The Sinister Six In:

Which Iceman is it Already!?

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: It's that time again. Another Sinister Six Adventure! Word has it that we get some pretty nifty cameos in this story in the frozen kinda way!

Narrator: The Sinister Six are enjoying a good breakfast when the mail arrives at Sinister Six HQ.

Tim: Mail Call! *flings a letter at Andon* It's from The Government...I belive they don't like you much.

Andon: Well...of course. I'm just trying to show them the light...I mean think about it. The society today...

Tim: *Interupts Andon* *flings a letter to IRA* You're Liquor Monthly Subscription has arrived.

IRA: Yeah! *takes off to the other room*

Gary: Not again? Remember what happend last time he read that last issue?

Tim: Uggg...after watching that IRA Cam, I got nightmares...

*****2 Weeks Earlier*****

IRA: *knocks at Dr. Light's Lab*

Dr. Light: *answers door* Hello..IRA!? What are you doing here in your boxers!?

IRA: You have any Bud Light...I'm doing an experiment...*shows Dr. Light his mag*

Dr. Light: NOOO!! Rush! I'm calling the dog on you! He'll take care of you!

Rush: *comes out barking and snarling*

10 minutes later...

IRA: *singing* One bottle of Beer on the wall...

Rush: *is drunk too* Rone Rottle of Reer...

IRA: You take one down...

Rush: Rass it raround...

IRA: No bottles of Beer on the wall...

Rush: ARRrrrrrooooo!!! *burps*

Dr. Light: *comes outside* What are you doing Rush!?

Rush: Ringing with rind?

Dr. Light: *sigh* Stupid Scooby Doo Chip...

*****Back To Present Time*****

Tim: Rush really had problems after that...

Jason: Never knew a robot dog could throw up so much...

Scott: Anything for me Tim?

Tim: Ah yes...As usual nothing for me...*groans* Scott, here's a letter for you. And Gary, *flings a letter at him* I have no idea what this is. It says Xavior's School of Gifted Children on the cover as the return address.

Gary: Gifted Children...never heard of it...I hope it's not one of those Mental Institutes...out for my insanity.

Jason: *walking in* That will be the day. Doctors putting Gary in a straight Jacket and hauling him off.

Gary: Let's hope that never happens...Knock on Wood. *Knocks on Woodman*

Koala: How the heck did I get here? And stop that...I had this armor polished yesterday.

Tim: People tend to thrash into our kinda get used to it.

Koala: I see, so you going to open that letter Iceman?

Gary: *rips it open* Yeah..why not. What's the worst that can...*he stops mid sentence*

Tim: What is it?

Gary: I'll read it.

Dear Iceman of The Sinister Six

Greetings, My name is Bobby Drake, and I attend Xavior's School of Gifted Children, I overheard your existance through some refrences, and heard you call yourself "Iceman". I am insulted in this manor. Anyone who is anyone knows who the true Iceman is. Therefor I challenge you to a duel to humilate you for the name stealer that you are. Meet me by The Fighters Stadium at 12:00 Sharp tommorow night. You better be there, or I'll come find you.


Bobby Drake (A.K.A. The "Real" Iceman)

Jason: What a bunch of bull. Everyone knows that Capcom's Iceman came out before Marvel's.

Tim: Well, this Iceman is one of the original members of the X-Men. I knew I remembered that name "Xavior's" somewhere. It's from the Marvel Universe.

Andon: I don't follow Marvel that much, so I couldn't tell you guys which came first...

Gary: That's all well and good, but I have plans tommorow night.

Tim: Like what? "We" have a reservation at *Mightnight Simmons Tommorow night. Remember?

*Sinister Six: Almost Beat Him

Gary: It was tommorow night? Ben and I were going to raid the White House...

Tim: GARY! I thought I told you guys to stay away from there!?


Ben: Dynamite?

Gary: Check.

Ben: Sunglasses?

Gary: Check.

Ben: Then let the fireworks begin!

Gary: *puts on glasses and presses the button* Let there be light!!

*A building with Clinton in it explodes*

*Ben and Gary sit back with shades on watching the fireworks display*

Ben: Nothing like watching Clinton trying to put out the flames...

Gary: And watching Mrs. Clinton throw all the women's phone numbers into the fire.

Ben: Hah! There's Clinton trying to explain the numbers while burning into ash...

Gary: *cell phone rings* Hello? Yeah......*waits for responce* I'm sorry man...what? *hear yelling on other side of the phone*

Ben: Who is it?

