The NEW Sinister Six in:

The Apple of My Eye

Leon: Love. Talk about a screwy thing to fall head over heals for. It's a shame this wasn't released on Valentines day, but what can you do about it? Except fall for the woman who obviously has a nasty spell bent over you! Not on Britt's watch!

Narrator: In the Megaopolis streets, the S6 are in the middle of a heated battle with the dreaded Sleek Squad once again. Who will prevail in this showdown of wits and terror?

Lance: *Tries to Torch Rich* Stand still you little bugger!

Rich: *jumps out of harms way* That tactic only worked last time we fought Flareman! *throws a bomb*

Lance: *gets bombarded* Uggggg...that hurts...

Ben: Here, let me put the man on ice. No offense Gary...

Gary: *fighting Dashman* None taken.

Ben: *flames the closest fire hydrant* Bring on the Aqua baby!

*The Fire Hydrant hooses down Flareman's powers*

Lance: Doh...not fair! *is KOed by another one of Rich's bombs*

*Leon and Britt are tangling with Stretchman*

Fred: Both of your powers are useless against me!

Britt: Not this time! *sends a blade under Fred*

Leon: *shocks Fred* Hahahahaha!

Fred: Oww...Oww...Owww! That hurts! Electricity shouldn't phase me!

Britt: Not with solid metal lining the bottom of you.

Leon: And you're not grounded, so suck up the pain buddy. *continues electrocuting him*

Erik: *throws Graniteman into a building* Okay, that's enough guys. *grabs Stretchman and ties him into a knot*

Leon: Ahhhh man... I wanted to finish him.

Erik: You already did, I just wrapped him into a pretty bow. *smiles*

Britt: Erik Behind you!

Erik: *grabs Graniteman from behind and moulds him into a giant ball*

Peter: How did you...?

Erik: Ben! Catch! *tosses Graniteman ball to Ben*

Ben: *kicks the guy far off into the distance* Adios.

Peter: *knocked into the horizen* AAAAAAARRRRRGGGG!!

Ben: Almost done there Gary?

Dash: *running circles around Iceman*

Gary: Almost. Just a second.

Dash: You are pitful! Stupid and ugly! You cannot fight what you cannot see! *continues racing around Gary*

Gary: Okay...that hurt. But you'll hurt more. *Ices the floor*

Dash: *runs over it and slips* Ahhhhh...crap! *lands into a building and is knocked out*

Gary: Now I'm done.

*The Six regroup*

Leon: We showed those bozos.

Erik: Yup. They got a little sloppy this time, that's why they lost.

Rich: Bah, they are just old news. We adapted to their tactics.

Britt: I think we just got lucky this time...

Ben: Maybe, welp I throughly enjoyed this butt kicking, let's go home and celebrate!

*they all agree and head off*

Narrator: Either did they know that a darkened figure is stalking them from above the city streets.

*At S6 H.Q. The Birds are singing...*

Gary: *shoots the birds down with a slingshot* That's Eight...

Erik: Gary! Leave the darn birds alone already!!

Gary: Sorry, they were annoying me.

Ben: I thought you were a prankster, not a sadist...

Rich: Oh, he was just hitting them with pepples, they aren't hurt, just knocked out for a while.

Erik: Ah...common mistake Katto. *sarcasm*

Rich: You can call me Rich now, Katto just doesn't appeal to me anymore.

*Leon and Britt come into the room*

Erik: Back so soon?

Rich: That sure was quick...

Leon: Well, Odin didn't put up much of a fuss this time.

Britt: He actually went to jail quietly...surprisingly.

Ben: I think he's up to something. Honestly.

Erik: You're probably right, doesn't seem like his nature to go peacefully.

Britt: Specially after the damage he caused before Leon joined the crew.

Gary: All this time...he was working for Scorpion.

Leon: A spy too, good thing I joined when I did.

*Alarm blares off*

Britt: Jeeez, I just got back already!

Erik: Don't worry, Ben, Gary, Rich, and I will take this one. You and Leon stay here and rest.

Leon: Hell no, take me with you. I want some action!

Gary: I'll stay here and comfort Britt.

Britt: *growls at Gary*

Erik: *shrugs* Okay men, we're off!

*the four of them teleport out*

Gary: Hope they'll be alright.

Britt: I'm sure they'll be fine. We can monitor them from here.

Gary: It's a done deal.

*Meanwhile at a jewlery shop*

???: Sorry boys, but I feel that these jewels belong to me.

Store Clerk: It's all yours...*drools*

Erik: *comes in* Not if I have something to say about it!

Leon: Stop right there and...

*the four of them gaze upon the robber*

Apple: Well howdey there boys. How are things in the hero bizz?

Ben: UHhhh...okay.

