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Narrator: In our last Episode, Dr Wily had created a devious and deadly creation called "The Life Virus" which in turn can effect anything robotic and turn them into his robot servants. The Life Virus had turned on Wily in an attempt to take matters in his own hands and infected Bass with the deadly Virus. The duo went on a rampage and infected everyone they had came across. The Mechanical Maniacs, Cossacks Creations, Clownman, Forte-Chan, and even Gary himself. With nearly everybody turned, The Sinister Six seems to be the last hope of defeating this nearly indesctructable threat!

(Far off in a huge Mansion squared off on a hill hundreds of turned Robots who are now Viruses plan Global Domination)

Life Virus: You've done well my viral students. For now, our numbers had greatly increased in less than 24 hours. We are spreading quickly and soon the whole world will be at our mercy.

(Everyone cheers)

Bass.EXE: No one will stand in our way! Soon, we'll discover the secret to the Portal that leads to 21XX. And there we will over come the X-Force and make them our slaves as well!

Airman.EXE: My lord, what about The Sinister Six? They may prove some resistance.

Life Virus: They'll be easily turned as the The Mechanical Maniacs, Cossacks Creations, and The Technological Tyrants had been.

(A door opens)

Iceman.EXE: *enters the mansion*

Life Virus: Ahhh...Iceman.EXE. I take it that Forte-Chan.EXE has claimed you as mine.

Forte-Chan.EXE: Wasn't to difficult my lord.

Iceman.EXE: Yes...but I fear that The rest of The Sinister Six may know of our weakness...

Life Virus: How is this my frozen lad?

Iceman.EXE: *shows him the bottle of Whisky and the scar on his face*

(A murmor breaks out)

Numberman.EXE: My is vital that we take them out now...and not a moment later.

Thunderman.EXE: Yes...this can be a problem.

Magnetman.EXE: If we don't strike now, they'll know how to defeat us!

(everyone gets into a humongus uproar)

Life Virus: SILENCE! I'm aware of the Situation! We'll strike them hard, and turn them into us before they have a chance to stop us!

Shadowman.EXE: I know their weaknesses as well, they always share their "secrets" with me.

Iceman.EXE: As do I. I'm a member of their team.

Life Virus: Good! Then Go off my subjects! Stop them before it's to late!

(All cheers break out as they stampede out of the Mansion towards Megaolpolis)

Bass.EXE: I hope this plan works master. The Sinister Six have been known for their cunning and strength.

Life Virus: That means nothing to me. They maybe strong, but I'm invincible!


(At Sinister Six HQ)

Jason: Are you sure that this is their weakness?

Tim: Well, you saw what happend to Gary...

IRA: The Bottle had about 30% water in

Andon: It's worth a's better than not having anything to go by at all.

Scott: I'm glad Gary still had these water guns lying around.

Andon: It's obvious from what I've seen that our attacks won't hurt them at all, but this here should give us a small advantage.

Tim: Still...I'm not sure that it'll work...we need a test subject too..

(The door breaks down and a massive figure stand before The Startled Six)

Super Chaos.EXE: Well, you have your TEST SUBJECT!! *laughs*

IRA: Super Chaos! They got him too!

Super Chaos.EXE: Yes! The Life Virus has all of your friends AND enemies! You might as well give up now!

Tim: We'll never give up! We'll always keep fighting! Through thick and thin!

Super Chaos.EXE: Strong words won't save you... *fires a purple beam at Them*

(The Five quickly dodge)

Andon: Fire the water guns now!

(They shoot Super Chaos.EXE with water)

Super Chaos.EXE: *eats it up* What's this? You attack me with water?

Tim: Oh no! It didn't work!

IRA: Maybe Holly water...?*IRA lamely suggested*

Jason: *dodges* We don't have time to get holy water now!

Super Chaos.EXE: *laughs mechanically as he oozes Scott*

Scott: GAAACK! I've been slimbed!

Tim: Scott! *throws boulders at Super Chaos.EXE*

(They have no effect)

Super Chaos.EXE: *forms his hand into spiked chain and flings it at IRA*

IRA: Ack!! *dodges but gets grabbed*

Tim: Put him down!

