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Old Epilogues

0: Enter: VI - By Gauntlet

1: Moth Infestation - By Raijin - A sequel to the exe stories on S6 and Mech Maniacs. The LifeVirus returns, and he's got help Sadly it's probably lost forever.

Obnoxious Jokes - By Iceman, for the Humour section. The VI members in a variety show.

Something out of the Ordinary ... - by Iceman! It might star the regular versions of the cast, but it was made for Viral Infection.

Reunion Epilogues

Who says the team is dead? The Rabid Chicken has written some epilogues for nostalgia's sake. It's a good thing considering all our original epilogues are gone now.

1. A VI-y holiday.

2. Hairy Situation


Solo stories written by members about how it all started.

The Origin of Pharaohman.exe

The Origin of Sharkman.exe

The Origin of Viral Infection - first draft with thread commentary. See "Chapter 0" below for the newer version.

The Origin of the EXE2 Team - A salvaged VI forum RP by members of a companion team.

Main Story

It started as a random forum RP and grew into an ongoing epic. I imagined a whole series of future plots that never got to be written, but I may revisit them someday. Until then have a taste of the EXE team in action.

Chapter 0: Starting an EXE Team
The introduction. How the team was formed, and why they're all clones.

Chapter 1: Everybody Wants To Rule The World
VI's first big mission to take over Genjibo's Military base, but the WWW happens to be on the same mission.

Chapter 2: Surreality
VI experiments with the fabric of space and time to bring navis into solid reality, but instead bring in viruses, angry dragons from the future, Royalty from another dimension, and a tear in the space-time continuum that threatens to destroy the world.

Chapter 3: Viral Warfare
VI vs. WWW. And this time it's personal. The team gains new allies and a lot of new enemies.

Chapter 4: Spiral Infection
The team creates a monster and are surprised when it turns against them. From the combination of fifteen viral navis comes the most potent virus the world has ever seen.

All Your Bass
This special part of the Story written by Blackbelt is an important transition in the plotline. The team loses a valuable friend and ally while another team gains one.

Chapter 5: The Vector Virus
The Life Virus is back with a vengeance. The Internet is quickly overcome by the massive, mobile, viral system/battleship known as the Vector. LV reveals his real plans to the world.

Chapter 6: The Viral Soul
Avi may have been deleted, but the virus that gave him life can never die. Both the VI and LifeForce are baffled by the mysterious virus attacks sent their way.

Chapter 7: Divided They Fall
Avi and LV team up to deliver their revenge to Viral Infection. VI makes an unlikely alliance with the Officials to find a way to finish their greatest enemies off for good.

Chapter 8: Black Plague
A mysterious infection spreads across the Net and even when wiped out it continues to spread. VI is forced to look at Virals on a whole new plane to stop the terrifying plague.

Chapter 9: Exile, Exodous, Extinction
25 years later and VI is more or less retired. But a new syndicate appears targeting Auto-Navis and unfortunately some of the VI navis now fall into that category. And why after 25 years do signs of LV and Avi begin to show again?

Chapter X: Planet Cyberworld
In an alternate future of 21XX, earth is out of the picture and the Life Virus rules a virtual planet with an iron fist. There is nothing the rebel forces can do until Magma Dragoon returns to the future he inadvertently helped create and decides to fix his mistakes of the past.

Chapter X2: SigmaNET
In another alternate future of 21XX, the development of online security has led to the creation of SigmaNET. Nobody expected SigmaNET to rebel against humanity and plunge the world into chaos. Magma Dragoon and the rebel force known as "X" fight to destroy SigmaNET and return peace to the world at all costs.