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February 25th, 2013

3.5 years later, we've found another bit of writing. Thanks to Spikeman from the Mechanical Maniacs forum, the last page of Chapter 1 has been recovered.

August 14th, 2009

Geocities will close soon, so I have transferred VI to the Mechanical Maniacs' server. Along with everything that was on the old momorial site, I went all out and threw in things that were on the same Geocities account, the other backed up content that was just sitting on my hard drive, and even MORE long-lost content rediscovered courtesy of Some of the story pages are incomplete, but then again so were the ones I had posted before. It's probably as much 2001-2002 EXE team nostalgia as we're going to get. Enjoy.

November 21st, 2007

Wow, two updates in one year. I'm more surprised than anyone. Well, all I did was remove the broken links in the Sim-Battles section since I really don't know when they'll ever be filled in. I guess when I set it up I figured I would have every Chapter written in under a month so nobody would even notice the gaps. That was almost three years ago now. Time flies, and I've written nothing. Well, there's some of Chapter 1 written and I've layed down some groundwork for Chapter X, but aside from that I haven't had time to dedicate to VI. I still fully intend to write all that stuff eventually. I even plan to work on Chapter X in some full-time capacity after a couple long-term projects with my other two teams are out of the way. So check back in another year and we'll see some real updates.

February 9th, 2007

I could have sworn I announced the completion of the EXE virus gallery last year. Oh well, if I forgot, I'm doing it now. All viruses in the EXE series are now accounted for, though that was actually several months ago. One thing I did just now though was fix some long out-dated links. See ya next time.

June 27th, 2005

The virus gallery is updated with the names encountered in the english version of EXE5.

April 30th, 2005

I'm starting to make this more than just a memorial site. Aside from continued work on the Sim-Battles, I just finished a small gallery of viruses throughout the EXE series and decided this was the best place to host them. Although this site has been "updated" several times since 2002, I haven't really documented any of it, so now might be a good place to start. Might as well also point out that most of the links in the Sim-Battles section are broken simply because the stories are lost or are not written yet. The ones that are up are Chapter0 and Bass's side-story. Chapter3 is also up, but incomplete. More on all of this as I come up with it.

November 1, 2002

It is with great sadness that we see the end of VI, although I am sure our adventures will remain documented in many epilogues to come... (or not)

So until the unanticipated reunion, Stoneman.EXE is signing off and returning to his lonely homepage.
-SanityIsOverrated AKA Stoneman.EXE

Well, it’s been a good run I think. But all good things must end. The same is true for Viral Infection.

I guess the first question our loyal viewers would ask is “why”? VI was in the top three Megaman Team rankings at one point after all. Well, there are multiple reasons. First we moved the site to a new server. And then another new server. One that didn’t allow SII code. A code our site’s pretty much dependent on. In fact we’d probably had to restructure everything to work around this fault. And that’s really demoralizing. Of course that’s hardly the only problem. I think the biggest was the fact that Kiwibonga imploded without warning, taking every single one of our images with it. Yeah, that wasn’t much fun to see. Gone is the quiz, the bio images, many sprites, the chips … all that was stored on the kiwibonga server while we were in the process of moving. So, if we continued, it’d have to be from square one in many respects.

Of course this closing shouldn’t come as a surprise to our viewers. We haven’t updated for months. Still, it’s been a fun road. Along the way we’ve had three really successful forums, fun with the secret page (which was in the January file in past updates on Iceman's foot by the way), and probably the most in-depth walkthrough for MM BN 1 on the entire net. Hopefully I might be able to salvage at least SOME of that content one day. We’ve had some great members. While not all contributes equally, they all brought a little extra personality-wise to the site. And that was nice to see. I hope some of our viewers follow us to our other interests. Good bye and good luck!
-Gauntlet AKA Shadowman.EXE

Stuff was great since the beginning; we were organized, worked together, and had a great time talking and doing the role-play. Unfortunately, VI has lost it's cause and it's members' activity, and the site is now too disorganized to put in one piece. So now we're closing VI, and hoping that it served a good purpose to the visitors while it existed. And now we go poof. *poof!*
-Ed AKA Bombman.EXE

