The Sinister Six In:

Gauntlet's Worst Nightmare

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

This story is for my good friend Gauntlet. Thanks for your help buddy!

Andon: Welp, this Epilouge is a gift givin' to ole Gauntlet in thanks for helping Iceman out with his Eps! Enjoy G...even though it probably 'would' be a nightmare for him...

Narrator: During his night stay at Sinister Six HeadQuarters* Gauntlet moved swiftly through out the den and entered the room with precise accuracy. The door closed quickly behind him as he grinned at Iceman across the room.

(* This Epilouge takes place in Season 3 of the Sinister Six when The Mechancial Maniacs stayed at Sinister Six H.Q)

Gary: You ready for this?

Gauntlet: Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Gary: *turns on the computer and holds out a strange device* You bet! I've been wanting to beat you at this for years!!

Gauntlet: Heh! Nobody can beat my perfect Deck Ice!

Gary: Maybe...but I will!

Narrator: It was then the lights turned on and a computer sat in the middle of the room. Both Shadowman and Iceman approached with PET devices in their hands.

Gary: Gauntlet, I challenge you to a Net Battle!

Gauntlet: Tsk should know by now that I am unbeatable.

Gary: Hah! Iceman.EXE Plug in!!

Gauntlet: Shadowman.EXE! Let's make this quick!

(Both characters become digiztied in a battle network arena)

Shadowman.EXE: Alright Ice! I'll let you go first!

Iceman.EXE: Whooohooo! Here we go!

(Iceman.EXE slashes with Aqua Sword)

Shadowman.EXE: *parries it* To slow Ice!

Iceman.EXE: Ah nuts...

Shadowman.EXE: Now witness true battle strategy!

(Shadowman.EXE brought out Guardian)

Shadowman.EXE: Your move!

(Iceman.EXE used Cold Punch)

(Shadowman.EXE blocked with Guardian)

Shadowman.EXE: Haha! Nice try!

Iceman.EXE: Oh my...I guess that didn't work *with sarcasm*

Shadowman.EXE: Nope! I'm afraid I'll have to teach you a lesson.

(Shadowman.EXE attacked with Kunai 3)

(Iceman.EXE is hit 3 times and takes 30 damage!)

Iceman.EXE: Owww...

(Iceman.EXE's Aqua Sword is deleted from deck)

Iceman.EXE: Oh my...that's not good.

Shadowman.EXE: Afraid not Ice! Ready to throw in the towel?

Iceman.EXE: Nah! I'll keep on going.

(Iceman.EXE tosses Freeze Bomb)

(But Shadowman.EXE used Shadow 3 to hide!)

Shadowman.EXE: Ya shoulda quit when you had the chance! That's only the first effect!

(Shadow launches Counter Attack!)

(Iceman.EXE recieves 40 damage points!)

Iceman.EXE: Ouchies!

Shadowman.EXE: Not done yet...

(Iceman.EXE's Cold Punch is deleted from deck)

Shadowman.EXE: I've got Shadow and Guardian protecting me now! Sorry to say you don't stand a chance!! *he scoffs at Ice*

Iceman.EXE: Probably...ah well. Let me give it one last shot!

Shadowman.EXE: If ya insist!

(Iceman.EXE attacks with Freezer)

(Shadowman.EXE blocked with Guardian)

Shadowman.EXE: I've never seen that kinda chip bad

(Shadowman.EXE's Guardian starts to crack and is soon deleted from his deck)

Iceman.EXE: The Freezer Chip can peirce guards!

Shadowman.EXE: Good strategy Ice! To bad you forgot about my Shadow!

(Shadow launches Counter Attack!)

(Iceman.EXE recieves 40 damage)

(Iceman.EXE's Freezer is deleted from deck)

Iceman.EXE: Ouchies! Guess I'll have to heal up.

Shadowman.EXE: Go ahead...delay the inevitable. *grins*

(Iceman.EXE heals with Heal 3,000)

Shadowman.EXE: 3,000! How the? That must be pretty rare!?

Iceman.EXE: You wouldn't believe.

(Shadowman.EXE launches Shadow Blade)

Shadowman.EXE: Feel the wrath of my...

(Iceman.EXE blocks with Mallet!)

Iceman.EXE: Missed.

Shadowman.EXE: But...that's not a blocking chip...

Iceman.EXE: Is now. Now it's my turn.

(Iceman.EXE swipes with Ice Sword!)

(Shadowman.EXE's Shadow is deleted from his deck)

Shadowman.EXE: WHAT IN THE WORLD! *gets annoyed* I donno what that was...but no more mister nice Ninja!

(Shadowman.EXE attacked with Kunai 3)

(But Iceman.EXE blocks with Mallet!)

(Shadowman.EXE's Kunai 3 is sent back to host)

(Shadowman recieves 30 damage!)

Shadowman.EXE: Errrrff...

(Shadowman.EXE's Shadow Blade is deleted from deck)

Iceman.EXE: Welp, there goes your trademark attack!

Shadowman.EXE: Not quite Ice...your cheating chips won't work here!

(Shadowman.EXE launches Shadow Blade)

Shadowman.EXE: Always carry a spare! With an upgrade!

(Shadowman.EXE's Shadow Blade peirces)

(Iceman.EXE's Mallet is deleted from deck)

Iceman.EXE: Oh dear...