Gary: Tim...he wants to talk to you...*hands the phone to him*

Ben: Yeah? WHAT?! *yelling over the phone* Setting a bad example!? IT was HIS idea! *yelling over the phone* So what? I can't help it if I'm destructive. It's Iceman's decision to accompany me.

Gary: *listens in on the yelling*

Ben: *hangs up on Tim* Man is he ever pissed off...So we tried to blow up Clinton...he doesn't have to turn into Mr. Sourpuss.

******Back to the Present Time*******

Gary: *Iceman's grin gets real big* Found Memories...

Tim: *sighs* Well, we can't mess the you're just going to have to cancel. Fighting over nonsense like this...just to prove whose the better Iceman.

Andon: I agree Tim friend. So what if there is more than one Iceman...well I suppose Batman would get kinda angry if someone else was running around calling himself "Batman"...

Tim: Andon! That doesn't help!

Andon: Oops...sorry man. Do what Tim says...*looks around and runs out of the room*

Gary: Well...I suppose you're right...*grin never wadgered*

(Later that night, Gary was anxious to meet his Marvel Counterpart, but not wanting to get into trouble with Tim, he called his "secret" pals incase of emergencey)

???: *over the phone* Yes?

Gary: Hey guys, just wondering if you can do me a favor...

???: Iceman? Sure. We owe you one when You lended us your last mallet. Nana didn't know how to whack that Polar Bear to well...

*Another voice yelled in the was a female*

Gary: Yeah...but does she have to come this time? I mean I only need you to fill my shoes until the night is over.

???: *the voice got angry* WE NEVER SEPERATE! IT'S AGAINST THE RULES!

Gary: Okay...okay...I got an idea. I'll invite Clownman over...and then....*A plan was made*

(The next morning The Sinister Six Awoke to an alarming doorbell)

Jonathan: It's me Clownman! LET ME IN DAMNIT!

Tim: *quickly answers the door* What's the matter?

Jonathan: WHERE IS HE!!?? *he barges into the Palace*

Gary: *comes down the stairs* Ahhh...Jonathan...just the person I wanted to see.

Tim: I donno what's goin' on between you two, but I'd rather stay out of it.


Gary: The only way to get your blasted attention!? Your phone line was busy...

Jonathan: Well...if you must know I'm seeing a girl.

Gary: *looking at him strangley*

Jonathan: OH phone was cut off. I forgot to pay the monthly fees.

Gary: *chuckles* how did the Cappachino run go?

Jonathan: *shocks the living hell out of Iceman* Grrrrrr...Now I have to get more! Bastards raided my freakin' Circus!

Gary: Ouchies!

*Meanwhile in another dimention*

Pyro: Where are you going Bobby? *a flame erupts in his hand*

Bobby: *holding a letter from Megaopolis* I got issued a challenge from this so called "Iceman" from The Capcom Universe. I always thought he was a joke. You know. With that kidy looking Parka?

Pyro: Yeah...but you can't go. You've got class. Let him brag about his stupid abilities.

Bobby: You know me John. I never back down from a fight.

Pyro: What about Xavior? He'll know you're gone. I'll tell him.

Bobby: Why would you do that? I thought we were buds?

Pyro: *grin* I'm only looking out for your safety you know...

Bobby: Man...screw you! I can't believe you're going to rat on me! *opens his hand*

Pyro: Go ahead...freeze me. I'll just melt my way out. You forget that Fire melts Ice. *Pyro leaves cackling*

*meanwhile it's nearing 11:30 P.M. at Sinister Six HQ*

Tim: Okay...everyone ready?

Scott: I'm hungry let's go already!

Jason: I hope Gary ignoring this threat won't make things worse man.

Andon: Nah...the other Iceman will come to relize that violence isn't the answer. It's all in...

IRA: *walks in nicely dressed* I'm ready!

*The other stare with mouths wide open*

Jason: Where did you get such a snazzy outfit IRA?

IRA: Ah..Dr. Light. He said he'd give it to me if I got off his property, never to return.

*they all fall over with sweat drops*

Tim: Wait a minute...where's Gary?

Jason: GARY! LET'S GO!

*A sound comes from upstairs*

Tim: What was that?


*another slam from somewhere and Iceman's door opens up*

???: Alright...I'm coming. Hold your horses!

Tim: About time... Now let's...*Tim does a double take* Gary?

Ice Climbers: Yeah?

Tim: You look a bit different...

Ice Climbers: *show their mallets*

Tim: Oh...nevermind. Okay. Let's...wait a minute.

