The Sinister Six In:

My...What Wierd Powers you Have?

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Hiya! And welcome to yet another exciting Sinister Six Adventure! Boy, people often wonder what the heck keeps us going!? And it ain't your Enigizer Bunny either!

Narrator: Welcome! You've just joined our heroes as they battle the epic magician known as Buster Rod G in a remote land far from the MM Universe...hey. THey can't be cooped up in Megalpolis forever right?

Jason: Yeah...your timing is just...(gets rocketed back by Buster's spher)

>Buster Rod G.: Enough Chit Chat! It's time I show you guys who's top notch!

IRA: It ain't you. (burns Buster)

>Buster Rod G.: Yeeeeowwch! *falls over*

Tim: Nice job their IRA. Now we can finish him off.

IRA: Hell yeah! Let me do the honors!

Gary: You got to do the honors last time. It's my turn.

IRA: In your dreams Eskimo.

Jason: Actually, you both are wrong. It's Andon's turn.

(Everyone turns to Jason except for Scott who is eating the left over donuts from breakfast)

Tim: You forget that Andon is a pacifist...

Andon: Oi my boulder throwing friend, I won't throw a punch unless...

(Buster Rod G. gets up)

Jason: Unless Buster Rod G. Got up?

>Buster Rod G.: Fools! You should of finished me off when you had the you'll pay! *casts a spell upon the Six*

(Horror music)

Tim: Uh oh...

*Purple mist surrounds the Six*

>Buster Rod G.: *inchants a spell* " I feel constipated...ah well. May one of your abilities become disoriented."

IRA: Nooo!!! Not that! Anything but that!!

(Nothing happens)

>Buster Rod G.: *laughs like a lunatic* Mwhaaahahaha! Now you have felt my wrath!!

Tim, Scott, Jason, Gary, IRA, and Andon: .....................

>Buster Rod G.: What?

Tim: Ummmm...not to insult your magic or anything pal...but your spell didn't do anything.

IRA: It's true. *shoots out a small fire ball* Our powers still work.

>Buster Rod G.: Sure it did...just...

(At that moment a large mechancial frog comes piling in)

Scott: It's frog?

IRA: It's a Toad?

Gary:'s Gauntlet.

Gauntlet: Looks like you could use my expertise skills here! *hops on top of Buster*

Tim: Not really...

>Buster Rod G.: *knocks the giant mechanical frog off him*

Gauntlet: Oh! So you wanna play rough do ya? *fires lasers and fire from the Frog thing*

IRA: that's kewl.

Gary: Uggg...that's nothing.

>Buster Rod G.: *evades the lasers and fire* Where the heck did you get such a weird weapon Gauntlet!

Gauntlet: Now THAT is a secret! *charges at Buster with his Machine*

>Buster Rod G.: *gets hit* Uggg...but take this!

(Gauntlet's Frog Bot blows up)

Scott: Whoah...

Tim: Looks like Shadowman finally got what was coming to him.

Gauntlet: *comes out from the reckage* I haven't even begun my assualt! *clings to the ceiling*

Tim, Scott, Jason, Gary, IRA, and Andon: .....................

>Buster Rod G.: ..........umm... what the heck?

Gauntlet: *Flings Tacks on the ground from the ceiling*

Tim: Either I'm on crack, or Gauntlet just learned how to cling to the ceiling...

Gary: You haven't seen anything yet.

>Buster Rod G.: *looks down at the tacks* What kind of Defensive Manuver is this?

Gauntlet: What do ya mean? *stands on the ceiling*

>Buster Rod G.: Look! I can just walk around them...see? *walks around the tacks*

Gauntlet: So you want to get picky about it eh? *lands on the floor*

>Buster Rod G.: No more weird attacks okay?

Jason: Tell me about it...though I wish I could do stuff like that.

Gauntlet: *turns into a log and charges at Buster*

Tim, Scott, Jason, Gary, IRA, and Andon: .....................

>Buster Rod G.: *is to confused to dodge the attack*

(Buster Rod G. gets knocked to the back wall)

Tim: I know I'm on something...

Gary: You haven't seen anything...


Andon: Simmer down big guy...he is a man of mystery.

Jason: You know what...I think I outta try that log trick...

IRA: That Frog Bot is the bomb.

Scott: Huh? What about Bombs?

(A plan was made as Gauntlet and Buster continue their battle)

>Buster Rod G.: I've had enough of your weirdness! Take this! *fires an electric charge at Gauntlet*

Gauntlet: *disappears and reappears* Tis a holigram!

>Buster Rod G.: Uggggggg!! I can't take it anymore! The Frog Bot, The Tacks, The Log! The HOLIGRAMS! I'M OUTTA HERE!

(Buster Rod G steps on the tacks as he retreats)

>Buster Rod G.: Owch! This...Owch! Isn't....Owch! Over Yet...OWCH!! *leaves*

Gauntlet: I knew those tacks would be good for something!

Tim: Nice job there G. *approaches Gauntlet* Where did you get those weird attacks anyhow?

Gauntlet: Like I told Buster...Now THAT is a Secret.

(The other b surround Gauntlet)

Gauntlet: Wha...what's goin' on?

Gary: Your secret is about to be revealed.

(They tackle Gauntlet and tie him down)

Gauntlet: Sinister Six gone Traitor?

Tim: Not Traiter...ever heard of the phrase "Curiousity killed the Cat?" *Tim touches Gauntlet on his head and a glow travels into his circuitry*

(One by one the other members did the same)

Gauntlet: Did you guys just copy my powers?

Andon: Indeed Dude. Even I'm anxious to try some of those weird tricks.

Tim: Plus this is our story...why is it you always find ways to crash into 'em?

Gary: The Mechancial Maniacs don't call him "Spot Light Stealer" for nothing eh?

