The Sinister Six In:

April Fools Special

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Uh's that time...that time that everyone dreads to this day. The time of jokes, and pranks. And with Iceman around, no one is safe. I better go hide now! Who knows what Ice has planned for me on APRIL FOOLS DAY!!

Narrator: The Sinister Six besides Iceman wake up out of bed early. It's to quiet in Sinister HQ, and Iceman isn't in his quarters...something is fishy and the Six are worried that old Eskimo Face can pop out of no where and do anything. Tim and the others make their way towards the kitchen with caution...which is why they are in their armor.

Tim: Hmmm...He's gotta be around here somewhere.

Jason: I know. It's way to quiet in this fortress, even for Iceman. He's definatly up to something.(shrugs)

IRA: All I can say, is expect the unexpected.

TV Newscaster: Things are quiet on this April Fools Day....

Everyone turns around to the TV and expects Iceman to be around with a prank or joke not to far behind.

Andon: Goodness. Gary has got us all paranoid! I mean that was the automatic News Channel that Tim implanted into the TV.

Tim: Indeed. Like I said, it's dang to quiet in here.

Scott: I'm starved!

Jason: Me as well. Let's at least start breakfast.

Tim: Let's be careful about it...who knows what kind of traps you know who has rigged in the kitchen.

Andon, IRA, Tim, Jason, and Scott: (GULP!)

Iceman wakes quietly in his "secret" chambers. Incase anyone would want to get a head start on April Fooling him early in the morning. He even slept in his armor for safty precations.

Gary: (stretches in bed) Awww...what a beautiful morning. I bet the others are going crazy. After all, I'm not in my quarters. (snickers) On to the first prank of the day. (Ice pulls out a book)

Gary: 5,000 ways to fool your friends on April Fools Day: Book #12. (laughs) I Love these things.

Cell Phone Rings.

Gary: (hesitating for a moment, he picks up the phone)

??????: Hello?

Gary: Yes? (expecting anything)

Nick: Hi, is this Gary, from the Sinister Six?

Gary: No it isn't, However I can get him for you. Who may I ask is this? (expecting anything)

Nick: Yes. This is DJ Kid Nicky from KBLA. Can I speak with him?

Gary: (is silent for a minute)

(nothing happens)

Nick: This is an emergency. He has won a free trip to Orlando!

Gary: (snickers) Okay, let me get him for ya. (puts down the phone and goes to grab a toy horn from the closet) Gary looked at the phone for a few seconds then picked up.

Gary: Kid Nicky? I'm sorry he's not available right now, this is DJ Kid Icey, but here's a message from him.

Gary blows the horn into the phone at full blast

Nick: AiiiiiEEEE! (covers his ears)

Gary: Nice try Nick!! (laughs insanley)

Nick: Damn you Gary!! This isn't over yet! (hangs up)

Gary: Welp, that's my first prank of the day. To bad Nick's had backfired on him...(snickers) Onward to my next prank. (leaves the room laughing insanly the whole way)

The Six sit at the kitchen table...waiting for something to happen.

IRA: It's bound to happen. One way or another, he's gonna get us.

Tim: Not this year IRA, this time we'll plan a way to get him.

Jason: Yeah...his pranks have gone to far. He's got us all paranoid right now.

Andon: Plus, these jokes need to stop. They can get on ones nerves.

Scott: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving! I'm not waiting around. (approaches the fridge)

Refridgerator: WARNING! WARNING! You are to close to the fridge! Step back now! (alarm sounds)

Tim: Oh no! Gary's rigged the Fridge! Everyone hit the deck!

Everyone except Scott (who is trying to prie the door open) takes cover.

Jason: Damn that freakish blue eskimo!

(Large explosion)

Gary: (runs across the hall) APRIL FOOLS! (vanishes without a trace)

Tim: Dangit! He got us again!

IRA: And he's just starting too...

Andon: Welp, we better repair Scott...he's in peices right now from that explosion.

Jason: AT least he didn't try to blow up the palace.

Tim: Not yet anyway. (opens up the a cabnet door and takes out a screw driver) This should work to help fix Bombman.

(tries to hand it to Andon, but it's stuck to his hand)

Tim: What the heck!!? It's stuck to my hand!

Gary: (runs across the hall) APRIL FOOLS! (vanishes without a trace)

Tim: AiiiiiiiiiiiiEEEEEE!!

