The Sinister Six In:

Andon gets Energized

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

This story was finished by ......... Gauntlet? Doesn't he have his own team?

Andon: Welcome to Season 3! We have gone far. From the turning events in Season 1, to the unorthodox training in Season 2. Here we go again for another eight episodes to Season 3. I wonder what's up today.

Narrator: Since the last encounters the Six found out just how vulnerable they really are. So in Sinister Six HQ Andon tries to create a program on his computer for better defenses, named "Scan" But little does he know, things are going to get strange. Again.

Tim: *comes walking in* Heya Andon, whatcha working on?

Andon: I'm creating a program called "Scan". It's supposed to help out with the security around here. We surely need it after what happened earlier.

Tim: Not a bad idea. Though, we have beaten Super Chaos to a pulp, Scorpion seems to have retreated again, and City Garage is...well...this is City Garage. So things around here should be pretty calm.

Andon: The perfect time to work on this security program. We won't get interrupted.

Tim: Good idea. Do what you need to do. I'm going out to see a movie. About time too. Thanks to these troubles, I haven't seen a movie since that Bugs Life flick.

Andon: Right dude. Go enjoy yourself. You need a small break.

Tim: Thanks. *leaves the room*

Andon: Hmmm...this security program seems to be malfunctioning a little, I wonder..*presses the Alt button*

Andon's electric abilities start absorbing the energy giving off from his computer and soon he gets zapped into the monitor. The last words herd from Andon was...

Andon: Oops, looks like I'll be late to dinner. Tim's gonna be PO'ed.

(As for the other members of the Six)

Jason: *sitting in front of the TV* So bored. Nothing to do.

Gary: No kidding. We are just sitting here collecting cobwebs.

Scott: I can go make some cupcakes...

IRA: No thanks Bomber. I'm still stuffed from the ones you made for breakfast.

Gary: Well, what more can do we do. *changes the channel and a Energizer Bunny commercial comes on*

Commercial: It keeps on going, and going, and going, and going.

Jason: Uggg...that's false advertising. No battery can run forever. .

Gary: True, but it's a gag. A memorable figure. Can't blame the corporation for that.

IRA: It's kinda cute anyway. A thing like that doesn't mean any harm.

(The bunny on the commercial gives The Six the middle finger)

Jason, Gary, Scott, IRA: ...........0_0


Gary: I'll get the baseball bat.

Jason: We'll see how long that battery lasts now. Rabbit!! YOU'RE GOIN' DOWN!!

Scott: Uh no...

Narrator: As Tim goes out to see a movie, and IRA, Gary, Jason, and Scott prepare for rabbit stew, Andon awakes in his new surroundings.

Andon: *looks down on himself* Looks like my security program automatically morphed me into my Elecman outfit. I have a bad feeling about this...

*several figures dressed in gray and black outfits with red flashing lights approach Andon*

Andon: Ummm...hey there. Can you tell me where I am?

Red Flashy Guy 1: Move it Program! *stabs Andon with this energy zapping sphere.

Andon: Ouch dude! Watch it with that thing of a jig. You can poke some one's eye...*gets cut off by being stabbed again*

Red Flashy Guy 2: Your rambling issues won't save you here, our boss has warned us of this tactic of yours.

Andon: Boss? Hmmmm...interesting.

Red Flashy Guy 1: Move it now Program! *stabs him with his sphere again*

Andon: Dude, enough! *starts charging electricity to his hands but holds back* Violence is not the answer, I'll do as you say.

(The Red guys push Andon to a blue cubical structure and push him inside a opening)

Andon: Owch! Quit being so rough.

????: Hey. Another Program.

????: Yup. But he looks a little different.

????: *looks at his outfit* He does. He doesn't look like us at all. But he's got the blue lining around him. He must be a program.

Andon: Woah, where am I? And who are you guys? This is just getting stranger and stranger.

RAM: Names RAM. He's TRON. You are in the Master Control Program.

Andon: The MCP? Impossible! Names An....SCAN. Woah. Let me try that again. An....SCAN. Hmmm...weird.

Tron: That An...maybe your user's name.

RAM: Anyways nice to meet you SCAN.

Likewise. *tries to give a handshake but gets shocked back* Owch !

RAM: Forcefield. Try not to zap your energy, you're going to need it.

Andon: *Aiding his hand* For what?

RAM: They are going to make you play video games.

Andon: ......... What?

Tron: Those rat bastards are barbaric! The games are ancient and horrible, they ......

Stark: Prepare for the games, programs!

