It's a party in my mouth - and everyone's invited!

(It is a quiet evening in Eddie's CyberNETic support shop. All is quiet and warm as Eddie surveys his new place.)

Eddie: Ah. I love this place.

(Eddie straightens some items.)

Eddie: Well, this shop may be open all night, but I gotta get some rest!

(The doorbell rings.)

Eddie: Hm. I wonder who that could be? Maybe someone has heard of me...maybe word has spread about my shop!

(The doorbell rings several more times.)

Eddie: ALL RIGHT! Geez...

(Eddie opens the door to find...)

Gauntlet: HEYA, man! Long time no see!

Eddie: Do I know you?

Gauntlet: Not important! What is important is that I have a teeny-weeny almost microscopic get-together here.

Eddie: Get together? What kind of - ?

Gauntlet: Didn't think you'd mind! (To outside) ALRIGHT!! EVERYTHING'S COOL!!

(A huge crowd of people come in!)

Needle: Whoa! What a great place!

Snake: It's perfect! Thanks Eddie!

Eddie: Huh??!! What!?

Iceman: Hey, bud! Got any squishes?

Eddie: Um, yeah...but they cost -

Iceman: Ah, just put it on my tab!

Eddie: Hey!!

Gemini Red: Hey! Eddie! I've heard stories about you! Is it true that -

Eddie: Whatever you heard - no! Not true!

Guts: Alright Stone! You and me!

Stone: Right! Contest of strength!



Guts and Stone: Tie! Again! Damn!


Needle: Geez! You just get taller and taller, dontcha Lyse?

Made by Lysekoid!Lysekoid: Yes...and I'm pretty sensitive about it.



Bartender: Is now. Gimme money and I'll give ya drinks!

IRA: Not a problem! (Thinking) Thanks to Gauntlet's (Whips out device) COUNTERFEIT MONEY MACHINE!!



Eddie: Portal...?

(Everyone steps back. A portal opens with a huge explosion!)

Bombman: WOAH! I want me one o' those!


(Several figures step out from the portal.)

Exdeath: Excellent! It's been aeons since I've been invited to a party!

Dark Cloud: I have brought beverages and "mun-chees"!

Chaos: I have baked a cake!

Ultimecia: Kerse you, Chaos! You made it too small! I shall junction myself unto -

Made by Lysekoid!Lysekoid: None of that now! It's a party!

(An anvil drops on Kefka's head!)

Kefka: Huh??

Clownman: HAH-HAH! Got ya!


Kefka: Hehehehehe! I like your style, jester!

Cutman: Hey! Who the hell are you supposed to be!?

Paper Cut ManPapercutman: Paper Cut Man!

Cutman: Paper...Cutman???

Paper Cut ManPapercutman: Why? Who the hell are you?

(Elsewhere still...)

Shadowblade: HEY! Fellow ninjas!

Shredder: "Fellow ninja"? Who are you?

Shadowblade: I am master ninja! Shadowblade!

Ninja Turtle 1: You don't look like a ninja.

That Ninja From The Tick: I am ninja! I am invincible!

Strider Hiryu: That's right! What kind of ninja are YOU supposed to be!?

Ryu Hayabusa: A STUPID ninja!

Shadowblade: HEY!

Ninja: AH - hahahahahahahahahahahaah!

Ash: Don't worry, you can always be part of MY ninja club!

Shadowblade: YOU'RE a ninja!?

Scyther: SCYTHER!!

(Elsewhere again...)

Wily: So, whatever happened to Juno?

Dedede: Got trapped in a pokeball last time I heard!

Professor Robot: How humiliating!

Darkman: At least we made bail to come to this party!

Double: After what they did to Sigma! We should kill them right now!!

Sniffy: Squeak!

Villains: AAAAHHHH!!!!*

(* Yeah, Double was killed in Year of the Fox over at S6 and X-F, but time-travel is a fickle mistress. Double is from the future, remember. THIS Double is from X-F Season 1 epilogues!)

(Arch Nemesis runs by.)

Arch: Ahh!! Get him away from me!!


(Dark Moon fires a blast, but misses Arch and hits Dustman!)

Pharaohman: OH NO! They killed Dustman!

Skullman: Those bastards!

(At the bar...)

Sephrioth: So, you decided whether you're friend or foe yet?

Gemini Red: Hunh? Oh, you want Gemini Blue.

Sephrioth: What? What is that supposed to mean? Oh I see, you're the belligerent red one that tried to challenge my Masamune.

Gemini Red: Nnno, you still have the wrong guy. You see -

Iceman Red: HEY, RED!

Gemini Red: Oh no...

Iceman Red: YOU HAVE NOT RETURNED MY CALLS! It's like I don't know you anymore...

Bizarro Shadowman: really enhance martini's flavour! Yum!

Gemini Red, Iceman Red, Sephrioth: YUCK!