Later that Day...

Santa: How did you get up here... OH NO!! (snow hitting the pavement) AiiiiiiEEEEEE!!!

Gary: (laughs insanley)

5 Minutes Later...

Ken: BACK OFF! NOOOOOO!! (sounds of a Fire extinguisher) AiiiiiiEEEE!!

Gary: (laughs insanley)

5 Minutes Later...

Gauntlet: You wouldn't dare...(screams AiiiiiiiEEE!)

Gary: (laughs insanley) 5 Minutes Later...

Gringo: Ack! (Blender turns on) AiiiiiiiEEEE!!

Gary: (laughs insanely)

5 more Minutes Later...

Super Chaos:......uh oh.. (toilet flushes) AiiiiiEEEE!!

Gary: (laughs insanely)

5 more Minutes Later...

Shortcut: Ice, you do, and I'll...(Shaver turning on) AiiiiiEEEE!!

Gary: (laughs insanely)

5 more Minutes Later...

Egoraptor: Oh no...not you!! (Toaster pops up) AiiiiiEEE!!

Gary: (laughs insanely)

It continues...

Wily: Iceman? What are you doing... (something falls over) AiiiiiEEE!!

Gary: (laughs insanely)

and on and on....

Later on, not even half the day has ended, and Gary has beaten his old record by fooling nearly 40 people straight forward.

(On the way back to S6 HQ Gary stumples upon the Cookie Monster)

Cookie Monster: "S" is for stomach ache...which really pisses me off. "D" is for Diet, which is what me am doing.

Gary: (pulls out an explosive cookie) Hey there. (snickers) You want a nice fresh cookie?

Cookie Monster: *singing* You can take that cookie, and shove it up your . Shove it up your !

Gary: (hurls the cookie into Cookie Monster's mouth)

(The cookie explodes, and Cookie Monster eyes start going crazy)

Cookie Monster: OH!! That cookie give me hurt burn! (spits out flames and leaves)

Gary: Now, that was a real flame thrower. Hehehe...

Ice gets cut off by a pie hitting him in the face.

Jonathan: APRIL FOOLS!

Gary: *whipes his face* Hey Clown. Nice to see you up on yer pranks too. To bad the ole pie in the face bit is outdated.

Jonathan: Not exactly. *laughs insanely while pressing a button*

Gary: *gets shocked by the pie peices* OUCHIES!! DAMNIT! Okay. Clown, ya got me.

Jonathan: *keeps pressing the button while laughing*

Gary: OUCH! Okay Clown! You can stop now.

Jonathan: *and presses the button while laughing*

Gary: OUCHA! Jeeese Laweeese. Enough is enough!

Jonathan: *keeps pressing the button while laughing*


Jonathan: *continues pressing the button while laughing*

Gary: GIVE ME THAT!! *takes the button and breaks over his knee.

Jonathan: Heh..that was worth it. What do ya say we team up and continue our spree of pranks! I've already done about 45 of 'em

Gary: Whoah, yer ahead of me by a few people, but I'll catch up. Yeah, let's team up! Whoooahaa!


The two skip their way throughout town, causing lots of chaos and mischeif.

Narrater: Back at S6 HQ

Tim: I wonder where Ben is through all this excitement. I haven't seen him in a while.

Jason: Don't bring up Magma Dragoon. He may pop out of somewhere and dismember us again.

IRA: You know, you need to stop being so chicken of him everytime he comes over. So, he's a Reploid from the Future, it's not like we can't beat him.

Scott: I can take him on by myself!

Andon: Dude, you're weak against fire, plus you have pretty bad battle skill, including the fact you hate getting into fights.

Scott: Oh... yeah.

Tim: Anyways...we need to focus on getting Iceman back. He's pranks have gone far enough.

*knock at door*

Andon: (Answers the door) Whaoh, we have a visitor...errr...several of them.

(people who got pranked by Iceman and Clownman come in)

Tim: What the? What are all of you doing here?
Rick: We are here to seek revenge on Clownman and Iceman!!
Gringo: Yeah! Look what Iceman did to me! (A blender is stuck on Gringo's head)

Shadow Blade: Clownman tied me to a chair and spoon fed me vegetables! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT SHYGUY'S HATE VEGETABLES!! (does a cooky dance)
Gauntlet: Iceman's downfall is imment. I seek revenge...nobody, but nobody wakes me up in the morning with polka music playing on headphones taped to my head!! *quenches fist*
Ken: Damn Straight! They both are going down!

