Apocalypse Wily!


Dr Wily Stage 4 Overview- This stage has more than itís share of hazards designed to keep you from ever reaching Dr Wily himself, including a dastardly marathon of fighting the remain four Robot Masters all in a row with no interruption and no health pick ups in between. Things get nasty in a hurry here, but youíre right at the end of the game so donít give up just yet.

Dr Wily Stage 4 Enemies- Outcha, Screw Driver,

Dr Wily Stage 4 Walkthrough- Youíll start the final stage in a room full of spikes and small floating blocks to help you reach the ladder. Donít move just yet, as a series of Outchas from Elecmanís level will show up so you can kill them. Once those simps have been dealt the death card, head up the ladder to the next screen, where more Outchas attempt to knock you off the ladder as you continue your ascension.

Once youíve reached the next screen, three blocks stand in your way with a large weapon pick up atop the pile. Either use the Magnet Beam to reach the top and claim the prize or just plow through it using the Super Arm or Thunder Beam.

Past that, youíll see some freaky golden Gutsman figures embedded in the ceiling, along with a whole lot of Screw Drivers to kill you dead. I think you should return the sentiment. Once you get through that little marathon of jumping and shooting, the sound from Hell shows up once you make your way up the zigzag set of ladders and platforms. The collapsing platforms from our pal Gutsmanís stage show up once again to help us across a hallway of spikes. This time, however, you have the Magnet Beam to help you out. Thereís only one gap in the track of the single moving platform, with a small block floating above it to help you out. Once the platform resets itself and is climbable, jump on it and ride it past the small ladder to get a rare 1up and an even rarer Yasashi pick up! The Yasashi is the grand pappy of all items in this game, as it restores everything with a single pick up- both your health and all of your weapons instantly recover.

Too bad thatís the only help youíll get during the next part of the stage, which has you fighting Bombman, Fireman, Iceman, and Gutsman in that order. Luckily, these guys havenít gotten any stronger or smarter since the last time you smacked them around, so get through them as fast as you can and conserve as much health as you can, as Dr Wily awaits you above in his deadly and cleverly named Wily Machine.

Once you beaten the four Robot Masters, head down the huge hallway to the final door, which has a single large weapon pick up to aid you in the upcoming fight. I suggest filling up the Fire Storm if anything.

Boss Fight: Wily Machine 1- Wily shows up in grand style in his pimped out flying saucer, which attaches itself to one goofy looking machine. Try not to laugh just yet, as this thing has a knack for tearing smarmy little blue underwear-clad men apart with itís poorly calibrated tennis ball launcher. Similar to the much-praised Pickelman from Gutsmanís stage, the Wily Machine shoots balls of plasma in an arching motion. And brother, do these things hurt if they hit you. Activate the Fire Storm and start going to work on the cannon. The Wily machine moves slowly across the room with little room for you to dodge both it and itís constant barrage of plasma. Luckily, the Fire Storm does a hell of a lot of damage to it all at once, so fire off as much as you can, but save some for the second part of the battle.

Boss Fight: Wily Machine 2- Once youíve worn down the Wily Machineís life bar to nothing, the built less-than-Ford tough contraption explodes itís gold dome and Albert Einstein is revealed as the guy at the controls. Time to make him pay for forcing you to sit through your science teacher try miserably to teach you the basic principals of the theory of relativity! The Fire Storm is just as effective here as it was in the machineís first form, so aim for the crafty scientist. Just be wary of the new type of attack the machine uses.

Apparently, Wily has been watching too much Karate Kid for his own good, as heís applied the ďwax onĒ philosophy to his weapon, which shoots a huge ball of plasma towards you in a slow moving loop de loop formation. This thing will kill you in just a few hits, and Megamanís probably hurting by now, so keep nailing Wily in the face with the Fire Storm as much as humanly possible and the old coot will go flying into the air with more hang time than Eval Kaneval and Michael Jordan combined, signaling the beginning of the sappy ending.

SoÖThatís it. What? You want me to walk you through the ending, too? Alright, thereís lots of trees and words and crap, and Astro Boy comes running along this field to meet with Santa Clause and his wife while theyíre on vacation in their summer cabin. Oh, and something about a possible sequel being hinted at. Wonder when Capcom will realize how well received sequels are and get around to making Megaman 2?

ďFight, Megaman!! For ever lasting peace (and a cheap source of easy revenue)!!Ē