This is the section where we dump all our projects (completed or not) that spawn from our twisted and dark minds. Better grab a flashlight and a shotgun.




"The Robot War" by Ben Roberts

The awesome novelization of the first Mega Man game adapted for the Sinister Six by Gary. Be advised this is a long read, so go make a sandwich and get a drink and enjoy the fanfic that rocked the world.

Caption Contest

Write some witty dialogue for a one-panel comic made by Ben.

The Big 128

A work in progress by Gary, enter codes in Megaman Battle Chip Challenge to play as various your favorite S6, Mecha Maniacs members or their supporting casts...

The Adoption Page

Adopt a cute little Sinister Six Dixie here! You can choose from many different Robot Master Dixies to display upon your very webpage!

The Sinister Six Arcade Game!

A game idea that Rich, Hardy, and I were planning on actually developing at one point. We made a lot of sprites and drew up a lot of ideas, but at the moment the game is only a myth. Anyways, click above to see what we had done.

Megaman 1 Walkthrough

A tremendously thorough .... and tremendously funny walkthrough by Bomb!

Sinister Six Nostalgia

Click here for old sections that used to appear on this site. Most were hits in there days. It's rather huge so bring along some food, and beverage!

The Contacts Page

Want to talk or chat with the S6 themselves? Click the link for our contact information!