Fantabulous Summeries

Is a decade worth of script-based stories getting you down about reading the adventures of the Megaman 3 team? Can't remember what became of things like the Maniacs' resolve to remake Gamma? Are long prose stories causing you eye strain?

No need to fret! As part of the Mechanical Maniacs' 10th anniversary, summaries of all the Series have been created! Now you can know almost as much about the Mech's epilogues as the Mechs themselves!

Remember that time when we had all those random adventures? - Series 1 and 2

Remember that time we took that road trip that went on and on for years? - Series 3 and 4

Remember that series where there was no real plan? - Series 5 part 1

And remember how Hardman wrote that one story? Wasn't it good? - Series 5 part 2

How about that one really violent story? - Series 6 part 1

Anyone remember that time everyone went to war? - Series 6 part 2

Wasn't that, like, really long? - Series 6 part 3


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