Well, I already mentioned how I'll probably give it a second try in the future if anybody else is with me. We've seen that that's possible a few times now ^_^. Ya' know what? I've been alienated at Final Flash now too, I got no community whatsoever any more. I've become almost completely involved with real-life work and relationships (I never thought it would be possible) Though I still long for the days where I could spend entire nights in front of the computer with Aim, FTP, Paint, Photoshop, VGBA, forum AND chat windows all open at the same time and trying to keep track with every one of them. Good times.

Anywho, finally rounded up all the images I could find. I threw in some extra stuff that I'm not sure was in the walkthrough or not. Just upload anything that corresponds to a broken link and keep the rest as extras for some Maniacs epilogues or something. ^_^ It's a shame I never got to use that "Death Virus" sprite I shamefully edited, or the horrible "Death of Napalm Man" joke I did with the manga page. Hopefully you could find a place for them.

-Raijin K AKA Skullman.EXE

[Sigh.] Viral Infection has been a great boon to me. I met one of my two best friends (Anton) through the site, and I truly enjoyed belonging someplace where there were others that actually KNOW about MM and LIKE the little blueberry popsicle, too. It's not often that I find people that like the same things I do (and actually take notice of me), but I suppose AIM and UMMF could always keep that going. The site was ALSO a tremendous leap in my online life. Before VI, I had none. I literally never talked to "online people" until then. I think Phil was the first...

Not to mention, I've also gained a true love for all things Egyptian. Really. I'm not kidding. I want an Ankh necklace...

I just don't know. In all truthfulness, VI is one of the best MM team sites out there, and most DEFINITELY the best website for Battle Network 1. I just wish I could have done more...

But as for me, I desperately hope to be able to concentrate on college for once. Does the site need to be changed/updated all that badly? Yes, I understand that some stuff was lost through Kiwibonga, and... um... yeah, I guess so. n_n;

I have the drive, of course, but I'm pretty sure I don't nearly have the skills to work on the site. That would be up to someone else. [Sigh.] And my one-year anniversary with VI is coming up, too. December 26 2001, one of my favorite Christmas gifts to date. At home, in my upstairs gameroom, spinning around ecstatically in my chair after Phil messaged me. I'll never forget that.

And no matter what, I'll never forget Viral Infection.
-Nijibu AKA Pharaohman.EXE

It's been a blast all! I enjoyed writing goofy stories for everyone to see and laugh at. I will miss being on VI. But the team was too disorganized, and it seems the drive is gone to continue the site. We were a team. And we will always be remembered as the "true" and "first" Megaman EXE Team! Viral Infection! This is Iceman EXE signing off.
-Gary AKA Iceman.EXE

Viral Infection. That was the team that got me an active role in the Mega Man Community. It's......saddening to see it go. And now I won't get to use all those story ideas I had...But I digress. What I want to say is this(shameless Plug): TO all Mega Man Teams looking for members, I'm open for hire. OK, I'd better stop. Now I'm just gonna go and reflect on this. See ya, Mega Man Fans. Till we meet again.
-Blackbelt Sam AKA Bass.EXE

Well umm Yeah hi it's me Lee ...X.x

I Can't say I didn't see this coming. Everything ends eventually. Had a great time on the team though. Everyone sorta Looked up to us because where the only team since Mech.M. to become popular in less than a week, and keep it that way for at least a year probably more. Most of the team members who were "serious" about the team still talk with one another on aim or some other messenger service. So it's not like everyone's disappearing. I guess my sig needs a bit of touching up, but I'll always be Colorman, he's my alter ego now besides clownman and impmon >.>. I didn't do as much for the team page as Gauntlet or Raijin. Those two deserve most of the credit. But I kept spirits high with gary / iceman exe's help. So it's not a total down. Maybe another great team will form form this? Can't tell. But it was great.

