Professor Robot Teaches A Lesson In Etiquette.

(The Mechanical Maniacs are watching Channel 6 with ace news reporter April O'Neil covering a recent battle between the evil MM3PC Sinister Six and the nefarious Super Chaos!)

April O'Neil: It is unknown how this battle started, but Super Chaos is on the ropes!

Super Chaos: Blast! Your might is too strong, Sinister Six! I will return!!

(Super Chaos separates into pieces and flies out of the area! The feed shifts back to the newsroom.)

April O'Neil: Torchman, the leader of the group, agreed to this interveiw.

(Feed shifts again to the interview room.)

April O'Neil: Torchman, it has been stated by the MM3 team, the Mechanical Maniacs that you are nothing but frauds and imposters, posturing yourselves as not only the real Megaman 3 team, but as the real Sinister Six FALSELY! What have you to say?

Torchman: Well, those are just wild rumors started by that anti-team. Truth is, their roster is based on a knockoff version of MM3 and I don't think those copycats can 'fess up to that.

April O'Neil: So, you claim Capcom based the Nintendo MM3 off of your PC MM3?

Torchman: ABSOLUTELY! Look at the similarities! And what kind of robot is Topman anyway? And Hardman? Obvious frauds. Meanwhile, MY team has been beating the likes of Super Chaos and Doc Robot for months now! What have the Mechanical Maniacs done? Nothing but ride on the coattails of our success!

April O'Neil: But how do you explain the official statements from the original Sinister Six? That you're nothing but pirates and losers?

Torchman: Obviously, the current MM1 team are a bunch of people who stole the Sinister Six name, content, layout, and site address. Iceman is a close, personal friend of mine! Sad fact is...the first Sinister Six disbanded long ago and left us the name. We cannot help it if some jerks come and try to steal the name from its rightful owners (us), but we hate the fact that they've also -

(Sparkman truns off the TV in disgust.)

Spark: How can those gullible morons gobble those lies up like that!?

Gauntlet: Well, all the villains are trying to make the MM3PC team look good by starting fake fights and then getting beaten - all to make people think that these guys are the real deal!

Hard Chick: But there's the real Sinister Six! Haven't they denied them!?

Snake: Oh, yeah, but then the PC jerks make their own Iceman with the help of Iceman Red to discredit them.

Gemini Red: That just burns me up!! To think that I came here all the way from the Nightmare Dimension to take over the world, only to find these jerks beating us to it! They must be stopped!

Magnet: Yes, and to accomplish that, we must rebuild Gamma!

Top: But how? We only have two of the eight elements so far!*

(See Series 1, #8 - Attack of the Mega-Metroids, and the future-retro-flashback Series 2, #14 - Maniacs Vs. SkyNET.)

Magnet: That may be true, but I'll bet that we can salvage something - by returning to the ruins of Skull Castle!

Top: WOAH! That's a great idea, Magnet!

Magnet: Well, that's why they call me Magnet the Mighty!

Needlegal: No one calls you that!

Magnet: Do I detect jealousy, Needle?


(The team makes its way to the ruins of Skull Castle only to find...)

Top: Man, Gemini Blue should be here! Where is he!?

Hard Chick: That lazy bastard wouldn't get his ass outta bed!

Snake: Skull Castle's been rebuilt! But by who??

Magnet: Who else? Wily!

(Snake whaps Magnet upside the head.)

Snake: Idiot. Wily has about a dozen other, better fortresses! Why'd he bother to rebuild this one!?

Magnet: Well who else - !?

(Magnet is cut off as the team is hit by a ray gun and captured!)

Gemini Red: Where...are...we...?

Someone Else: Kansas.

Snake: Hunh? DOC ROBOT!

Doc Robot: Well, it sure ain't Bo-Peep!

Hard Chick: I'll get us outta here! Hard Knuckle!

(The Hard Knuckle is blasted by the energy beams!)

Hard Chick: No way! My Knuckles should be able to knock down the barrier!

Doc Robot: This one is extra strong, specially made for you lot!

(Suddenly Shadowman (Gauntlet) is snatched by a mechanical arm and latched onto a wall.)

Gauntlet: So what gives, Doc Robot? You don't have the brains to pull this off yourself! Who's helping you?

Doc Robot: Actually, it occurred to me that I could turn my power-imitation inwards! I copied the intelligence of the smartest Megaman community member!