Ice Climbers: What?

Tim: Who's that in the pink?

Ice Climbers: That's Clownman. He decided to see what it was like to dress up as me. Only Pink so we know which is which.

*meanwhile upstairs tied up in the closet*

Jonathan: *with a big bump on his head* Mmmmhhhhhpphhh...*translation* There are two Parka Bearing Freaks!! Hell has indeed frozen over!!

Koala: *muffled and falls asleep*

Narrator: Don't ask me how Woodman ended up here...

*back downstairs*

Tim: Ahhhh! That makes sense. Clownman always had a fasination of teaming up with you. So onward...let's...wait a minute.

Ice Climbers: *sighs* What now?

Tim: Why Pink!? Why not Orange, or Green, or *Tim was about to say Red...but decided to just drop it* Okay...nevermind let's go.

Ice Climbers, Jason, Andon, Scott, and IRA: Finally...

Tim: Wait a minute...

Ice Climbers: WHAT NOW!!??

Tim: We don't have a reservation for Clownman...he'll have to stay here.

Ice Climbers: *raise their mallets in frustration*

Tim: Alright...okay. He can come...I suppose we can squeeze him in.

*Nana gets mad that Tim is referring her to a "he", but Popo calms her down*

Scott: Yeah! Let's go now! I'm starving!

Ice Climbers: Us too!! Hungrrry!

Jason: *whispers to Andon* Does Gary and Jonathan seem a bit different to you?

Andon: Nah...Gary's just upset cause he couldn't go out tonight.

Jason: Yeah...I guess so.

*At The Fighters Stadium where Marvel vs Capcom 2 is supposed to take place*

Bobby: It's gettin' late. He's not going to show. *groans* And to think I sacrificed quality play time with Rogue...*growls* Oh yeah...*pictures her in a bikini* Heya about I come over there and show you some real Ice Cube tricks....*growls again*

*A nerd in glasses stalks out of the shadows*

Bobby: *stares in anger* Who are you? What are you doing here...ruining my fantasy.

Gary: I just came by to get out of the storm.

Bobby: *looks to the sky* There's no storm.

Gary: *transforms into Iceman* THERE IS NOW!! *releases a blizzard at Bobby*

Bobby: OH shit! *quickly hides behind the closest brick wall*

Gary: So you're the famous Iceman from Marvel. *walks out into the street* You're just a pathetic little teenager who gets his fanbase by signing autographs. What possible fighting skill can you possibly...

*Just then Bobby emerges 30 feet into the air raining down razor sharp icicles down upon Gary's head*

Gary: Ouchies!

Bobby: I maybe young, but that doesn't mean I'm inexperienced *throws more icicles at Gary*

Gary: *this time blocks the shots* Is that all you....*gets slammed to the back wall by a giant glacier*

Bobby: *poses and his whole body transforms into solid ice*

Bobby: Ahhh...that's much better. Now you're in trouble little Eskimo.

*elsewhere in the Six Mobile*

Tim: Wait a minute...

Ice Climbers: *sigh* What now Tim?

Tim: I thought I told you guys not to dress in your armor?

Jason: He's got a point. We are supposed to be in our civilian outfits.

Ice Climbers: *raise their mallots in frustration*

Tim and Jason: Alright...alright...

Scott: I don't care! I just want to eat!

Everyone: Okay Scott!

Tim: *turns a corner then comes to a stop* Wait a minute...

Ice Climbers: *are about to go crazy*

*Meanwhile back at the Stadium*

Gary: Whoah...nice outfit. Wouldn't want to be made of solid ice though...*points to the sun*

Bobby: Things like that don't effect me little one.

Gary: Little one? Oh...that does it. Since we are at this stadium, might as well use it to my advantage! *Iceman transforms into his Marvel vs Capcom self*

Bobby: Oh still look the same.

*Two energy bars with Iceman labeled on the top appear on both sides of the arena*

Bobby: Well, that's stupid. Which one belongs to whom!?

Gary: Donno...let's find out! *Plows Bobby with his mallet*

Bobby: Owch! *Bobby's energy bar decreases*

Gary: That one is yours.


Gary: Well...ya asked. *blows raspberry*

Bobby: Grrrrrrr....*prepairs to slaughter Gary with Icicles*

Gary: *counters with his own Ice Slashers* Let's get this on!!

*The Sixmobile finally makes its destination*


Tim: Took the words right out of my mouth.

Jason: Let's at least see why they are closed...

