Mega Man Funnies

Time to laugh *come on*, you need it.

don't point your mouse at me! It's time to laugh! Hear that music? It's Clown Man's Theme! Get it! Clown Man, Jokes, funnies! Hehehehehehehe! Okay, I'm over doing it. But anyway, this is where I will display my Mega Man funnies, comics, and jokes. And please, if you'd like to submit a joke or funny, please do! I can use all the funnies I can get!

For now there is only seven of my comics up. The Guts Man Comic is pretty much just a test comic to practice my new Print Artist program. Soon, I will have plenty more of those types with backgrounds, I assure you.


These comics and such are all done by me.

Guts Man at the North Pole
Dust Man's Hygiene Problem
The Well Planned Heist
Multiple Personalities
Cut Man's New Bodyguard
Rush's Backbone
Don't Tease The Guts
Poke Mega Mon
I Was Watching That!
Hope nobody needed that.
So rude.
Megaman's prank
Gary and Ben go a little too far
I'll get him yet!
So if there's an Iceman Red, does that mean ...
Happy Birthday!


These are jokes done by others Mega Man fans, and you should ask their permission before taking.

Many Mega Jokes (by Joel)
Dr. Wily Funnie (Done by Drizl)

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