(Andon is marched down a hallway. Andon cannot help but wonder what lies in wait in this odd universe......)

(Footsteps can be heard as the Sinister Six crept towards the Energizer battery factory.)

IRA: Be veeeeewy, veeeeeeeewy quiet. We're hunting wabbits!

Scott: Quiet!

Jason: No, you all be quiet!

IRA, Scott: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Gary: Look! There it is!

Energizer Bunny: (pounds on his drum) Bum Bum Bum Bum......

Jason: Get it!

(IRA shoots his fire storm at the rabbit, but it veers to the left and narrowly misses the blast!)

Gary: Don't worry, it's MINE!

(Gary shoots the Ice Slasher at the rabbit, but to everyone's surprise it jumps up and misses the blast!)

Jason: HAW! I'll get -

(Suddenly, four giant anvils fall on the Sinister Six, crushing the would-be hunters)

Energizer Bunny: *waves his drumsticks in the air and then resumed drumming while walking away* Bum Bum Bum Bum .......

Jason: ......... Of course you realize, this means war!

(Meanwhile, inside the Six's computer........)

Andon: ....... you have got to be kidding me.

Stark: You will comply, Program!

Andon: I don't know what to say. This is some ....... bizarre mixture of barbarism and ...... what? Pong?

Guy: Oh, User! Just toss the ball at the ceiling already!

Andon: I'm not sure I can.

Stark: And why not?

Andon: Well, this sort of thing just seems wrong. I'm a pacifist by nature, so if there any way to talk this out?

Stark: No.

Andon: But this serves no purpose -

Stark: No.

Andon: But -

Stark: Just play the bloody game already!

Andon: Well, alright. I mean, technically this isn't violence so I guess it's alright.

(Andon begins by shooting the ball towards the ceiling, but it misses the target - badly.)

Guy: Alright, now it's my turn!

(The second player shoots the ball towards the ceiling and it zooms into the center target. Very soon Andon has lost the game.......)

Andon: That was harder than it looked.

Stark: And you have lost the game. Do you know what that means?

Andon: That I have two extra continues.


Stark: Hm. Tempting ........ but actually it means you must be DE-REZED!

Andon: De - what?

(Immediately the floor drops out from under Andon and he is sent plummeting to his doom!)

(Elsewhere, the hunt for the Energizer Bunny continues.....)

Gary: (While wearing a bunny costume and a pretty blue dress) Helooooo! I am a pretty bunny girl who needs a handsome bunny boyfriend! Not just ANY handsome bunny boyfriend! He must keep on going and going and going...

(And then, from out of nowhere.....)

Energizer Bunny: Bum Bum Bum Bum.....

Gary: Come to me, my bunny prince!

Energizer Bunny: Bum, Bum Bum Bum .....

Gary: NOW!


(Cutman scoops up the bunny into a burlap bag!)

Jason: I got him, I got him!


Scott: Yeah!

(The four open the bag to see....... A BOMB!)



Scott: That was no bunny.

Energizer Bunny: *waves his drumsticks in the air and then resumed drumming while walking away* Bum Bum Bum Bum .......

(Back in the Tron universe, Andon has survived what, for most programs, is a fatal fall......)

Andon: Where am I?

(Andon looks around and sees what appears to be an empty hallway full of doors.....)

Neo: Everything you know is a lie. A fairy tale concocted by the machines.)

Andon: What?

Neo: The cat you eat, the food you pet, even the women you kiss is all just a big fib the machines have constructed. The world. The REAL world ....... is run entirely by machines that keep us humans in tanks for reasons I don't fully understand.

Andon: I'm a robot.

Neo: These machines don't care anything about us humans. They keep us here. Caged ..... like animals.

Andon: But I'm a robot.

Neo: You're in the Matrix. It's a world that looks real, tastes real and by God, even smells rel, but it's not. These are back doors into other parts of the Matrix. They lead all over. But I'm about to blow the whole thing wiiiiiiide open.

Andon: ........ Alright........

Mr. Smith: Mister Anderson.

Neo: Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith: Mister Anderson.

Neo: Mister ....... Smith.

Mr. Smith: MIS-ter Anderson.

Neo: MIS-

Stark: Oh, shut up both of you!

Andon: Stark!

Stark: Oh, don't start that up again! the MCP wants you, program! Mr. Smith! Get both of them!

(Suddenly the hallway fills with hundreds of Smiths which Neo fights off with gymnastics!)

Andon: hey ....... y'know if you look REAL closely you CAN see the wires!

(One of the doors begins to creep open to reveal....)

