Ain't Never Had A Friend Like Me!

(It's a rainy afternoon at the Technodrome. There are no bank robberies...No plots to take over the world...No ditching the team to have fun...because it's raining. Even the cable is out on this dismal day. What are our heroes to do?)

Snake: Hm...I guess things turned out all right after all...

Gauntlet: Yeah, and we learned something too...Didn't we, Needle?

Needlegal: What? NO! Nothing has happened yet!

Magnet: You mean you DON'T have a moral?

Needlegal: Not yet!

Top: I'm bored. Whadaya wanna do, Hard Chick?

Hard Chick: I dunno. What do you wanna do, Gemini Red?

Gemini Red: I dunno. What do you wanna do, Gauntlet?

Gauntlet: Don't even try involving me in this bit! If I knew of something to do, I'd be doing it, now wouldn't I?


Gemini Red: So, what do you wanna do, Needlegal?

Magnet: Hey, you know what? I got that map I bought on eBay! We could go find that buried treasure that it leads to!

Needlegal: Hey, why not? So it leads to buried treasure?

Magnet: Actually, the guy wasn't entirely sure. But it must lead to SOMETHING!

Gauntlet: Woah, woah, waitaminute there! What makes you sure this is a REAL map?

Magnet: Certificate of authenticity.


Gauntlet: Works for me! Let's go.

Hard Chick: Hold it, I thought we were all stuck inside due to the rain. Now all of a sudden there's something we're willing to go outside for?

Gauntlet: Potential treasure is worth getting a little wet.

Hard Chick: But not general elimination of boredom?

Gauntlet: We're going now, alright?

(The Mechanical Maniacs drive to the locations specified on the map...)

Snake: Oh man, that burrito gave me indigestion...

Spark: Uh oh.

Snake: I don't feel so good~


(Later on...)

Sharkman: Welcome to McDonalds. Can I - WOAH!

The Maniacs: SHARKMAN!

Sharkman: What're you dudes doin' here!?

Spark: Looking for treasure! What are YOU doing here??

Sharkman: I WORK here! Got stuff to pay for.

Sparkman: Hh. Who knew?

(Time goes on...)

Mother Brain: MY BABIES!!!!

The Maniacs: Run!

(Mother Brain chases the Maniacs out of the building! Snakeman fires Search Snakes to collapse the structure and it falls on top of Mother Brain!)

Snakeman: This time - I drive!

(Fifteen minutes later, the Maniacs are flying off a cliff!)

The Maniacs: Damnit, Snake!

Snakeman: How is this my fault!? Oh, right.

(Soon after...)

Magnet the Mighty!
Master of geography,
Here to guide you on your way!
Stick with me you'll never stray!
When you're in a land that's new,
I'm the guy to get you through!

Sparkman: Shut it, Magnet!

Magnet: DON'T TELL ME TO -

Gauntlet: Quiet, BOTH OF YOU! I've got a headache...

Topman: I knew we shouldn't have taken that left turn at Albuquerque!

Hard Chick: Are we there yet?

Gemini Red: Man, why isn't Gemini Blue here to endure this torture with us?!

Spark: That lazy bastard wouldn't stop playing Space Invaders!

Hard Chick: Are we there yet?

Snake: Man, that Mother Brain just does not quit!

Magnet: Y'know I blasted her with Power Ring's Ring once!

Gemini Red: Get out!

Hard Chick: Are we there yet?

Magnet: No, it's true! Back when Extant tried to reset time!* The ring was one of the time anomalies.

(*Happened in Series 1, Solo Story #7!)

Needlegal: How the hell did she survive then?!

Magnet: How do they always survive? She seemed awfully dead in the NES Metroid, but the cat came back!

Hard Chick: Are we there yet?

Gauntlet: NO! We are NOT there yet! We'll be there when we're there! Now stop asking or I'll jam my staff down yer throat!

Hard Chick: Yeah? Well -

Gemini Red: Chill! It's been a long day for everyone! But don't worry, we're almost there!

(Two hours later, the Maniacs find a cave near an ancient Incan city!)

Magnet: The map says it's here!

(Suddenly, the area is filled with smoke and someone races past the Maniacs!)

Snake: What!?

Gauntlet: We've been followed!

Top: Let's get him!

(The Maniacs run after the other person!)

