bakery, Josh, Alon, Gary, and Greg are getting some breakfast)

Josh: I'll have a few of those chocolate Swirls. (To the cashier)

Alon: And I'll have about 30 of those Creamfilled ones, and say about 14 of the Cranberry Smoothies. And I'll have only 3 of the Coconut Shavers. I'm on a diet after all.

Gary: On a diet? What kind of diet? Coconut diet? (laughs)

Alon: (Kicks Gary in the nads)

Gary: Ouchies!

Alon: That be enough of your wise cracks.

Josh: Gary has a small point. Our savings isn't exactly on the top. We can barly afford to get one donut for each of us.

Alon: Awww man, I'm hungry!!

Josh: Tough, let's go (after paying the cashier)

Gary: Where's Greg?

Josh: I donno.

Alon: Can I eat his donut if he doesn't comeback?

Josh: NOOOO!!

Alon: Doh!

Gary: You're right Alon. These things are made out of dough.


(Gary and Alon get into a fight while Josh looks for Greg)

(back at the Headquarters)

Jonathon: Good, now I actually get some lines. Let me start off by saying….

(gets interupted with Lance running in with news)

Lance: Super Chaos is trashing New York City!

Kaz: So what? That's up to the Sinister Six.

Jonathon: The Siniter Six are…

(gets interupted by Lance again)

Lance: They are on vacation! Remember!

Chris: Yeah! Kaz: Oh yeah. That's right.

Chris: (sticks out his tounge) You were wrong.

Kaz: Can it you big gun….thingie..

Chris: (cries). You're mean!

Scott: Just shut it already! We still gotta do something!

Jonathon: Look on the news! It's….

(once again gets interupted by Lance)

Lance: I don't belive it! Dark Moon is helping him!

(The others come racing inside the HQ)

Josh: We know! He heard about it on the way back!

Alon: What are we going to do!

Gary: Call a contracter! We need to make more room in this house so we can fit you inside.


(Gary and Alon get into a fight again)

(The others roll their eyes)

Scott: Hey, where's Mercury?

Josh: Don't know. We really don't have time to find him. Let's go stop Chaos and Dark Moon!

(with a loud cheer the 8 figures were off)

Nothing happened.

Chris: We forgot to say the slogan, and Gary and Alon are still fighting.

Josh: (sighs as he seperates the two)

Josh: Stardroids Reunite!!

(in a flash the 8 figures appeared in front of Super Chaos and Dark Moon)

Dark Moon: worthy adversaries, you're just in time to witness a legend to be born.

Josh: What are you talking about!? What Legend?

Super Chaos: Fools! The Legend of The Two Cyclops!

Scott: I'm confused. I never heard of such a legend.

Gary: I wonder if they are talking about the legend of two big fat guys getting together and sitting on people. (looks at Alon) Maybe they should include Alon in the group.


(They start fighting again)

Josh: Nevermind those two baffoons. Let's take these guys out!!

(The 6 figures find that all there weapons bounce off the two large cyclops.)

Dark Moon: Fools! The legend shall now begin!

Super Chaos: Gaze at our awesome power!!

(The two large figures raise fists in the air and the two figures get ingulfed in flames)

Super Chaos: (inside a yellow Flame) I am invincible! Not even the Sinister Six can stop me now!! Mwhahahaha!

Gary: Yeah right! (takes a blow in the face from Alon)

Alon: Shut up and fight you!!

Dark Moon: (inside black flame) Now we shall unleash our magnificent power!!

What will happen next? Will all heck break loose? Will the crew ever find Mercury? Will Gary and Alon ever stop fighting? And will Jonathon ever get more lines? Find out next time in "Tale of the Two Cyclops"














Which happens right now.

(Elsewhere, in Maui, Tim is enjoying his break.......)

Tim: Ahhhhhhh, what a good break.

Jason: No villain ........ no Mechanical Maniacs mooching off our food ....

Scott: And no pranks.

The six: ahhhh.

Andon: Hm. For some reason I feel like turning on the news ...

Jason: DON'T!

Andon: Why? I have this bad feeling .....

Jason: Because if you DO, we may just have to fight someone. But if we don't know of anything that's happening, we can just lie here ...... and relax.

Andon: But ...... what if we're needed?

Jason: If we're needed the Mechanical Manics or the Dream Team, or Cossaack's Creations or someone ELSE can handle it. We're on vacation.

