Fiction: The Epilogues

Series 9

The epilogues are our made-up adventures in Monsteropolis as we run from the evil Galactic Council and try to get by in a world that's really annoyed at us! So, what's up with "Series 9" you newcomers may ask? This is an ongoing series and Series 9 is the very latest stories made by the team. Of course the other series are still readable, but they aren't necessary to understand everything that goes on in the current series. Think of it like comic books and you'll get the right idea.

Who's Who in the Mechanical Maniacs - Sinister WHO??? Mechanical WHAT???? Confused by the wide and wacky universe simply called "The Epilogues?" You don't have to be!

Issue #0 - Going Underground - The background story to Series 9!

Issue #1 - Trials and Tribulations - The Mechanical Maniacs reach the Wily Underground. Unfortunately everyone there hates them! Hey, who is that familiar face?

Issue #2 - The Foxy Seven - Long ago Ben was made into Pyro Da Fox. But why weren't more of him made? A team of foxes come to challenge Hardman and he doesn't like imitators!

Issue #3 - What's Old is New - Long ago in times of yore the Sinister Six revamped it's team members after many years of sticking with the same team! But the story of that time was lost to the ages, only known through notes and half-remembered conversations. At long last the introduction of the new Sinister Six is revealed!

Issue #4 - What's New is Old Part 1 - Did you know the Mechanical Maniacs had an integral part in helping the New Sinister Six come about? It's true! Join us for a time traveling tale as the Mechs go back in time to ensure their friends meet their destiny!

Issue #5 - What's New is Old Part 2 - The Mechanical Maniacs have been abducted by Kefka ... and have to rely on the Sinister Six PC to help out? Oh, boy ...

Issue #6 - Disney Princess - The world is turned into a Disney fairytale.

Issue #7 - Time After Time Part 1 - Hardman wakes up in a world where he's still Fireman of the Sinister Six!? It's a dream come true for the blue behemoth, but can it really be true?

Issue #8 - Time After Time Part 2 - Fireman continues his adventure with a revived Sinister Six .... but things start going out of control! Time flies in Ben's dream world.

Issue #9 - Time After Time Part 3 - The truth about Fireman's dream world is revealed. Can he hold it all together?

Issue #10 - Tall Tales - The secret origin of Wave Woman is revealed at last! As told by the Sinister Six members themselves.

Issue #11 - Bad Neighbors - Things go eight to Hell when the Ascendant Androids move into the Wily Underground! Hey, Doc Robot, are you gonna do something!? This story takes place right after Tall tales.

Issue #12 - Making Friends part 1 - Many of Monsteropolis' villains have wound up in the Underground. So is it any surprise that the Mechs have managed to bump into Cossack Comrades' oldest enemy - Kryptoman? And the Cossack's finally experience Crorq!

Issue #13 - Making Friends part 2 - The Mechs and Kryptoman confront the Cossacks in an ill-advised misadventure.

Issue #14 - Making Friends part 3 - The Mechs and the Cossacks go head to head! Will they mend fences or tear each other apart?

Issue #15 - Different Strokes - A retro tale where our heroes face off against the craziness of the Megaman 1 team - the Sinister Six! Except something's not quite right about them ...

Issue #16 - Starcrossed Part 1 - The Galactic Council are up to something involving the cyberverse. But how does that involve the teams of Annihilation? Take a look at a crossover years in the making!

Issue #17 - Starcrossed Part 2 - The Mechanical Maniacs.exe return! But can even this incarnation of the team stop the Starcrossed from enacting their plan?

Issue #18 - Needle and Shadow's Excellent Adventure - Needle and Shadow embark on a most excellent adventure through time. Whoa! That's, like, almost the title of the story, dude!

Issue #19 - Ranked Robots - The Underground goes crazy trying to decide who is the strongest among them.

Issue #20 - The Mechanical Maniacs VS Gamma's Disciples - The Mechs face off against their doppelgangers!