Spark: So, how come Megaman Xtreme couldn't make it?

Made by Generick Rick!Generic Rick: He was ran over by a car.

Egoraptor: No, he fell down a cliff!

Tenguman: I heard he was eaten by a bengal tiger!

Former Cloudman: Don't be ridiculous! He was on the Apollo 11 when it blew up!

Cutman: Ugh.

(Elsewhere continued...)

Drill Ma'am: Hey, YOU think you've got a bad rap by these guys, I was eaten by a giant plant!

Shival (Former Needleman): But my morals were always good, and nobody ever listened! Why, if you listened to even half the stuff I said - !

Spark: Hey, look! It's that guy Al Gore! I heard he thinks he's some sort of robot master!

(Drill, Shival, and Spark listen...)

Al Gore: And so, although Cyber Dole has passed away, I fully support his policies on butter and butter accessories!

UN Delegate #2: I really don't see how that'd help anyone...

The Mayor: Neither do I.

UN Delegate #5: Aw, who cares!? Butter, napalm, IT DOESN'T MATTER!! (Starts crying.)

Made by Groovy Kat!Groovy Kat: Excuse me?

Al Gore: What?

Made by Groovy Kat!Groovy Kat: I'm looking for Gauntlet. He gave me some phony cash a while back and I wanna find him!

UN Delegate #5: No, haven't seen him. Did you check the bar?

(Something breaks loudly.)

Eddie: HEY!!! BE CAREFUL!!! That cost money! Oh man...

Nightmare Zero: Hey, do you have an invitation?

Eddie: What? NO! This is MY place!

Nightmare Zero: So, no invitation then...

Eddie: I don't NEED an invitation!

Made by Lysekoid!Lysekoid: Alright buddy, let's go. Don't cause trouble now.

Warman: Hah-ha!

Chimeraman: See ya later, dweeb!

Clawman: Don't worry, we'll help ourselves to all yer stuff!

(Eddie gets tossed out the door!)

Eddie: DAMN YOU!!

Spinman: Yeah, I know how you feel. I got tossed out because I bashed Arch on the head with some ming vase.

Eddie: HEY! (Sniffs air.) WHOA! What's that funky smell...?

Someone: They wouldn't let us in. We were part of Galvatron's toilet Transformer Decepticon army...but he never gave us the word to attack!


Spinman: Ouch. Tough break.

(Back inside...)

Cody: I dunno why I came. I don't even KNOW Gauntlet that well.

Clownman: Hey, a party's a party!


Zeromus: NO!! I will get my groove on to an even greater degree!!

Hard Chick: MAN! Look at Bass go!!

Drill Ma'am: He's really cuttin' loose!

(Bass breakdances like a master!)

Ladies: Go Bass! Go Bass! Go Bass!

Bass: YEAH!!!

(At the bathroom...)

Mr. Dragoon: But I really, REALLY have to GO!!*

(* Again, time travel rears it's ugly head! THIS Dragoon is from X-F Series 1 shortly after their first big crossover with S6, same as Double!)

Magma Dragoon: Well, I'm sorry, but Super Chaos just flooded the toilet!

Super Chaos: HEY! I have feelings too!

Eric (Former Hardman): Try going outside, there were some toilets out there earlier!

Shival: Yeah, but be careful! They're grouchy!

Gizmo (Former Geminiman): And they stink to high heaven!

(A loud roar shakes the room!)

Chaos: Now calm down...

Mother Brain: But I want more - MORE cake!!

Chaos: Ohhh boy!

Made by Groovy Kat!Groovy Kat: Excuse me...

Mother Brain and Chaos: What?

Made by Groovy Kat!Groovy Kat: I'm kinda looking for Gauntlet. Guys at the bar said he was over here...

Chaos: They were mistaken.

Mother Brain: GO AWAY!!!

Made by Groovy Kat!Groovy Kat: YIKES! Have a Tic Tac!

(Kat sees someone else.)

Made by Groovy Kat!Groovy Kat: Have YOU seen him?

Foreign Maid: No. I go party. Gauntlet did not go upstairs.

Made by Groovy Kat!Groovy Kat: So...he's upstairs then?

Foreign Maid: No. His money green. I no see him go upstairs.

Made by Groovy Kat!Groovy Kat: ...

(Suddenly, Magnet shouts loudly above the din!)



Nah nah nah na NA nahhh

I forget some words...

Nah nah nah nah nah naaaahhh



Shival: Man, that guy can't handle his alcohol!

Eric: So, um, Needlegal, what's the deal with Nightmare Gemini and his tights?

Needlegal: Couldn't tell ya. That guy has odd fashion sense.


(The door bursts open!)

Torchman: were all having a party...and you did not invite us!

Ice man: Oh geez...

Voltman: QUIET! We are the only true Sinister Six! And the only true Mega Man 3 Team!

Egoraptor: Oh really!? Care to prove that?

