ARRRGGGHH!! This is the past updates section. The Main page was getting kinda full, so I decided to move past updates to its own page to save up some space. However all past updates are not recorded. Heck, there's been updates since 1998! So as you can see this site have been very active over the years!

Halloween Shenannegans!

Man, have we an update for you on this All Hallow's Eve!

First, we'll kick things off right with Gary's third Season 5 ep,Havoc at Hogwarts 2! It's pretty fitting for Halloween, actually. If you liked the first one, definitely check this one out. And even if you didn't, check this one out anyways.

Next up, Ben gives us an ep he's been working on for awhile; The Thriller Musical! Man, the Dragoon sure can write a mean musical number. He'd take Broadway by storm. Fire Storm, that is! Badabing!

Yeah, I should be shot for that one.

Oh, but we ain't done just yet! Ever the show off, I give you a little something I call Six City- a Sin City parody! this is an odd little monster of mine with Elecman serving as the antogonist. You don't have to know the original story to laugh at it, but it helps! Hell, go see it anyways!

And in wrapping things up, shoot on over to Wily's Warriors (only after you read our stuff first, naturally! Haha!) and take a gander at a Halloween ep co-written by our own Elecman! Man, it's a busy night for the Thunder Boss...How's he gonna get any candy if he's busy fightin' books and orange bastards all night?

Well, that'll about wrap things up for this most awesome of holidays here on Take care, and don't get mugged for your Skittle's stash. Unless it's me doing the mugging...

10/22/06 And awaaay we go! Gary continues to make us laugh with the second of his final epilogues, Battle of the Sinister Six! It's a knock down, drag out fight between the New and Old S6. But, who will win? With Gary in control, it's more about who'll survive with their dignity intact! It's old vs. new, this week on!

10/14/06 Ah, back again, eh? Well, I figured it's time to start unveiling the last of Gary's final epilogues- the start of Season 5. Gary never missed a beat with that sense of humor of his, and it's very evident in the first ep of Season 5, Attack of Rita Repulsa! Go, on give it a read!

Work slowly continues on building the Iceman Memorial Page, as we're also in the process of settling in our new forum space.

Move! For Great Justice!

...Wait, we just did that...

*Update to the update* While browsing some of our files, we discovered a seemingly unused page that doesn't appear to be linked to anywhere on the site. It's a Character Page, written by none other than Gary himself! It details just about every major S6 Ally and Villain in the epilogue series. It'd be a shame to just let his work be forgotten, so let it see the light of day, I say. It needs some updating, but it's still fairly accurate. Pretty sweet!

10/10/06 Oh nothing major. Just that has moved servers once again. We're now on our own server, and we're gettin' back into the groove of things since the last update. New/old material will resume appearances soon, so hold tight just a bit longer. Expect to see Gary's final epilogues appear shortly.

With the move, the S6 has joined forces with the Mechanical Maniacs and we now share a forum. Yes, we're off MMC's forum, so don't go there. Go here HERE instead.

Til we meet again!

9/27/06 I come to you with sad words and a heavy heart this evening. The Sinister Six suffered a tremendous loss this evening with the passing of our founder, Gary (Iceman).

Gary was a truly wonderful person. A man of such creativity that I doubt even he realized his full potential. Perhaps that's what stings the most- he was snatched away from us much too soon.

I didn't know Gary for as long as the other Sixers, but I considered him a friend nonetheless. Rather than focus on the negative of this situation, I'd like to think that we should look back at any good memories we may have of Gary. Over the past few years he's certainly created more than his fair share. He was just one of those people with that charisma and wit that made him a joy to be around, even if you only knew him digitally.

As for the S6...Well, this site was his dream. It was his baby. None of us are going to let it go along with him. The way we're going to keep his memory alive will be by keeping this site, his dream, going in his absence. Updates will likely be slow in coming, but please bare with us.

Soon, a permanent Memorial Page will be set up, where the S6 will give their final thoughts on our captain and founder. We also ask that you, S6 fans, or Megaman fans in general, send us your well wishes, stories, or thoughts to be put on the Memorial Page. Give Gary the respect he deserves, we ask.

Here's to you, our Eskimo friend. May you find peace at last.

9/10/06 Yo. Been a bit side tracked lately, so I haven't had the chance to do much S6 related stuff, but I did manage to get a new chapter of S6: R-E up. Check it out. It's awesome cause I say it is.

Oh, and while I'm at it, I may as well say that R-E is part of a much larger continuity. The story I'm working on now will be getting a new name, and all stories within this new canon will be under the "Sinister Six Re Engineered" flag to keep everything in order. What this current story will be named, I have no idea. Probably something like The Years that Age Us, or something deep like that.

8/31/06 That's right! Surprised to see me? So am I, actually. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time ever any Bombman has actually updated, so let's mark the occasion with something special.

First off, thanks to Gary I have a head start on putting my latest novella, Sinister Six: Re-Engineered, up here on, as well as the art to go with it. So, I'd like to thank Iceman for that here and now. In finishing that up, I also edited it a little bit, as well as added some of the missing Extras.

I also took the liberty of editing my profile to be a bit more up to date.

As always, the latest S6: R-E chapters will be posted on our Forum, so be sure to give us a look see and drop us a hello or two. And money. Either one will do.

Thanks for your support, all of you in Monsteropolis. Here's to hoping for more updates and more goodies from moi.

Bombs Away!

EDIT- I regret to inform everyone that the Epilogue Contest has been put on hold for the time being, thanks to technical difficulties beyond our control.

However, it's merely being delayed- not cancelled. If you were working on an ep, keep at it, since it'll still see use. We're just not sure when.

Also, if you have made a submission via email to Iceman, please post it here or PM or email it to myself, MD, or Quickman, since Gary hasn't had access to a computer as of late, so we don't know what's been sent. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we're sorry if this has let you down, but it's out of our hands at this time.

Just be sure to put "S6 Contest" in your subject, since I seemed to be plagued with spam in my inbox.

Thanks guys. We'll keep you informed on when the Ep Contest's status.

7/31/06 Two updates today! First off, I'd like to announce our Epilouge Writing Contest. Here you can write a Sinister Six Epilogue, and submit it in for us to judge along side other entrees. Then we'll decide who wrote the best! And the winner will have their work put up in the Sinister Six Continuality! Anyways, click the link or go to The Stuff Section and open up the Writing Contest Section.

That's not all either. It's been months since our last Epilogue Update. And to finish off Season Four, here's the Season Final!Now that Season 4 is done and over with, Season 5 looks very promising. We have lots of plans for the Season as you can see. anyways, enjoy a long awaited Epilogue, and join in and write your very own! See you all next update!

7/24/2006 Ben here. Didn't really do much this update, finally brought back the Caption Contest and added a few new links. Prepare for a bigger update ahead.

7/14/2006 Another Sinister Six Arcade Game Update. This time I finished the Enemies Page. All their info is up and running. I noticed that there aren't that many. So I might try to get some more for the game. We'll have to see. Anyways, all the sections are now up and running, so basically my work is done. I may add a few things here and there, but at least all sections are beefed up. Enjoy!

Sinister Six Arcade Updated! 
Again...I added more to the Sinister Six Arcade Game Section. I added some more screen shots in the Visual Gallery and I added a new Trick to the Cheats Page. I also revamped the Characters Page. It's now completly finished! So check that page out too. Anyways, I'm having to much fun with this section as you can see, considering I've added all kinds of crap to it the last several days!