Super Chaos.EXE: *oozes IRA* I don't think so! *laughs* I'll infect you all with the Life Virus!

IRA: *burps and the smell of liquor finds its way to Super Chaos.EXE's face*

Super Chaos.EXE: *screams loudly* ACK! BURNS! BURNS! *throws IRA out the Window* GOD DAMN!! IT BURNS!!

Andon: That's it! They can't stand Alcohol! It burns them like Acid burns Humans!

Tim: IRA's stash is in the fridge! Get it Andon! Jason and I will hold off Chaos!

Andon: Got ya man! *leaves*

Super Chaos.EXE: *still holding his face* Ahhhhh!! *windows break inside the HQ*

Jason: I hope Andon is quick on his feet, he's coming too!

Tim: *Prepairs for battle* I'm ready!!

(In the Kitchen)

Andon: *approachs the fridge* Now to get IRA's Whiskey...

(A bomb throws him from the fridge)

Andon: What the!?

Bombman.EXE: You shall not raid my food!

Andon: Scott! OH no!!

Bombman.EXE: *tosses another Bomb at Andon* You shall become one with The Life Virus.

Andon: *dodges* This can be a problem...but...if my theory is correct, I can use scott's stupidity against him.

Bombman.EXE: Join us! Or DIE!!

Andon: I'll join ya Scott...just let me have one last meal. Surly you must know how it feels to be deprived of your last meal...

Bombman.EXE: This is true...I'll let you have one item! *opens the fridge* Then You shall be turned!

Andon: Sounds like a fair trade...*grabs a beer bottle and sprays it at Scott*

Bombman.EXE: *squeels loudly* IT BURNS!! ACK!! *faints*

(As for Jason and Tim)

Tim: *dodges Chaos' attacks* I donno how much more I can go on...

Jason: Me either...He's unstoppable...

Super Chaos.EXE: *prepairs to ooze the duo* Now... to infect you as I did with all the others.

(two beer bottles smashes Chaos over the head)

Super Chaos.EXE: NOOOOOO!! *screams loudly* It burns! ACCCK!! HELP ME!! *Chaos melts to a purple puddle*

Tim: Just in time...Andon...*catchs his breath*

Andon: Scott unfortunatly is one of them now...however he is down for the count at the moment.

Tim: Damn! We lost another one.

Jason: Wait! Where's IRA?

Andon: We may of lost him too...*looking out the window he crashed through* He's not outside...he may have regrouped with the others.

Tim: it's just us three?

Andon: Actually...I've been infected...

Jason and Tim: WHAT!

Andon: One of Scott's Bombs landed home...his aim has gotten much better since he turned. It'll be a matter of time until the effects start taking its toll...the wound isn't the process will take a small while.

Jason: What are we going to do?! We need your intellect! *starts panicing*

Tim: He's right...without you...we may lose this battle.

Andon: Don't give up know their weakness..and you still have Jason...there still maybe a chance you can beat The Life Virus...find him...destroy him and everyone should turn back to normal...

Tim: He's turning...we better go Jason. We are the worlds only hope.

Jason: We'll win this'll see.

Andon: GOOO!! It seems the effects are taking my body already.. leave me here! *leans down in pain*

Tim: *leaves with Jason* We'll lick this Andon! We will fix everything!

(Outside the skirts of Town Tim and Jason race to find the Life Virus)

(Ammeditly several viruses surround them)

Heatman.EXE: Here they are! *starts flaming them*

Tim: They got Heatman!

Jason: We'll stop them anyway!

Quickman.EXE: Let's get'em boys!

Airman.EXE: I'll blow them out of existance!

Woodman.EXE: Not if I beat ya there!

Tim: Start spraying Jason!

Jason: I'm already two steps ahead of ya Tim!

(They spray the four Viruses with now "Alcohol Water guns")

Airman.EXE: ACK!! IT BURNS!!

Woodman.EXE: *starts screaming loud* GET THIS STUFF OFF OF ME!! GET IT OFF!!


(Airman, Heatman, and Woodman all faint)

Quickman.EXE: Impressive...but you can't catch me!

