Cutman Stage Overview- After Gutsmanís stupid platforms, youíll be glad to know that Cutís stage is free of the elevators of doom. This level is fairly simple, much like Bombmanís, and has a few giant blocks for you to test out the Super Armís abilities with. There are, however, a whole lot of Blasters and other plasma tossing baddies to deal with, and a bunch of bottomless pits to jump across. So get ready, Indiana Jones.

Cutman Stage Enemies- Bunbi, Blaster, Super Cutter, Adhering Suzy, Man Bu, Big Eye, Screw Driver

Cutman Stage Walkthrough- This stage is reallyÖgreen.

Anyways, when you land youíll have a plethora of giant rocks that can be used with the Super Arm. If you so desire, go ahead and use the weapon to pick one up and use it to destroy the incoming swarm of Bunbis. Just make sure you have one around you as soon as you throw one so youíre not completely unarmed, as thereíll be quite a few of these pests. Switch to the Mega Buster when the giant boulder supply runs low and make a break for the right of the stage, where two Blasters will be guarding the ladder in the upper corner. At the very least, take out the bottom most Blaster and proceed towards the ladder, ignoring the top Blaster if you wish, as itíll be facing away from you anyways.

When the screen scrolls upwards, another ladder can be seen at the upper corner again, this time with three Blasters guarding it. One of them will be right above the top of the ladder you entered the screen on, so take it out. Jump up and take out the pair of Blasters quickly to avoid getting shot and use the upper ladder. Once you get up that ladder, the same situation can be found on the next screen, with a different placement of Blasters (x3) and a pair of ladders in the center to help you get to the upper ladder. Iím pretty sure you know what to do by now.

Get up that ladder and youíll find yourself in a very familiar situation by now. Sheesh. Anyways, stay on the ladder and take out the bottom Blaster when it opens up, then take out the upper ones, go up the top ladder, blah blah blahÖ

After you make it up that fun-filled game of Blasters ní Ladders, you be in the open air with some big metal hut in front of you. Once you start moving forward, KEEP moving forward, as a constant stream of Super Cutters will come arching out of the hole in the big cube. It shouldnít be all that hard to dodge at all, but be wary of the pair of Kamadohmas thatíll be jumping around waiting to get blown apart. Give Ďem what they want and move forward. A trio of roving Adhering Suzies will be floating around a ladder, so keep you distance and take them out with either the Mega Buster or a well placed Super Arm throw using the giant cube in front of the small pit a few steps back. Go up the upper cornerís ladder.

In the next screen, four Suzies will be patrolling the area. Luckily, thereís some Super Arm fodder for you to use to destroy a few of them, making life a little easier. The Suzies take quite a beating to destroy, so donít waste time destroying all of them unless you feel like spending a lot longer here than you need to. Same goes for the next screen up, which has a similar situation. And the screen after that. Yeah, I think by now this whole stage can be summed up using the term ďdťjŗ vuĒ.

After getting past that battery of Suzies, youíll be in front of another scissors hut. Just keep moving like before and youíll be fine- the blades didnít get any smarter since last time. Keep moving to the right and a few more Bunbis will come at you, which you should be more than capable of handling by now. By the end of the screen, youíll have a nice, fat health pick up for you, so get it if you need it and go down the ladder.

Get down the ladder and a zigzag-like pattern of ledges greets you, along with a Man Bu patrolling the area. It can get kinda of tight, so donít spend too much time here, and be sure to avoid falling into the blatantly obvious spikes below. I suggest doing the ladder thing, but hey, what do I know?

Another room like the one above is here, so donít dawdle. Thereís really nothing here of interest anyways. Move downwards so you can freak out when a Big Eye comes jumping towards you. You be standing atop a pile of giant blocks for the Super Arm, but I still suggest ducking this thing and getting to the shutter. Inside the hallway leading to the Cut Cave, a few Screw Driver cannons will await you, with one at the bottom, one at the top, and another at the bottom. Take Ďem out as you go along and pick up some health if you can get it from them.

Boss Fight: Cutman- With the Super Arm, this fight is completely one sided. Kinda like Russell Crowe fighting a baby. In Cutmanís room, youíve got two giant blocks to feed the Super Arm. All you have to do is make sure those blocks meet Cutmanís face and you win. In two hits. Did I mention how simple this fight is?

But, if youíre looking for a challenge and are looking to practice for later in the game, fight him with the Mega Buster. Cutmanís actually got some fighting skills to him when heís not being crushed to death, so donít take him too lightly. At first, it appears as though this guy doesnít have much of a set pattern, as heís always jumping around or swinging those shears around that almost always seem to hit you coming back. There is a method to this madness.

Heíll almost always begin the fight by running right at you. Remember that Cutman throws his shears around the more you shoot him. The best way to avoid them is to head for the lower level of the room (clear out the blocks with the Super Arm by throwing them off screen if you wish to have more space to fight). Cut has to reach for his shears in order to throw them, so thatís you que to put your finger on the ďjumpĒ button, but wait until the blades are in the air and coming at you. Once you jump over them, start running towards Cutman, who 4/5 times will jump over you as the Rolling Cutter returns to him. The other times, Cut will do two short hops which can be avoided with precision maneuvering. Just remember that the shears will do whatever they have to do get back to Cutmanís head, and most of his style uses some screwy jumps to try and force you into them as they make their return trip.

I wonít lie to you- this can be a brutal fight. Very rarely will you be able to pull off a perfect victory against him if youíre only using the Mega Buster, but it can be done.

Weapon Profile: Rolling Cutter- This is a fairly useful weapon most of the time, as it doesnít use a whole lot of ammo and is actually pretty powerful against some foes. It travels across half of the screen and is capable of making multiple hits as it loops around back to you. This is THE weapon to have against Elecman, who is quite possibly the hardest boss in the first few Megaman games, so it is nearly invaluable.

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