Rich: *nods in agreement*

Apple: Don't mind me here. I'm just picking me up some Jewels for my collection. *giggles as she sways her hair about*

Erik: Sure....ummm..we understand. Right guys?

*they all continue to stare at Apple*

Rich: missy, what's your name?

Apple: You all can call me Apple. Heh. You know, you all are kinda cute. *she pinches Rich's chin*

Rich: *laughs* Awww...thanks madam.

Apple: Now if you boys don't mind, I got some other places I need go visit, so maybe I'll catch you all later?

Leon: *smiles stupidly*

Erik: Sure maam, don't let us hold you up. *he grins*

Apple: Okay huns. Adios now! *she waves goodbye and blows them each a kiss*

Rich: Wow...what a baaaaaaaaabe.

Erik: Oh yeah...You think me and know..

Ben: I saw her first!

Leon: I believe that she looked at me!

Rich: HEY! She pinched my chin! Not yours!

Erik: Sorry Rich, The ladies don't go for physcos.

Rich: You'll pay for that remark Erik! *tosses a Bomb at Erik*

Erik: *barley dodges* Hey! You bastard!

Leon: *zaps the both of them* She's mine!

Rich: *punches Leon back* I don't think so kid!

Leon: I maybe the youngest blood here, but that doesn't mean I can't have my share of women!

Ben: *torches all three of them* Says you! I came on the team first!

*the four of them start rough housing*

Gary: HEY! WAKE UP!! *freezes the lot of them, then unfreezes them*

Erik: What happend?

Ben: I donno...I feel...weird.

Gary: What did you guys do here? The robber got away with the goods!

Rich: Crap...I completly forgot.

Leon: I donno what happend, we were ready to fight and then...wham...I lost control over my senses.

Britt: *comes in* Well good job guys! I donno what were going to tell the press about this one.

Erik: We don't say anything, let's split before they show up.

*they all teleport out*

(Back at H.Q.)

Britt: It's a good thing we decided to keep an eye on you guys through the monitor.

Leon: Well, that won't happen again. Whoever that girl was, she's going down!

Ben: No way will I fall for her again! No sir!

*2 days later at the Clothing Multiplex*

Ben: I'll do anything for you Apple my dear...and I mean anything...

Apple: Well in that case Fireman hunny, break open this seal, so I can get the diamond inside!

Ben: Yes maam! *breaks it open*

*alarm goes off*

Apple: Quick Gutsman, hand me the jewl!

Erik: Right away my Apple lady!

Apple: If you guys really want to make a gal happy, you'll stall the cops while I make my escape!

Rich: But of course my Apple! We'll stall them for you!

Leon: Right away!

Apple: all are so cute! Bye bye now! *she leaves*

Erik: I'd do anything for Apple.

Ben: Me too.

Leon: She's my baaaaabe!

Ben:, she's mine.

Erik: *twacks Ben into the wall* SHE'S MINE!

Rich: *bombs Erik into the ground* I'M SORRY, BUT I SAW HER FIRST!

Leon: *shocks Rich* NO MEEE!

*they all wrestle on the ground*

Gary: OH GAWD, NOT AGAIN! *freezes them, then unfreezes them*

Erik: happend to the big jewl that was in here?

Britt: You handed it to that girl.

Erik: Crap.

Gary: And Ben broke it open and set off the alarms

Ben: Double Crap

Britt: And the cops are on their way here now.

Rich: Triple Crap

Gary: And of course, there's no jewl.

Leon: Quadriple Crap.

*they quickly leave the area*

(Back at S6 H.Q.)

Erik: Okay, something needs to be done about that Apple Girl.

Ben: She obviously has some sort of spell over us.

Britt: *groans* No kidding, but it has no effect on me.

Gary: Me either, course I've never met her yet.

Britt: And you're not going to!!

Rich: Welp, we just have to learn to ignore her tremendous good looks.

Leon: Yeah, and that beautiful green hair...

Ben: And that tight...


Ben: I swear, I won't be falling under her spell next time!

*That very night*

Ben: I loooooooooveee you Apple!

Apple: Ohhhh..Fireman, you are such a cutie! *she winks at him*

Ben: *melts* OOoooooooohhhh...

Apple: And you Elecman. You are a pretty site indeed. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Leon: *melts too* Oooooooooooohhhhhh...

Apple: Erik, could you be a doll and reach up there and grab those expensive dresses!

Erik: Right away Apple my dear! *reaches and grabs the dress*

Apple: Thank you big guy! Oh, and Bombman, could you blast open that back door for me! I'd get it myself, but I'm so frale, and you've got all that muscle!

Rich: *blows it open* Right this way maam...

Apple: You guys are so nice! Remind me to give you a call sometime!