Sonicman: Certainly! Ice! Come here and tell these people what's what!

Iceman Red: Oh, yeah *hic* they're the real McCoy!


Blademan: IDIOT!! Yer still in yer RED costume!!

Iceman Red: Quiet! I had a little too much to drink...

Former Cloudman: Aw, come on! You guys have been at this for MONTHS now! Nobody believes you!

Sharkman: Really!? But what about all those awesome news reports?

Tenguman: Aw, only morons buy into those stats!

Cody: You're obvious fakes! Just let it go!

Torch: NO!! We will win the name of the Sinister Six!! Even if we must fight the MM1 team to prove ourselves!!


Super Chaos: Well, this should be interesting!

(The 9 members of the MMPC3 team attack the 6 members of the MM1 team! The fight is hard and long, and soon both teams are exhausted!)

Oilman: Y'know...I really could be doing something else right now...

Dynaman: Yeah. I mean -

Torch: SILENCE!!

Cutman: Come on! This'll prove nothing! People will STILL see you as fakes and besides, there are NINE of you!

Torch: They are our AUXILIARY MEMBERS!

Elecman: Please! No one buys that crap!

Gutsman: Just let it go.

Wave: Aww, they make good points...


Professor Robot: Enough! Not even I buy into this, and I'm on YOUR side! All that "Capcom based Mega Man 3 NES on us" is a load of bull crap!! Just give it up already!

Arch: Yeah! You're SO deluded!

Shark: Dude, this is bummin' me out. I'm outta here.

Torch: NO!! I COMMAND you to STAY!!

Shark: Up yers! (Sharkman leaves.)

Oil: first it seemed as if we were going to terrorize ALL Megaman teams, but you only focused on the Mechanical Maniacs. I'd much rather devote my efforts to killing Cossack's Creations! (Oilman leaves.)

Torch: FINE!! LEAVE! The rest of us will take over the world without YOU!!!

Voltman: Nuh unh. Not me. I may look like a Christmas tree, but even I know a lamer when I see one.

Dynaman: Sick of all yer talk!

Sonicman: I hate answering all yer phone calls! (Dyna, Sonic, and Volt leave.)

Torch: Wha? Buh - FINE! I'll just replace you!!! AND - WHERE ARE THE REST OF YOU GOING!?!?

Blade: Look man! I got a call from Punk and Metal! We wanna form a rock band! You understand, right!?

Wave: This thing just seems to be falling apart, Torch...I don't wanna be a rat off a sinking ship, but...


Bit: Look man. It. Is. Over! I got mob stuff ta do! YOU may not have a life, but the rest of us do!

Wave: We're pretty pathetic compared to other Megaman villains anyway.

Blade: Yeah! We never won any battles either! I'd rather just cut my losses and run! (Blade, Wave, and Bit leave.)

Torch: Buh - buh - buh...

Iceman: Oh, Torch?

Torch: Whu?

Ice: THIS is how the REAL Six work. Sinister Six - REUNITE!

(The Six raise their hands and a huge flash of light illuminates the room!)

Torch: AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!! I've been blinded!

Guts: And now - you - are - OUTTA HERE!!!

(Guts uppercuts Torchman through the roof and up into the sky!)

Gutsman: Some heroes we turned out to be. Didn't stop those other Sinister Six guys until MONTHS after they appeared!

Elecman: (Points to the TV) Look!

April O'Neil: This just in, the MM3PC Team, the Demonic Nine, also known as the Sinister Six are frauds. Voltman had this to say...

Volt: Yeah, we were lying. It was all meant to be fun, right?

April O'Neil: And so, the city owes a debt to the true Sinister Six for helping bring this scandal to light!

Guts: I don't believe it.

Elecman: Well, believe it. We're household names! Now, perhaps people will respect us as the great heroes -

Exdeath: Yeah, don't bet on it.

Elecman: What? You don't think we deserve it? Well, let me tell you...

Gemini Red: So, did Groovy Kat ever find you?

Gauntlet: Groovy Kat was here?? Damn, I would've liked to repay him with REAL money this time. Felt bad about cheating him. Oh well.

Snake: Hm...I guess things turned out all right after all...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too...

Gauntlet: That it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood?

Needlegal: NO!!! We learned that obsession is really bad.

Snake: I don't follow.

Needlegal: Well, Torch was obsessed with this whole "Sinister Six" thing. He even started to believe all the hype he said about himself! That obsession not only split him off from life, but it also drove away all his friends!

Gauntlet: Or maybe Torchman was just a nut to begin with!

Magnet: *hic* Torch? Here? *hic* Face the steel of MAGNET THE MIGHTY, Torch!! (Collapses.)

Top: Well, until Magnet is truly the Mighty, we are...the Mechanical Maniacs!

( more time...)

Torch: Well, some heroes we turned out to be...

(Torch looks for a TV.)

Torch: *Sigh* I am a man without a posse...



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