Greetings, adoring fans of Megaman pages! After the sad demise of the first Sinister Six, we have taken their mantle!? Our page has much great content that is all our own!? This team has worked hard on the page, and if you steal any of our things .... there can be legal reprecussions!

Also:  We are the one TRUE Megaman 3 team.  Be fooled by no others!  Although teams like the Mechanical Maniacs or or Gamma's Deciples may lay claim to the MM3 team title, it is WE who have had it first!  And Megaman 3 PC was the first Megaman 3 as well!  That .... OTHER ..... Megaman 3 .... for the NES ..... was a sad copy.  All their Robot Masters were but twisted variants of our own!  DO NOT BE FOOLED!  If you have ever played the game MM3 PC you would know how vastly superior it is, in every way to that OTHER Megaman 3 game.

So, come inside, and join us in our crusade to promote Megaman 3 PC!
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