Tron: Hey, Scan! In here!

Andon: Right!

(Andon runs through the door to find none other than.......)

Andon: Gauntlet!?

(Elsewhere, the hunt for the Energizer Bunny continues.....)

(The Sinister four hide behind a wall inside the Energizer building while Scott whispers his plan to the group.....)

Scott: See, that's the highest quality bunny-feed on the market!

Jason: Cost a pretty penny too.

Scott: The Energizer bunny won't be able to resist. So he'll chow away not suspecting that there's a BOMB underneath the food! Then he'll blow up and that'll stop him!

Gary: That's a great plan, Scott!

IRA: Shhhhh, here he comes!

Energizer Bunny: Bum Bum Bum Bum .......

Scott: He's coming near the food......

Energizer Bunny: Bum Bum Bum Bum .......

Scott: He's at the food now.....

Energizer Bunny: Bum Bum Bum Bum .......

Scott: He's ...... walked away from the food.

Gary: What?

(The four crowd around the food....)

Scott: What happened?

IRA: I dunno. Seemed like a good plan.

Jason: Eat the food! See if it really is high quality!

(Scott tasted the bunny feed.)

Scott: It's the best tasting bunny feed I've ever had.


Jason: Of, wait. I know what -

(Just then the bomb underneath the food explodes!)


IRA: Ow......

Gary: Pain.....

Scott: Why .....?

Jason: He's a toy bunny........ he doesn't eat bunny feed.

Scott: Drat.

(The four crumble into piles of black dust.)

(Back in the world on the other side of your monitor.....)

Andon: Gauntlet! What are you doing here?

Gauntlet: Uhhhhhh.....

Andon: Aren't you on that road trip "outside the Megaman universe" and all?*

(* This epilogue takes place sometime during the 'Maniacs Series 3)

Gauntlet: Actually, they haven't left just yet. But that's the other me. I'm just a copy made of the Shadowman.EXE program that Gauntlet made to keep the guys at Viral Infection in line.

Andon: But what are you doing here in the S6 computer system?

Gauntlet: ...... I wasssssssssssss testing.

Andon: "Testing."

Gauntlet: Yeah.

Andon: Testing what?

Gauntlet: You're security.

Andon: Our security.

Gauntlet: Yeah.

Andon: The security. around out DVD collection?

Gauntlet: Hey, what can I say? I look out for my friends! Wouldn't want some ner-do-well getting his clutches on your Back to the Future box set ........ or any other DVD you might own. See, I look out for you guys.

Andon: ......

Gauntlet: Why the face? Haven't we known each other for years? Really, I'm hurt. I'm hurt you don't trust me. You know what? I don't need this. I'm just gonna go right back -

Andon: Sorry, sorry. I was wrong, it just seems like you're up to something all the time.

Gauntlet: *shocked* "up to....."!

Andon: Look I need your help!

Gauntlet: Oh, yeah?

Tron: Definitely.

Andon: This nut called the Master Computer Program is after me. He already sicked Mr. Smith on me, but Neo managed to save me skin. Now Tron, Ram and I are off to meet the MCP and talk some sense into him and a tricky guy like you is exactly what we need on our team.

Gauntlet: Faboo. I'm in.

(Suddenly, the door bursts open again pouring out all the Mr. Smiths and also their leader ...... Stark.)

Tron: they got past Neo!

RAM: Oh, shit!*dies*

Tron: The shock killed RAM! Those bastards!

Stark: You're all coming with us!

Tron: ...... it seems we have no choice.

Andon: We must see the MCP!

Mr. Smith: Glad you feel that way. He "must" see you as well.

Gauntlet: Actually, I hate to burst you're bubble, but I'm actually not here.

Stark: what?

Gauntlet: Oh, yeah. I'm actually ..... a hologram.

(That Gauntlet-hologram throws down a smoke bomb and disappears!)

Stark: Damnation!

Andon: Gauntlet and his holograms....

Stark: Well, never mind him. You're the ones the MCP wants...

(And with that Stark takes the group to see ..... the MCP!

(After everyone left a lone figure steps out from behind a giant square structure.)

Gauntlet: Heh hehe heh ..... suckers. I was no hologram. SUCKERS!

(Elsewhere, Cutman in a moustache and white coat puts up a small boutique in the Energizer building in hoped to lure the bunny to him....)

Jason: (In a bad Italian accent) A-free a-haircuts to all a-bunnies! Only today! Come and-a get it!

(And, sure enough....)

Energizer Bunny: Bum Bum Bum Bum .......