(Tim and Jason starts spraying at Quickman.EXE but he's just too fast to hit)

Jason: Damn! He's to fast!

Tim: LOOK OUT! *saves Jason as Quickman.EXE almost swipes him*

Jason: *paints* You saved me!

Tim: I don't want to lose you to them man...I can't do this by myself!

Quickman.EXE: *hovers over them* Now...join us or...*a beer bottle hits Quickman.EXE*

(He faints)

Tim: Who?!

Andon: *continues mutating* NOW GOO! I CAN'T SAVE YOU ANYMORE!!

Tim: Andon!?

Jason: *helps Tim up* Come one...take this as an omen...we must continue!

Andon: The MANSION! ATOP OF CRESTS HILL!! THAT'S where you'll find the LIFE VIRUS....*turns*

Elecman.EXE: *roars as his eyes start glowing red*

Jason: Let's go!! (Tim and Jason quickly exit)

Tim: I take it that the Virses are all connected somehow... which explained why Andon knew where to find the Life Virus.

Jason: It's a good thing Andon told us before he turned competley.

(Halfway up Turnpike Road, Jason and Tim run into the Mechanical Maniacs)

Shadowman.EXE: I know all of your secrets! Mechanical Manaics! Attack!

(Jason sprays off Sparkman.EXE, Needlemaam.EXE, and Hardman.EXE)

Magnetman.EXE: Weak Fools! I'll show you how it's done! *uses magnettism effects* All will bow under Magnet The Mighty!!

Jason: Take this Magnet the Mighty! *throws several metal cans of beer at him*

(They amedditly attract to his armor)

Magnetman.EXE: OH NOOO!! *faints from the beer cans*

(Tim KO's Topman.EXE and Geminiman.EXE)

Snakeman.EXE: It's just you and me now Tim! You can't defeat the ole Snakeman.EXE!

(Two bushes fly by and Western Theme plays)

Snakeman.EXE: Draw!

Tim: *shoots Snake before he can attack* You're just an ole' Snake in The Grass...

Snakeman.EXE: Ahhhhh!!! IT BURNS!! *faints*

Shadowman.EXE: Incompetants! Looks like I'll have to do everything myself! *shoots out several Shadow Blades at Tim and Jason*

Tim and Jason: Whoah! *dodges*

Jason: This could be trouble...taking out a ninja...

Tim: *Dodging Gauntlet's swipes* Maybe...but I have an idea. Distract him.

Jason: Will do! *pulls out a Cutter and forms it into a sword*

Shadowman.EXE: *pulls out his sword* A sparring match you seek? So be it!

(They start sword fighting)

Tim: *copies Topman.EXE's power* Hehehehe...

Shadowman.EXE: *slices Jason's sword in half* Now...*aims the tip of his sword at Jason's throat* To finish you off.

Jason: A little help here...

Tim: *Top Spins Shadowman.EXE away from Jason*

Shadowman.EXE: Clever tactic! To bad in my virus form I gained a resistance to Top Spin! Mwhahahaha!

Tim: *sprays Gauntlet while he's cackling*

Shadowman.EXE: HEY! *starts to melt* YOU CHEATED! I am post to be....*voice echos out* the...cheater...*faints*

Jason: *whiping the sweat off his forehead* Whew...nice work Tim.

Tim: We aren't done yet...we still have to find That Life Virus!

(And so they continue down Turnpike Road towards Crests Hill...until once again they are stopped... this time by Cossack's Creations)

Skullman.EXE: We heard what you did to Wily's Warriors and The Mechanical Maniacs...but your efforts stop here!

Jason: *sighs* Here we go again!

Tim: HOLD YOUR BREATH JASON!! *releases a grenade*

(it explodes releasing alchohol gas mist into the air)

(Ringman.EXE, Drillmaam.EXE, Diveman.EXE, Brightman.EXE, and Dustman.EXE are amedditly KO'ed)

Skullman.EXE: *emerges from his hiding spot* YOU KILLED DUSTMAN.EXE!

Pharaohman.EXE: *comes out from his coffin* YOU BASTARD!

Toadman.EXE: *hiding* Natch! What a lucky shot!

Skullman.EXE: You are indeed a worthy match, but we still outnumber you!

