The Sinister Six:

In The Twilight Zone

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

A Quick note to readers of this Epilouge. This Epilouge has a twist. It is specially linked to the Solo Adventures at the Mechanical Maniacs Epilouge Page. To find out where Jacob (Snakeman) Came from, and to find out how Iceman got automatically teleported into a vortex, you can read the Solo Adventures by clicking here. Each Solo adventure links to each other and including this Epilouge!! Have fun! Definatly Freaky!

Andon: Late at night in Sinister HQ, something weird stirs. Something that rarely happens, but when it does, it freaks the heck out of whomever it happens too. The eerie stench of the unexplainable. The wicked things beyond human imagination. Who are the next victims? What fiendish plot will be revealed?

Don’t adjust your eyes, keep on reading.

We have control of your viewing destination

We have full control of all the actions that will take place

Welcome to the Twilight Zone…

(The alarm beeps off at Sinister Six HQ and the members struggle to get out of bed)

IRA: What time is it? It feels like 2:00 in the morning.

Gary: It’s 14:70. Time to get up.

Jason: That late? Man. We must have slept in.

Tim: Indeed. We better go check the holivid and see if anything is stirring.

(The six groggily head down a long stair case until they hit the kitchen)

Andon: (opens up the microwave) Here’s the Holivid.

(The six all manage to stick their heads inside and they watch the news)

Scott: Hmm…a bit warm in here, shall I turn up the volume?

Tim: Nah. I can hear it just fine.

Gary: No…Scott’s right. It is rather hot in here.

Andon: Quiet Dude! Listen to the news.

(A News Caster wearing a bikini talks)

News Caster: The entire city has been dismantled thanks to the efforts of Super Chaos.

(Tim turns off the news broadcast and takes his head out from the microwave)

Tim: Welp, you all know what we have to do.

Gary: Write a strongly worded letter to the Newsbroadcaster in the bikini and go back to bed?

Tim: No Gary, we have to go stop Chaos.

(Gary lets out a grown)

(A Penguin comes into the room)

Penguin: You guys mind if I use the shower?

Tim: Nah, go right ahead man.

Gary: Hey! Don’t be freezing up the water in there shorty!

Penguin: Who you calling short, and I recall it was you who froze the water last night.

Scott: Yeah! So there!

Gary: Shut it Scott! You’re not helping!

IRA: You guys notice some strange stuff going on?

Tim: Yeah….something seems different today.

Edward: No kidding all. This is some freaky shit.

Andon: Couldn’t have said better my electric twin friend.

Tim: Wait a minute….there’s something wrong with this picture.

Edward and Andon: What’s that man?

Tim: My socks are different colors…that’s odd.

Gary: Yeah, especially since you aren’t even wearing socks.

Tim: Weird.

Jason: So what were we going to do?

Tim: Head on over to the City and join Super Chaos for a game of Black Jack.

Jason: Right! Sinister Six Reunite!

Tim: Yup!

(In a flash the six teleport to the city…)

(The Six show up and Super Chaos knocks over a building)

(The buildings fall over like dominos knocking more over)

Super Chaos: Ahhh…my friends. Come to join the party?

Tim: Jigs up big guy. We’re taking you to the pint house.

Super Chaos: Really? Then how about a match of…(The buildings bounce off a rubber factory and comeback to hit Super Chaos over the head) OWWW…

Super Chaos: Son of a .

. Tim: Heh. That almost sounded funny.

IRA: Indeed.

Andon: Welp, let’s pulverize this

Gary: Whoa… seems to be a popular word today.

Super Chaos: Shut the heck up and fight me!!

(Soon an intense battle takes place…so much for black jack eh?)


Gary: Hey, what’s wrong bud?

Jacob: Oh, hi Ice. Looks like I chrashed in one of your adventures. I’ll leave…

Gary: Nah, tell me what’s wrong bud!

Jacob: *Sigh*! Well, for my birthday, Spark made me a SNAKE controlling device so that I can TAKE OVER ALL THE SNAKES IN THE WORLD! But Sharkman just stole it and turned into a jet and I got no idea where he is!

Gary: Yeah, that could be a seems to me......that if you can't follow him, you should get him to come to you.

Jacob: Yeah!!! That's the ticket! Thanks, Ice!

Gary: Hey, no prob! Drop by whenever you want! Hm. I just got an alert from my JLA signal device....I wonder what's up?

(Snakeman leaves)

Gary: (checks his signal device and instantly gets teleported through a vortex)

(Scott saw the whole thing happen)

Scott: Damn that freakish Lazy Eskimo!

(The Bomber had no idea that it had snowed out, he saw that the rest of the six and Super Chaos were ice skating on a nearby lake)

Jason: Come on Scott! This is fun!

