The Sinister Six in:

The Halloween Special

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

The people in this story are infact real, and they pose as Mega Man characters. Enjoy it, so check it out. It's kinda funny.

Narrator: It's Halloween in Sinister Six land, and all kinds of crazy and spooky stuff is going to happen. All we can say is, try not to be frightened. MWHAHAHA! This scene starts off with the Six at a Costume Bash! And of course they came dressed up as "themselves".

Andon: Oi fellow Sinister Six fans, and welcome to the first episode of Season 2! The Halloween Special. Let me start off by saying, thanks. Thanks to the rest of the Sinister Six for allowing me to....


Andon: You know...yelling like that can cause throat problems in the neck...

Tim: Hey Andon! There’s Al Gore over there making a big speech about raising taxes. (Pointing to "No Man's Land')


Jason: That'll keep him busy for a while. Now let's head on inside.

Scott: (carrying some chains). Why am I carrying these things again.

IRA: Incase Gary and Jason go out of control again. You remember what happened last Halloween.

Gary: So what? I can't help if I transform into a 3-foot tall circular Elephant.

Tim: It's not that, it's what that 3 foot tall circular elephant does that scares me.

Scott: I remember last year Gary chained us up to the wall and told us Madballs stories all night long.

IRA: Don't remind me...please. I still can't forget the Madball Revolution.

Jason: At least my pokemon streak is gone, so don't...

Tim: That's what you said last year, and look what happened. You chased our neibors dog with a pokeball thinking it was a Growlith.

Jason: (cackles embarrasedly)

Tim: I'm keeping an "eye" on both of you.

Gary and Jason: Okay...

(the Six enter the Halloween bash party, Rick greets them at the door)

Rick: Hey guys, come dressed as yourselves again I see.

Tim: We are too lazy to actually go buy highly expensive costumes.

Rick: You could at least cut holes in a sheet and dress up as a Ghost.

Tim: Nope, tried it, Andon gets offended cause of the KKK thing...

Rick: Oh yeah...

(Whether it was shear conscience, or he heard his name, Andon comes running in)

Andon: Okay Tim! Let me start off by saying....


Tim: Okay! Okay! I apologize. I'm sorry.

Andon: (turns back to normal) Apology accepted my big, boulder-throwing friend. (shakes his hand)

Gary: (nudges Rick) Now that's scary...

Rick: Indeed, anyways, come see the others

(They approach Egoraptor)

Tim: Ego? Is that you.

Egoraptor: Yep, I'm dressed as the flying one. What do ya think?

IRA: Not bad. I like.

Egoraptor: Thanks IRA. (gives him a RC)

IRA: Awesome! Thanks man! (plays with it and accidentally runs over Tim's foot with it)

Tim: HEY!!

IRA: Sorry man.

Gary: He's driving drunk again, maybe we should...

IRA, Scott, Tim, Jason, and Andon: SHUT UP ICEMAN!

(A mysterious figure comes into the room)

???: I'm your worst nightmare! Mwhahahaha!

Tim: Oh hey Metalman, nice costume.

John: Whaaaaa? How did you know it was me! I was cleverly disguised.

Gary: Your accent gave you away.


Rick: I hope I win the costume contest.

John: You! I doubt it. All you did was put that hockey mask on your head.

Rick: You don't want to mess with Jason Vorhees fool!!

Egoraptor: I'll win this contest, cause I'm such a stud.

Rick and John: Quiet you!

(Tim's beeper soon goes off)

Tim: Hey guys, we have some trouble. (turns on the news broadcast on his arm)

Scott: Cool! A Mini TV!! Can I watch Cartoon Network!

Tim: No Scott, we are needed. (watchs the news)

News Broadcaster: This just in! Super Chaos is destroying City Hall......again. Who is going to stop him! The police are no match for his awesome power!

Jason: (holds up a finger) Let me guess....the Sinister Six to the rescue again.

Tim: If we weren't super hero's we would be out of the job, now lets go!

