The Siniter Six In:

When Copy Cats Unite!

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Hi, and welcome to the most...well...the most bizare Sinister Six Adventure yet... and quite frankly...we don't even star in this episode! Crazy! Well...enjoy this treat from the villians side of the world.

Also note that Gauntlet and Gary had teamed up to write this epilouge. Remember those run on stories back in your school days where you continue someone else's story? That's basically what happend here... Gary started the story, Gauntlet continued, and back and forth until the end. This makes this epilouge different and much more unique. Gary and Gauntlet's skits are marked below during the story.


Narrator: It has been a long day at Red's private Hide out, deep within the layers of Mount Drisco. Red's base was very well hidden. And to a certain degree, even Dr. Wily would be amazed on how successful Red built his base under a lava cavern inside Mount Drisco...which actually was a volcano. Still not fully powered up yet, Red contacted two other respectful Villains. One from The Mechanical Maniacs, and one from the X-Force. Promising to help him destroy Iceman, he'd help destroy their most hated adversary as well...we'll see what happens.

Red: Hahahahaha! Now is the time to strike. I'm tired of Iceman's stupid hold on the good side. Together we'd be unstoppable! But he refuses to join me...

(Red's computer beeps)

Red: His stupid devotion to upload the law is pathetic. I will destroy him once and for all!

(Red then looks into his crystal ball)

Red: Damn! Where are those's not "that" hard to find this place...

Red's Computer: The Sinister Six are out fighting Super Chaos.

Red: Again eh? Well, I could go intervene...but what point would it be? My only concern is for Iceman. I could care less about the others...

(A figure appears in a puff of smoke)

Bizarro Shadowman: You will be assimilated! Resistance is Futile!

Red: *ammediatly flings Bizarro to the back wall with a invisible force beam*

Bizarro Shadowman: Hurt me you did not! Me cannot Adapt to that after a while.

Red: *helps Bizarro up* How the hell did you get by my security without me noticing?

Bizarro Shadowman: Sneakyness me aren't good at. Cleverness is for the stupid.

Red: Huh? Wha?

Mr. Dragoon: He talks in opposite. He says he's very sneaky and clever...though I don't much agree on him being very clever.

Bizarro Shadowman: Insult me you did not! Me cannot cream you right now! *pulls out a shadow blade*

Mr. Dragoon: *whimpers* Please don't hurt me...I surrender.

Bizarro Shadowman: Okay...whiney Dragon. Me shall hurt you, cause I'm not very nice.

Red: *looks at the camera all confused* *then snaps back into reality* Okay...what I don't understand the hell you both got by my security unnoticed!

Mr. Dragoon: You're not going to hurt me are you? It'll destroy my day of delivering flowers to my friendly neighbors.

Bizarro Shadowman: *starts looking around* You have really UGLY place here...Reddo...Me like not to have place like this.

Red: Thanks...I guess. Now can we get to the main topic now?

(Mr. Dragoon plays it safe and hides under a chair, and Bizarro is playing around with Red's Crystal Ball)


Bizarro Shadowman: Me am gonna care less about shiney ball...*throws it on the ground and it breaks*

Red: My precious ball! *is on his hands and knees trying to repair it with super glue*

Mr. Dragoon: I'd hate to be Bizaro Shadowman now...

Bizarro Shadowman: Why you LIKE hiding under chair...You shake as if you REALLY like me.

Red: Wait a minute...I'm Red the all Powerful, why the am I repairing this with Super Glue!?

Computer: The Sinister Six have dispatched of Super Chaos...oh, and The Mechnaical Maniacs are still in another country...without their teleporters...

Bizarro Shadowman: Mechanical Maniacs? NOT important this information is. You CANNOT relay this message for me. *approaches computer*

Computer: I do not understand.

Bizarro Shadowman: MECHANICAL MANIACS. They are my friends. Me are to befriend them with lots of gifts!

Computer: I do not understand.

Bizarro Shadowman: *gets frustrated* Do NOT tell me their current location.

Computer: I do not understand.


Computer: I do not understand.