Closed tonight for The Iceman Cometh has finally hit our sweet beloved town

Buildings, cars, people have been frozen solid for what seems to be like a fued over who is the mightiest, no...iceist of them all. People are closing shops and staying home. We suggest you do the same.

*Everyone then looks at the Ice Climbers with suspision*

Ice Climbers: *raise their mallets with frustration*

Tim: I'm not buying it this time...who are you guys really?

Ice Climbers: *gulp*

*Back at the battle, the whole area looked like it entered another Ice Age*

Bobby: *knocked back towards the far wall* Ouch...damn!

Gary: *catching his breath* How do you like....them...apples eh Bobbo?

Bobby: *gets up with a grin* Hmmm...let me think. How do you stop an irritating Eskimo?

Gary: Don't know. Try me.

Bobby: *puts his hand together and summons a giant glacier*

Gary: and my big mouth. *Gary ammeditatly plants both his hands into the ground*


*Both Bobby and Gary are whacked by both attacks*

Gary: *gets up* I'm not finished yet...*catchs his breath*

Bobby: *attempts a frontal attack* Screw Ice Powers...let's do this the old fasioned way!

Gary: If you insist. *Jumps sky high before Bobby could connect with his punch*

Bobby: Now...where did he...*Gary lands on his back* What the hell!?

Gary: One advantage of being small is that I'm fast! *takes out mallet and whacks Bobby over the head*

Bobby: *falls to the ground*

Gary: *whipes his hands* Not bad if I do say so myself.

*A blast hits Gary and the downed Bobby and the both of them fly against the Stadium wall*

*They both lose their Marvel vs Capcom forms*

(Meanwhile back at Sinister Six HQ)

Tim: Alright guys...spill it. You're not really Iceman and Clownman.

Jason: Yeah...I recogize Gary's Mallet anywhere...and those mallets aren't his!

Ice Climbers: got us. We aren't really who you say we are.

Tim: That's what I thought. Who are you guys anyways?

Ice Climbers: Wha? You don't know who we are?

Andon: Sorry don't ring a bell.

IRA: Likewise. I wonder though...are you related to Iceman?

Ice Climbers: *get irritated* NOOOO!! We were released in 1985! One year before you guys were released! If anything...he should be related to us!

Tim: Eh?

Scott: The Ice Climbers for the regular Nintendo!

*everyone looks at Scott in amazement*

Andon: These sudden intellegent outbursts have got to stop...

Ice Climbers: He's right. We fought condors, and polar bears and little creatures with these mallets. Did a lot of climbing too.

Tim: I see, but that doesn't explain where our little Eskimo is.

Ice Climbers: *look at each other then at Tim* He's out fighting some other Iceman guy.


Jason: Doesn't matter anyway. The place was closed.

Andon: My pointy headed friend is right Tim. At least Gary is out of the H.Q. and not pranking.

Tim: How right you are right you are. Now all we gotta do is get IRA out of the house.

IRA: *falls on the floor* Buuuuuuurrrrp!!

(Back at the match up)

Bobby: What the heck?

Gary: Where!?

Scorpion: Mwhahahahaha! Look at you pathetic idiots. Fighting over who posseses the greatist Ice Powers.

Gary: Scorpion...What the heck are you doing here?!

Bobby: Yeah...and do you mind? I was kinda busy whipping Gary's arse.

Scorpion: You haven't figured it out yet? I've come here to destroy you Iceman! I sent those letters. To Both of you!

Gary and Bobby: Whaaaa!!??

Scorpion: Perfect plot to let you both duke it out, and when you finally massacure one another until you are weak. I can intervene and destroy another member of the pityful Sinister Six!

Gary: You bastard...

Scorpion: And why not whipe out the famous Bobby Drake...the chick magnet at the same time...blasted women never recognize me anymore!

Bobby: You pervert...

Scorpion: Bastard and Pervert that I least I'm not "gullable" enough to believe pathetic letters like that.

*Both Icemen look down in shame*

Scorpion: You are two weak to stop me now! DIE!! *he shoots out massive laser balls down at the two frozen lads*

Bobby and Gary Dodge

Bobby: Care for a quick team up?

Gary: Sure! We'll show him the true power of Ice!

Scorpion: *continues firing lasers at the two* Ahhhh...gotta love laser power. So

Bobby: *interupts* Weak! *freezes Scorpion's feet*

Scorpion: *yawns* That all you got. *uses a laser beam to melt the ice*

Gary: *freezes Scorpion in place* Take that!