7/07/2006 An update has been made on the Sinister Six Arcade Game Section. I finished the Walkthrough completly. So it's ready to be viewed. I also added in sprite sheets of General Cutman, Bubble Bot, and Buster Rod G. in the Visual Gallery. More will be on the way. So watch for it.

7/06/2006 Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but old Gary has been so busy in real life, that things have gotten a bit out of hand. I decided to open up a lost section, mostly a 'secret project' that Rich and I were working on sometime ago, but fell between the couch cousions. Sinister Six Arcade Game Section has been opened under the Stuff Section. So click the link or head on over there to see the information that I've collected from the old Scrap Game. Nothing much is there, but more will be added when I feel like it. Anyways, enjoy!

New Art! 
It's time for another Art update today. I'm submitting 3 more peices of my own artwork for My Scrapbook. Click the link to view the new pieces. They are located at the bottom of the page. Excuse the crappy quality of my new scanner. For some reason it doesn't seem to pick up the prints correctly like the other one did. I may not use it much in the future. But anyways. Enjoy the new Art and I'll see you next update. Adios.

4/17/2006 Greetings everyone! I hope you all had a good Easter. Mine wasn't to shabby at all! Anyways, I greet you all with another new Epilouge! This one introduces a new Villain. Or should I say Villainess. Click here to Enjoy!. More updates are planned for the future. Including more Art from Various artists, and some more Epilouge surprises too are in store. Keep on coming back! Until the next update, Caio!

4/1/2006 *($KF789368949 29487847 HFDKKFJHFJ EIFR909E0R0 E00T 9TER0TE09RM, RE0T0E0330T== ROEKI4O35 RJE TEREOTJEORJEOR4 ROEI0429839283 VCX/X/DKW-920 DFLWKJO30FW 0RW0 RW-WE-W3E920 EWKEOW39204 ROWE0R9WEI 83o5uejgler af9gdopdgp 340IUG9EF g02r90u9TG0 g90egt0 a0ed90dtg0egfi~~ !! ag0eg0uje0j G0E-4KJ34-~!! B;ACJ

3/18/2006 No Epilouge today friends. Instead I'll give you some eye candy to stare at. I added three new peices of Fan Artwork found in the Guest Artwork Section. They look pretty good. One picture is actually kinda 'freaky' if you ask me. Reminds me a lot of General Cutman. Anyways, have a look and I'll see you next time.

3/13/2006 Sorry for the long break. The current host was down for a while, so updating here was delayed for a bit. But anywho, it's back up, and we can update again. This time is another epilouge! Say "HURRAAAYY" with me. HURRRAAAYY! Yeah. Whatever. Anyways, our new Elecman Leon helped me write this one, so here it is. Click here to read it. Hope you enjoy it. It showcases his entrance and Odin's so called "exit". More updates will be happening soon. So keep an eye open!

2/19/2006 Yours truely as fixed a certain epilogue and added the "Top Mega Man Sites" to the main page. I'd alway like to apologize for doing virtually nothing in the past two months, I've been busy and/or depressed. Hopefully you see more of my work in the near future.

Another New Epilouge! 
Greetings Again folks. Hope you all had a splended Valentines Days! Today is another epilouge update. Boy, we've been dishing these things out lately. Anyways, this one is a real treat for you. It's a rather long Epilouge. It was supposed to be a Classic Sinister Six Epilouge, cause it's been sitting on my zipdrive for nearly 3 years, but I finally got around to finishing it, and I converted it into the New S6. Anyways, you can view it by Clicking here or by visiting The Season 4 Epilouges Page. It's a good long read, so bring something to drink or eat. Have at it yo!

2/6/2006 PRESENTING! That big ole electric Mandrill that everybody loves! That's right, it's finally time to announce the new Elecman of the Sinister Six! It's our beloved Geoff from Cossack's Comrades! He now is our official 4th Elecman. The position seems to be cursed to have to go through that many personalties, but I'm sure Geoff will make it last. In the Epilouges he'll be known as Leon, to avoid confusion with his other team positions. Anyways, his profile is up by Clicking Right here! Or you can head on over to the teams page. As for Odin, he'll still be around, the epilouge to introduce Geoff will be coming along shortly, that'll straighten out the S6 Continualty.

Also, another Epilouge is up. This one is written by our beloved Bombman, Rich.Click here to read it, or head on over to Season 4 Epilouges Page. That's all for today. Let's give Geoff a warm welcome!

1/26/2006 Welp, here we are with yet another small update. Another Epilouge is finished. It's a long awaited Dastardly Trio Epilouge. This story has been in the works for a loooooong time, just never got around to writing it. Until now. So stop on over to the Epilouges Page, in the Special Works section. Or just simply Click Here to read it! It's pretty funny, so give it a whirl. More updates coming soon, so watch for them!

1/23/2006 It's been a while, hasn't it? Hope everyone had a splendid New Years. This time I have a new section ready for you. It was demanded from several fans, and of course it needed to be done anyhow. I was looking for an excuse to show off those "Rockman Rockman" images of the Sinister Six. Thanks for letting me use them Atomic Fire! Anyways, you can now contact us by Clicking here or by going to the Stuff Page and going to Contacts from there. More updates coming soon. Mostly one regarding the status of Elecman, so stay tuned. Also, for those of you who don't know...Rich is our new Bombman. Apparantly it wasn't announced, so I decided to just announce it now. Also I didn't announce his Orange Hell Fic either. So go ahead and read it. It's very good. And more of his works will be appearing here very soon. Anyways, the site is still young, and lots more is coming, so stay tuned.

12/05/2005 Another update? What the heck? Since when do the Sinister Six update twice within one week! Well it's true! We've got two new sections under the Stuff Category! The Adoption Section Is now open for you. Adopt one of our famous Sinister Six Dixies today and give them a good home on your website!

Also The Megaman Community Forums have givin us our own Forum! So stop on by and leave messages and what not. We've also decided to log past updates for the Six. And since this is a whole new layout, there's only been 3 updates. The first being the layout, and I wasn't able to log it, but anyways, the updates will be logged here. That's all for today!

12/04/2005 Looks like it's time for an Epilouge update! We finished yet another epilouge for your viewing pleasure! Gauntlet, Ben and I worked on this one together, so it turned out very nice. It explains how we dealt with those two new RMs found in the new Megaman 1 remake for the Playstation. So head on over to the epilouges page to check it out. You can also read it at the The Mechs Site

Also don't forget to check out the other new epilouges found in the Epilouges section. These Eps were done for a while, but never got around to being mentioned. They all are found in the Season 4 Section. Enjoy!

Poke my eye out, and I will kill you.05/18/2005

One Month Later...

A new Sinister Six Epilouge is up for your viewing. Not classic stuff this time. Well, the humor is indeed there, but finally the new team has their first epilouge online! Congrads to the newbies! More is on the way. This peticular epilouge however was based off an rpg Ben, Erik, and I did a ways back on AOL Instant Messager. Head on to the epilouges to see it!

Watch where you're pointing that thing you fool! 01/02/2005

Happy New Year

For those worried if this site has been thrown into the stink abyss known as obscuritiy don't believe it. The past few days have been pretty rough for Gary and some others, but apologies were made and a new normalicy has come for the new year.

According to our lovable eskimo, there's a big S6 project in the works. Please do me a favor and don't flood my inbox with questions as to what it is. I'll let Gary announce it on his own time.

As for what I'll be doing in the new year on the S6, look for the return of the old X-Force epilouges and a couple other surprises I have up me sleeve. You never know...


