Sinister Six Nostalgia

Gauntlet speaking.The Sinister Six has had a very long life. Longer than most sites on the internet, much less Megaman fan sites. And it's really evolved over the course of time.

However, most of us older fans of Megaman were drawn to the S6 because of the unique personality of Iceman and the little things that he always had going on. When Iceman first moved his site to Planet Megaman after being "hacked" by XTGemini, I took all the files he had from his old accounts to give him a grand re-opening. Sadly, the files were lost due to multiple server crashes. The S6 went through a layout change and nobody saw fit to reformat the multitude of older files. I also deleted them from my computer, thinking Ice had a copy. They might have been lost forever had I not stumbled upon them in an old PC of mine.

So, I've gathered them up and presented them here. This way, those of us who're familiar with iceman and his Sinister Six can look back and remember the good times we had with him and on the site back in the day. This is a recreation of the old "Six Stuff" content page, reorganized by me to make a sort of sense. Due to the whole hacking thing, some of these pages lack images. Also, because this is basically an archive, some links with each section may not work. So, you've been warned!

This area is where the old, outdated, and unused sections from Iceman's Ice Palace, and Sinister are stored. You can check out the sections, but remember that they all are not being used anymore and are simply here for viewing. Kind of like a Museum if you will. Enjoy.

Sinister Six Info

Characters and profiles

Starring: Cutman, Gutsman, Bombman, Elecman, Fireman, Super chaos, and me!
Co-Starring: Blooper, Nick, Scorpion, and ... me!
Also see: The Original Sinister Six Profiles (along with Edward's original profile!)

Read up on The Team that started it all. Team Profiles are included in this section, along with oddball facts, and their unique story! It's all here!

Meet The Six
This section allows you to know more about us in real life! How our team formed, and why we chose Mega Man!

Staff and Credits
Want to know who made this site, and who contributed to the HTML and graphics? Click here and see!

The Sinister Six Characters List
More about the characters featured in the Sinister Six Epilogues.

The Sinister Six Movie
Updated to perfection. Since Cinescape has recently closed down, I have no more proof of an "actual" movie, so this joke of my idea of a Sinister Six movie!

Sinister Six 101
This is the perfect place to learn more about the Six. This section includes quizzes, games, contests, and more!

Old S6 Content

The Old Main Page
This is a sample of an old main page layout grabbed from the Internet Archive. It includes bios with some different ideas for the New Sinister Six`s origin.

The Prodigy Comics Layout
When the Six moved to Planet Megaman we used an awesome layout made by Ben. Sadly the background is just a color, the real background`s lost to the sands of time.

Paper Megaman
A relitivly large section based upon another game idea created by Iceman. There you can see a strategy guide, enemy guide, and pretty much everything about the game.

Capcom VS Capcom
An old section based on an idea Iceman came up with. People submitted their fighting characters, and later was thought to have a tournmament...but failed. No more entries are being exepted.

Sinister Six Survivor
A hilarous Page that connects Megaman and that hit show Survivor into one thing.

The Adoption Area
See the glorius pets that we adopted from other sites here! Most of the images probably aren't working due to the site being shutdown and what not.

Manga Comic Series
The Sinister Six have starred in many games, and comics, but these Manga comics done by Hiroshi Ariga are amazing! A must see!

Cartoon Show
An old section back at Sinister that had cartoon shots of the American Megaman Show. I probably won't bring this sucker back, so here it is.

Contest Page
This section proved it's worth a long while ago. Including the Famous...or Infamous Hunt for Shadowman!. Remember that entries for this died out, so no more emails about it. And where was Shadowman? Now THAT is a secret.

The Old Robot Master Database
The Most Popular part of my page. This page has been around since 1997 and has become a pit stop for anyone who wants to know stats on all the enemies that ever took on The Blue Bomber.

Mega Man Sprites
Yes. I even had a sprites page. It wasn't much though. But click here to see the collection.