(Before Tim raises his hand and says the "famous quote", Gary speaks)

Gary: Actually, I have something I need to take care of...

IRA: Chickening out already?

Gary: No, I sense danger on the other side of town.

IRA: Danger? There's no other...

(Tim's beeper goes off again)

Tim: Look at this! Two disasters in one day?!

Newscaster: A strange Iceman look-a-like is ripping up The city. His only words is... "Where is Blue!?" Citizens are fleeing for there lives, who is this "Iceman Clone?"

Tim: He looks just like you, only he's parka is red!?

Andon: Impressive Gary dude. You used some kinda of telepathic ability to locate the sense of danger located within the premise of the mind....

Tim: (interrupts) Okay Andon.

Gary: I fear this day would come, I better go stop it. (teleports away)

Tim: Gary! Wait! time to go after him.

Tim: Sinister Six Reunite!!

(The rest of the six exit the scene in a large flash leaving the crowd behind in blindess)

Ego: Ack! Damnit! I hate it when they do that!

(While everyone at the party wipe there eyes a weird presence came into the room)

Ghost: oooooOOOOhh. Where are the Sinister Six?

John: Woah...nice costume dude. An obvious Elecman wannabee.

Ego: Dude...that looks kinda like Edward...

Ghost: ooooOOO...There is a new enemy the Six must face. They must stop him.

John: Sure dude, they are already out there beating Chaos now.

Ghost: aaaaaAAAAa...Not Super Chaos....the Iceman Clone..

Rick: What?

John: You need to do something about that speech impairment man.

Ghost: aaaaaaaaAAAAAA.....shut up.

(later at City Hall)

Super Chaos: Now to paint the town red. Literally. (pulls out a can of spray paint)

Tim: You’ll have to paint the town another day, cause we are here!

Super Chaos: WHAT!? You guys again!? This is getting old!!

Andon: Old? You’re the one that’s getting’ old my big yellow blob friend. You keep causing trouble, therefor, you keep doing the same thing over and over…

Tim: Well put Andon, now let’s stop Chaos.

Super Chaos: I have nothing better to do anyway. (shoots a laser at them)

Tim: (dodges and smashes a boulder over Chaos’s head)

Super Chaos: Owww… (punches Tim away from him)

IRA: Try this on for size. FIRE STORM!! (shoots a large blaze of fire at the big yellow blob)

Super Chaos: (blocks and morphs his hand into a hose) Cool off. (sprays IRA)

IRA: ACK!!! (gets put out)

(Jason and Andon surround the giant while Scott jumps on a nearby building)

(Jason forgets to attack while Andon and Scott prepare the “team attack”)

(Andon fires a spray of deadly electricity, and while Scott jumps nearly 35 feet into the air, throwing down a barrage of bombs over Super’s head)

ACK! (gets hit by both attacks) Double Dose of bad Medicine!

(Jason starts glowing with a strange force and across town….)

Gary: Wha? Why am I glowing? (stops on his pursuit on Red which already has fled the scene)

Gary: (bellows out in pain and agony as his transformation takes place)

(back to the others)

Tim: Oh no! Jason is starting his transformation!

Andon: This is bad! What should we do?

Scott: I kinda forgot the chains Tim…I’m sorry.


IRA: This is some freaky stuff man.

Super Chaos: What the heck is wrong with Cutman!!?? I’m freaked out! I’ll see you weirdoes later! (Chaos retreats)

Tim: Well, that’s something good that came out of Jason’s transformation, and I’m suspecting that Gary has transformed too.

Jason (as Megamanxtreme): I feel funny.

Scott: You look funny too, with that blue and red armor.

Jason: (looks at Scott with a lighted expression)


Tim: Oh crap. Here we go again.

(back at the costume party)

Rick: So, what you’re saying is that you’re Edward’s ghost?

Ghost: eeeEEEEEEEE…that is correct

John: A ghost with a speech impairment.

Ghost: Grrrrrrr….(shocks John out of his costume)

John: My Costume!! Waaaaahhh! Now I’ll never win the contest.