(Before Gauntlet can say anything Tim's automatic News Tv went off)

Scott: OOOHhh!! The mini TV again...can I watch...

Tim, Jason, Gary, IRA, and Andon: NOOOOOOO!!!

Tim: Crap. Super Chaos again! We'll have to try out these things later. Let's go!

Gary: Later G!

Gauntlet: WAIT! Aren't you going to untie me first?

Gary: *grins* What's the matter? You're a ninja aren't ya? Figure it out!

Jason: Yeah...use your tack technique to cut your way out. *laughs*

(They teleport out)

Gauntlet: Sinister Six are nice my Transmental Armor !

(Later at the Skyport)

Super Chaos: Okay...this time I have a plan for those fools. Let them come!

(A bright flash comes as the Sinister Six arrive)

Crowd: *starts cheering*

Tim: Okay Chaos! Let's Fight.

Super Chaos: fell for the bait. *releases a Energy Shield over the battle field*

IRA: Huh? What the?

Super Chaos: Now, you can't teleport from the battle. I can finally finish you off!

Jason: we are stuck.

Super Chaos: That's right fools! I have you trapped, no one can save you from my awesome power!

Andon: You forget...That we have beaten you countless times, who's going to save you from us?

Tim: Yeah! Let's do this! Power Punch!

(A gieser sprays out from the ground a few feet away from Super Chaos)

Super Chaos: .........huh?

Andon: Neat trick bad you missed.

Gary: His aim was horrible...and I thought Power Arm was a charge move...

Tim: So did I...

Super Chaos: *regains from his confusion* Okay! Now it's time to fight! *fires a thick laser at the Six*

(They quickly dodge)

Jason: *jumps into the air* TRI-CUTTER! ACTIVATE!

(Cutman releases several flaming pumpkins at Super Chaos)

Super Chaos: *whipes the pumpkins off of him* Ummm....okay.

Tim: I don't get it. What the heck is going on?!

Gary: ICE SLASHER!! (Fires out number symbols from his mouth)

IRA: FIRE STORM!! (A green towl pops out of his arm cannon)

Andon: Dude! It's the spell that Buster Rod G placed on us!

Tim: His spell said that one of our abilities will be disoriented, not compeltly nonfuctional.

Andon: Don't you see! We copied Gauntlet's weird abilities. Buster's Spell made our "Copy Ability" disoriented.

Gary: So in other words...the powers we copied from Gauntlet are all screwed up.

Andon: Exactly!

Tim: much for the big Mechanical Frog bit.

Super Chaos: You guys are up to something. But it ain't gonna work. *He morphs into a big bouncing ball and bounces around the sealed lair

(Several of the members get slammed by the attack)

Gary: Uggg...this is pissing me off. DIAMOND SAW!

(Big golden wings grow on Iceman's back)

Tim, Jason, Scott, IRA, and Andon:...............

Super Chaos: *crashes into the building by the shear weirdness*

IRA: Now...that's kewl.

Scott: *tries to throw a bomb, but his arm configures into a machine gun*

Jason: guys have all these neat attacks, and I can throw pumpkins.

Tim: Gary used two different attacks, maybe we all have different ones too, try another move. GAMMA DESTROYER!!

(Tim transforms into a small jet plane)

Jason: Cool! ROLLING CUTTER! *tosses another flaming pumpkin*

Jason: Great...

Super Chaos: *regains conscience* What happend? *He stares at the Six*

Gary: *flys though the air with his golden wings* ICE UPPERCUT!

(Iceman drops down missiles on the ground)

Tim: *as a Jet* I'm a transformer! Look at me! *flies through the air*

IRA: FIRE BLASTER! *IRA starts glowing with energy*

Andon: Ahhhh...what the heck. THUNDER BEAM! *small pink clouds form around Andon and form a shield*

Super Chaos: *is to confused to attack*

Scott: HYPER BOMBS! *he starts shooting rounds from his newly designed machine gun*

Gary: *flys around with his golden wings and drops missiles*

Andon: *makes his pink clouds fly around*

IRA: *whips around his green towl and uses his glowing energy to run extremely fast in circles*

Tim: *flies around in his Jet mode*

Jason: *sits down boredly and throws more flaming pumpkins*

Super Chaos: *reflections of the Six's attacks appear in his eyes as he has a nervous break down*

(The Six continue to use their new weird abiltiies)

Super Chaos: STOOOOOPPP!!!!

Tim, Jason, Scott, IRA, Gary, and Andon: *They all stop what they are doing*

Tim: *reforms back to normal* Crips, I got so caught up with these new gadgets that I forgot about Super Chaos.

(The others nod in agreement)

Tim: Welp, we are ready to fight you put up your...

Super Chaos: *sweeting nervously* FORGET IT! YOU GUYS FREAK ME OUT! *he retreats and runs into the energy sheild he put up*

Super chaos: Darn! Forgot about that. *he deactivates it and runs like hell* FREAKS! THEY ARE FREAKS I TELL YA!

The Crowd: *looks at the Six weirdly and walk off*

Tim: Some heroes we turned out to be. We freaked the heck out of everyone.

Jason: True that. At least these powers will wear off eventually.

IRA: You may not miss 'em...but I will

Andon: Bah. I like my Electric abilities anyway. They don't call me Elecman for nothing.

Gary: Better than Pink Cloud Man.

Scott: Are we forgetting something...?

(Still in the ware house)

Gauntlet: *still tied up* Okay can release me now... hello? HEY!!! Anyone out there?!

Tim, Jason, Gary, IRA, Scott, and Andon: Nah.

(The Six flick their fingers and vanish away in a puff of smoke)

Narrator: At least the spell has worn off. Gauntlet actually uses that trick.