Cookie Monster: Oh!! Me help! No exploding Cookies! *singing* I take exploding cookies, and shove them up both their es!
Egoraptor: I hear ya Cookie Monster Guy. Nobody makes a waffle out of me...*pries toaster from his hieny*

Nick: YEAH!! (cheers)

(Everyone in the room, except Tim cheers)

Tim: Alright! Alright! We'll get our revenge. We must plan up a strategy.

Andon: Tim's right. Gary is very sneaky, very tricky. If we are going to to do this, we got to do it right.

Shortcut: Right. Andon, Gauntlet and I, can work on the strategy, after all, we are most advanced in "revenge planning."

Gauntlet: *Kracks knuckles*

Shadow Blade: Then let's do this!

Jason: We'll get the prankster brothers!

Nick: Right! I maybe the Prankster of the Backstreet Boys, but I know when to get down to buisness.

Gringo: Me as well. These two have gone to far, and now they'll pay.

Rick: They'll pay the big chalopa!

(Everyone stares at Rick in confusion)

Rick: *twiddles his fingers* Ummm...nevermind.

IRA: They are clowns, and they'll pay a clowns price.

*everyone cheers*

(And then a plan was made)

Narrator: As for The Prankster Pals...*runs and hides from them*

John: *backs off in a corner* Crap...what a time to get mugged. You two shadow guys better back off, or....else. know...

?????#1: (pulls out a gun)

?????#2: (pulls out a gun)

John: GULP! I warned ya! *pulls out some Metal Blades*

*Both muggers shoot Metalman with Squirt guns*

John: It's water! But just as bad! It'll make me rust!

*Both muggers throw off their dark outfits*

Jonathan: APRIL FOOLS!

Gary: We got ya Metal Man.

John: (growls) two will pay for this embarrasment!! (hurls two Metal Blades at them)

Gary: (looks at Clown) The Reflecto Thingie!

Jonathan: Reflecto Thingie Activated! (reflects the Metal Blades back at Metal Man)

(HINT: For those of you not familier with the Megaman Series, Metalman is weak against his own weapon...infact he can be knocked out with one shot from his own Metal Blade...*tries to reframe from laughing*)

Narrator: Back to the story.

John: !!! (runs away from his weapon)

Gary and Jonathan: (fall on the floor laughing)

Jonathan: Welp, it's time we be heading back home. It's almost getting dark.

Gary: What are you...nuts? I've only begun to prank! Plus when it gets dark, the sneaker I can be. *laughs*

Jonathan: Ummm....Gary man...we need to stop. If we don't, people will start getting mad. The jokes and pranks can only go so far.

Gary: This coming from Clownman!? You've got to be kidding! Come on! Come with me back to Sinister Six HQ! I got a real good prank to pull on the others.

Jonathan: (Smacks Gary) Listen to yourself! You're obbsessed! What has happend to you? You've gone crazy!

Gary: Not Crazy! Mad! (laughs evilly) Come on Clown, I need your help. Help me get the others. This will be my last prank. I promise.

Jonathan: This better be the last one, you're starting to spook me out...

Gary: (crosses his fingers behind his back and grins evilly) It'll be my last...

(and the duo travel back to Sinister Six HQ)

(Back at S6 HQ everyone is getting ready for the two pranksters)

Tim: Is everything ready!

Gringo: Ready to go Gutsy!

Tim: Alright, then lets...

Andon: Tim dude! They are approaching on the horizen! They are on their way back!

Ken: They are here already! I'm not quite ready yet!

Egoraptor: Get ready Flame Head, everyone take your stations!

Chris: MMmmmmmHHH!!

Chibi Keba: I gotta go potty!

Jason: Lata Chibi darling. They are coming.

(Everyone quiets down, turns down the lights, and awaits the two)

Rick: Uuurrrpp.

Everyone else: Shhhhhhhh...

(The door opens and two figures stand at the door)

Jonathan: Sure is dark in there. I wonder if everyone went to bed already.

Gary: Yeah, it's a little to quiet in here...

Jonathan: Oh well, let's go in. (attemps to walk in)

Gary: (pulls him back)

Jonathan: What are you doing!?