Bizarro Shadowman: Fine! Sit there and compliment me. Me care of your prattle.

Computer: I do not understand.

Bizarro Shadowman: Me continue to stop and Me WILL give up!

Computer: I do not understand.

Red: Mr. Dragoon, you have to understand, that violence can sometimes....*gets annoyed by the computer and Bizaro arguing*

Bizarro Shadowman: THAT'S IT! You will be assimulated! Resistance is Futile!

Red: *is getting irritated* BIZARRO, JUST LEAVE THE COMPUTER ALONE!

Bizarro Shadowman: Me not want answers. Do not want to find Shadowman! Computer does not know where to look.

Red: *rolls eyes* JUST GET OVER HERE!

Bizarro Shadowman: I take orders from everybody! I can DEFINATLY not do this by myself. get over here...

Mr. Dragoon: Remember, he says everything in opposite. So he thinks he can defeat Gauntlet by himself.

Red: Oh yeah...

Bizarro Shadowman: *throws Red's Crystal Ball on the floor again* Me LIKE this ball to much!

Red: *blasts Bizarro with another invisible force beam*

(It had no effect)

Mr. Dragoon: Hmmm...he already adapted to that...

Red: Then I'll hit him with something else...*raises his fist*

Mr. Dragoon: *stops him* Fighting...what a waste of energy. No point to it...

Red: *sighs* We're not supposed to be fighting each other anyway. We need to focus on our plan!

Continued by Gauntlet

Bizarro Shadowman: Plan? Great looking scary villain's plans must be as good as he looks!

Red: Hunh? Hey, was that a crack!?

Mr. Dragoon: Now, now. Calm down, you two. Bizarro, you know you haven't had much success in this area, right?

Bizarro Shadowman: Eh ......

Mr. Dragoon: Right. So, what's the plan, Red?

Red: Well, I was figuring we could all dress up like our doppelgangers and frame them for our own evil deeds!


Red: What? What's wrong with the plan?

Mr. Dragoon: Well .... a plan like that's been done before .... and it didn't work.


Bizarro Shadowman: Oh, brilliant plan....


Mr. Dragoon: Stooooooop yeeeeeeeeling!!!!

Red, Bizarro Shadowman: Stay out of this!!!

Red: Alright, I see I'm gonna have to Show you who's boss .... and with my unlimited power, you'll be seeing stars!!

*Red throws the Flame Slasher at Bizarro, but Bizarro's Borg Shield adapts quickly!*

Bizarro Shadowman: Mwa-ha-hah! You're great Flame Slasher is a good match for Borg Shield!

Red: Wha!? Grr....

Mr. Dragoon: Oh, stoooooooppppp, please stop you two! I can't take the fighting!

Red: Forget it. Later. So, how exactly was my brilliant plan done before??

Mr. Dragoon: Well, the *Megaman PC team once dressed up as the X-Force to shift the blame on them .... but they were found out very quickly.

(*Mechanical Maniacs: series 2, issue #2)


Red: Oh, right.

Bizarro Shadowman: Ha-hah! Nice going, mister!

Red: But .... that was only after Audrey 2 ate them all, right? Seeing as Audrey 2's dead ..... we won't have the same problem!!

Bizarro Shadowman: Great plan from a great man!

Red: Hey, thanks.....

Mr. Dragoon: Um, actually, he said -


Mr. Dragoon: More yelling.....

Red: Well, if you're sooooooooooo smart, YOU come up with a plan!

Mr. Dragoon: Oh, yes! After all, you are a clone of Shadowman and he's the guy who always plans stuff out for the Mechanical Maniacs!


Bizarro Shadowman: Ok, me no gots a plan!

Red: Well, genius, what is it??


Bizarro Shadowman: Do not come closer...

Red: OH, for ....

Bizarro Shadowman: NOT CLOSER!

*Red and Mr. D go closer....*

Bizarro Shadowman: (whispering) plan is....


Bizarro Shadowman: (yells) NOT A SECRET!!!!

Red, Mr. Dragoon: AAARRGH!

*they hold their ears in pain!

