Be one with the name...BE the name...

Needle: Uh-oh, Nightmare wrote this...

Snake: I advise you all to stop reading NOW!

(Hard Chick comes down the stairs.)

Hard: NOOOOO! It's a Nightmare episode!

(Topman slides down the stairs on his wheels.)

Top: Ah, good morning to you all...I'm feeling GRRRRRRRREAT!...What are you all being so serious about? You look like you've seen an epilogue by Nightmare! I mean, it can't be as bad as an epilogue by...(Looks up)

Gauntlet: (In a whisper) Gasp, gasp...We're all going to die out here...I see dead epilogues...

Magnet: I think you are all underestimating his talent!

Spark: Have you even read his epilogues yet?

Magnet: Nope, haven't got the time!

Gauntlet: Here...(Hands Magnet a script.)

Magnet: (Reading) Hmm, mmmmm...yeah...OH CRAP IT IS THAT BAD!

Hard: Told ya!

Nightmare: Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go! What, what are you all staring at?

Needle: Aside from your tights, the fact that you dared to write another epilogue...

Nightmare: Whadaya mean DARED?! And for the last time, they are not tights...

Spark: And yet you...

Nightmare: I don't even want to know where this is going...

Snake: One could say he's in a TIGHT spot!

(Gauntlet high-five's Snake.)

Nightmare: Why dost thou all mocketh mine soul to eternity and onward ho?

All: What?

Nightmare: I am trying out for an olde English play! I wanna be the lead role!

Spark: Which one? Peter Pansy?

Nightmare: Stop calling me that!

Needle: Actually, we've had a lot of time on our hands, why don't we all go to the auditions?

Gauntlet: That sounds fun! However, I have to...go bring...Gemini Blue to the hospital...he...choked!

Hard: Yeah right...he's inside the pantry stuffing himself on it right now...and besides, we all know Jello is a chunk of Saturn's rings that plummeted to the earth...and it can't kill Robot Masters, only the unsuspecting kids it feeds on, though they think they feed on it...poor unfortunate souls! (Editors note: That is my theory on the Jello conspiracy. Makes more sense than getting gelatin from bone and marrow, doesn't it?)

Gauntlet: Damn! That means I have to actually go on a group adventure!

Needle: That's right bro, you are stuck with ME!!! Mwahahahaha!

Spark: When did you get an evil laugh?

Needle: Well, everyone else has one! I wanted my own!

Snake: Who told you you could have one?

Needle:...No one...but I WANT ONE!!!

Magnet: I'm not really sure a laugh fits you. How about a cackle?

Needle: No dice...

Gauntlet: If I have to be in an adventure, lets get it over with.

(Later, at the playhouse...)

Guy: Excellent! You all deserve parts!

Maniacs: Whoop-de-friggin'-do!

Nightmare: Yes!!!!! Huzzah!

Everyone Else: Huzzah?

Nightmare: Yup! Now I will have company when we go to acting classes!

Top: We have to go to acting classes?

Nightmare: Yup!

Gauntlet: This had better be worth getting out of bed...

(The next day, at the first acting class...)

Guy: Now, you must realize, that to act, you must feel the part!

Top: This is sooooooo boring!

Nightmare: Quiet!

Guy: Now, see this ball...You must be one with the fact you must BE the ball...

Spark: I see it, I see it, I don't see it...I just can't picture myself being a ball...

Guy: Wait a second! I have a better idea...You shall all be...your names! Be one with your names!

Magnet: What do you mean?

Guy: Well, your name is 'Magnet', so be one with your name, BE your name...

Snake: Ohhh!

Guy: Now close your eyes, and be your name!

(They all close their eyes, and unbeknownst to them, the acting teacher pulls out a ray gun.)

Guy: Now, are you all concentrating on your names?

Top: Yes...

Guy: Good...

(The acting guy zaps them all with his ray gun, and to their dismay, they become their very names! (If you are confused, just take Snakeman...his name is 'Snake', so now he IS a snake!)

Guy: Mwahahahahahaha! Hey wait, there are 3 of you who didn't change!

(There stand Gauntlet, Hard Chick and Nightmare...unchanged.)

Guy: WHAT! HOW CAN THIS BE??? (Throws off his mask, revealing Wily, the technical genius we love to hate!) This ray was supposed to make you into your names!

Hard: Ah. Well, my name is 'HARD'. I guess whatever vaguely-defined pseudo-science voodoo your goofy gun is based on couldn't handle an adjective.

Wily: But, but...(Pointing to Gauntlet) HE SHOULD BE A SHADOW RIGHT NOW!!! And you...(Points to Nightmare) should be a constellation!

Gauntlet: Oh, I wasn't picturing my name as Shadowman, though I am he, my name is GAUNTLET!

Nightmare: Same here, I was thinking of 'Nightmare'. You should be glad, because I think if I suddenly transformed into a collection of stars, it would eradicate the solar system (Though that doesn't sound so bad to me, come to think of it...) Anyway, I bet you built the ray to work on only Megaman characters, but since the names Gauntlet and Nightmare are not from Megaman, it couldn't work on us! So poo on you!

All: Um...Nightmare???

Nightmare: SHUT UP!

Wily: Whatever! Now Gauntlet, I shall have my revenge on you, and you Hard Chick, and guy in tights...


Wily: Anyways, I have a new toy I want to test out...I call it...the Smashy Doom Bot!!! Bwahahahaha!

(A huge figure appears.)

Wily: Destroy them, my Smashy Doom Bot!

Smashy Doom Bot: Y-e-s-M-a-s-t-e-r!

Hard: Uh-oh!

Smashy Doom Bot: (Charges at Hard Chick, but when it hits her armor, it falls apart...)

Wily: What the-?

Gauntlet and Nightmare: Ahahahaha! AHHHHHHAHAHAH!

Nightmare: What a loser!

Wily: ...I must flee now!

Gauntlet: Huh?

Nightmare: It means he's leaving.

Gauntlet: Oh...


Snake: Well, it looks like everything turned out fine in the end...

Magnet: I guess.

Needle: And we learned something too!

Gauntlet: We did?

Needle: we didn't...

Nightmare: Am I an actor yet?

Top: Well, until one of these three assholes changes us back, we are...THE MECHANICAL MANIACS!

La Fin. (That means 'The End', stupid!)

Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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