Gary: This place isn't what it seems. Watch. (Takes a rock and throws it on the entrance floor)

*A booby trap snaps the rock up*

Jonathan: 0_0 Whoah! That was close.

Gary: It's not done yet. (Throws another rock out into the darkness)

(it hits something)

Chris: MMMMMhhhhhmmmouch!! (runs into the other booby trap)

(Dustman yells out and flys out of the door)

Jonathan: Dude...what was Dustman doing in your Headquarters...?

Gary: Up to no good, like Gringo behind the table over there! (throws an explosive rock into the darkness)

(Another bonk...then an explosion lights up the room)

Gringo: Owch! Damn he's good! (gets thrown out the window)

(Everyone else gets startled by the explosion)

Jonathan: Holy Crap! Did you see all the people in here when the lights lit up! Everyone we know is in here!

Gary: Right, maybe we should turn on the LIGHTS!!!

(Gary grabs Super Chaos who was sneaking up behind him. Then shoves his finger on the socket which was rigged with electricty.)

Super Chaos: Owcha! (cries in agony) You don't play fair Eskimo freak!! (runs away)

Jonathan: How do you know where everyone is!?

Gary: Experience, I know every trick in the book. Let me share a secret with you Clown about being fooled on April Fools Day.

*Ice whispers in Clown's ear*

Jonathan: *evil smirk* I see now...hehehe. Maybe we should just pull the rug right out from under....GAUNTLET!! (pulls the rug away)

Gauntlet: (rolls out the door) Damn! How did you find my hiding place!!

Gary: They are pretty clever...I admit it. (shuts the door) But now they are trapped.

Jonathan: I knew the pranks we played earlier would get everyone mad.

Gary: Everyone has moved to another part of the HQ, I think they know that we're on to them. Let's split up. Remember all that I have told you.

Jonathan: Indeed. I am but a fellow Prankster, we'll get them together.

(They split up)

Ken: This will be the perfect prank Fireman. Our two heated tricks will get those two.

IRA: I hope so. You saw how good Ice and Clown are at the entrance. We lost four of us already...

Ken: Shhhh... Someone's coming. Get ready.

(The trap went off and flames started blazing the kitchen)


*They both shoot Flame Throwers, and Fire Storms at the target*

Ken: I think we got 'em. (sees a bottle of wine on the table) What's this?

IRA: Oh! A wine bottle! I am kinda thirsty. *smacks his lips*

Ken: Ummmm...(looks at a fake Iceman replica on the floor) The target on the floor is a fake...and the booze has a label on it. IT'S FLAMEABLE! FIREMAN!! NOOOO!!

(The bootle blows up and knocks IRA and Ken out the kitchen window)

*A close up of Iceman's mouth laughing*

(Elsewhere in the HQ)

Nick: Those Saw Blades, and spikes should be enough to make our point Shortcut.

Shortcut: Yes, not even Ice is clever enough to see this one coming.

(someone walks into the room)

Shortcut: Shhhh...

(The figure walks past them and into the next room. Nothing happend)

Nick: That's odd. Our traps didn't work. Maybe we better...(gets up)

Shortcut: (pulls him back down) No... it's a scheme by Ice. He's up to something. It's best to stay here.

Nick: I hope your right...


Shadow Blade: Hey! Put me down! You're not Mario, and I don't deserved to be picked up! ELLLP!!

(Shadow Blade is thrown into Nick and Shortcut and they get bonked into the traps)

Nick: Noooo!! We fell into our own traps!

Shortcut: Damn...he is good.

Shadow Blade: Uhhh...I hate being THROWN!! *goes a cooky dance*

(The three get thrown out of the window)

Jonathan: Not Ice...but Clown. *laughs evilly and vanishes*

Chibi Keba: We are dropping like pancakes from the ceiling.

Santa: Not true. Our plan is sure to work little girl. I'm sure of it.

Chibi Keba: Santa...did you fart? Man, you really are an old stinker...*covers her nose*.

Santa: That does it little girl! You're on the naughty list!

Chibi Keba: We'll poopoo on you.

*Santa and Chiba start getting hit with eggs*

Santa:What the heck! *gets hit by another one*

Chibi Keba: EWwww...Chicken Dumplings...urrrp. (runs away)

Santa:Whoever is doing that will be on the naughty stop it this....*gets one in the mouth*.