Ego: You can always dress up as Metalman you know.

John: True. Maybe I’ll win after all.

Rick: (to himself) Fat chance...

(back to the S6, the four robots run away from the enraged Pokemon fanatic Jason)

Tim: I don’t know how much farther we can run.

IRA: Maybe we can run down that cold, creepy, and deadly alley

Scott and Tim: OKAY!!

Andon: (to the camera) Why didn’t I see that one coming?

(They run down the alley with Jason on their heals until they come across another ultimate horror)

Gary (as Eye-lephant): Awww…there you guys are. Ready to hear

what happened during the Madball Revolution?


Jason (as Megamanxtreme): Hey! A Charmander! A perfect prize!!

IRA:.....I take it back!! HELP!!!

Tim: We’re surrounded! This is just great!!

(The two possessed souls near closer to the cornered four, all looks pretty grim for our heroes)

Jason: Wow, a four in one prize catch!!

Gary: Wait tell you hear about how the Madballs Escaped certain torture during the Nubotic period!

Andon: Now this is one folklore I don’t want to hear!! (covers his ears)

IRA: How are we going to escape “this” torture!!

Tim: There’s only one thing to do! Sinister Six reunite!!

(nothing happens since all six have to be in there “true” forms in order for the phrase to work)

Tim: Crap.

Andon: (shocks the wall and runs through it) This way!!

(as for the costume party)

Announcer: And the winner of the costume contest is….

John: I bet it’s me!!

Ego: Yeah right. Not in that goofy get up.

Rick: At least mine is the most original. I’m not a Robot Master!!

John: I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again. ALL YOU DID WAS PUT THAT MASK OVER YOUR HEAD!!!

(Soon a giant explosion occurs on the far wall, and in stumbles four figures)

Rick: What the?

IRA: Where are we?

Tim: Right back where we started.

Andon: Indeed Tim Dude.

(Jason soon steps through the rubble and the rest of the six panic)

(before he can do anything the announcer continues)

Announcer: Now, if everyone will shut up, I’ll announcer the winner of the costume contest!!

(silence emerges in the building)

Announcer: And the winner is…..Edward’s Ghost!!

Rick, Ego, and John: WHAT!!!??

(Edward’s ghost flies up to accept the award)

Ghost: UUUUhhhhh…not quite what I expected, but okay, but this is not my true form, and I’m not really Edward’s ghost…(snickers evilly)

(The Ghost Transforms into a Ghastly)

Ghastly: I sure had you all fooled! Mwhahahaha! (Rick, Ego, and John stare in confusion)

Tim: A Ghastly?

Andon: A real pokemon? This is beyond my logic.

Ghastly: Now, to play the triumph card with my Dream Eater Attack!!

Andon: Dude, we aren’t even asleep.

Ghastly: Oh…yeah.

Jason: A ghastly!! Wow! I’ll catch it!!


Jason: Come back!! I must catch it!! (tries to chase after it but is stopped by Tim)

Scott: Found the chains.

(They chain him down)

(It took some effort to hold the robot down, but eventually they did it the Gary way)

Tim: Just hit him over the head with a mallet!

(Later that night, the five headed back to headquarters with Jason still knocked out)

Tim: Some hero’s we turned out to be. Nearly caused mass destruction with Jason and Gary

Andon: At least we got Jason tied up at the moment, heaven knows what Gary is up to.

IRA: (taking Jason’s lines) True. That and at least he’s not bothering us.

(taking Gary’s lines): And the ant crawled up the hill!!

(everyone turns to Scott)

Andon: Dude that wasn’t funny.

Scott: Oh….

Scott: Then try counting your toes (he counts his toes) One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... ten... eleven... wait a minute.

(The others laugh) Now that’s funny. A real “shortcut” of a joke.

Tim: At least Gary and Jason will be back to normal tomorrow morning…

(off in a far building Gary has caught a victim)


Gary: (continues rambling) And then the Madball Revolution continued for about another 8 years. I’ll brief you on what happened every step of the way…until morning that is.