Bizarro Shadowman: MWa ha ha ha hahHH!!!!

Continued by Gary

Red: *sighs* This is leading us no where...

Mr. Dragoon: Well...I have a plan.

Red: Can't be any better than mine...

Bizarro Shadowman: Plan Brilliant!

Red: QUIET!!! I'm getting tired of you!!

Mr. Dragoon: You're Yelling again....

Red: I'm getting tired of you're constant the hell did you ever become evil...

Wario: I heard you guys are trying to defeat your doppelgangers.

Waluigi: We want in! Mama Meia...those plummers will pay!

Mr. Dragoon: Wario and Waluigi! Welcome to the...


Mr. Dragoon: *covers his ears* yell more than that mom from Seventh Heaven!

Wario: *laughs* OH...and to answer your question... the door was open.

Red: DOOR WAS OPEN!! HOW...WHEN..*looks at Bizarro*

Bizarro Shadowman: Me HATE to leave door open. Not to HOT in here.

Red: *starts to wimper* Why me...

Waluigi: I'm bored...

Mr. Dragoon: How about a nice game of chess? I always like a good challenge.


Wario: Sure...why not...

Waluigi: I'll set up the board. Then I'll play the winner.

Bizarro Shadowman: OOHHHH!! Me not Watch! Will not play next game for fun!


Mr. Dragoon: Not now...putting up the Chess Board.

Red: BUT...the mission!

Bizarro Shadowman: Me want to go on mission. Mission fun anymore!


Mr. Dragoon: Quiet! I'm making my move here! Trying to concentrate!

Wario: For an sure do an exessive amount of yelling.


Waluigi: are loud! BE QUIET!

Red: *sighs* Whatelse can go wrong...

(A crash as Red's Crystal Ball hits the floor)


Bizarro Shadowman: Me not enjoy playing with crystal ball...not like sound it makes when it hits the floor!

Wario:'s my turn...

Red: THE PLAN! *lowers voice* Focus on the plan!

Waluigi: If you don't keep it down...I'm afraid we'll have to ask you to leave...


Continued by Gauntlet

Bizarro Shadowman: Later me show you me brilliant plan! Not look .... at THIS!!

*Bizarro shows everyone a device, like a small ray gun*

Wario: What is that??

Bizarro Shadowman: It am not a Bizarro duplicator ray! It not make Bizarro copies of all of us!

Mr. Dragoon: Bizarro copies of us!? Will they all be ..... like you??

Bizarro Shadowman: No. Bizarro duplicator makes exactly duplicates just like whoever ray zaps! LOOK!

*Bizarro Shadowman shoots Mr. Dragoon with the ray!*

Mr. Dragoon: Holy cow!

Bizarro Mr. Dragoon: Not shut trap, you!

Red: Ah, I see! A Bizarro copy of a spineless piece of trash creates a -

Bizarro Mr. Dragoon:: No one am NOT talkin' to you, shrimpy!

Red: "Shrimpy"!? Oh, you got allotta -

*Red gets hit in the face with a pie.*

Bizarro Red: Pranks am boring! BooooooRING!! Me NOT throw pies at everyone!!

*Bizarro Red begins to throw pies at Red!*

Red: AAAAHH!!! Bizarro, you idiot!!!

*Mr. D begins to eat some of the pies*

Mr. Dragoon: I dunno, Red. These pies sure are tasty!

Waluigi: Who cares about pies? I wanna kill Luigi!!

Someone: An why that? He am ugly guy!!!

Waluigi: .... LUIGI!!?

Someone: Yes .... me am BIZARRO WALUIGI!!

Bizarro Mario: Am me am not Bizarro Mario!

Wario: NO!!!! You've made copies of our arch-foes! And they're even more annoying than the originals!!

Mr. Dragoon: Hm. I wonder though .... what would a Bizarro Bizarro be like....?


Bizarro Shadowman: That am bad idea, guy!

*Hits himself with the ray!*


*Suddenly a more faded copy of Bizarro comes out!*

Bizarro-Bizarro Shadowman: ..... What am not not the Hell!?