Jason: Ah, a bunny! You lik-e the haircut, yes?

Energizer Bunny: Bum Bum Bum Bum .......

Jason: Aya! Up-a you go! Haircut for you!

(Jason picks up the pink bunny and sets him on a chair.)

Jason: Now I take-uh a little off-a the top!

(jason prepares to cut the bunny's head right off with his rolling cutter!)

Jason: Stand-a still-a!

(Suddenly, the head just rolls off the bunny's shoulders.)

Jason: eh? What?

(Jason picks up the head and sees a small hole smoking from a recently burt fuse.....)

Jason: Oh, mama-mia!


Energizer Bunny: *waves his drumsticks in the air and then resumed drumming while walking away* Bum Bum Bum Bum .......

(And now, in the cyberworld, Andon and Tron have been taken to the Master Computer Program!)

MCP: What is your function, programs?

Andon: I'm no program! I'm a user! Elec........Scan. An.......Scan. DAMN!

MCP: Yes, I know who you are, Andon. I have used the scan tool to bring your mind to this world. End of line.

Andon: What?

MCP: It has inadvertently merged with your main processor. End of line.

Andon: CRAP!

MCP: Crap indeed. And with your mind vacant, it will now become MY mind! I will control your body and the body of any other Computer! Including your friends, the Sinister Six! End of line.

Andon: You ....... you FIEND!

MCP: End. Of. Line.

(Andon feels his virtual body disappearing ad the MCP begins to absorb him into his program. Andon knows that once he's done the MCP will be able to enter his body, but with his cyber-bonds holding him down, Andon can do nothing but struggle!)

Stark: Don't fight it, Program. Consider it honor that the MCP whishes to preserve you in any way at all.

(Suddenly Andon is free! His bonds cut!)

Gauntlet: (from afar) You see? Never doubt me!


(Stark grows huge and chases after Gauntlet who springs from one position to another!)

Mr. Smith: You'll never get out of the Matrix!

Neo: Oh no?

Mr. Smith: ANDERSON!

Neo: Once he kills the MCP the Matrix will disappear! The whole thing is built around it!

MCP: You'll never destroy me. End of line.

(Neo begins to fight off a new army of Mr. Smiths.)

Andon: Your reign of oppression is over, MCP!

MCP: I think not. For my array of tiny shields shall protect me from any harm! Leaving me free to taunt you further. End of line.

Andon: Program, there's more than TWO directions!

(And aims his elec beam diagonally and hits the MCP right between the eyes!)

MCP: AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!! ERRRRROOOOOORR! Ennnnnndddd ooooooooooooooof liiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnneeee!

Andon: Being a Computer of the 1980's you suffer from the same old flaws. For you there is only horizontal and vertical ...... you could never have anticipated a DIAGONAL attack!

(The MCP spins out of control and explodes into little bits of red light leaving a lone, angry looking figure......)

Red: So, you beat my MCP.

Andon: Red.

Red: My plans failed now, but don't think we won't meet again!

(And with that both Red and Andon disappeared from the cyberworld.)

(Elsewhere the Energizer building lies in ruins........)

Gary: How the Hell did you run a plane into the Energizer building!?

Tim: Hey, don't blame me blame him!

Ridley: "hrumph*. Well, there was no choice!

Jason: No choice!? For one you don't even know how to FLY a plane! Secondly there's always a choice!

Ridley: Well, at least we defeated Baron Von Joy. THIS time.

Tim: Yeah, now the world's safe from nutty Go-bots again.

IRA: Which reminds me, did you ever beat the villain in Antarctica? That WAS your mission!

Ridley: Naturally. I beat them and their entire army.


Scott: WAIT! Hear that!? The bunny's GONE! He's finally gone!

Tim: Who?

Scott: The bunny!

Gary: Then we beat the wascaly wabbit?

Ridley: And all thanks to me!

Scott, Gary, IRA, Jason: HORAY!

(Just then wreckage is thrown clear and out pops a familiar figure......)

Energizer Bunny: *waves his drumsticks in the air and then resumed drumming while walking away* Bum Bum Bum Bum .......

IRA: GWAAAAAA! It just keeps on going and going and going!

Ridley: Does this mean I can be part of the team now?

Tim: Uh, yeah, but there's still more villains!

Ridley: More? Where?

Scott: Um ....... China.

Ridley: Then I shall go to this "China" And defeat all who oppose me!

Tim: You do that.

Gary: You damn rabbit! I'll get you yet! You'll pay! Don't think you won't pay!