Watch where you're pointing that thing you fool! 12/20/04

@#!@ Hacker!

Planet Megaman's (and by extension the S6) woes never seem to end. A @#%$ing hacker decided to target PMM and its hosted sites.

Thanks to said hacker our epilouges are down again. Until Gary can send me them to reupload or he does them himself.

Watch where you're pointing that thing you fool! 12/17/04

Happy Updates!

Nice big update today, Britt sent me some of her drawings so I made a her a gallery so you can view her images here on Also I opened up the Art and Six Stuff sections so you can access the sections that are no longer on the "Check it out..." board.

As so the slow trickle updates... for those who don't frequent the Mecha Maniacs boards. The founder Ice Man has been going through a string of bad luck and unfortunately he has little time for the site anymore. The other members have their troubles so it's up to me Ben to keep things running.

I'm planning a lot of stuff. Yet another rehaul of the epilouges section so I can gear up for the adventures of the news S6 and maybe more. Just keep your eyes peeled.

Watch where you're pointing that thing you fool! 12/07/04

Sweet Christmas !

Added to the comics gallery and added a new pic for the caption contest.

Watch where you're pointing that thing you fool! 09/17/04

Comix 'a' Plenty!

Huge update this time around, opened a huge comic archive for your viewing pleasure.

Oh yes and let's wish Ice Man a Happy Birthhday!

Watch where you're pointing that thing you fool! 08/11/04

Caption Contest Updated

I thought it would be about time to update the Caption Contest for August. (Heck I skipped July, Sorry :( ) And I'll make it a monthly affair. Remember mail those snappy caps to me and the winner gets their caption put on the front page. If I like your entries. Then you might see a galleryin the near future.

Watch where you're pointing that thing you fool! 07/28/04

Hark! An Actual Update

It's nothing much I just fixed the broken links on the profiles page. Also for a treat I put Maelgrim's famous adaptation of MM1 back up.

As for those worried about the old sections let me tell you that I have finished converting them to the new format and all what is needed is for Gary to upload the pics but I dunno when that'll be. Ciao for now.

Watch where you're pointing that thing you fool! 07/28/04


Wow a month went by without an update and even this is what Gauntlet would call a "BS Update". We have a few reasons why we haven't updated in a while.

1) First and foremost our host Planet Megaman is having a few difficulties (as you all should know now) and we've been unable to update. Thanks to Gauntlet and most of all Lord Phoenix we're able to update again.

2) Gary and I have personal lives and jobs we hate so we can't commit 100% of our time to this page.

3) We're lazy =P

Seriously though I'll be able to update the page again soon so please don't mob us :*(. Oh and a heartfelt "Thank You" to Lord Phoenix you just saved the page.

Watch where you're pointing that thing you fool! 06/16/2004

Tiny Update

I spiffied up the main page and did some cosmetic changes to the main page and opened Gary and RajinK's project the Big 128 and my caption contest up.

Not much this time round. But see you on the weekend methinks the pages could use a little tweaking.

Watch where you're pointing that thing you fool! 06/14/2004

Watch your step...

Hi! I'm the new Fire Man, current Heat Man and once (and still) Magma Dragoon or Benjamin R at your service. It is my sad sad duty to inform you that we have to rebuild everything from scratch with the server move and Gary's comp troubles. I have all the pages but none of the pics so until Gary uploads them, looks like I'm up the creek.

Heck I would prefer that we open with a skeleton sprite than make you guys wait months for a full reopening. In the meantime I'll continually convert the old content to the new format.

Thank you for your patience.

Oh BTW; the sections that are working are...

  • Epilouges
  • Robot Master Database
  • Profiles
  • Guestbook



Okay, the new stuff is going along nicely, however due to a few holes in the older Epilouges, I felt best to fill in the gaps thanks to Gauntlet who helped me finish and htmlize them. I will release three now, and more later, like the remaining four solo adventues. You can take a spin and read up on Andon Gets Energized, a good Fic based on the Disney Tron Movie. Also the infamous Sinister Six vs Insidous Six Epilouge is now up...finally. Now you can bask to see what 'really' happend and not some fable rumors. Also, anyone remember Sanity's old Epilouge Contest that never really took shine? Well, here is my entry to the fable. The Wonderful Wonderswan Adventure! Yeah I know...but it's actually pretty good. Anyways enjoy and I'll keep you posted on the new site soon!

The Sinister Six are back...are you ready?

April /09/2004


Here ye, here ye! More Epilouge fun for everyone! After a year and a half of the Solo's being announced, they are now finally finished! And just in time too! Even though Scott's and Andon's Solo's 'have' been done for a while now, It would be wise to read them in the order of number of issue. Heck I'll make it easy for you and link you directly to them in the order in which you gotta read em'. Or at 'least' Read IRA's Story last. The ending is put there.

Anyways, here's the links.
#1 Scott's Solo
#2 Tim's Solo
#3 Jason's Solo
#4 Andon's Solo
#5 Gary's Solo
#6 IRA's Solo

Hope you enjoy! Also don't forget about the last update. I still left the other Three New Epilouges marked with the New Symbol incase anyone hadn't had time to read those yet. Head on over to the Epilouges Page To see those. Only Tale of Two Cyclops Left! And then Iceman vs Red will be next. Still much more to see! See ya next update!


To be Continued...???

Howdey. Hope you all had a good New Years. Unfortunatly I've got some nasty news for all you visitors who come here. Due to recent problems in real life, I will be unable to update around here. For god who knows long. Apparently I've lost internet access, and now it has come down to me living out in the streets. Sometimes Parents think they know everything.... Ah well. What can a young 23 year old do in times of crisis? Well, I also figured since I can't keep up with Gauntlet any more, that the site needs to be shut down anyway.

My my...we've come a long way. But as long as the other teams are around, the trend shall live on. Even though we are dead for now. Maybe the site can come back soon. And don't threat. I made a new years resolution to at least finish my novel Iceman vs Red! And I'm almost done! Don't worry Gauntlet. I owe you a copy. So without further ado. Cya you all possibly in the next millienum.


Greetings, and I hope you all had a good Turkey-day and holiday! I'm updating today mostly to celebrate the wintery holiday that's coming up. Notice the change of image up top. Also a gift from Quick-ChanClick here to see her gift! I really love it! Welp, on more of a good news. Iceman vs Red is coming along nicely with 3 more chapters done! I'll release Chapter 5 soon. I plan to get more of the book done before I release anything more. So look for that!


Howdey all, it's been one month again, which means time for yet another crazy S6 update! I'm still trying to get used to this new server, and I tell you. With my limited time, and trying to figure this shtml crap, it's not easy. Lags updates around here like crazy. Anyways, another Solo is up! About time too! Elecman's Solo has been released. Click the link or head on over to the Epilouges Page! Enjoy and I'll see you soon. Hopefully...


Greetings, it's time for yet another update. Sorry for the long extended wait, but I've just been very busy as of late. I'll try to keep the updates coming, so not all hope is lost. Another Epilouge has been released. But it's not just any epilouge. It's the season premere for Iceman vs Red. Read it by clicking Right here! For all you Star War Maniacs, it has special appearances by Star War Characters. Enjoy, and I'll see you all next update!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!! Here we are on the new Planet Megaman server. Here we have much more freedom, and much more space for us to use. The bandwidth problem has now been fixed! So you can check out the Profiles without wondering if the bandwidth will go out. Don't think that during this big move, that we wouldn't update anything new? No, No!