Santa: Gross! Definatly not better than cookies! *runs away*

Cookie Monster: (pops his head out from behind the couch) Did somebody say COOKIE!!

Jonathan: Not cookies, but eggs!

Cookie Monster:*sings* You can take your eggs and shove them up your.....*gets shot with eggs until he leaves*

Cookie Monster: Screw this. Me can't keep taking this sort of abuse!

(Elsewhere in the HQ)

Egoraptor: How did I get stuck with you Wily?

Dr. Wily: Be quiet welp! I'd rather work on my own than hear your drivel.

Egoraptor: Drivel? Why I outta, you're the one that yaps all day and all night. *mimics Wily* Kill Megaman this. Kill Megaman that.

Dr. Wily: I don't sound like that at all! Your voice impersonations suck!


Dr. Wily: Oh yeah! Let's go you Waffle Dinosaur!

(Ego and Wily got out of their hiding place and slipped on ice that aligned the floor)

Dr. Wily: Whoahhhh...slippery floor! *rams into Ego*

Egoraptor: Watch where you are sliding you grey haired, scientiest like-guy.

(They slip and break through a brick wall and crash into Rick on the way)

Egoraptor: Hah! Eat your heart out Andon!

Rick: No fair! I didn't get to do anything...

Dr. Wily: Shut up...both of you...

(They go flying into the darkness outside)

Gary: Only four to go. *vanishes into the shadows*

(Upstairs Clown spots Tim, Jason, Andon and Scott hiding behind the Television set and prepairs a frontal attack)

Jonathan: I got ya! (shocks the television set and it explodes)

(A net comes down and incases Clown)

Jonathan: What the heck!?

Tim: Nice try Clown. The characters you saw were nothing but cardboard cut outs.

Andon: April Fools my electric friend.

Jonathan: All right. You got me. I learned my lesson.

Jason: Indeed. (cuts him out from the net) Now that we got you back, will you stop the pranks?

Scott: Please...this is getting creepy. It's to dark in here.

Jonathan: Acutally I was going to stop before coming here, but Ice talked me into coming. He is a totally out of control.

Tim: We know, why do you think we are always so nervous when...

(strange noises start occuring inside the HQ)

Jason: Ummm...did you guys hear that?

(noises get deeper and louder)

Tim: (flipping the light switch) The light switches are out. This is very strange.

Jonathan: What is that noise? It's freaking me out.

(Lights start turning on and off and appliances start moving about on their own)

Andon: HOLY Dude! This place is moving about on its own!

Jason: It's HAUNTED!

(The walls start moving about like crazy)

Tim, Jonathan, Jason, Andon, and Scott: LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!

(They all run out of the HQ as fast as they could)


IRA: Guys! Out here!

(They all stop by IRA)

Tim: We made it! Were did everyone else go?

IRA: They all hauled out of here after seeing the HQ come to life!! Crud man...what are going to a poltergiest expert?

Gary: (coming out of know where) And that was my "super" prank of the day. April Fools.

(The others fall over)

Tim: I should of known.

Jonathan: Wait a minute...didn't you need my help to pull off this big one?

Gary: You did. I needed you to distract them while I set it up.

Jonathan: Oh...At least you're finished with pranking.

Andon: He can't prank anymore. It's offically April 2nd now. It's past midnight.

Jason: Oh thank god. *sighs a relief*

IRA: I'm curious though Gary, how did you get the lights to flash and everything to move about on their own?

Gary: Oh easy. A little magnetism effects for the moving objects, Some sound effects recorded on my tape player, and some neon lights shining into the HQ. (points to his equipment not to far off into the brush.) I also cut the power out temporarly so you couldn't turn on any lights.

Andon: Not bad at all my prankster friend. Very clever. I wish you'd be more smart when it comes to being more serious.

Tim: Time for our end lines. Some Heros we turned out to fooled by own little Eskimo friend.

Andon: Yes, but the day is over, and we got a whole another year tell the next April First.

Jason: True that. By the way Gary. How did you make the walls move?

Gary: Huh??? I didn't make the walls move.

IRA: 0_0

Scott: 0_0

Jonathan: 0_0

Tim: (picks up his cell phone) Hello? Operator? Give me a name for a Ghost Exterminator!!!