Issue #21 - Invasion Part 1 - Duo comes to Earth to face off against Galactic Council member Trio. And he recruits none other than the Mechanical Maniacs to help him! But why’s everyone acting so goofy!?

Issue #22 - Invasion Part 2 - It's the Stardroids VS the Star Marshals as Duo's invasion of Earth continues!

Issue #23 - Sharkman Saves the Day - Wait ... Sharkman?

Issue #24 - Polluting Powers Combine - The Mechanical Maniacs are gifted with powerful magic rings. What could possibly go wrong?

Issue #25 - Encore Part 1 - Someone's interfering with history and the Mechs must once again go back in time to investigate! Will the real Iceman please stand up?

Issue #26 - Encore Part 2 - A long-lost story by Gary Martin finally finished by Gauntlet. Just like the good 'ol days. The Mechs finally confront the person interfering with the past!

Issue #27 - How the Mighty Have Fallen Part 1 - Everyone's talking about the Mighty Numbers and the Mechs are always up for jumping on the bandwagon. But what's behind this new craze? How can something so mighty possibly suck!?

Issue #28 - How the Mighty Have Fallen Part 2 - The hype train goes off the rails! Can anything save the Mighty Numbers!?

Issue #29 - Mechtale - Sheriff Mags takes a trip into an unexplored area of the Wily Underground and gets involved with a bunch of colorful characters the he cannot stand.

Issue #30 - By Any Other Name - Tochman's name is besmirched by ... another Torchman!? Like the highlander there can only be one! And that winner can only be .... Torchman.

Issue #31 - The Dream Disciples - While half of the team is busy with some other adventure the other half joins forces with the Megaman 2 Dream Team to form the Dream Disciples! They may or may not live to regret this decision. It's ... s blast from the past!? Uh-oh.

Issue #32 - The God Squad part 1: Sunrise - During Starcrossed the Mechs released a mighty force form another reality loose into our own. And now those chickens have come home to roost! The Mechs finally find religion in part one of God Squad!

Issue #33 - The God Squad part 2: Sunset - The Mechs' spiritual journey continues! Can they win against Sun God using the power of the gods?

Issue #34 - Hardware Upgrades - Speed Gear! Power Gear! And Mega Mini! What happens when the Mechs install these new enhancements into their systems? Only good things!

Issue #35 - Kingdom Hearts 2 - 1 + (.5 + .1) First Cut: A pointless sidequest - Wait. Kingdom Hearts? This can only spell out trouble for the Mechs...

Issue #36 - Kingdom Hearts 2 - 1 + (.5 + .15) Second Story: Mary Sue - the Mechs dig themselves even deeper.

The Road Less Traveled - The series finale! The Mechs finally face the Galactic Council ... but Mesmerman and Rockman Shadow aren't far behind, And the Sinister Six can't help but get involved. All this and more in the most expansive adventure the Mechs have ever had!

Whatever Happened to the Warriors? - Heatman's long-delayed finale to the Wily's Warriors' epilogue series.

Nine to Five - The Androids have found a place to stay in the Wily Underground, but what exactly can the last remnants of the Scissor Army do to fit in? This story takes place right after Bad Neighbors.

Arching the Androids Part 1 - It's a culture clash as the hyper violent Ascendant Androids face off against one of oldest villains in the Team Scene - Darkman's Robot Warriors' Arch Nemesis! This story takes place right after How the Mighty have Fallen.

Arching the Androids Part 2 - Arch continues to bother the Ascendant Androids! Can he continue to survive the bloodthirsty Megaman 5 team? Can they survive his brand of adventure!?

Arching the Androids Part 3 - The grand finale! Arch and the Androids face a threat that could destroy them all! But what form does this destroyer take? There's just one way to find out!

Remember that time skip? - A summary of known events that occurred during the 15 year gap.

Okay, Let's Work With That - A summary of Series 7.

That One That Shoulda Just Been Part Of That Last One - A summary of Series 8.


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