The Soccer Section has been released. Along with the Adoption Centre. Go there to adopt a cute Sinister Six Dixie Today! More sections include the Sinister Six Movie Page!Where you can read up on our Ice vs Red Movie idea! A rare treat can be found by clicking Here! Another awesome Game Idea! Wasn't released to the public, until now.

More sections in the Nostalgia section has been put up like the long waited Megaman Survivor. Go ahead and explore the new site. Gauntlet and had a pain spanking time moving our sites up here. Also if you notice any glitchs or broken links, report them to me A.S.A.P. Sometimes we can miss a few things during this quick move. Hope you enjoy yourselves!



Nothing really new today, except letting you all know that Sinister Six H.Q. will be moving to a new server. THAT'S RIGHT! WE'RE MOVING! We are being hosted up at Zelda Universe, and during the past few weeks Gauntlet has been helping me move everything on over. I plan on releasing the link to the new site on September 17th. My Birthday. So Comeback then, and be amazed. See you all then.


This is Gauntlet here. I wouldn't really be doing this unless I really had to, but my site's disappeared from Classic Gaming without warning. I'm still getting the full story together, but it doesn't really matter since I've already moved. Hope you'll all follow the Mechanical Maniacs on their crazy trip to a new server!


Wow, another month since an update eh? Sheeeesh, I didn't relize just how busy I was in the real world. Well, to update you all on that, I have a new Job now, and it's taking up quite a bit of my free time. Which is why Gauntlet from the Mechs has volenteered to help me finish a lot of my old Epilouges! Which leads me to my update. Two new Epilouges have been put up for you to see. Head over there or click the title links here. Battle and Chase and Sinister Seven . Both are pretty good and worth reading.

Many more unfinished Epilouges are on their way, so updates should be more current around here until they all are put up. So keep an eye for it. A lot of those episode holes should be filled up soon!


*The lights turn on* Hey all! I decided to come back to the old Sinister Six H.Q. and add in a new room for you to explore. The new section is called the Nostalgia section. Thanks to my good buddy Gauntlet again, we were able to bring back all those old sections that used to appear here at this site. And even some from the Ice Palace days. I wonder if I should make the G-Man a member since he does more work than the other S6 members put together. -_-

Anyways...To view it you can either head over to the Six Stuff Section On your left bar, or simply Click Here To See it! The section is HUGE, and should not be a disapointment for anyone...considering it has been over a month since an update. Cya for now! *turns off lights and goes back to the real world*


Greetings all. Time for a good old fashioned update. I want to appologize for the Band Width Problem with the Profiles. Unfortunatly this is Geocities, and there's nothing I can really do about it. Just bare with it I guess. Remember once the images have loaded, usually they won't have to load again.

On to the update. I finally was able to get the Rockman: Robot War Novel uploaded. Now I can release it for the public. Which mind you, has been waiting patiently for. Click here To see the stories rebirth! Or you can go to the Six Stuff Section to see it. Enjoy!


Oh my goodness. Another update!? It's true. It's a basic continuation of yesterday's Sinister Six Profile Updates. Yesterday I started with Magazine scans and the weapon sprites. Today is a much beefer and much more eye candy update! Now in the Profiles Pages are offical Megaman Cartoon Pictures! Straight from the Megaman Cartoon show! Head on over to those Profile Pages and see them! Thanks to Gauntlet again, for his help on getting the pics for me. They are awesome!

Again, this update is dedicated to my dog, Precious. Who had passed away two days ago. She is resting in a better place now.


Hello all. I decided to go ahead and do a quickie update. I updated The Sinister Six Profiles with some new stuff. I finally got around to scanning and uploading the Nintendo Power Magazine Shots of the Megaman 1 Robot Masters. I also got the weapon sprites of each member of the Sinister Six. Both have been included in the profiles. I plan on updating them with more stuff soon, like Sprite Sheets, cartoon pics, and other images. Welp, see you all next update!

Oh yeah. My dog Precious had passed away yesterday of old age. She died at age 14. She lived a good long life. This update is dedicated to my beloved little dog. May she find peace and eternal happyness.


Sorry for the late update all, but i'm finding less and less time to keep up the site. But don't worry. This update promises a good chunky Iceman vs Red update! The next two chapters have been put up for your enjoyment! Click here to read the next two chapters! OR head on over to the Epilouges Section! Chapter 4 promises good laughs and a good cliff hanger. So step on by and check it out!

Also, Special thanks goes out to my life saving buddy Gauntlet who hacked back my eye_lephant account from the X-treme Team. Now you can access the account. However it links straight here, I doubt I'll be using it much for anything except for storage. I donno how Gauntlet is capable of such deeds, but it's great to have friends with the sort of knowledge to help you out in anyway possible! This ode goes out to the "G Man!"

For now on, I'll only update this site, whenever I can find the time. Once a week can be hectic for me and my busy schedule. If I can update sooner than I will. So don't be expecting weekly updates anymore. Sorry, but since this site isn't as visitor oriented as it used to be, it really doesn't matter anyways. So until next time all, Caio!


Hooray, Horray. Time for another Sinister Six Update. You'll be pleased to hear that the Epilouge Solo's have 'finally' started up. I have them all completed, so now I can finally release them one at a time. The first Solo stars Scott in: Cooking with Bombman! Hope you enjoy it! Look forward to the other five soon!

I also decided to re release the Funnies Page. A lot of my best old Sprite Comics can be found there. Sorry for the two-three week lag of activitiy, but I just came back from Colorado, thus ending my little vacation.


Welcome back all. Another updatie is up. Check out Super Chaos' Profile! Anything you ever wanted to know about the big yellow blob is up. This Time, actually Ending the Sinister Six Bios! I had also released the Juke Box. Requested by all the Megaman Music lovers, the Juke Box has returned! Get some ear popping excitement from the site!

On a sader note, I won't be able to update next week. I'll be out of town visiting relitives. I won't have access to any computers for a whole week, so there won't be updates here at all next week. However a lot of stuff is still waiting to be put up, so in two weeks somemore new sections and epilouges are coming! See you all then!


Update time, staring that irritating Eskimo, Iceman! This time Elecman's Profile has been put up. Ending the Sinister Six Bios! Finally... The other update this week was supposed to be the completed Maelgrim Novel Story: Rockman The Robot War. But for some reason I couldn't get the blasted thing uploaded. Maybe next update perhappes. So instead I decided to release the CD Gallery. Enjoy that old revived section and Andon's bio, and I'll see you all next week!


Hello! Tis time for another update. This week another Sinister Six Bio has been completed. Check out that Crazy Eskimo in Iceman's Profile! Some new information about him that has yet to be revealed is included. Also another Epilouge has been completed. The world record holder thus far for the Longest Single Epilouge CreatedThe Last Laugh is sure to make your day! Click the link or head on over to the Epilouges Page! Only two more profiles to go! See you next week.


Welcome back all. This weeks update consists of yet another Sinister Six bio! Head on over to see Bombman's Profile! So that's four down, and two to go! Minus Super Chaos' which will be coming soon as well. On a second note, Iceman vs Red's Next Chapter is up! Just as Promised! Click the link to read, or simply click on the banner below to head straight on over. I hope you enjoyed last weeks Epilouge and Profile. That's all for this week, this is Iceman signing off.


