The Team Manager

(It's another day in the Technodrome but the Maniacs are in for a surprise.)

Unknown Man: Knock! Knock! Is anyone home?

Spark: Hey! Who are you?

Unknown Man: I'm your Team Manager!


Gauntlet: Manager?

MM Manager: Yes every team in Mega Land must now have a manager. It's in this bill.

Needle: Let's see...(Reads a few lines.) Yeah! He's right! It's some kind of government mandate!

All: (Groan).

Magnet: There must be a mistake!

Top: I'll ring the Sinister Six!


Top: He's right! The Sinister Six have a manager too.

Snake: Why do we need one anyway?

MM Manager: Well you see, with all these villains out there the government decided that each team must have a manager to plan out who will decide what villains the team must fight.

Gemini: That sounds pretty low.

Spark: Yeah! We should fight whom we want to fight!

Gauntlet: What if we don't want a manager?

MM Manager: Then we'll have to shut down the team...

Hard: Well that just sucks!

Gemini: You said it!

Snake: I guess we're stuck with him.

MM Manager: Since we have no trouble we're going on a world tour!

Top: World Tour?

MM Manager: Yes. When there is no trouble in town we go on tour. You do have fans across the world, you know!

Magnet: We have fans?

Spark: Across the world?

MM Manager: Of course!

Hard: So where's our first stop?

MM Manager: You'll find out soon enough.

Gauntlet: Well, let's go!

(The group leaves, taking the station wagon their manager brought.)

Hard: Are we there yet?

Everyone Else: NO!

Needle: Pretty cramped in here. There wasn't even enough room for Gemini.

Gauntlet: It's fine, our manager managed it so he could come too.

Magnet: It gives him a chance to work out.

Hard: You think?

Top: See for yourself.

(Everyone looks out the window to see Gemini tied to a long rope which is tied to the tow bar.)


(Gemini slips and gets pulled along the road.)

Top: Ouch! That's gotta hurt.

Spark: Kids, don't try this at home.

MM Manager: Wait! It says here that there are 9 of you! Where's Gemini Red?

Needle: The lucky bastard went to see Big Brother Live without us!

MM Manager: I see...

Gauntlet: So where is this place?

MM Manager: Just turn right here.

(The Maniacs arrive at a run down hotel.)

Gauntlet: This is it?

Needle: It looks a bit seedy.

Hard: Well, where are we?

MM Manager: The Grass Plains of Nowhere

Snake: What do you mean by 'Nowhere'?

MM Manager: Well, the town is in the middle of Nowhere. That's where the name came from.

Gauntlet: I see.

Magnet: Well I'm tired. Let's get some sleep!

Gemini: Agreed. I'll need some time to heal.

Spark: When will we be signing autographs?

MM Manager: Umm...Any time soon.

Top: I guess we'll get some rest.

Magnet: Yes. Magnet The Mighty will need his power nap!

Hard: Yeah...Whatever!

Magnet: Silence!

(The Maniacs leave.)

MM Manager: Soon the Mechanical Maniacs will fall! I will get my revenge, Gauntlet! You too, Gemini!

(MM Manager reveals himself to be Wily.)

Wily: (On a cell phone) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How is your assignment, Bass?


Wily: Bass?

(Iceman answers instead of Bass on Wily's cell phone.)

Gary: Sorry, Albert! We saw through your manager plan and captured Bass!

Wily: What?

Gary: No worries. I sent you a gift.(Hangs up.)

Wily: Gift?

Jonathan: Telegram for Dr. Albert W. Wily!

Wily: Yes. That's me!

(Clownman throws two pies at Wily and sprays him with seltzer.)

Jonathan: HAHAHA! Sign here.

(Clown hands Wily a clipboard. Wily is still dumbstruck with a face covered in glop, he scribbles on the form.)

Jonathan: Thank you. HAHAHA! (Runs off and vanishes without a trace).

Wily: ...Well, I can still have my revenge!...Hmm...Coconut Cream! Nice!

(Inside their room in the hotel, the MM are informed by Gary on the phone of Wily's deception...)

Gauntlet: Looks like Wily's up to his old tricks.

Needle: What else is new? So, what, the whole government mandate thing was a hoax and the Six were the only other team he bothered to try it on? What if we had called anybody else to check earlier?

Gemini: I think I should have the top bunk!

Top: No way! The top bunk is mine! It says so right in the name!

Snake: Well there's only one thing to do...Wrestle!

Magnet: Would you keep it down! I need some sleep!

Hard: Aren't any of you worried about Wily's trap?

Spark: With a setup like "Fake Team Manager", how bad could it be? His robots will probably just barge through the door in three seconds.

(Three seconds later...)

Spark: Okay, no one's coming.

Gemini: I'll go check.

Top: Yes, the Top Bunk is mine!

Spark: No! Wait...

(Gemini opens the door and a bomb explodes, sending him flying into the bunks, taking Top with him.)

Spark: I guess I forgot to tell you...I wired a bomb to the door because I was expecting the enemy to come through first.

Gauntlet: I guess we better go check on them.

(The Maniacs go downstairs...)

Top: You just had to do that!

Gemini: Hey! At least you didn't get tied to the back of a station wagon and get dragged all the way here!

Wily: Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.

Chimera: Umm...What cat?

Spin: It's a figure of speech, dumbass!

Claw: Shall I dispose of them?

Wily: Not yet...First, Warman! Blow up the building!

War: Yes sir! (Fires his missiles).

(The hotel collapses. Wily's capsule rises out of the rubble.)

Wily: Yes! Victory is mine!

Gauntlet: Looking for me?

Wily: What?

(Wily turns to see Gauntlet and the Maniacs.)

Wily: What happened to my four Robot Masters?

Needle: We got rid of them.

Magnet: Actually, I Magnet the Mighty got rid of them!

Spark: Shut up! (Shocks Magnet).

Hard: Actually, the COLLAPSING BUILDING got rid of them! It collapsed right on top of all of us! We're just more durable than those rejects! So now it's just you and us!

Wily: Umm...I just remembered! I left the oven on! (Runs off).

Gauntlet: Not so fast! Shadow Blade!

(Wily gets pinned to a wall.)

Hard: Hard Knuckle!

(The Knuckle knocks out Wily.)

Snake: Think we should call the police and arrest them?

Gauntlet: Bah! Never! Let's just leave him. The cops will find him.

(Later, back at the Technodrome.)

Snake: Hmm...I guess everything turned out all right.

Needle: Yeah and we learned something too.

Gauntlet: That Wily has lots of lame disguises and yet everyone falls for them?

Needle: No. (Besides, I think that was the same disguise as last time.) We learned that we should never drag people from the back of moving vehicles.

Spark: Yeah. Gemini is in hospital as we speak.

Hard: Who thought of the idea anyway?

All: Wily!

Hard: Oh yeah!

Top: Well, unless Gemini never gets out of hospital, we are...The Mechanical Maniacs!


The End.

Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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