Ben, Erik, Rich, and Leon: *melts again*

Apple: Bye bye huns!

*Gary and Britt comes into the fray*

Gary: Not this time Apple! We got your cornered!

Britt: Best give it up now!

Apple: But wouldn't you rather show me to the exit instead of fighting me Iceman?

Gary: *becomes dazed* Yeah...I'd like that a lot Apple.


Apple: Do me a favor and take care of your friend, and I'll repay your deeds handsome Eskimo!

Gary: Yes Maam! *ties up Britt*

Britt: Gary! What are you doing!?

Apple: Good, now will you five escort me out of the premises like a band of good heroes?

Leon: We are under your command.

Gary: We will do what you say.

*they all escort her out*

Britt: That's just great! *cuts her way free* NOW I'M PISSED OFF!! NOBODY, BUT NOBODY HYPNOTISES MY MAN!!

*Britt darts outside to confront Apple*

Britt: You and me! Right now!

Apple: Now, that's unlady-like. I suppose I'll *evil voice* Have to teach you a lesson.

Britt: .........uh oh.

Apple: *arm configures into an plasma gun* Eat my rays of destruction!

Britt: *is confronted with heavy laser fire* Uggggg...I had no idea she could do that!

Apple: *charges a shot and fires* And you thought I was small and helpless? For shame!

Britt: *is blasted back* turn! *she pulls off her shears and prepairs to swipe*

Apple: *flips backwards and drop kicks Britt to the floor* That it?

Britt: *pulls out her trademark flaming pitchfork* Not quite you green haired baboon! *she tosses it*

Apple: Green haired baboon? *gets skewered* new dress! You'll pay for that! Sinister Five! Attack!

Leon: *tries to shock Britt who barley dodges* We'll do what you command!

Erik: *charges* We'll do what you say.

Britt: *dodges Erik's strike* Guys! It's me! Britt! Cut-Chan!

Rich: *tosses a bomb at Britt* What you command, we will obey.

Britt: sounds like they are under mind control.

*she continues dodging attacks until she sees the ultimate horror*

Britt: Oh no...

Gary: I'll do what you say Apple. *Gary freezes Britt's feet in place*

Britt: I can't's me...*a tear drops in her eyes*

Gary: Anything for Apple.

Britt: I guess this is the end....

*The Sinister Five surround Britt*

Leon: Must obey Apple.

Ben: The Apple of My Eye.

Erik: The Apple of My Eye.

Rich: Apple of My Eye.

Gary: Apple of My Eye.

*they continue repeating the quote*

Apple: Ahhhhh...the words of my obediant servants. *grins*

Britt: *uses the destraction to break free* Ugggg...I'm beaten. I have to retreat! *she teleports out*

Apple: Hah! Finally realized she's no match for my army! Now! Let's go men.

Erik: Anything you say my Apple.

*they follow her*

Narrator: Meanwhile at the S6 base.

Britt: I've failed. I couldn't save my friends. That blasted ape...she stoll them from me. She stoll my Gary. *tears up* I'm useless....

*suddenly Needle Gal puffs in*

Britt: Huh?

Needle Gal: Don't give up hope Britt. Espcially when you have friends by your side.

Britt: Needle Gal? Crystal Girl? Spark Chan? Bright Babe? Zapper?

Zapper: Yup! We are aware of Britt's plight.

Spark Chan: *hugs* Never worry, for we are always by your side hun!

Chibi Keba: We'll unleash our powers together upon that Apple gal!

Crystal Girl: The power of Women will reunite!

Needle Gal: We'll work together to over come Apple's army of men. After all, Men have one weakness.

Britt: What's that?

Zapper: Us. Now let's go!

*they cheer brightly and head out to face Apple*

Narrator: At a local Watch and Jewlery Outlit.

Apple: *points* There. Break it open Gutsman.

Erik: Anything for my Apple. *breaks down the door*

Apple: You there, Elecman. Fetch!

Leon: Yes maam! Right away! *He grabs the jewlerly and stuffs it in a bag*

Cop Bots: Freeze right there!

Apple: Hey there guys. Wanna help?

Cop Bots: Yeeees Maam! Right away!

Apple: Good, now grab all the jewlery you can!

*The S6 And The Cop Bots do what she says, until*

Britt: Okay, that's Far enough Apple.

Apple: You again? Didn't you learn from your last beating that you don't stand a chance? You don't have your precious team to help you out of this one.

Britt: Maybe, but you don't realize the trouble you're in.

*the others come in*

Spark Chan: Nice to meet you Hun. To bad we are going to take you down.

Zapper: That's right. Prepair yourself!

Crystal Girl: You give Women a bad name!