Bizarro Shadowman: LOOK! He am even more pretty than me!!!

Bizarro-Bizarro Shadowman: You all amn't not idiots! And blabber-mouths!

*Bizarro-Bizarro Shadowman begins to throw Shadowblades at everybody!*

Bizarro-Bizarro Shadowman: Me not not chuck Shadowblades at all of you!!

Red: AWOOOOO! My base is going to ruins!!!

*Red gets hit with a pie in the face.*

Bizarro Red: *chuckles*

Red: That's it!!!

*Red uses his powerful Fire Slasher, but Bizarro Red counters with a Fire Slasher of his own!*

Red: He .... he has the same powers I do!!

*Meanwhile, Bizarro-Bizarro Shadowman has not stopped throwing Shadowblades .... only he's barely hitting anything at all!*

Bizarro Mr. Dragoon: What am down here?

Mr. Dragoon: Well, making a Bizarro seems alot like making a photocopy. The first one's not as good as the original .... and the one after that's even worse! So a Bizarro-Bizarro says nothing but double negatives and is even more incompetent than - OW!!

*Mr. D is hit with three Shadowblades!*

Bizarro-Bizarro Shadowman: You ain't not gonna stop me never! That ain't not a SECRET!!!

Wario: We gotta get rid of these stupid copies!!!

Red: Wait .... Bizarro, did you build that machine yourself?

Bizarro Shadowman: No, 'corse not!

Mr. Dragoon: Then maybe .....

*Suddenly, all the other Bizarros self-destruct! White powder flies on everything!*

Red: AGH! Gross!!!!

Continued by Gary

Mr. Dragoon: I knew it...If Bizarro Shadowman makes's bound to blow up in the end.

Bizarro Shadowman: Me resent that COMPLIMENT! *throws Red's crystal ball on the floor out of anger*

Red: Why do I even bother...*sighs*

(After Red repairs his orb "again", Alarms start blaring off all of a sudden)

Red: What's this? My alarms are "actually" picking something up!?

Computer: Three figures have been spotted blasting the exterior.

Mr. Dragoon: Three figures? Could it be? Could it be possible that our clones have discovered our plan?

Red: What plan...we never came up with a PLAN!

Bizarro Shadowman: Red has no point. We did DEFINATLY come up with plan!

Mr. Dragoon: Ben will anniliate me...*hides behind Red* HIDE ME!

Red: For crying out loud Mr. Dragoon! WHAT A WUSS!

Bizarro Shadowman: Now me is chance to get beaten by Gauntlet...prove not my worth.

Red: You want to get beaten by...oh wait...nevermind.

Computer: The figures have entered the compound.

Mr. Dragoon: *is hiding in the closet*

Red: I guess it's just us four...hey wait...*looks* Where's Wario and Waluigi...?

Bizarro Shadowman: They did not Haul ass minute three figures came and started REPAIRING your base.

Red: Great...

(The front door slides open with intruder alarms blaring all over Red's base and three images appear)

Red: Yup that's them alright. You can tell by the dark shadows...

Bizarro Shadowman: Shadowman shall assimilated! Resistance is Futile!

(The three figures emerge from the darkness and the reveal their identies. One Eskimo, One Ninja, and One Dragoon)

Red: Blue?

Bizarro Shadowman: Gauntlet?

Mr. Dragoon: Ben?

Neo Shadowman: *carefully steps in* I'm not Gauntlet...Neo Shadowman is my name...I will defeat you....*cowers behind the big Dragoon*

Dragoon Inferno: You freaking coward! I don't know how the heck you became the "doppelganger" of Shadowman!

Iceman Green: Yes! MMMmmmmm...Coward you are!

Dragoon Inferno: And you! You talk like Yoda! You should be ashamed!

Iceman Green: Can't help it can I!? Talk like Yoda I must! Tis way born was I...Yes! Mmmmmmm.

Red: What the hell... That's not Iceman...Magma Dragoon...or Gauntlet!

Dragoon Inferno: We are the true Doppelgangers! You are imposters!

Red: You're just a bunch of copycats!