Time for yet another update! Another Sinister Six Bio is up and running. Check out Gutsman's Profile. A lot of neat facts you didn't know about him from the last site is included there! Also, another Epilouge is up! For all you Marvel Wannabees, check out This Special Iceman Epilouge! It's a nice beefy one to read. And has been waiting years to be finished! And I added a link to Maverik Unit Hunter X in the Links PageIce vs Red, Solo Adventures, and More Profiles and Site Sections are soon to come! Like that popular Maelgrim Rockman Robot War Fan Fic that everyone is waiting for! Cya in a week!


Thanks to an old friend Gauntlet I was able to salvage The Guestbook. Yippie! I would of waited out the weeks update...but I needed to put this up a.s.a.p. So basically my next update a week from now would be the same anyway. ^_^. Sign in and make your mark in the Guestbook Today! Don't forget about yesterday's update as well. The Sinister Six News Page. I try not to venture on daily updates...cause people might miss 'em. But I do have the Updates Page for those sort of emergencies. See you all in a week.


Hello, time for another Quickie Update! Read it Today! The Sinister Six News Page is up and ready to be viewed by all those who want to know the Sinister Six's greatest and coolest secrets! Pile on in and see it today! 0_o


Time for that Beefy Update! The Six Stuff Section has opened up for you. Visitors from the Sinister site should know the purpose of this section. The Six Stuff Section lists sections that don't fit anywhere on the left frame. Three New Sections have been set up for you in the Six Stuff Section. So basically there is four new sections for you to browse enjoy! In April Ice vs Red will start kicking off again, and more Bio's and Epilouges are well on their way! See you all next update!


Hope you're ready for a big Epilouge Update! The SNL Epilouges Are now up and ready to be viewed. Go ahead and go on over to the Epilouges Page and scroll down to the Live At X-Force City section. Four Epilouges ready to be read. Enjoy! Next update will be a beefy one. So watch for it.


Hello! Another Profile has been finished. Fireman's Profile has been put up with Cutman's. The Profiles are coming along nicely. They should be finished within the week, excemption of Super Chaos. I lost most of his images during the hacking. I can probably retrieve them eventually. His bio may not be up for a while. Cya next update!


Hello, Happy St. Patricks Day! It's time for yet another update! A Sinister Six Profile has been completed! You can see the mugshots of the Six up top on this very page! Cutman's Profile is the only one thus far. So hold up on the others. They'll be returning soon, with new stats and new images! The Left Frame Sinister Six Button won't be linked until most of the other bio's are up. So be patient. Enjoy! Oh, and if you're lazy and don't want to click up to. Click here then ya lazy bum! Until next update! Cya!


Greetings all. The revision is pretty much finished, and what you see now will most likely be the new layout of the site. Course the layout is nearly identical to the old site, but why change something that was already great, right? I'm proud of the unique layout. I know this is a lousy update with no new sections, but fans of the Robot Master Database will be pleased with new entries, and updated profiles of all the Robot Masters and such. Coming attractions include The "ever so late" Solo Epilouges, some other new Epilouges, Iceman vs Red coming in April, some old content, and The Sinister Six Profiles, which hope to return with better bios and more accurate information. Until then, see ya!


Welcome back. Time for another update. This update could spread on the rest of the week, so pay attention. I've decided to revamp this boring, mundage page a bit, so you may find some broken links some places, and drastic, all of a sudden changes. These changes may be good, or the changes may look terrible. With broken images scattered around, and things moving around. I'm going to be experimenting for a while. Changing things. So don't be surprised if something looks out of place, odd, or strange. Remember the site is still reviving and going through some construction. Classic Gaming isn't giving me any word on any space, and I can't let the page rot. So don't be surprised if the entire site goes offline for a while. This is Iceman signing off for now.


Iceman vs Red has been updated today with a new chapter. Because of the Mechs' current speed in their epilouges I need to catch up a bit, so hopefully more chapters should be coming soon. And excuse all the spelling and grammor errors. I barley have the time to even write this stories...lend alone editing them. Sounds unproffesional, but I'm to busy to worry about that now. Anyways, head off to the Epilouges Section To catch up on the old saga.


Update: EPILOUGES HAVE RETURNED! You heard it right. All the Epilouges have been recreated for your viewing pleasure. They were the most "requested" item to be brought back. Emails gallore, thank you fans! With some pesting and intrest, I decided to revive them. And I'm happy I did. I have many more "new" epilouges in the works, and putting up the old ones inspired me to try to finish them up! Wish me luck! There are now "3" links below for you to navigate this small but reviving site. hopes to comeback better than ever. Support our adventures!


Alright...My site will be moving to this server. So far only the index page is existing...looks like shit eh? But don't worry, this site will glitter better than the old Sinister Server. At least I can start over and organize things a bit more. Anyways, everyone wants to see those Epilouges those will be my main priority next update. Lata.



Greetings, The Ultimate Megaman Forums is once again down. Right now I'm not sure what's going on, but I'll be sure to keep you all updated on it. As for the Future update, there's a lot of things I want to update, but can't find the time to do them all right now. I've got people asking me about these sections, so I got an idea to just do a poll, and let people vote on what they would like to see happen next. Obviosuly the one with the most votes will get that update. So you the visitors will get to decide what will happen next! Doesn't that sound like fun! Here's the Poll below! See you next update.

Fufure Update at Sinister
What would you like to see happen?

Current Results


Sorry to make everyone jump, but nah, it was a joke I like to play on a good friend of mine named Gauntlet. He maybe a skilled Ninja...but he's also gullable. I'd never shut down me site! Anyways, the real update is that I'm linking to the Ultimate Megaman Forums. Once again, the link has changed, so just to update you all on it. Click Here to head on over.


Got around to uploading more of Fushidane's Sinister Six Epilouge Artwork. I've had them for a while, just forgot to put them up. Until now. You can check out her work at the Epilouges Section. Also, submitted by Fushidane is a Sinister Six Group Shot for the Fan Art Comics Page. Click the link to see the great art! It's fantastic! Also, I uploaded Gauntlet's Soccer Sprite to the Soccer Conversions Page. Been a while since something was updated there.

Soon to come is Chapter 5 for the inspiring Paper Megaman. And Some Classic Sinister Six Epilouges are soon to pop up. And an update for the next Generation for The Sinister Six. I'll keep you posted on my progress with the site!


Iceman vs Red marks the end of The Sinister Six's first Generation. So what happens next? A new era emerges. In The Future of Megaman: Battle Network.. The Sinister Six are compeltly different. The Members are the same, but now instead of transforming into their Robotic selves, they now have their own Net Navis to do battle with. This generation will have nothing to do with The first one. Click here to see the early sheets and Pictures of the members and their Net Navis. The New Generation links along with Megaman Battle Network. You may wonder why Edward is back, and other questions will come to mind. Like, where's Andon? All these will be answered and more soon! The 2nd Generation is on it's way!


Indeed, for all you Devon Sawa Fans, like myself. Today is his 24th Birthday. I wish him a happy day and hope he has fun. I can understand him having a busy life with acting and such...and hope he can take a break.

Now on to the update. Paper Megaman Once again has been updated with Chapter 4 and Music Files. The music files maybe a little more entertaining for you viewers if you don't want to read anything. Welp, that's all for today.


Decided to clear up the past updates, exemption of the last one. The older updates are found at the updates page if you missed some stuff. I completed Chapter 3 in Paper Megaman. That's about it. I hope to get more of it done later this week. That's all for today.


Two new things. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been lying around enjoying my vacation time. It's been relaxing. I start work again next week, so bear with me...again. Anyways onto the updates. The MMU Forum has moved to The Ultimate MM Forums because of server troubles. Yay! I guess. Sorry for the comments Mortanius about your forum.

