SNL Part 4: The Final Part...Yay!

Gary: Welp, the show's just about over. We hoped we provided enough entertainment for our viewers and Audience:...

Audience: *in crutches and straight jackets*

Gary: *snickers to himself*

Gauntlet: You've got to admit though. My game show was the biggest hit of the lot.

Gary: Nah. My little stunt was the best so far!

Jonathan: *all blackened in ashes* Can someone a doctor...I can't feel my left leg...

Lennon: *walks into the studio*

Ben: Oh no...

Lennon: This fight isn't over yet.

Gauntlet: Did you just super Glue all your parts back on?

Lennon: Yeah...but It's enough to once and for all defeat that menacing Magma Dragoon. *Body part fall off*

Gauntlet: 0_0

(Lights soon shine on Sanity who is standing 30 feet on a high platform)

Everyone: ........

Sanity: Now it's time for my brave and super stunt! I'm going to drop from this stand....into that 32 ounce glass of water!

Gauntlet: Sanity really wanted to pull this SNL thing out of the water...but now he's really done it...

Xelloss: *appears by Gauntlet* Well...this show does kinda suck Mr. Gauntlet.

Gauntlet: No one asked you...

Ben: *tries to keep his rage under control*

Man in Audience: He'll never do it...I mean...he's bigger than...

Sanity: *hisses*

Man in Audience: *shuts up*

Sanity: Here I....

Xelloss: *appears by Sanity* Let's make this more intresting Mr. Sanity! *waves his hand and now Sanity is 100 feet in the air and the glass turned into a 8 ounce cup*

Sanity: What the *censored*!

Xelloss: This outta please the crowd more...*pushes Sanity off the perch*

Sanity: *falling* WHEN I....SAID I'D PLEASE THE CROWD.....NOT LIKE THIS!!!! *everyone turns their heads away*

Gauntlet: Goodness. Had no idea something like that could fit into an 8 ounce cup of water...

Xelloss: I dear hope no kids were watching Mr. Gauntlet.


Xelloss: I was only helping Mr. Sanity by bringing the show out of the water.

Gary: Maybe...*picking up the glass with Sanity in it* Now how are we going to get him out of the water?

Jonathan: A little help here...

Ben: Well, the show's almost over. We gotta do the grand final! *everyone looks at Gary*

Gary: What?

Gauntlet: You were supposed to come up with the final act...

Gary: Oops...

Gauntlet, Lennon, Ben, and Sanity (inside the glass): 0_0

Gauntlet: Great...I suppose I"ll have to use my genius then.

Ben: Can I roast Xelloss for the grand finale?

Xelloss: Now that's not sportsman like Ben... *waves his hand and Ben's mouth is zipped shut*

Ben: Mmmphhhh...!!

Jonathan: How about...for the grand guys take me to the hospital...

Gary: *sets the glass down on the ground* Well Sanity...any ideas?

Sanity: *in the glass looks at Iceman with a mean look*

Lennon: I have an idea...*blows his whistle*

*Needle Gal comes out*

Audience: *cheers*


*Everyone looks at the polls and sees a list of all the characters that have stared on SNL and see that Needle Gal was the most popular character*

Gauntlet: Nobody liked my Game show?

Gary: Nobody liked my stunt?

Jonathan: I would really like some pain medication...


Ben: *muffles something and glares at Xelloss*...


Gary: This bites...I got S6 adventures to worry about...*leaves*


Sanity: *hops off the set in the glass bubbling words not good to be mentioned right now*

Gauntlet: And here...I thought was the spot light stealer...

Lennon: Ah well. You know what they say. Needle Gal can control the show.

Gauntlet: I never heard that saying!

Lennon:'s a saying all right!?

Gauntlet: *sighs* Fine.

Jonathan: fucus...

Gauntlet: I guess we all learned something today...

Xelloss: Always make the show better than it already is Mr. Gauntlet?

Gauntlet: No....

Lennon: Let Needle Gal handle the ratings so we all take the credit?

Gauntlet: Exactly!

*cheering from outside*

Lennon: What exactly is she doing anyway?

Needle Gal: *mimicing Gauntlet with a Shadow Blade on her head* ....Thanks to my counterfiet Money device!

*Everyone laughs*

Needle Gal: *puts on a parka and grabs a wooden mallet* WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!

*Everyone laughs*

Lennon: I don't believe it. She's benefiting off our jokes and stunts...

Gauntlet: Yet they didn't enjoy it when we "actually" did it.

Lennon: That Needle Gal...she's got it made for show business.

Gauntlet: Let's just end this stupid thing ALREADY!

Jonathan: Hurting.....badly....Hello?



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