Pharaohman.EXE: You shall meet your tomb now!

Tim: I guess we'll have to take out the left overs.

Jason: Let's do "The Matrix"!

Tim: You got it! You'd think after all this time we would of made fun of that movie by now...

Toadman.EXE, Skullman.EXE, Pharaohman.EXE: *start releasing their trademark attacks*

Jason and Tim: *start flying through the air "Matrix" Style as all attacks fly slowly past them, missing them.

Tim: *doing a backflip fires a shot of Whisky through the air hitting Toadman.EXE in the face*

Toadman.EXE: *slowly falls back yelling* Nooooooo!! *in slow motion*

Jason: *doing a side dive blasts a slow stream of beer straight into Pharaohman.EXE's mouth*

Pharaohman.EXE: *gags* ACK!! *slowly falls to the floor*

Jason and Tim: *surround Skullman.EXE from both sides*

Skullman.EXE: *relizes his fate* Oh no!! *slow motion he gets sprayed by both guns* ACK!!! *falls over screaming*

Tim: *lands with a smirk on his face*

Jason: *lands and blows the end of his gun* All to easy...

(At The Mansion)

Bass.EXE: I'm senseing major losses my lord. Most of our subjects have been eliminated.

Life Virus: seems the remaining Sinister Six members are putting up a fight. No matter. I can always make copies of my Viral Subjects. After all... we do have "Multiple" personalities.

Bass.EXE: Funny sir.

Life Virus: Their resistance ends here however. Send out the final wave and bring them down!

Bass.EXE: You got it.

(After deleting more viruses with their weapons they rest near the foot of the Mansion)

Tim: We are nearing our destination...check your rounds.

Jason: Umm... We're Running low on ammo Tim. I'm afraid we won't have enough to eliminate all of the infected Robots.

Tim: We only need enough for The Life Virus himself. One of us is going to have to stall while the other goes in after The Virus.

Jason: What? But...that's mass suicide...

Tim: There's no other way. Their numbers will finish us off if we stick together. Plus, the Viruses that we wiped out are recovering. We only stopped them momentarly. We need to take out the Life Virus!

Jason: So...who will hold off the guards...

Tim: I your blades maybe useful...

(At that moment a large crowd of viruses can be heard approaching over the horrizen)

Tim: *whispers in Jason's ear*

Gateman.EXE: They are over here! Come on!

Freezeman.EXE: We'll finish what our brothers could not!

(The crowd nears the duo)

Tim: *Pushs Jason away* NOW GO! *prepairs to fight*

Jason: *runs away as the sudden mass surronds Tim*

Tim: *bravely attacks the Viruses the best he can before they swarm in around him*

Jason: *looking back* TIMMMM!! *continues running into the Mansion*

(Inside the main hall)

Sharkman.EXE: You cannot enter here!

Coloredman.EXE: *laughs* You made a mistake coming this far!

Jason: Sharkman!? Clownman?! They got you guys too!?

Stoneman.EXE: That's not all!

Planetman.EXE: We'll finish you off!

Magicman.EXE: In spades! *opens up his sleeve*

Jason: The Tech Tyrants! And Sanity! This could be trouble...

(Meanwhile outside)

Napalmman.EXE: I think we have won my friends.

Freezeman.EXE: But of course...Life Virus will be proud.

Thunderman.EXE: Hey...what was that noise?!

Tim: *tiredly throws Gateman.EXE* at the Viruses*

Napalmman.EXE: ACK! WELTCH! *blows himself up*

(which causes a chain reaction inside the Mansion)

Jason: Get away from me...*backs off into a corner*

Stoneman.EXE: What's the matter...afraid of becoming one of us?

Magicman.EXE: It's not so bad really. It's actually very great! Imagine more power than you can ever have!

Planetman.EXE: I was Astroman on the Tech Tyrants... but look at me now!

(rumbling can be heard)

Sharkman.EXE: What's That?

Coloredman.EXE: It sounds like a....

Everyone: A CAVE IN!! *rocks fall on top of the Viruses and Jason makes his escape*

Jason: That should hold them off for now...*runs down a long passage to The Life Virus*

Bass.EXE: Cutman is on his way to our lair! We have no subjects guarding the passage!

