Dr Wily and the Chocolate Factory!

Dr Wily Stage 3 Overview- This stage is really short and takes place under water during the second half and boss battle. Itís not particularly hard by any means and was probably made as a way to make the game longer than it originally was. It is blissfully free of spikes and pitfalls unlike the first two Wily stages, so use this stage to take a breather.

Dr Wily Stage 3 Enemies- Adhering Suzy, Screw Driver,

Dr Wily Stage 3 Walkthrough- Right from the get go, three Suzies will be right in your path as you find yourself in a huge tube of some sort (Wily must have no problems when it comes to septic tank blockage if itís this damn big!). After disposing of the small robots, drop down and fight through some uneventful screens full of Suzies and Screw Drivers. These screens are all really simple, so Iím not going to hold your hand through them. You should be more than able to take care of yourself by now, youngíun.

Soon, youíll be in the main tube, and after walking forward for a bit it will suddenly flood and the current will carry you forward. Pepes will start to fly in towards you, so just keep firing. The Pepes eventually stop, and will be replaced by Killer Bombs. Shoot them as they appear and walk back wards until their explosion clears to move forward and into a large chamber just out side of the boss room.

Told you this stage was short.

Boss Fight: Bubble Monster- Inside the boss chamber, four giant blocks will lay in the center of the room in a pyramid shape, with three hatches at the top and sides of the room. The Bubble Monster starts things off by appearing out of the left door usually and travelling along the edges of the room in a clockwise pattern. It occasionally shoots bubble robot shots at you, so jump or run away from them when needed. The Bubble Monsterís main weapon is itís own body, which causes considerable damage to you if you touch it. Instead of using the blocks in the room with the Super Arm, use them to jump over the Monster when he starts rolling across the floor.

I actually recommend the standard peashooter for this fight, as the Thunder Beam tends to destroy the blocks when you donít want it to. When the Bubble Monster takes too much damage, itíll disappear and reappear from another hatch, this time moving faster than before. Despite his speed the more times you make him pull the Houdini act, heís not that difficult to dodge if you keep the blocks intact, and heíll be popped in no time without much trouble.

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