Elecman Stage Overview- Most of this stage has you going up rather than horizontally, with lots of ladders and annoying enemies bent on knocking you off them. By now, you should have the Rolling Cutter to make things a bit easier by destroying the Gabyoalls and other baddies, but you have to watch out for the Thunder Beam traps. This stage also contains your one and only support weapon, which will be essential for Iceman’s level and is actually needed to get past certain portions of the game later on, so do not miss it for any reason.

Elecman Stage Enemies- Gabyoall, Outcha, Kamadohma, Big Eye

Elecman Stage Walkthrough- This stage starts you off on the bottom floor amongst some Gabyoalls patrolling some platforms you need to use to reach the first of many ladders in this level. Start things off by switching to the Rolling Cutter and start laughing maniacally as you now have the weapon that can finally kill these damn things. The platforms they were on can actually be somewhat annoying to get across, as you must be at the very edges to successfully jump across. Nothing like a little tooth gritting platforming to set the mood for this level, eh?

Once you’ve ascended the ladder and made it to the second screen, destroy the next two Gabyoalls and jump onto the next, super tall ladder. A big health pick up can be found to the right of the screen, but you’d need to jump down from the top of the next screen to reach it, so it’s not worth it this early in the level. If you had the Magnet Beam, however…

The next screen is a copy of the last, but with a twist. Instead of simple Gabyoalls on the small platforms, Thunder Beams shoot out from the right sides of the floating blocks. The bottom one fires a second before the second beam, so wait until the second one’s beam has stopped firing before jumping atop the first block, and then quickly jumping towards the ladder. Got it? Good.

The next screen has a ladder in the middle, which goes all the way up to the next screen. Be careful of the Outchas that come down from the left side of the screen and up from the right. These things shoot beams of electricity from their eyes, which will knock you down a few rungs. Make sure you’re not wasting Rolling Cutter ammo by using the Mega Buster and destroy these things with a single shot per robot. At least they’re easy to kill. The next screen up is exactly the same as the one before it.

Here’s where things can get tricky. When you climb over the ladder and onto the bottom platform, the ladders will be far out of reach, with only a single block floating above your ledge. After a second or two, a block will appear out of the fires of Hell above the single fixed block. Four of these disappearing blocks will appear now in a set pattern, so sit back and observe. At the top of the room there are two ladders. The left one leads you to a set of three small weapon energy items, but you’ll have to drop down and do this screen all over again. Obviously, that means the right ladder is your ticket outta here. The pattern for the blocks is really simple, so you shouldn’t have too much of a hard time figuring it out.

When you climb atop the right ladder, more of the disappear-o blocks will come in and form a small bridge for you to cross and reach the next ladder. Just do it and be quick about it. These things are impatient little buggers and don’t hang around forever.

Once you’ve reached the top of the ladder, you’ll be on a large platform with a large health item on a small ledge underneath. You could drop down and pick it up by walking off the side of the platform and pressing “left” with all of your might, but you had better be prepared for a tricky jump that leads to death if you mess it up. I usually bypass this item for that very reason, as baddies will usually drop some health later on. You’ve still got plenty of stage to get through yet. Either way you choose, just keep headed skyward.

After navigating some platforms that lead to the next ladder, the screen will move you upwards to a new part of the tower with two set of ladders, with a solid wall separating them. Time to choose a path, but not before dealing with some more Outchas. On the right ladder’s side, you’ll have to get passed some Thunder Beam traps, whereas on the left side you can have some fun with some Gabyoalls and the Rolling Cutter. As you continue, the next screen has you dealing with some more Outchas. There’s also a giant block that you can move using the Super Arm if you want to switch sides, but that’s kinda pointless as the next screen has the two ladders reaching the same platform.

At the top of the twin ladders’ path with be a screen with three giant blocks blocking the path to a blue object. Use the Super Arm to lose ‘em and claim your prize: the Magnet Beam. As soon as you pick it up it is armed and ready, so give it a try if you want. This device isn’t a weapon, but rather a handy tool used to form a quick floating platform. The longer you hold down the “fire” button, the longer the platform will be. However, the longer the platform is, the more weapon energy it’ll consume, so use it sparingly. Also, the Magnet Beam’s platforms disappear after a few seconds, so make sure you’re not standing above a bottomless pit or a bed of spikes when it goes kaputski.

Once the Magnet Beam is in your ever-growing arsenal, keep heading upwards via the ladder to the left or right. The right ladder has the Thunder Beams; the left has the Gabyoalls. At this point, it’s time to start conserving weapon energy for the Cutter, so maybe you should tough it out with the Thunder Beams. The next screen has both paths with Thunder Beam traps, with two on the left and one on the right. The screen above that has the Thunder Beam trap, and the left has a Kamadohma trapped in a room with you, with another one above that blocked off by a giant block. If you’re on the left, wait for the one Kamadohma to leap towards you and clean off the platform o it’s doom without your help, and you can continue onward. If you were on the right, lure the one trapped with you down the short ladder, shoot it, use the Super Arm to grab the block, and take out the second one using the block. Here’s a nice place to try out the Magnet Beam, too, providing you didn’t waste all of the ammo playing around with it when you got a hold of it. Use the ladder at the top.

The next screen should be familiar, so just keep going across the platforms to the ladder, which leads to a screen with a pair of floating blocks that shoot off Thunder Beams. You know what to do by now, so make your way past them and up the ladder. Waiting for you on the next screen is Elecman’s shutter, which is of course guarded by a Big Eye, silly. Did you think it would be that easy? Don’t waste any time with this thing and slip past it and into the shutter, which hosts a tall ladder. The ladder is two screens long with a series of Thunder Beam traps, so take your time and do your best to not get hit. The boss fight above isn’t going to be a pretty…

Boss Fight: Elecman- A lot of people have taken to calling this guy “Elecbastard”, and you’ll find out why within a few seconds. For one, he’s fast as hell, probably the fastest Robot Master of all time (Quickman was actually really slow in WW for some stupid reason, and Elecman was made even faster. Figure that one out.). He likes to move around and jump a lot, and it’s easy to see why- he’s good at it. To top it off, his weapon is outrageously cheap and can kill you in a mere three hits with a full energy bar.

With all of that going for him and a lack of a specific pattern, the Rolling Cutter is pretty much the only way to go against Elec. If you use the Mega Buster against him, he’ll tear you apart in seconds, as he’s always right on top of you and gives you no room to dodge. He can even dodge the Rolling Cutter sometimes using his jumps, so don’t be surprised if he kills you even if you come here with the right weapon. The bottom line is that this fight will rarely last over ten seconds- if he’s not dead by then, chances are you will be. Just try to land more hits with your Cutter than he can with his Thunder Beam and you should come out on top, but not after nearly being fried to death.

Weapon Profile: Thunder Beam- Here it is- the much vaunted argument winner. This thing is mighty powerful and can prove useful in a variety of ways. For starters, it travels in not one, not two, but three directions with each pull of the trigger, sending electric death in front of you, above you, and below. Like the Rolling Cutter, it is capable of scoring multiple hits with a single shot (and even more with the legendary “select glitch”. In the NES version of the game, the select button paused the game without bringing up the menu, keeping the active Thunder Beam on screen, but the game would immediately forget if it had counted the damage or not, which it did. By pressing select fast enough, you could destroy super powerful foes with a single shot, but this also takes away some of the challenge of the game.). The weapon can also destroy the giant blocks that the Super Arm uses, so if you don’t feel like taking the risk of the Super Arm when doing some interior decorating, use the Thunder Beam.

Next Stage: Iceman