Gauntlet: Well, copying my brain won't help you defeat the real deal!

Doc Robot: YOUR brain!? Heh - no. I copied Andon's - Elecman's - brain! You can call me PROFESSOR Robot now! Soon, I will overthrow the fascist government and allow freedom to reign through the world! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-hah!!

Needegal: Wow. He really did copy Andon's brain!

Magnet: Yeah, but I don't think his power was meant to be used that way! He's cracking up!

Spark: No kiddin'!

Professor Robot: And now to create a perfect duplicate of Gauntlet for my new team!

(A poorly-made Bizarro Ray comes out from the ground. Doc Robot then shoots the ray at Gauntlet, creating a Bizarro! The shoddy device then explodes from the strain!)

Bizarro Shadowman: Goodbye!

Gauntlet: A Bizarro! Why?

Professor Robot: Your greed and cowardice will be inverted in my Bizarro Shadowman, resulting in a truly great leader!

(Bizarro Shadowman sticks his finger in his ear and then eats it.)

Bizarro Shadowman: Ear candy! Yum!

All: Yuck!

Professor Robot: Well...I'm sure he'll work out just fine. Now! Introducing the rest of MY MM3 team!

(A huge door opens, reavealing...)


Gemini Red: The Sinister Six! But who're those other three guys??

Voltman: VOLTMAN!

Sonicman: SONICMAN!

Dynaman: DYNAMAN!

Voltman: We're also on the Sinister Six! We have been since their "Demonic Nine" days!!

Sonicman: We've been working their administrative end!!

Dynaman: But now we're ready for the combat side of things!

Professor Robot: And with Bizarro Shadowman, nothing will stop us!!

(Bizarro Shadowman runs into a wall.)

Bizarro Shadowman: OW! That felt good!


Sharkman: Aw, NEVER MIND HIM! Let's get those Mechanical Maniacs, guys!!!!!

The Maniacs: UH OH!!!

(All the bad guys then fire at the cage, but...)

Spark: ...We're in one peice!

Needlegal: If not hurt slightly.

Snake: Way to go, genius! You just destroyed your own cage!

Bit: No kiddin'! We just wanted to defeat ya the old-fashioned way!

(There is a very one-sided battle!)

Gauntlet: Good goin'.

Gemini Red: Shut it.

(The Maniacs are all chained to a wall!)

Blade: That dumb jerk Bizarro just took off!! He was worthless Doc!!

Professor Robot: That's PROFESSOR ROBOT to you! I didn't just up my intelligence to be called "DOC"!!

Spark: Hey, where's Magnet?

(Suddenly, the wall explodes as Magnet rides in with - )

All: GAMMA!?

Gamma: Graahh!

(Magnet begins to sing:)


Magnet the mighty
Roams through the countryside!
He never needs a place to hide,
With Needle as his sidekick!
Riding with her in a stick!

Righting wrongs and singing songs!
Being Mighty all day long!

I'm Magnet - I'm Magnet THE MIIIIGHTY!!

(Magnet then uses Gamma to sweep aside the evil MM3 PC team and grab the Mechanical Maniacs!)

Magnet: So whadya think? I found it in the other room! Mighty or what?!

Spark: I'll go with the "or what".

Professor Robot: HEY!!! I built that, damnit!! Leggo!

(Magnet stomps him with Gamma's foot!)

Gemini Red: Now we can finally take over the world! So much for that stupid quest to find the elements!

(The Maniacs crash though more walls with Gamma, causing the entire castle to collapse!)

Wave: Well, this plan backfired...

Oil: Ah, well. Losing isn't so bad once you get used to it...

(Skull Castle then fully collapses (again), rendering the bad guys unconscious!)

Snake: Hm...I guess things turned out alright after all...

Needlegal: Yeah, and we learned something too...

Gauntlet: And what THIS time?

Needlegal: We learned that no matter how smart you are, one stupid person can screw up your plans!

Magnet: HEY!!

Snake: Well, now we got Gamma! So we can all take over the world!

Gauntlet: (Sarcastically) Whoop-de-friggin'-do.

Top: Well, until "Professor" Robot starts teaching at a university, we are...the Mechanical Maniacs!


Sean as .....

Jacob as .....

Psycho Magnet as .....

Sarah as .....

Hard Chick
Nightmare as .....

Geminiman Red
C.J. as .....

Lennon as .....

Titanium 91 as .....

Gauntlet as .....



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