Gauntlet: OW! What!? (Looks down) Thumb tacks! That jerk!

That Jerk: Mwa-ha-ha-ha-hah!

(The Maniacs run very carefully after him! Suddenly, they happen across a room filled with poisonous arrows scattered along the ground!)

Top: Must have activated a trap...

Gemini Red: Well, it won't hurt us! We're robots after all!

(The Maniacs follow ever closer!)

Needle: Are you sure we're on the right track?

Snake: Positive! My senses are as keen as a snake's! He went this way!

(The Maniacs follow Snakeman's lead until...)

That Jerk: You're too late, fools! I have the genie!

The Maniacs: TORCHMAN!!

Torchman: Yes!

Spark: But how did you find this place?

Torchman: I tried bidding on that map, but Magnet outbid me at the last second! So I followed you here!


Top: Wha-? NO IT ISN'T! He just followed us like a lazy putz!

Torch: Enough! I now have the genie! Soon, you will all bow down to ME!!!!

Gauntlet: No way!

Torch: YES WAY!!!

(Torchman rubs the "lamp" and the genie comes out!)

Genie: I have been awoken. I shall grant thee three wishes - but only three!

Torchman: YES! My first wish is - destroy all my enemies! Those Sinister Six traitors, the OTHER Sinister Six! That insipid Iceman Red! The Mechanical Maniacs! The Power Rangers! That screechy bitch, Rita Repulsa! Everyone that's crossed me - I want them DEAD!

Genie:...I am sorry, but I cannot grant that wish

All: GASP!!

Torchman: But - why?!

Genie: I am not THAT kind of genie. I am...GAME GENIE!!

Gauntlet: Oh, hey, I knew you looked familiar!

Torchman: DAMMIT!! Fine! I wish for INFINITE ENERGY!!

Game Genie: I am sorry, but I cannot grant thy wish.

Torchman: WHAT!? Why not!?

Game Genie: I am the NES Game Genie, compatible with most NES games. You are from the game Mega Man 3 for the computer. As such, you are beyond my powers.

Torchman: ...NO!

Gauntlet: Ahem. WHO did you want to destroy, Torch? Hm?

Torchman: ...Gee, did I leave my oven on?

Hard Chick: You're not getting away THAT easy!

Torchman: AU CONTRAIRE! (Torchman teleports away!)

Spark: Rats! How'd he learn to do that?

Gauntlet: Aw, let him go! The treasure is -

Magnet: MINE! I paid for it!

Gauntlet: Oh, for pity's sake!

(Magnet grabs the Game Genie cartridge!)

Game Genie: I have been awoken. I shall grant thee three wishes - but only three!

Magnet: YES! I wish for infinite lives!

Game Genie: Very well! Please repeat the following phrase. Remember that you can pick n' mix your codes. You can enter up to THREE codes at one time. If you get a code wrong, it can have disastrous effects!


Game Genie: The code is - AEEGXLPA!!

Magnet: What?

Game Genie: AEEGXLPA!!


Magnet: Care to repeat?

Game Genie: AEEGXLPA!!

Magnet:...Alright, I think I have it...Say it one more time.



Magnet: What? You mean THAT was my three wishes!?

Game Genie: Yes.

Magnet: But that's only ONE wish!

Game Genie: Entered three times.

Magnet: Aw, this bites!

Needlegal: Don't worry! I got a tape recorder! There's 7 of us left! I'll just record what he says, and then we'll all wish!

Game Genie: I am sorry, but that is impossible. You can enter up to THREE codes at one time.

Needlegal: You mean, since we're from the same was a group wish?

Game Genie: Yes.

Snake: Aw, man!

Spark: Way to go Maggie, you wasted our wishes!


Spark: Shouldn't we try out that code though? Maybe we can pronounce it right and get infinite lives?

Gemini Red: Yeah, but if we pronounce it wrong, we can all end up changing into chickens for the rest of our lives! I don't wanna risk that.

(The Maniacs walk out of the cave.)

Snake: Hm...I guess things turned out all right after all...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too...

Gauntlet: And Sailor Moon says...

Needlegal: We learned not to ask me a moral before anything has happened yet! Geez! I'm not psychic, y'know!

Gauntlet: Hey, not my fault you didn't have anything prepared!

Top: Well, until we can find our way home without getting lost, we are...the Mechanical Maniacs!


Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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