Apple: More of you? Well fine. You all shall go down in defeat! After all, The Robotic Men outnumber you all. Go! Cop Bots!

Cop Bots: We'll do what you command! *they open fire on the Robotic Girls*

Chibi Keba: *protects them with a shield of light* I donno how long I can hold this.

Gary: *freezes and breaks through the bright light* Anything for Apple!

Crystal Girl: *crystalizes Gary in place* she's got the Sinister Six attack us!

Erik: *breaks Gary free and smashes Crystal Chan backwards* Apple Of My Eye!

Crystal Girl: Uggggg...

Needle Gal: Take a stand! Now is the time we stand up to them! Come on! *Needle Gal pummels Erik with Needle Cannon*

Ben: *tries to burn Needle Gal, but is stopped by Bright Babe* Apple of My eye!

Chibi Keba: Not this time Ben! *uses Flash Stopper* Stop right there!

Spark Chan: *keeps Gary back* dearest Gary. I hate to do this...but I have to in order to save you. *she shocks Gary*

Zapper: *tries to get at Apple but is blocked by Rich and Leon* Ugggg...they're protecting her!

Britt: NOOO. SHE'S MINE! Just keep the Sinister Six and the Cop Bots back!

Zapper: *rains down Rain Flush on Leon and Rich* Gotta keep them back!

Rich: Must obey Apple!

Leon: Apple of my Eye!

*With the horde of girls keeping the hypnotised men at bay, Apple now was open to attack*

Needle Gal: That's it! Now's your chance! Go Britt!

Britt: Thank you Girls! I owe all of you one! *charges Apple*

Apple: You! How did you overcome my Men!

Britt: With love! Now to finish you!

Apple: Go ahead and try! You won't win! *she opens fire with her arm cannon*

Britt: *dodges by flipping* Uggg...she's fast!

Apple: *slices into Britt with her sword*

Britt: She's got a sword too?

Apple: My sword of power will finish you! *she slashes in for the kill*

Britt: *she pulls out her own sword made of her Rolling Cutter and blocks* Urrrrfff...not this time!

Needle Gal: *fighting off Erik* You can do it!

Crystal Girl: Do it for all the girls! *she blocks Gary's attack*

Britt: *uses all her strength to push Apple backwards*

Apple: The hell? How....?

Britt: *slashes upwards and hits Apple across the shoulder*

Apple: Ugggg! No!!

Zapper: That's it Britt! You got her now!

Chibi Keba: Do it!

Spark Chan: Do it!!

Britt: *hits Apple again* Hi-ya!! *and again* *and again*

Apple: Uggg..*is slashed across the chest* *then the legs* ARRRRGGG!!

Britt: THIS IS FOR GARY! *slashes and connects* FOR ERIK! *slash* FOR BEN! *slash* FOR LEON! *slash* FOR RICH! *slash* And this one is for me! *SLASH!!*

Apple: NOOOOOOO!!! *explodes*

Britt: *stands back holding her sword and poses*

*the spell is lifted off the men*

Zapper: You did it!

Spark Chan: Nicely done hun!

Crystal Girl: You are the bravest girl I know!

Chibi Keba: *hugs her* You go girl!

Needle Gal: I couldn't of done it better myself.

Erik: What happend?

Ben: I feel whoosy.

Rich: head.

Crystal Girl: You guys sure had an adventure. Tell you that.

Ben: What are you girls doing here?

Needle Gal: Long story, and I doubt you guys would be intrested in hearing.

Leon: Really?

Zapper: Really really.

Britt: *hugs Gary* I'm so glad you're alright. *hugs tightly*

Gary: Whoah...easy Britt. I wasn't gone that long, was I?

Britt: Long enough my Eskimo. Long enough...

Narrator: And so The Sinister Six go back to H.Q. hearing the whole story.

Erik: Wow, I never felt so helpless...

Rich: All cause of Apple. Unbelivable how much power she had over Men.

Britt: Yeah...I almost lost my Gary.

Gary: I'm so sorry Britt. I wish I could of fought her.

Britt: It's okay. But if you EVER LOOK AT ANOTHER WOMAN AGAIN!!!

The Others: ............

Britt: Just kidding. *hugs*

*they all laugh*

Erik: Some heroes we turned out to be.

Leon: Yeah, we got won over by beauty.

Rich: And it almost beat us.

Gary: But it was girl power that prevailed in the end.

Ben: We need girls of course!

Britt: I'm just glad Apple is gone for good.

*they all nod*


Scorpion: Hmmmm...looks like a messed up girl robot here.

Super Chaos: What should we do with her?

Scorpion: I think she'll be of use for my plans for the Sinister Six. Oh yes. Very useful. Put her in the containment unit.

Super Chaos: Yes sir.

to be continued...