Iceman Stage Overview- As you would expect by picking a stage headed by a guy named “Iceman”, this stage is full of (big shock) ice. Being so, it’s slippery and can have you flying off into gaping chasms and into foes without only minor errors. To top it off, there are some aggravating puzzle elements to it, making it a bit more annoying than Gutsman’s stage.

Iceman Stage Enemies- Crazy Razy, Pepe, Gabyoall, Adhering Suzy, Foot Holder, Big Eye

Iceman Stage Walkthrough- As soon as you show up in your limousine (no, I’m kidding; Rock doesn’t get a limo until the third game when he negotiates for a better contract with Capcom), you’ll be attacked by a new foe- the Crazy Razy. These things are a pain. If you just shoot them as you would a mighty Pickelman, their legs will take the hit but their upper halves start flying around in attempt to pimp slap you. The best way to avoid that headache is to shoot them in the head first and take out the whole mess at once. Oh yeah, they also shoot plasma at you if you let them walk around with their legs, so don’t let them do any power walking for too long.

After you take that one down and start walking forward on the slippery permafrost, another one will show up on the first ledge. Aim for the eyes and take him down before he can give you any beef- you have enough of that already. Keep going up the steps and two more will show up. Rinse, lather, repeat. You’ll come across a new element altogether- water. In the Wily Wars version of this game, water has the same physics engine as it does in later games, so you can “super jump” when submerged. Take advantage of that. But, if you’re playing the old NES version, water is just another color for the background and nothing more.

As soon as you set your eyes on the water, Pepes will appear. These things travel exactly like the Killer Bombs from Bombman’s level, but without the nasty explosion. Feel free to dole out a helping of justice and get them out of the picture as soon as they show up on screen. As you enter the water, you’ll see some Gabyoalls patrolling the blue depths in addition to the constant stream of Pepes. Try to leap past the Gabyoalls while shooting the Pepes. Keep a constant pace until you reach the end of the screen. At the end of the screen, you’ll see a pair of Adhering Suzies guarding a large health item, so take them out (use a Hyper Bomb if you’re feeling lazy) and continue down the blue tube.

Once you’re down there, you’ll find yourself in a wide open room with a Gabyoall patrolling the floor under a shallow pool of water. Use the Rolling Cutter to take care of it so you can concentrate on the disappear-o blocks that will show up over your head. Observe the pattern and take your time- with no enemies, you shouldn’t be in a rush.

Get past that puzzle and another one awaits you down below, with another Gabyoall scooting around. Take it out with a Cutter and now start your cheating. Well, not really cheating, but it’s a nice little time saver after dealing with the last room. Switch to your Magnet Beam, walk over to the right-most wall of the pit, face the left, jump, and fire off a Magnet Beam just low enough to jump onto from the floor. If done correctly (and if you’re playing the WW version), a double-shot of the platform should be all you need. Don’t make them too big and waste all of your precious ammo on a single attempt. Traverse over the ledge after beating the puzzle at it’s own game and you’ll come face to face with a huge canyon.

By now, the slippery floors will probably be irking you, so jump straight up to stop the sliding about. A strange enemy will be patrolling the canyon to help you out and provide you with another migraine. The Foot Holder is a floating platform with a mind of it’s own, and it’ll go along it’s own slow moving path which is rarely in your best interest. Because the game designers are also evil, evil people, Foot Holders also shoot out plasma bullets whenever they change direction, meaning they may shoot you out of the sky just as you’re making a critical leap.

For the first part of this nightmare, four Foot Holders will be there to help/aggravate you across the chasm, and after either a short few leaps or a nerve wracking eternity of waiting for just the right conditions (depending on what these things are doing), you’ll see a small column with a large ammo item. Now would be a good time to fill up that Magnet Beam. Now, you could use the Magnet Beam to traverse the entire canyon, but you’ll probably run out just before you reach the end and plummet to your death and have to start in the first puzzle room with no weapon energy for it. That would be a bad thing. Instead, keep the Magnet Beam active but use it towards the end of this exercise in platforming Hell to avoid the a fore mentioned scenario. And oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention- there’ll be a constant barrage of Pepes flying at you during the second part of this. With a little bit of skill and a whole lot of luck, you’ll be atop the high ledge of the other side of the canyon. Just don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back.

Almost as if the game designers were attempting to make up for that hair pulling bit of level back there, a 1up waits for you down below. Walk off the side of the ledge down the tube and jam on the “left” button to land in that little passageway to get your well-deserved bounty. You probably need it after going through that mess.

Continuing down the tube, keep pushing “left” to land on another goodie ledge, which has three small health pick ups and three small weapon energy items. Man, those Capcom people must have felt really guilty for putting you through that mess. That, or they know the Big Eye that awaits you down below has a good chance of smashing you flat and sending you back to the first puzzle room before the big canyon. This is why I try to avoid fights with these things.

Keep going past the Big Eye to start knockin’ on Ice’s door. The hallway is filled with flying Pepes, so keep shootin’ as you run forward to start your showdown with the frosty one himself.

Boss Fight: Iceman- Iceman uses the most blatantly obvious pattern of any Robot Master in this game. To his credit though, he has the weapon that lets him get away with it. The Ice Slasher is purposely meant to go really slow in an attempt to screw up your timing, and Iceman keeps a constant stream of them going, stopping only to skate forwards or backwards for a few steps. The Slasher can do some nasty damage to you if it hits you, and can kill you just as fast as the Thunder Beam. Speaking of the Thunder Beam…Use it. Three shots is a relative number for old Icy, so take him down with it. If you’re feeling brave, use the Mega Buster and start doing the little dance to avoid the stream of Ice Slashers and you can beat him fairly easily if you don’t let the icy floors trip you up.

Weapon Profile: Ice Slasher- Your version of the Ice Slasher is a lot faster than Iceman’s thankfully, and it carries a special attribute. Instead of damaging an enemy, it freezes it in place for a few seconds, allowing you to slip past it and be astonished as a freezing weapon can cause things to defy the laws of physics by keeping enemies frozen in the air. This is useful against the Big Eyes, and can be useful in Fireman’s level where you can actually freeze certain types of flames. Aside from that, however, this weapon has limited usefulness, as you cannot switch weapons while an on-screen enemy remains frozen, so don’t plan on whipping out some mad Ice Slasher/Thunder Beam combos anytime soon.

Next Stage: Fireman