Iceman Green: True that is not. Defeat you we will! Honor you do not have! No!

Neo Shadowman: *peaks out from behind MD Inferno* Yeah... what he said...

Dragoon Inferno: ATTACK!! *flies and nails into Red*

Red: Owch! Fool!

Bizarro Shadowman: I LIKE seeing Eskimo Parkas now...they make me HAPPY! *approachs Iceman Green*

Iceman Green: Talk funny you do! Talk better do I! Throw Green Slasher at you I will!

(shoots a green beam at Bizaro Shadowman)

Bizarro Shadowman: *falls back* I cannot get up...I won't adapt to your Green Slasher.

(Neo Shadowman takes cover and hides in the closet with Mr. Dragoon)

Mr. Dragoon: Hey! This is my spot you!

Neo Shadowman: Not anymore it's not! NOW GET OUT!

Mr. Dragoon: Alright! That's it! Magma Blast!

Neo Shadowman: SHADOW BLAZE!

(They cower from each others attacks)

(After a short fued...Red finally got the upper hand over Dragoon Inferno)

Red: TAKE THAT! *blows MD Inferno with an invisble force blow and he bashes into Bizarro and Iceman Green's battle*

Bizarro Shadowman: You bump in at RIGHT TIME! Idiot! YOU WILL DIE!

Dragoon Inferno: Huh!? *gets knocked out by Bizarro Shadowman's borg strength*

Iceman Green: Good that is not...losing badly we are...

Red: I've had enough of all of you! *starts glowing* *raises Bizarro, Iceman Green, and the fainted Dragoon Inferno*

Bizarro Shadowman: What you doing...Not on your side!

Red: I don't care anymore...I JUST WANT EVERYONE OUT!! GET OUT!! *starts glowing with more energy and floats above the ground*

(Red releases red flames and keeps burning the three until Iceman Green is destroyed, then Red blasts the wounded Dragoon Inferno into smitheers and flings the two corpses out of his base)

Bizarro Shadowman: *adapted quickly to Red's attacks* I now have NOT adapted to NONE of your powers...

Red: *uses telekinetic energy and throws Bizarro from his base* Maybe...but I still can get rid of you...

Mr. Dragoon: *comes out from the closet* Neo Shadowman took off. It seems this guy was a bigger coward than I am...*smiles a faint grin*

Red: *blusters up* GET OUT OF MY BASE!! *Red picks up Mr. Dragoon with his mind and tosses him out of his base*

Mr. Dragoon: *in the distance* You're *bleeps away like in Smash Brothers Melee*

Smash Brothers Announcer: GAME!! *victory music comes on*

Red: BE QUIET! *music stops*

(Red finally cools down from his apparent angerment...)

Red: What a total waste of time! Stupidest idea I've ever come up with. I'm just glad they've all gone. Nothing can go wrong now...

(Red's crystal ball falls to the ground from the battling)


(elsewhere Bizarro Shadowman gets up from his flight)

Bizarro Shadowman: Me would like to visit Red's place AGAIN! *grunts as Mr. Dragoon crashes not to far off*

Bizarro Shadowman: *helps him up* Mr. Dragoon...not want help Red again?

Mr. Dragoon: No...Bizzaro. He scares the bejabbers outta me. What do you say we forget about our stupid clones and go have ourselves an icecream cone?

Bizarro Shadowman: Me not LIKING this idea!

(They walk off)

Wario: Hm.....I guess things turned out alright after all ...

Waluigi: Yeah, and we learned something too...

Wario: We learned that trying to beat the "originals" is impossible, and the 2nd rate clones will always be 2nd matter what universe you're from. *grumbles* Stupid Mario Brothers...

Waluigi: Really? I thought that we learned that you can't play chess with a cheating dinosaur...

Wario: Either That...or you can't tame a madman's temper.

Neo Shadowman: *wearing a white plumbers hat with a "N" on it* Easily solved...when hanging around Red...wear ear plugs.

Wario: Well...until the Mechanical Maniacs sue us for copywrite of their carry on joke... we are The Wario Brothers!! *evil snicker*