Tim: He's got a point.

Scott: NO TV!

Andon: *sigh....*

(And, back at the battle on the streets of Monsteropolis....)

Pluto: We can beat these losers!

Jupiter: No kidding! I don't care how powerfull they are!

Dark Moon: Ah, but we DO have one power you don't know about!

Uranus: Whatever it is, we - URK!

(Uranus is grabbed by Chaos.)

Super Chaos: My esteemed colleague is correct! Observe!

(uranus glows and writhes as something stragne begins to happen....)

Mars: What ....?

Super Chaos: BEHOLD!

(In a flash of light Uranus is transformed into a normal looking human robot!)

Uranus: I feel ...... weak .....

Dark Moon: That's because you're nothing but a normal robot now. We've taken all your power!

Mercury: What!?

Jupiter: But ..... that's impossible! We were built this way! We don't have "powers" to drain!

Dark Moon: Hah! No, but our mystical powers can analyse your systems and put the new configuration into ourselves (we are VERY mallable) and then re-format you into a normal robot!

Jupiter: But ..... reformatting is a big job! You can't just reformat somebody!

Super Chaos: Wily programmed us with nonobots which can reformat people! And all this power is ours if we work together!

Jupiter: That's all really convenient .......

Dark Moon: Quint told Wily that this would happen and he comes from the future! So Wily was able to plan ahead! There! Happy now!?

Jupiter: Yes, I think that explains things nicely.

Dark Moon: So happy we could please you.

(Dark Moon grabbs Jupiter and begins taking his power away while Super Chaos uses Uranu's power to topple the Children of the void!)

Jupiter: AAAAAHHHH!!!

(Jupiter buirsts into light and is reformatted into a normal robot.)

Mars: JUP!!

Pluto: Oh, man!


Andon: Guys! Look at the news!

Scott: Do we have to?

Andon: YES!


Tim: Uh-oh.

Jason: "Uh-oh" is right!

IRA: We gotta split!

Scott: But ..... Maui!


Scott: Alright, alright.....

(Can the Six make it in time? Hope is dwindling as the Children of the Void are forced to split up .......)

Pluto: Those damn ....... I can't beleive we're running!

Dark Moon: You have no CHOICE!

Pluto: GWAAH!

(Super Chaos grabbs Pluto)

Super Chaos: I've waited a long time for this! No more Pluto .... and no more Iceman!

(Pluto begins to glow.....)

Pluto: AHHHH!!!

(Suddennly, Gary is freed as Super Chaos' arm is hit by a rolling cutter forcing Coas to let go of his captive!)

Super Chaos: AGH!

(Pluto hits the ground, shines brightly and is transformed into Iceman!)

Gary: I'm Ice again!

Dark Moon: But Pluto is no more!

Andon: You creeps! You'll pay!

Super Chaos: Just try and stop us!

Dark Moon: Later! First we destory the rest of the Void!

Super Chaos: But -

Dark Moon: Follow the plan! Let's go!

(Dark Moon and Super Chaos teleport out!)

Tim: Gary, what's going on here?

Gary: For some reason Dark Moon and Super Chaos have mystical powers when they work together and they can use those powers to turn us into regular robots!

Andon: Hm. Obviously Quint told Wily about this in the future so he was able to plan well in advance.

Gary: *blinks in surprise* Actually, yes. Wow, that was SOME guess!

IRA: We better find the Void-ers right away! There's no telling what can happen to them if leave them unguarded!

Scott: But MAUI!

The six: SCOTT!

Scott: Awwww.......

Andon: I have a plan ......

(A few minutes later, Super Chaos and Darkmoon are in pursuit of Mercury.......)

Super Caos: This one is MINE!

Dark Moon: No way, my esteemed colleague!

(Darkmoon jumps ahead, grabbs Mercury, and drains him of power within moments.)

Super Chaos: But I wanted Mercury!

Dark Moon: You had Saturn!

(Suddennly, the two are attacked by a barrage of missiles!)

Dark Moon: WHO DARES!?

Super Chaos: It must be the Sinister Six!

Mars: Nope! Just a tank with an attitude! Ho-HAW!

(Mars continues to hit Super Chaos and Dark Moon with Missiles, oblivious to the fact that they do no harm.)


(Mars is grabbed by Super Chaos!)