That Annoying guy guy with the Jawbreaker butt
- Lee AKA Coloredman.EXE

*sigh* Well, this looks like the end of the road for VI. The project I started, and sadly, ended. It was fun (trying) to work on the site. Although we didn't have too much, we had enough to make us one of the most successful sites.... *tear drop* I'm gonna miss it. I had a few things planned, but I could never get them started... I still have a few epilogues... who knows... maybe you'll see them on E-bay someday XD.

To VI fans (Yep, all 5 of you) , I bid you a fair farewell.
-TRC AKA Magicman.EXE (your lazy webmaster)

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. I'm sure some people didn't even know I was on this team, since I never did anything except for my bio. Well, I was about to upload an image and write an epilogue, right before the switch of servers. It just goes to show: The day I actually work is the day something dies...

It was an honor to *cough* work with such funny guys and... gal... And I'm sorry I never got anything done... It's too bad that this had to end, but I suppose that when a squirrel is choking on a nut, it's better to put it in the meat grinder... or some metaphor to that extent.

To close with a very funny quote that fits nicely in with this particular theme, 'Nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes.'

Shine on, you crazy diamonds!
-Top Man, the Spinning Demon AKA Gutsman.EXE
SMASHin' it up for the last time..."

I am fully aware that most if not all of you will still be hanging around these message boards and though I don't visit as often as I'd like to, I'll probably still something something. I hereby release my post of most useless member, content in the knowledge that something something. If possible I will think about the whole sentence before I write it. Adios, but again, won't you still all be here?
-Replay AKA Numberman.EXE

Viral Infection, at one time larger than I had ever imagined, is now shutting down, as you can see. It was a pleasure, and an honor to be on the team as Elec Man EXE. There were the good, and the bad times, but everyone had fun. I made many new friends and got to know more people through the team. I only wish that it could have lived longer. Good Bye, Viral Infection.
-Eclipse Edan AKA Elecman.EXE

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to offer my assistance. I tend to come...a touch too late. I really don't know anyone here that much (minus TRC >_>) so, I don't quite know what to say. Heh...forgive my lack of words.
- Dragon's Rage AKA FireWoman.EXE

Hell, I barely got to say my "Glad to be on the team" message.
- Dr Light AKA Woodman.EXE


"Anyone know what's up with Linkaran?"
By: Gutsman.EXE

Blackbelt: uh.....who's Linkaran?

Gauntlet: Sharkman.

Topman: What? No, I'm Sharkman!

Gauntlet: What? No, you're Gutsman!

Iceman: What? No, I'm Gutsman!

Skullman: What? No, you're Iceman!

Ed: What? No, I'm Iceman!

And so the cycle continues....
- Because Linkaran AKA Sharkman.EXE fell off the face of the earth.

Thanks to all our old members:

Anthony, Kamui, Kademusha - Protoman, Bass

EvilRoll EXE - Roll

Relicbane - Gutsman

Mixmasta Banzai - Pharaohman

Trent, Seraph Mason - Sharkman

Mike Hiscott, mikauhiscott - Woodman

Dark Illusion9 - Iceman, Gutsman

SaiyanXtreme211- Dominic, Fireman EXE

MM3: Mechanical Maniacs - The main place. Shadow, Skull, Guts, Bass, and Pharaoh can still be found here. Be sure to check it out!
The Sinister Six - Iceman EXE's famous Team page that started it all. If you haven't been here, then I SAY!
House of The Rabid Chicken - Well, Valcion, or pwntendo, or whatever TRC's calling himself tomorrow. He's still a crazy s.o.b.
Fandango's DeviantArt - He's a screwloose cartoonist. Check out his stuff, you will love it.

Mike Hiscott's Blog - Wasn't Woodman for very long, but hey, he has a site to link to.

A lot of old member sites were hosted on Geocities, which we always figured would be around forever. Wow, has it been forever already? Kinda feels like it.

Old News

Here are some old news pages I recovered.

October, 2001
November, 2001
December, 2001
January & February, 2002
July & August, 2002