(Andon skates on the ice)

(Tim and Super Chaos bump into each other)

Tim: Hahaha! Now that was funny. (laughs)

Super Chaos: Oops, my bad. (laughs too)

IRA: Yeah! And check this out! (fires a blast of fire on the ice and it melts turning the ice into a black abyss)

(everyone falls in)

Scott: Nooo!! (dives into the abyss)

(The bunch soon fall into a big black area)

Super Chaos: Where are we now?

Scott: Yeah? This black vortex seems to be a mysterious if not enigmatic. I wonder if we are the only survivors down here….pretty strange and what not.

Andon: (shocks Scott) Damn you and your intelligence!

Jason: Yeah…I wish I was smart as you.

(The others agree on Bombman’s brains)

Scott: We’ll excuse me if I’m the smartest guy on the team.

Tim: Yeah, we should have made you the leader…

(Gary jumps back through a vortex and speaks)

Gary: I’m glad that other teams have formed, now we can use this JLA signal device to get us out of this.

Scott: Indeed my friend. We are like the Backstreet Boys. We were the first of a new generation of an element, then more followed shortly after us, thinking that they can better us. Nothing stands a chance against the originals, no matter how much competition they give us.

Gary: Who are the Backstreet Boys?

Scott: 0_0 You don't know who they this is ed up!

Tim:Heh. There it is again. I Don’t know either. Never heard of ‘em.

Scott: (rolls his eyes) Buffoons.

Super Chaos: If you all would stop your yapping then maybe we can get out of this mess.

(Soon a figure comes out from the darkness)

?????: So, you must be the Sinister Six?

Tim: We are. Who are you.

Ken: I’m Flameman, at last I get to star in one of yer shows..

Gary: Boy, you sure look funny.


Gary: (it has little effect) I’m strong against Fire attacks buddy.

Tim: Indeed, so what are you up to Flameman?

Ken: Not sure, I woke up this morning and saw it was 3:30, I think I’m in the twilight zone.

Andon: Nah, impossible my Arabian headed friend. A lot of weird things would be happening if we were in the twilight zone.

Tim: True Andon. Nothing weird has really happened so far.

Gary: (swimming in a pool of green Jell-O) Yeah. Nothing peculiar yet.

Ken: True…

(Erik comes flying in)

Ken: Oh hey Erik, didn’t know you can fly.

Erik: Yeah, I’m Windman, I can do anything I want.

Super Chaos: So what shall we do now?

Tim: Let’s go ahead and visit that old guy that lives down the street shall we?

(The others agree, and walk out of the blackness to an old cavern in the middle of a jungle)

Tim: (knocks slightly at the door)

????: Who goes there! Gosh darn nabbit!

Tim: We thought we can ask you on how to return back home.

(an old monkey with a white beard answers the door)

Cranky Kong: Wha? Don’t you guys know how to do anything? Back in my days, we only had 4 megabits. And you don’t see me complaining do ya? All this dang flabbed 64-bit graphics. Enough to make any game player go crazy. All the colors and junk. Didn’t need all these graphics back then I tells ya.

Andon: Right my monkey raving friend. But that’s not important right now.

Cranky Kong: Not important!? I’ll tell you robots what’s important. You hanging around my bungalow. Now skit! I’m expecting to watch the weather channel.

Scott: Jeeeez..what an old fart.

Cranky Kong: I heard that Bombman! Just for that you ain’t getting my stuffed potato recipe that you always wanted.

Scott: Ahhh….go yourself.

Gary: HAHAHAHA! There’s that word again.

Ken: Yup. Quite offending.

Erik: Uh huh.

(the fifteen figures continued to walk through this strange alley)

Erik: How did we get from a jungle to an alley?

Jason: Don’t know my friend. Don’t know.

Ken: I’m telling you, it’s the Twilight Zone!

Tim: There you go with the Twilight Zone again! I’m getting sick of hearing it!!

Ken: What are you going to do about it rocky!

Tim: (shoots Ken with a phaser from Star Trek) DIE ARAIBEN!

(Ken evaporates)

Gary: Oh my god! You killed Kenny!

Jason: You bastard!

Tim: Quiet or you guys are next!

(everyone shuts up)

(Shortcut then shows up….with a sprite…that looks nothing like him)

Gary: Oh hey Shortcut. Waz up?

Shortcut: WAZZZZUPPP!!


IRA: Yo.


Shortcut: WAZZZZZUPP!!

Tim: (shoots Shortcut with the phaser from Star Trek)

NOW LOOK WHAT YOU STARTED!! (Shortcut evaporates)

Super Chaos: I wonder how much more we have to go until the story ends.

Erik: It could be known as the Never Ending Story.