Shadowman.EXE: Nice try!

(Iceman.EXE unleashes Iceman Drain Chip on opponent!)

(Shadowman.EXE's HP starts draining rapidly!)


(Shadowman.EXE's Health is down to 10)

Shadowman.EXE: Alright...that's it!

(Shadowman.EXE replenishes with Heal 300!)

(Iceman.EXE cancels heal with Bad Medicine!)

Shadowman.EXE: Now wait a minute!! How did you get that!?

Iceman.EXE: Got it as a prize in Lucky Charms.

Shadowman.EXE: Grrrrrrrrr....

Shadowman.EXE: Ah Ice! You've proven to be a formible opponent! But this is where I WIN!!

Iceman.EXE: I'm shaking in my Icey boots...

Shadowman.EXE: You should be!

(Shadowman.EXE slots in with Muramasa!)

Shadowman.EXE: Thanks for damaging me beyond repair Ice! Now I'll...

(Iceman.EXE uses Instant Interupt!)

Shadowman.EXE: .....Guh...Huh!?

Iceman.EXE: My turn again.

Shadowman.EXE: How is it his turn already!?

(Iceman.EXE uses Grabber Chip!)

Iceman.EXE: I'll be taking that G. YOINK!

(Iceman.EXE stole Muramasa from Shadowman.EXE!)

Shadowman.EXE: HEY!! That's not a Grabber Chip! That's a Sword Block Chip!

Iceman.EXE: Not anymore.

Shadowman.EXE: ARRRGG!

(Shadowman.EXE places Anubis in box!)

(but Iceman.EXE splashes it away with Ice Blast Chip!)

(Shadowman.EXE's Anubis is deleted from deck!)

Shadowman.EXE: *is starting to go crazy* I've spent hours and hours of hard work developing this cheating deck! I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!!

(Shadowman.EXE slashes with Hero Sword!)

(Iceman.EXE takes 250 damage)

Iceman.EXE: Ouchies!

Shadowman.EXE: Now feel my wrath!

(Iceman.EXE heals with Heal 3,000)

Shadowman.EXE: Good gracious! That's it!

(Shadowman.EXE slashes Hero Sword!)

(Iceman takes 250 damage)

(Iceman.EXE's Heal 3,000 is deleted from deck)

Shadowman.EXE: Hah! How do you like that!?

(Iceman.EXE powers up with Aqua 400 Chip)

Shadowman.EXE: 400!! BUT...THAT'S MORE THAN MY STARTING HIT POINTS!! I Got to stop him before he can use that!

(Shadowman.EXE hides with Pop Up)

(Iceman.EXE uses Instant Interupt!)

(Shadowman.EXE's Pop Up is deleted from deck)

Shadowman.EXE: I thought it just canceled Chips!

Iceman.EXE: It deletes them on its 2nd useage.

Shadowman.EXE: This is getting ridiculus...

Iceman.EXE: My turn again!

Shadowman.EXE: Guess the chip skips my turn too eh ICE!!??

(Iceman.EXE puts up Barrier)

Shadowman.EXE: Hmmm...first 'real' chip I've seen in a while...well say goodbye to it Ice!

(Shadowman.EXE summons Poltergeist)

(Iceman.EXE's Barrier is taken away and thrown at him!)

(Iceman.EXE recieves 2,740 damage and all his chips are deleted!)

Iceman.EXE: Whoah...

Shadowman.EXE: That leaves you with 10 HP buddy! You have no more chips! You're finished!

Iceman.EXE: Not quite...

Shadowman.EXE: Eh!?

Iceman.EXE: You've deleted all my chips...but there's one chip in my deck that orginally wasn't mine.

Shadowman.EXE: Oh no...

(Iceman.EXE slashes with Muramasa)

(Shadowman.EXE recieves 2,740 Damage!)

(Shadowman.EXE has logged out)

Iceman.EXE: I win.

Gauntlet: Well damn Ice! You've proved to be a better cheater than I!

Gary: Indeed G. Now bow down to me.

Gauntlet: Yes master! I'm not worthy to be in your presense!

(A scream is heard in Gauntlet's dorm)

*The door is quickly flung open*

Tim: What's goin' on? You alright G?

Gauntlet: It was...a dream? Gawd...what a nightmare!!

Tim: What do you mean?

Gauntlet: Well...I dreamt that all my endless hours of plotting evilness on the net was hacked away by a certain prankster!

Tim: Yeah...Iceman will do that to ya. He haunts my dreams when he can sing the entire Alphabet Song better than me!

Gauntlet: Yeah...that's...uh...pretty scary alright...

*Gary comes into the room*

Gary: What's wrong in here?

Tim: Ah...G just had a nightmare, that's all.

Gary: I see. Welp, I guess I'd be going back to bed.

Tim: Me too, see you guys in the morning. *leaves*

Gauntlet: Right, later.

Gary: Hey G. How's your net battling doing lately?

Gauntlet: Errrr...great! Why do you ask!? You want to challenge me sometime!?

Gary: Nah...You'd cream me!

Gauntlet: Ain't that the truth...*sighs as he rests back on the pillow*

Gary: Oh and G...thanks for the Muramasa Chip! I've always wanted one!


Gary: Now THAT is a Secret!