PowerBattle Sprites
A small collection of my Power Battle Sprite Sheets. Now I have much better sheets which someday I may display sometime.

Just an old Sprites Conversions Page that I did a while back with Wily Wars and Megaman Soccer Sprites.

The Juke Box
The old Music Page is now up for viewing. A lot of the old Megaman tunes are back in midi a few RAM and other cool type files are included. Enjoy!

Fun Sections

The Chats Page
Want to know what the Megaman Community talks about all the time? Click here to see, and try not to have a heart attack. We talk about wild and crazy stuff!

Cyclone Man's Mega Man Home Page
Cyclone Man's final entry on his old home page.

Ask Cyclone Man
Back from the Ice Palace Days. Cycloneman was my partner and requested a secton for him, and here it was. No more questions since he's long retired. =P

Interviews with Ice Man
This section lasted until the hack of the last site. It's pretty funny. So go ahead and check them out. The Interviews were pretty popular in their days.

Megaman VS the Sinister Six
This was never released to the pubic, but it's just an old section of a game idea I had for The Sinister Six. Same old thing, back when I was obbessed with the MM1 Robots. Worth taking a look.

Mega Man Polls
Two old Polls can be located here. You can still vote on them, but basically the section is dead. Check it out anyway!

Mega Man Funnies
Click here to read Iceman's spetacular Sprite Comics! Short, funny, and worth a look. Come on by if you need a good laugh.

Megaman and the Sinister Six Timeline
I was going to make this a Megaman Timeline, but it ended up being a Madball one. A lot of important facts based upon the series is included here.

Megaman Trilogy
Another Video Game Spoof where I use all the current RM's and make a game out of it. It's kinda cool, but I doubt I'd ever continue it. Check it out here.

Card Game
An intresting section that almost took off with the help of Megamanxtreme, Fanewgie, and Shortcut. A Megaman Card Game that promised lots of fun and excitement!

Robot Master Races
A successful page that lotted Robot Masters to race upon each other, and people could bid on them like Horse Races. The section died out quickly, so check it out. Remember, no more submissions are being excepted.

Sinister Six News Section!
April Fools! This section was released on April 1st as a teaser page. All those who fell for it, espically on this comment.

Smash Bros Melee (MMC Style)
The Megaman Community squares off against one another!

Tribute to Plant Man
Anyone remember this old page? Well, it's been moved here. All Plantman Fans must embrace themselves in here.

Awards this site won
Want to see the awards this site has won a long time ago? Click here to see the Awards shelf.

Win Iceman's Award
And finally, the last section. Win Iceman's Award. I only handed out 5 or 6 I believe, and that will probably be all.

Hall of Fame / Tribute Graves
Whenver someone popular was having a good day, they were listed here. That's about it.

Thank You Tributes
An old Thanks Section on those who helped my site grow. It's outdated since newer people helped me since then. *looks at a certain helpful Ninja*.

All About Iceman

Ice Man Memorium
A small page dedicated to that little Parka Bearing Freak. It's not completed, but here's the old page anyways. Enjoy.

Blast to the Past
This site has improved greatly sense it first appeared at Cyclone Man's Mega Man Database in 1997! (I was known as (Eye-lephant at the time)
And then it moved to the world famous Ice Man's Ice Palace in 1998! And from there on, Ice Man became one of the most popular webmasters of all time! See how it all began in 1997, and all the layouts I went through to get to what you see today!

Old Ice Palace Banners
This page labled the banners which you could use to link to this very site. Though the section failed, and the banners were outdated, but you can look anyways.

Game Over
Anyone remember this old, but frightning page! Scared the bejabbers out of hundreds.

A look at a bad encounter. The S6 almost closed thanks to this guy! This is what I said to him.

The Man Behind The Mask
This section was all about me. I probably won't bring it back, but click here to learn about the Author of Sinister Six H.Q.