A Family Feud...Well kinda...

(Writer's Note: To the family of Hard Chika (Sarah) and Torchman (Matt) if I have offended you in any way in this epilogue I'm sorry. This is only an epilogue it only reflects on the characters that they portray. It's like an RPG or play.)

(Things have been slow at the Technodrome on this, what seems to be a normal day.)

Needle: Has the world suddenly stopped?!

Gauntlet: What do you mean, sis?

Needle: There's been absolutely no word of Wily or any other villain attacking the city.

Top: Wouldn't that be a good thing?

Snake: Well, yes that would be good but that means we have nothing to do since we lost Gamma.

Spark: So you mean we've got nothing to do but sit here and wait for trouble to start.

Snake: I guess.

Gemini: 'Morning!

Gauntlet: It's the afternoon.

Gemini: It is? My watch must be broken! See ya!

Magnet: Where are you going?

Gemini: Well...Um...That's a secret!

Top: Wait a sec! That's Gauntlet's trick and it's not going to work with you!

Gemini: So what? Just see if you can stop me.

Gauntlet: Hey! Wait a minute, something's not right here.

Needle: What do you mean, bro?

Gauntlet: Where's Nightmare?

Top: That bastard stole our tickets to the game tonight!

Spark: What game?

Top: A game. They were selling tickets to a big game so I bought them.

Snake: Guess it's not important.

(An explosion is heard.)

Gauntlet: Hey! We just fixed that wall!

Torch: I have come for my revenge!

Gemini: Where's the rest of your friends?

Torch: It's just me today!

Gauntlet: So, you want some more?

Hard Chika: Matt! What do you think you're doing here?

Torch: Sarah? What are YOU doing here?

Gauntlet: Ok I'm confused, who's Matt?

Gemini: (Whispering) Matt is Torchman, also known as Kaz, he's Sarah's Brother.

Everyone Else: WHAT?!

Torch: Yeah! I'm Sarah's brother.

Hard Chika: You got a problem with that?


Needlegal: Well why didn't you mention this before, like the last time we faced the PC team?*

(*Hard Chick and Torchman last interacted in Issue #8, written by a different author.)

Hard Chika: It didn't come up. Well what are you doing here, Matt?

Torch: I...came to get my revenge. I said that part.

Hard Chika: What revenge?

Torch: Revenge on my last defeat!

Hard Chika: Oh yeah!

Torch: Well now I shall be destroying this place now! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Hard Chika: Hey! Stop it! You said "now" twice!

Torch: Why should I listen to you?

(Torch starts burning up the Technodrome.)

Hard Chika: That's it! Hard Knuckle!

Torch: OW! Now I've had it!

(Hard and Torch start fighting.)

Gauntlet: Think we should get involved?

Spark: No, I want to see how this turns out.

Magnet: Yeah! You don't see this everyday.

(Hard punches Torch.)

Snake: My money's on Hard Chika.

Top: Hey, they're a family! You shouldn't be messing with them like that.

Everyone Else: (Stares at Top.)

Top: Fine then! My money's on Hard.

(Torch burns Hard. Hard throws Torch. Torch blasts Hard. Hard slams Torch. Well, you get the idea.)

Hard Chika: I'm exhausted!

Torch: Same.

Hard Chika: Let's take a break.

Gemini: That's it! I'm leaving!

Gauntlet: Why? Things just started to get interesting.

Gemini: Well, I'm a good friend of their family so I'd hate to see the ending of this.

Everyone Else: (Stares at Gemini.)

Gemini: Fine! I'll stay!

(The battle resumes. After a few rounds the Maniacs are beginning to get bored.)

Gauntlet: When will this end?

Gemini: My guess is the fight will go the distance.

Needle: These fights are supposed to last 12 rounds right?

Top: Yeah.

Needle: What round is it?

Magnet: The 47th, I think.

Snake: No, it's the 38th!

Spark: Really? I thought it was the 51st.

Gauntlet: Shut up! I don't care what round it is!

(Torch suddenly gets trapped in a bubble.)

Torch: Hey! What gives?

Wave: This is depressing. We got team stuff to do, Torch.

Bit: Ya said ya were goin' t'get yer revenge, not move in with these guys.

Hard Chika: Hey! I was winning!

Torch: No you weren't!

Oil: Enough! I can't stand this. We're leaving.

(The Sinister Six leave.)

Top: Finally, it's finished!

Needle: And we learned something as well.

Gauntlet: And what's that?

Needle: An argument can last forever.

Snake: That's true!

Magnet: You said it!

Top: Well, until Hard and Torch settle their rivalry with words instead of deadly weapons, we are...The Mechanical Maniacs!



Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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