(soon Atreyu and his horse come onto the scene (from the movie Never Ending Story))

Tim: Oh hey Atreyu. What’s up man.

Atreyu: Hey Tim, how’s the Sinister Six going?

Gary: Who’s this?

Tim: Oh…a friend. Atreyu and I used to live up at Fantasia. We would go on adventures and stuff to save the Child-Empress and stuff.

Jason: (grabs the phaser from Star Trek and shoots Atreyu with it)

Atreyu: Now I’ll never save the Child-like Empress!

(Atreyu evaporates)

Tim: NOOOO!! My friend!

Jason: Sorry Tim. This was getting out of hand.

Erik: Maybe the Twilight Zone…

Tim: (looks at Erik with an evil glare)

Erik: Or not.

Atreyu’s Horse: Yeah, don’t start that again.

Gary: Heh. Mr. Ed reborn.

(Atreyu’s horse kicks Gary with his hind legs)

Gary: Ouchies!

Atreyu’s Horse: No comment (tramples off)

IRA: Who needs him anyway.

(The group eventually see a ladder that leads back up to the street to where they belong)

Jonathan: So, how do we get up there?

Gary: Oh hey Clown, Not sure dude. There’s gotta be a way.

Jason: Maybe if Erik blew some hot air we can fly up there.

Tim: (breaks the ladder) This thing is in our way, maybe we can use the parts for something.

Gary: (takes a part of the ladder and smashes it against the wall) Nope, nothing.

Jonathan: Maybe if I can jump that high.

Tim: I doubt you can jump 150 feet into the air.

Gary: Michael Jordan can. Nothing saying we can’t.

Tim: Good point. Let’s try it.

Super Chaos: What do we have to lose?

(They all jump and of course even with their super human abilities, the highest they can manage is about 45 feet)

(They all stumble to the floor)

Erik: Awwww…

Scott: There’s a new one.

Tim: So what do we do now?

Jason Let’s just climb up that rainbow over there.

Tim: Okay.

(The group start climbing up the rainbow and something comes out from the shadows)

Lucky: Awe, why for you climbing up me rainbow here?

Scott: The Lucky Charms guy?

Lucky: Awe, you trying to get me Lucky Charms?

Andon Dude, your Lucky Charms tastes like pig guts.

Lucky: Now, you shouldn’t have said that man.

IRA: What are you going to do?

Lucky: For that, you’ll feel me wrath. (smashes Andon over the head with his pot of gold)

Tim:Now that was cheap. (pulls out his phaser from Star Trek and shoots Lucky)

Lucky: Awwwee…they got me Lucky Charms…they’re magically…(evaporates)

Gary: Gone. (burps and tosses an empty cereal bowl aside)

Erik: Now that that’s over with, let’s get back up to the surface.

Scott: Agreed, I want to come home and call the President of the U.S. We have some terms to discuss.

IRA: Damn man. I wish I was as smart as you.

(After returning to the surface the six hear a bunch of people from not to far away in the distance)


(Sharkman gets hit by a truck)

Jacob: ……

Andon: Ahhh…another one.

Tim: Let’s head back to the HQ? Shall we?

Super Chaos: Nothing more we can really do at the moment.

(The bunch head back to HQ and Scorpion meets them at the door)

Scorpion: Hey guys. Back already?

Tim: (gives him a high five) What’s up my green friend?

Scorpion: Not much man. How’s Edward doing?

Tim: Not bad at all.

Edward: Yup! Not bad at all.

Scorpion: Cool, I’ll be on my way now. (teleports away)

(The six enter HQ which is stranded on a deserted island)

Tim: Hmmm…some heroes we turned out to be. We didn’t do much today.

Andon: Right, just a few things.

Jonathan: I don’t say much do I?

Jason: True that. What do you have to say Super Chaos?

Super Chaos: True that.

Jason: No…that’s my line.

Justin: No way punk! That be my line! Boooo ya!!

Tim: (shoots Justin with the Star Trek Phaser)

Justin: (takes out his light saber and dodges and slices Tim’s head off)

(Tim evaporates)

Gary: Whoa! Cool!


Erik: Who be the sixth member?

Scott: Hmmm…good question. (Scott shoots Justin, Erik, and Jonathan with the Star Trek Phaser)

(They all Evaporate)

Gary: I guess Super Chaos.

Super Chaos: Kewl.

(The Penguin enters the room)

Scott: Oh hey there buddy.

Penguin: Don’t mind me. Just finished taking a shower. How did your guys day go?

Scott: Not bad really. Just kinda interesting.

Penguin: Cool. We’ll I’m going to bed now.

IRA: Okay man. Good night.

Scott: Welp, I guess we be heading to bed too.

(The others agree and they all go out to the ocean on the island they are stranded on and drown themselves)