Scorpion: This is pityful! *breaks out of the icey prison*

Bobby: Freeze Beam! *freezes Scorpion again*

Scorpion: *breaks out* Damnit...let me attack!

Gary: Ice Slasher! *freezes Scorpion again*

Scorpion: Grrr...*breaks out* *jumps before Bobby could freeze him*

Bobby: Uh?

Scorpion: *hovering over the two* guys need to focus your energy on something...uh? *is whacked by falling Ice Rocks*

Gary: Gotta love that move!

Bobby: Nice. How about this?

Scorpion: *gets up disoriented* What hit me? *is slamed to the back wall with a huge Glacier*

Gary: Damn...not bad. Take a gander at this?

Scorpion: *busts out of the glacier* head. ACK!! *quickly dodges razor sharp Snow flake Blades*

*one cuts off his tail*

Scorpion: Damnit! I hate that Diamond Saw move!

Bobby: Gotta learn that one! *smiles* Check this out!

*About 20 mins later, Scorpion hasn't had a chance to do squat*

Scorpion: Alright! I give up already! *is seen shaking from the cold*

Gary: *stands over Scorpion's shivering body* Give up this quickly? It's not like you Scorpion.

Bobby: *stands over him too* To weak to use your telepathic powers?

Scorpion: I lose them when my tail is cut off damnit!

Gary: I what would happen if we did this?

Scorpion: Uh oh...

(Bobby and Gary create a blizzard and blow Scorpion out of the area)

Scorpion: *as he's flying away* Rest assured! This ain't over yet!!


Gary: *gives Bobby a high five...or rather a jump and then a high five* We did it!

Bobby: Yes! We work well together!

Gary: Sorry about fighting you before...I guess it was kinda stupid to see who should be the real Iceman.

Bobby: Yeah. I mean...look at that guy in Topgun. Calling himself Iceman. *makes a farting noise*

Gary: *laughs* Welp, I'm glad this is over with. I better get back to H.Q.

Bobby: Just a suggestion. Change your team name. Or some other Marvel Characters will be coming after you.

Gary: I might run that by Tim. Oh...there's one other Ice move I want to show you.

Bobby: Hmmm...

(The two raise hands and release a Ice shot into the sky)

Bobby: Hold on...a few more seconds.

Gary: The Friendship Ice Shot...don't leave home without it.

*it begins to snow all over megaolpolis*

Gary and Bobby: Ice is Nice...

*later Gary arrives tiredly back at H.Q.*

Tim: *is in the kitchen with everyone else*

Gary: Hey guys! Wazzup!

Jason: Who are you?

Gary: I"m Iceman doofus!

IRA: No...I'm afraid you're mistaken. This is Iceman. *points to the Ice Climbers*

Ice Climbers: Yeah! Go away you imposter!

Gary: Imposter! But I am Iceman! *gives a look to the Ice Climbers for support*

Jason: Get out of our base! For all we know you could be Red!

Gary: But there's two of them!

Tim: That's cause the pink one is Clownman!

Gary: But...

Andon: No buts dude! Get out!

Gary: *sighs and turns around* Fine...can't believe this...*a pie hits him in the face*

Jonathon: GOTCHA!!

Koala: Yeah..we got you good.

Gary: You mean...all this was a set up?

Tim: Yeah...for not following my orders. Don't let it happen again.

Jason: So who won man?

Gary: *smiles* It was a draw.

Andon:'s a shame you guys can't be friends. Fighting is so pointless.

Gary: Indeed it is Andon...indeed it is.

Tim: Some hero's we turned out to be. Couldn't even get into our fave dinning place.

Jason: True. That and Gary proved how sneaky he can be.

IRA: To bad it backfired on him.

Gary: But there's always next time.

Andon: Indeed dude! I just hope there aren't any more Ice"men" out there.

Scott: Heheheheheheheheh.


*Two weeks later at Xavior's School for Gifted Children*

Pyro: *yawns* Wonder what the others are up to...*gets out of bed and heads down the hall*

Bobby: Nice to see you Pyro. *grin*

Pyro: Oh...hey Bobby...who's that?

Gary: His Partner in Fire Extingishing. *cracks knuckles*


Bobby and Gary: Yes! *they both start throwing Ice attacks at him*

Pyro: *runs out from the School* I'm telling the Proffessor!!

Note to those: Bobby can use his Ice Powers in his normal form. Gary Cannot. Gary has to be in his armor for him to use his Ice powers.