Super Chaos: Hmmmmmm ..... I wonder what you'll taste like......

Mars: *ulp*

(Just then, Mars dissappears in a flash of light!)

Super Chaos: What!? But I didn't....

Dark Moon: He was going to teleport out. I couldn't let him just do that you know.

Super Chaos: Ohhhh ...... why you ....

Dark Moon: Calm down, calm down. You wanted the Sinister Six, remember?

Gary: It's so nice to feel wanted.

Super Chaos: YOU!


(Dark Moon lets loose with Mar's Photon missiles, but Andon destorys them with his elect beams!)

Tim: Bad aim, Moonie!

Super Chaos: That's not how to do it. Try this!

(Super Chaos turns into a ball, flies overhead, and lets loose with a beam of power!)

Scott: WOAH!

Andon: That's some power you got there, Chaos!

Super Chaos: See?

Dark Moon: Power!? Try THIS for POWER!

(Dark Moon fires both Venu's Bubble Bombs and Neptune's Salt Water!)

The six: GWAAHH!

Super Chaos: HEY! You're not supposed to have those powers!

Dark Moon: We're working together, simpleton!

Tim: What powers did you end up with, Chaos?

Super Chaos: Why ..... why I only received the powers of Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus! He's had much more than I have!

Tim: Uranus, eh? The rock throwing power? Can't you already do that?

Super Chaos: Why ..... I can! I .... I've only got the powers of TWO robot masters, really!

IRA: Well, Chaos ..... I'm no Einstein ...... but I think ya got jiped.

Dark Moon: Chaos ..... don't let them manipulate you -

Super Chaos: the only one manipulating me is YOU, you egotistical copy of me!

Dark Moon: Get ahold of yourself, man!

Super Chaos: NO! You've been plotting against me all this time, that's why you'e been stealing allt he powers for yourself!

Dark Moon: Now see here. I can't betyray you .... only together do we have to power to -

Super Chaos: I don't need your power! I have enough on MY OWN!

(Super Chaos teleports away!)

Dark Moon: CRETIN!

Tim: *Ah-hem*.

(Dark Moon slowly turns around)

Andon: Without Super Chaos, you're pretty much a lightweight, aincha?

Dark Moon: Um .......

Jason: So, what was with all that big talk before?

Dark Moon: Well, I ...... that is..... ah Hell.

(The Sinsiter Six and the de-powered Children of the Void spend the following half hour beating up Dark Moon).

(When they finally finish.....)

Gary: Geez, guys ..... it looks like Children of the Void is actually ..... gone!

Josh: Ah, don't worry. We had a good run.

Greg: We did?

Kaz: Hey, we're trying to have a moment here...

Josh: And, to close our days as the Children of the Void ..... I'd like to say ....

(The Sinister Six slowly creep out of the area.....)

Tim: Some heroes we turned out to be. Couldn't even save Children of the Void.......

Scott: Hey, LOOK!

(The Six look to see none other than Gauntlet and the Mechanical manaics talking to a bunch of reporters!)

Gauntlet: .... And to close, I'd like to stress how we managed to save the day without any help AT ALL from those "Sinister Six" people!

Nightmare: I heard they were in the area, but we didn't see them.

Hard Chic: Nope, this was done all by ourselves!

Gary: Why those little spotlight stealers!

Tim: Hm...... I dunno if I like them doing this.

Andon: Indeed.

IRA: I dunno. We usually get all the credit. Why not let them just have this one?

Andon: Well ......... as long as we remain household names!

Jason: I still don't think this is a good pattern forming. I mean, we don't want those guys crashing in on the rest of our adventures!

Gary: I'm sure they won't. Gauntlet seems like the kinda guy to respect a teams bounries.

Jason: I mean, I don't want those guys to just ..... show up in our base one day asking to stay the night or something!

Tim: I don't think they'd do that. Don't they have that neat Technodrome they live in now?

Andon: I think you're just being paranoid, Jason.

Jason: AM I!? AM I REALLY!?

(And so......)

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too....

Gauntlet: *sigh* we always seem to.

Needlegal: We learned that there's an easy way and a heard way to do anything! Why ..... I'll bet all we need to do to become really popular is just hang around the Sinsiter Six and just kinda .... show up after all their adventures to get the credit!

Gauntlet: Hm ...... easy ..... effective ...... dishonest ..... I like it!