2nd update is I'm working on a section called Paper Megaman. It's a game idea that Topman and I though was pretty clever. I'll link you to the page, but it's far from done. I've got so much to do, but unlike Iceman vs Red, it's fun and not on a tight schedule. Click Here to take a gander. That's all for today.

Also, be sure and bookmark the address because I'll be losing the domain very soon. Perhappes this week. Just to warn my visitors who use the shortcut. Anyway, that's all for today.

Welp, let's start off by saying that the Megaman United Forum is now back from their bug that they experienced not to long ago. Take a spin back to the forums, and sign up if you already haven't! Also, I recieved an email from a fan asking "How do you create a good MM Team?" Gauntlet has developed a great guide to this issue at his site. And here is the link. Take a gander at this for anyone who is intrested in creating your own MM Team. Click here to read the Guide. Also don't forget about that last update with Iceman Vs Red. Didn't leave you all much of a chance to read that last update.

Bad news and good news. Which do you want to hear first? Well, let's start with the bad news. Due to the lack of intrest The Iceman vs Red Novel version, I've decided to delay putting up more of the story until I get nearly completed with it. Though I'm editing through Chapter 3 at the moment, quite a bit of the story has been completed. I'll be running out of chapter room. So there will definatly be more than 6 chapters. This idea is getting bigger. Why the sudden lack of intrest in Ice vs Red? Because it's a Novel. People want to see an actual "Epilouge". Assuming the reading won't be so tedious. Well...let me put it to you like this. An Epilouge will take "twice" as long to make. Including all the sprites and characters to code. It's a pain...really is. And if you think about it. A 200 Page Epilouge will be just as long as any novel. So either way, you'll be doing a lot of reading. See? Think about it. Don't let the Novel throw you off. It's my website damnit! You can always read some then comeback later, the thing ain't going any where! =P

On with the good news. I put up the Iceman vs Red Trailer by demand in the Ice vs Red Section. Everyone liked it, so I brought it back. I also added some other stuff there for you to gawk at. "Quotes" done by others on their thoughts about the story and soon to come a Product Page where I created unique stuff advertising the Saga. That's all for now.


You heard correctly. After months and months of waiting, I've started up Iceman vs Red. And just in time. Summer is nearly over. Even though only the Prolouge has been put up it's still rather long. And when I release the Chapters, they'll only get longer. So there's a lot to expect and cover in this saga. Oh...can incase you didn't read my last update on this topic. Iceman vs Red has been combined with my Sinister Six Movie idea. I'm writing a book based on this saga instead of doing an actual epilouge which does take place during the Epilouge Series. 
 Anyways, Click Here to see what I've done!! Enjoy, and hopefully tommorow I'll get more of it up.


Finally I added the Wonderswan collection to the Robot Master Database. I uploaded what little information I could collect, and it was difficult considering that I never played the game...and not going to buy a Wonderswan just to play it either. Heh. Anyways check it out. The old Database was collecting cobwebs, about time an update occured there.

Finally some new Epilouges! Ben's Mechanical Maniacs Switcheroo has finally been finished! Completing the Switcheroo series! Click here to read the Switcheroo!. It's action packed and full of surprises...and speaking of surprises...

The next Sinister Six Epilouge has been completed! Co-written by Gauntlet, we added an extra twist to this one! When Copycats Unite! Click here to read it! It's the most strange Epilouge yet! Hope you enjoy both Epilouges...and I'll cya next update.

Howdey all. Hope you all had a good Independance Day and what not. I finally managed to get to updating. Excited? I sure am! Anyways, two updates. Fushidane had sent in some Epilouge Fan Art, which I've placed up at The Epilouges Page. Just head on over to check them out. They are fantastic. I'm also starting up the Characters Page for the Epilouges. It's not near finished, but you can take a sneak peak there anyway. I'll be adding more to it on an occasion. Welp, that's all for this update.

Also an Iceman vs Red Update. The Epilouge will be combined with my Sinister Six Movie Idea. So within a few weeks or so I'll start putting up what I've written for it.

Nothing really new. I decided to start commenting to signateres in the Guestbook. Gauntlet does it, so why shouldn't I? If you're really bored you can go check it out in the Guestbook Section. I'm also planning to release a new section soon, so watch for it.

Not really an update...except on what's goin' on in my goofy life. Heh. Let's just say that today my biggest and best prank has been pulled. And the outcome was over 640 angry Star War Fans. LOL. I'll tell ya what happend.

I couldn't resist. What am I talking about? *laughs* Well, you can say that all the SW fans had been waiting since 10:00 this morning to see the premere of SW Episode 2. Everyone who knows me knows that I work at AMC movie theatres, and just recently I just got trained in projection.


Putting me in Projection over something big like Star Wars is like putting a little child in a room with pointy objects. The first premere started great! But halfway into the picture I couldn't help but see "what this button does" on the projecter. Just imagine watching until Anakin and Padme getting close enough for the most anticipated event of the year. Then the movie shuts off and the lights dim back up.

Yes my friends...I did it. The incident became the laughing stock of the entire night. Over 640 SW fans came ramishing out of that certain theatre....for the employees this was the funniest moment ever. The managers on the other hand. Ouch... Welp, they had restarted it, and I was kicked out from Projection....surprisingly I didn't get fired... 0_o

LOL. After my shift was over I hauled ass outta there...hoping a humongus mob of SW fanatics wouldn't be chasing me all the way home. Gawd...funniest moment of my life.

I hope I don't offend any Star Wars Fans that come to this site...or in general. It's just for fun...and you know me and my annoying habits. ^_^

Added a Deleted Scene to The Sinister Six Outakes Page. That's pretty much it for today. I'm getting lots of fan art from Fushidane, so I'll be putting those up too. Also Road Trip is my next Epilouge in the works at the moment, so expect that to be completed soon.

I also moved the past updates to the Past Updates Page. The Main page was getting kinda crowded.


2 Minor updates. First I Got a new Fan Art Picture from Forte-Chan. I've had it for a while, but kept forgetting to put it up. I really like this picture, she did such a fantastic job! Anyways. Click Here or head on over to the Siniter Six Comic Page to check it out. It's been a while since something was added there!

I also saved a new Chat to the Chats Page. Head on over there to read it or Click here to read it. It's pretty darn funny all the way through...even the ending is surprising. Anyways, enjoy!


Sorry about this April Fools...but I haven't had the time to set up any jokes. However I did get an Epilouge April Fools Special by Ben! IT's a different one. Not the same April Fools one that I wrote. So go check it out! Click the linkie or head on to The Epilouges Page! Don't forget about the current release of Sinister Six.EXE Epilouge and Gutsman's Big Break! They were just recently put up not to long ago...and didn't give you guys time to read it.

03/29/2002 took me about six hours to complete...but it's finished. The anticipated Sinister Six.EXE Epilouge Has been put up. Click the Link or head on over to the Epilouges Page. And it's a two part episode too! So that'll keep you busy for a while! Enjoy it and what not, and I hope to update the site again on April 1st. Cya Then!


It's true. Out of the blue, I decided to finish one of my hard worked Epilouges and to put it up. I've always liked this one, so why not take a gander. Click Here to Read it or head on over to the Epilouges Page! You'll find it's very unique and twisted, and it stars all the villains that has taken on the Sinister Six thus far. It's an intresting plot with a few surprises. Enjoy!


