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A Bold New Epic For Our Time

Another Mini-Series in A Merry Capcom Fashion

Why in Jebus' name am I talking like Stan Lee?

Toasty Toast!Hello heroes! Tis the end of Season 2 for the Sinister Six and the beginning of the Ultimate X-Force epilouges. So here's the skinny on recent events.

Now that you're up to speed, I can tell you that this massive crossover features cameos by Guantlet, Jonathan (Clown Man) and the Backstreet Project as well as the return of a very old enemy.


The Sinister Six VS Mewthree?  And what's happening to Ben?

Part 1: Shocking Transformations

The Sinister Six stumble upon a mysterious transformation while battling the nutty man from the "A-Team" Sailor T. How and why this transformation occured has yet to be revealed. Worse yet the Sinister Six Rouges gallery as come seeking help from the fox known as Pyro. Appearences by Gauntlet and Jonathan.

Part 2: Seeing Red

Locked in mortal combat with Pyro, Gary realizes who the fox is but all hell breaks loose and the Sinister Six engage the fox in a brawl like no other. But they have little time to settle their differences when Double and Red show up at the Megaopolis Skyport. But Double himself undergoes a mysterious transformation. Appearences by the Mecha Maniacs and the Backstreet Project.

Part 3: Return of the Royal Half-Canadian X-Farce

Teamed up with the Backstreet Project Gary and Ben go on their search for the X-Force. However the Sinister Six have a bone to pick with Pyrofoxie. However they find a bigger, badder, more powerful Double and all breaks lose when the Mecha Maniacs, the Sinister Six and the Backstreet Project fall before this creature's might the comatose X-Force maybe their last hope.