Life Virus: Very well. Let him come. I'll take care of this myself then. I have a little surprise for our guest.

(The door breaks down)

Jason: Okay! Let's end this....*gasps* The Life Virus!

Life Virus: You should be awarded dear Cutman. You've made it this far. I'm deeply impressed. You'll make a fine subject for my army.

Jason: I won't join your army! I'm going to nip it in the bud!

Life Virus: Oh...we'll see about that. *snaps his fingers*

(four figures emerge from the darkness)

Jason: wouldn't...

Life Virus: I would.

Bass.EXE: *smiles evilly*

Elecman.EXE: Join us Jason.

Iceman.EXE: Be with your family.

Fireman.EXE: Make us whole again. Be apart of Life Virus.

Bombman.EXE: You know you want too...

Jason: *looks away* I....Can't...

(A figure enters the room)

Life Virus: *smile never wadgered* Ahhh...this gets more intresting every second.

Jason: *turns around in horror* NO..not you too.

Tim: Join us Jason...Join us.. and we can be together again.

Jason: *a tear falls down his eye* YOU'LL DIE FOR THIS!!

Life Virus: Will I? I'm a Virus...I can't be killed. I'm invincible weltch! Now take your medicine or DIE!!

(Sinister Six.EXE approach Jason)

Fireman.EXE: Join us...Join us...

Jason: *slashes his way through the Six and approaches the Life Virus*

Life Virus: Fool! *grabs him by the neck and throws him*

Bass.EXE: *approachs Cutman*

Life Virus: *stops him* Let me infect this pathetic rat myself.

Jason: *looks up at the Virus* You won't win...

Life Virus: I grow tired of this game Jason. Why don't you just give in. You are the only Robot Left...did you know that? The "last" of your generation. It's futile to resist now.

Jason: *gets up all bruized and with one black eye* Didn't you ever hear the saying. "The last one standing gets in the final shot"? *shoves his "whiskey coated" Rolling Cutter into The Life Viruses frame*

Life Virus: *screams like metal brushing together* YOU IDIOT! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!! *starts leaking battery fluid all over Jason*

Jason: *gets infected by the fluid* Ack!! NOOOO!!

Life Virus: *starts shrieking as all his subjects all over the Mansion*

Cutman.EXE: *shrieks loudly as well*

Life Virus: *starts smoking and steaming* I will return to manifest this'll see! You've only delayed the process*starts getting slirred* MINE!! *fails and powers down*

(Everyone then is returned to normal)

Jason: *looks at himself* It worked! I'm back! *looks at the other Six*

Tim: I don't belive it did it!

Jason: doubted me?

Andon: Not in the least bit my friend. You were awesome!

IRA: You stood up to your that takes Guts.

Gary: Indeed...congrads Jason!

Scott: You're a hero!! *hugs Jason*

Jason: I wouldn't say that...just doing my job. *smiles*


Gauntlet: Ohhhh...what happend.

Jacob: Not sure...looks like things are finally back to normal now.

Sanity: Thank gosh...

Forte-Chan I feel strange...

Kirk: I wouldn't worry to much about least things are back to normal.

Drill Maam: Back to Dr. Cossack we go.

(everyone gets up and heads back to their respective homes)

Andon: *looks at the Life Viruse's body* Welp dude...we better dispose of this thing...

(The Life Virus Moves then stops)

Jason: Oh no!! I'm not touching that thing!!

Tim: I think we all had enough excitement for one day!

(The others agree and haul ass)

Bass: *appears from his hiding spot* Hmmmm...The Life Virus has failed. I better go report this to Wily! *teleports out*

(The Life Viruses eyes glow and the scene ends)

(Back at S6 HQ)

Tim: Some heroes we turned out to be...actually...Jason is the hero here.

Jason: True That. Finally I get my chance in the spot light.

Andon: *sipping his pink lemonade* Indeed Dude. Maybe now you'll become more heroic in future battles.

IRA: That and maybe he'll stop singing in the shower in the morning.

Gary: HEY! You took my line!

Scott: Like they always say. "It's only fair in Love and War."




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