EDIT at 7:22 p.m. March 14, 2000: Just recently got informed from a S6 fan that today was also Chris Klein's Birthday. Considering the fact that I had a small outtake scene with him in the Epilouge Outtakes Page. And The S6's birthday on the same day as the actor? What a coincidence... Happy B-day Chrisaroo.

Indeed, you read it correctly. In March of 1997 My page first appeared a long side Cycloneman's Megaman Database. One year later, it became Iceman's Ice Palace, everything became history from there. For about 5 years now, I've been in this community. I'm not "exactly" sure which day it was in March when I first put up my site, but I saw "March 14th" in the file manager for my index page way back from Cycloneman's site, which I haven't touched in a while.

So it's official, that March 14th The Sinister Six (or Iceman in general) will be celebrating it's fifth year online. I had promised a bucket full of Epilouges for which you can read, celebrating this glorius occasion, but unfortunatly work has delayed my plans yet again, so all I can scrub up for you is indeed the Epilouge Outtakes Page. Click on it to see it. I hope I'll be able to update next on April 1st in which I have a nefty surprise for all me viewers...Hehehehe. Until then. Caio!


Got an email from Neo Gemini on a really funny animated comic on interviews with The Robot Masters on how they feel about their Master. It was created by Andrew Dickson (ProtoGem). I had to put it up for everyone to see! It's floor-rolling hilarous! Great going Andrew! So take a gander. Click Here to see it!.

I will be busy the next few weeks at work, so updates here will be scarce, but when I do have free time I plan to finish the Epilouges that I've started. I've started quite a few...including, Sinister Six.EXE, Road Trip, some of the Solo's, and Iceman vs Red. Hopefully some of those will be completed soon. Until the next update, caio!


A joint project with Gauntlet of the Mechanical Maniacs, we created a "Which epilogue character Would You Be?' quiz! It encompasses both our epilogue series and even some of the X-Force. A must-see for both fans of our epilogues ... and fans of quizzes! And if you're a fan of neither, well .... check it out anyway!!! You can find it by clicking here or The Epilogues section!


Indeed. Time for another new one. I got inspiration from Ben since he's creating a Harry Potter Cross-over. So I decided to do a Lord Of The Rings Cross-Over. Click Here to Read it! Or head on over to the Epilouges Page! ENJOY! Ben should be releasing his Harry Potter Epilouge soon.


Howdey! Though the trailor has been out for a while for the Season Finale to Season 3, I decided to just link to it. I was originally going to release it along with the Promo to Iceman vs Red, but I like to keep people on the edge of their the Promo will have to wait. Heheheh. But enjoy the trailor anyway! Ben Put some work into and it's worth a look! Remember the trailor requires Macromedia FlashClick here to view the Trailor!

You can still read the first installment in Season 3 by Clicking here (My...What Weird Powers You Have?)


Time to Rejoice the good news! I've started up Season 3 With Epilouges! You can read the first install ment by Clicking here (My...What Weird Powers You Have?) or by heading on over to the Epilouges Page! More will be on the way. Espically the ever so late Solo Adventures. Cya all on the next update. And enjoy!


Ah, first update of the year. Some minor updates done to the Epilouges Page. Mainly Epilouges soon to come. Right now I'm working on the Solo's, and since my computer still isn't working to well, it's delayed them quite a bit. I would of had them released a lot sooner if it wasn't for the hacker. Anyway, I heard rumors from Ben that he's releasing his Ole' Switheroo soon. Finally! Also Gauntlet has some new epilouges of his own soon, so stop on by The Mechanical Manaics to see what he's cooking up.

I added The Tech Tyrants forum to the Forum page. So go ahead and check it out. Also the Capcom vs Capcom is taking a while to put the rest of the bios up. That section maybe under raps until the bios are slowly getting completed. Also! Whose anxious to see that Spider-Man Movie coming out soon eh? The cool thing is...working at yer local movie theatre, I CAN SEE IT BEFORE ALL OF YA! AND FOR FREE TOO!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA...*gets smacked by Gutsman.* Aww...come on...I was only kidding.


Sorry, but as you can see from the site. The thing is all filled up. Only people on the list will be put up. If you're not on the list, then you sent in your bio a little to late. The tournament will best be starting soon.


Bet you weren't expecting an update this soon eh? I put up a page today. Though it's on a competly different server. If you enjoy playing Marvel vs Capcom. Check out the new page! You can even become apart of it! Click here to venture on over. Enjoy what's up so far, and don't forget that it just started today, so it looks pretty gawd awful right now. Heh.


Yes, it's true. I'm back with a vengance. However since my computer still is pretty messed up, updates won't be occuring here for quite a while, so technically the site bascially still is closed, just not forever. I want to thank you all for that petition. Though I really don't think I deserve such credit. Anyways, I still won't be accepting mail at my Yahoo or accounts just for safty stuff. I need time to get back on my feet, so bare with me. Once I do comeback I got a nefty surprise for everyone. Espcially you Forte-Chan Who had helped with the petition! For now folks, thanks a bunch for your support and I'll see you all in a while. And Ben (Magma Dragoon) can reopen up your X-Force site now! Cause I'm back!! *evil laughter*


I'm through. Done. This is probably will be my last update. Maybe. On December 9, I got an email from (I dare not to say his name and give him the satisfaction). Like everyday I expected the usual fan mail. I enjoy getting fan mail. I enjoy seeing peoples works. And this message seemed harmless, like the rest. But as it turned out his attachment had contained a virus. A real nasty one too. Unfortunatly my virus scanner could not detect it, so slowly but surly my computer eventually failed today. I had lost everything. Including my dignity. My aura to carry on this site anymore has been destroyed as well. I'm updating from Ken's house with a sad heart. I've changed my email address. I'm no longer using my yahoo or account. So you will get no replys from those accounts. Nobody will know my new email. Not even my closest friends. I'm pissed, and I will not trust anyone ever again.

I will be quitting all the online teams and clubs that I've joined. Slowly. I'm basically through with the community. I just don't want to be apart of it anymore. I'll be on AIM. If I ever get my computer back to the way it was...and this can take months. The repairs on my comp are not cheap...damn bastard.

People say that niceness is the key to success, not in my book. I'm tired of being nice. I seem to get nothing but disrespect in return. So now I'm going to be an arrogant asshole. Cause it seems to work for some people.

I wrap up this update with this: I hope you are happy you virus hacking jerk. Cause you won. Though you won't win with anyone else. To all my online friends who have a website. Don't open attachments from people you don't know. Espcially you Gauntlet. They can claim to be fans and turn out other wise. Even if the email looks harmless. Virus scanning doesn't always work. Remember that. Now for the final two words. "Goodbye all"


At long last I produced yet another epilouge. I created the anticipated Lost Episode! Click the link to head on over. You'll be pleasantly surprised on what goes on. You can also head on over to the Epilouges Page to access it. Enjoy it...cause once again, it's a rather long one. Cya for now!


Wow. Been 20 days since the last update. Well, if you were wondering where I've been, I've been helping out with Viral Infection for a while. Since Christmas is coming soon, I invite you all to read my ever so popular Sinister Six Epilouge Christmas Special. Yeah, you've all read it before, but why not give it another go for the holidays. Cya all next update!


I joined up on Viral Infection as Iceman EXE. Go ahead and check it out. I also drew a pic for them. Click here to see it. I put up a banner to their site too, so go ahead and check it out near the bottom of the main page.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! To celebrate I put up an unfinished epilouge up at the Epilouges Page. It's called Interview With The 13 Ghosts. It's a premise to the movie 13 Ghosts, which is now in theaters. I had no intension of finishing it, but I decided to put it up anyway. Click Here to read it, or head on over to the epilouges page. Enjoy.


I have finished my part of The Ol' Switcheroo Epilouges. Two of the Three have been put up for your enjoyment. X-Force on Display has been put up. It was written by yours truley. Don't forget to take a spin by Gauntlet's Sinister Six Installment Sinister Seven! One more left, and the Switcheroo will be finished. So watch for it!


With months of anticipation the great Ol' Switcheroo has begun. Where Ben, Gauntlet, and I write Epilouges about each others teams. That's right. We swamped and are writing one story a piece, only with another team. Gauntlet has finished his Sinister Six Epilouge. So click on the link. Or head on over to the Epilouges Page under the Ol' Switcheroo catergory! Enjoy! The remaing two will be done by Ben and I. So watch for it.


Yup. It's true. The thing clearly was getting disorganized and such, so I decided to add a cool roll-over script and cut it down to size a bit. It looks much better and less swamped. And no, there is no "new" epilouge yet. Though I was going to release Issue two of Dastardly Trio today. Along with the new layout, but I lost the file. So now I have to do it again. Anyways: Ben, Gauntlet, Sanity, Nightmare and I are planning on something kewl with the Epilouges. So watch for further updates on that.


Howdey. It's that time again. Time for an update. I uploaded a new Sprite Comic up at the Funnies Page. You can see the new comic at the bottom of the list, or just simply click here to see it!That's all for this update! Lata!


Wow, I'm updating like crazy for once. A small spelling check done to the Sinister Six Movie Section. Head on over to Six Stuff and click The Sinister Six Movie Section. Trying to make it look as real as possible. Including later on, I'll be adding a few pics to the section. Maybe it'll actually inspire Capcom to get off their lazy butts and make a movie of their "so called" Blue Mascot!!


A large update with small additions. Added three new Disco sprites to the Disco Page. Also the MP3 Tune of the Month has been disbanded. My other server crashed erasing my MP3 data, so that is done with. Instead I put up a neat pic drawn by "Bobby". A link to his site is attached to his picture. Also added Pharaohman's link to the links page. That's all for this update.


Once again a new Epilouge has been displayed. Though it's not a Sinister Six one. Some friends gave me some inspiration and I created a sub-series dedicated to just them...and me of course. So, why not go ahead and read it anyway. It's called Flight 181. Here is the here. That's all for hope that'll keep you busy for a while.


Time to jump and shout, a new Epilouge has just been completed. The finisher to Season 2, and a long story at that. Almost Beat Him as been put up. There's a Poll there too, so don't forget to vote! Click the link or head on over to the Epilouges Section. Don't mind all those spelling errors...they'll be fixed soon.

Also a Character Gallery has been put up. So enjoy. A nice, long, meaty Epilouge. A nice, large Character Gallery. So that outta keep you guys busy for a while!


Not a rather big, important update, but I got some new ideas for the Sinister Six Movie, which you can read by clicking here or heading over to The Six Stuff catergory and clicking The Sinister Six Movie under the list. Anyway, the newest update is on the far right-bottom of the movie page. Cya for now! *flushes himself down the toilet*


I updated Cutman's Biography Page under the Sinister Six Section on the left frame. Go ahead and check it out for now. More Biography updates may happen within the future. That's all for this week basically...until I can update again.



It's true. It's been a while, so I decided to upload a new Robot Master Tune. You'll be pleased that the tune is from the one and only...our fellow S6 recruit, BOMBMAN!!Cause well, his tune just plain kicks some serious butt. You can still download Bubbleman's tune below. Flameman however is gone for good. I got rants about Flameman's not working properly anyway. Epilouges will be rolling BE PATIENT PUNY MORTALS!

LAST UPDATE: 03/22/2001: After nearly exausting myself on writing 8-bit Blues, I'm still at it at creating more Epilouges...and the next one I'm working on will be a blast. I even created a advertisement for it! You all can use it on yer page if you want. The ad is below. I hope to be releasing this one soon.

Click here for Epilouges!


03/20/2001: Welp, here I am at 11:00 at night putting up the next Epilouge. I skipped the Sinister Six vs Insidious Six Epilouge and went straight to 8-bit Blues. You can view it here. Or by simply heading on over to the Epilouges Section. Enjoy! It's a long one!

Click here to see the new section coming soon to the Robot Master Database.

02/17/00BTW: PLEASE READ! I will be transferring data from here to my new site!! So if you see no "return to main" link, that's why! So simply hit the "back" button if that's the case. I have to try to work around moving stuff around and keeping this site open for the time being. So if you see some strange stuff going on, rest assured it will be fixed up soon! I promise an even bigger site very soon! So stay posted!

Hi, I'm Ice Man. WHAT'S NEW?

The Robot Master Races have now started, so no more votes will be counted! So go check out the progress as of now. The next roll will happen soon. Quite possible at the new site. So see ya then. =)

02/16/00 A good chunky update. First off I'd like to say that Groovy Kat has moved to a new address. His link should be listed below. 2nd I added two new drawings to my Art Section and There's a new banner at my Banners Page
The Robot Master Races have been delayed a tad, answering all your questions about it. It will; however, will be starting shortly...maybe later tonight or tomorrow perhaps. Also I'm thinking of combining my two MM sites into one big site. So that way I don't have to update Both all the time. But it's a big step, and might not happen for quite some time. That's all for today.

02/11/00 I made yet another Soccer Sprite. None other than Shark Man. Yes, I had an earlier version of him, but I hadn't a clue what the heck he looked like. Thanks to MSipher, I was able to determine what his head looked like. Talk about a Snake Man wannabe. Tee hee. 

Thanks MSipher for showing me what old Shark Bag looked like. Now his soccer conversion sprite has been added to the Conversions Page and Soccer Page. Check him out below!

02/05/00 Hey all, I made another Soccer Sprite. Yes, it's true. The Lazy Eskimo has done something useful. Ha! Anyway. I made a soccer conversion for by buddy Lysekoid. Check it out here and in the Conversions Page and the Soccer Page! I hope to make conversions for my other buds Egoraptor, Shortcut, Andon, and others. Cya soon!

02/03/00Hey all, I uploaded the Mega Man Soccer Sheets to the Conversions Page. Next I'll be thinking of doing Powerbattle Conversions...maybe.

Groovy Kat has moved to a new Address! Click here and Poof you're Their! =) Good luck on your new site Groovy!


Hi, I'm Ice Man. WHAT'S NEW?

My first year 2000 update. About time eh? I added a new section for you to view. Just Click here and you're there. Well, cya.

12/26/99 Got an award from my bud Groovy Kat in the Awards Section! Woooooohoooo! It's really neat! I also got some other awards I'll be posting soon, and some new Soccer sprites. So keep coming back! ^_^

12/25/99 Got five more Soccer Sprites! But I'm putting them up late because I got sick during the last week. Yes, even on Christmas, which is why you all haven't seen an update for a while. But anyways, check out the soccer page. That's all for today. =) Also check out my "Sinister Six Page".

Come visit us
Come visit us

12/20/99Hey all. It's another soccer update. I got four more today. A cool Zero from Entity and Neo Zero. A Awesome Freeze Man from Entity. A neat Mega Man X from Spybreak, and also I got off my lazy butt and made one myself. (Rock Monster) =P Check out both sprites in the soccer conversion section. There may be more today, so come back!