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Greetings, Cut Man here. Leaving already eh? I take it you've gotten bored with our site. That's ok. Just click on a teleporter and teleport out of this boring fortress. But you better comeback! Each site I link to I always visit first. So if you wish me to link to your page, I always browse through it first before linking. Here's what I have so far:

The Mega Man Home Page
Quite Possibly the best place to go for Megaman Information. This site has been around for a long time, and it's highy respected amoungst the community. If you haven't been here, go NOW!!

MM 2: Wily's Warriors
The Wily's Warriors has been around for a long while, but shut down. But came back better than ever. They have some great epilouges, and their bios are pretty unique. It's a growing site well on it's way, our very own Fireman is also the Warriors' Heatman.

MM 3: The Mechanical Maniacs True allies and a popular Megaman Team that formed after us. They have a rather big site to browse, and one can not forget their hilarous epilouges, and Gauntlet's Megaman 3 Strategy Guide

MM 4: Cossacks Comrades
Everybody's favorite communists return with a vengeance with new allies and new villains. Definitely a must-see team.

MM 5: Ascendant Androids
The latest team based off of Megaman 5. Not too much to see there yet but it's still growing.

MM 6: Metallic Mercenaries
Another Megaman Team site, based on Megaman 6. Run by Plantman plenty of artwork and epilogues. A must-see for any fan of Megaman's last romp on the NES.

EXE 3: Annihilation
Certainly an oddity that it in fact two teams in one. Updates have been sporadic lately go there if you're a fan of the Battle Network series. A hilaorus site created by the one and only, Stoneman. Is also home to that cooky Arch Nemisis. His Epilouges are worth a good read, Some of his games are pretty unique, and his Take Away is just funny as hell! Adopt one today!

The Shadow Lands
A site that has been around for a while. Totally dedicated to the mystical ninja himself. Jokes and Shadowman information can be located here. Just remember it's been a while since an update.

Joey's Mega Man Corner
A very large and popular page that has been around for years, and is still doing fairly well. You can check out just about anything here. Order Megaman CD soundtracks, keep up with Megaman News, and find out the Goodie or Baddie of the week! Lots more to do, lots more fun! Go now!

Tech Tyrants
Might I say, one of the best Megaman Team Sites on the net. Based from the Rockman and Forte game, the graphics on this site alone are awesome! The sections keep you busy. With great Fan Fiction and Epilouges! Even though their strategy guide still isn't can't help but see how well put out it is!

Sprites Inc.
The Ultimate Source for Sprites. Created by Dark Napalm, Megamanxtreme, and Heatman. They have quite frankly, the best Sprite Collection ever! Once can't simply say they don't have it all.

Clownman's Circus
A good friend of mine has a great site of his own. Although he could use some updates...=P. He has quite an intresting place. You can view his popular avatars, see his galleries, and read up some funny jokes. It's all there at his circus!

Pharaohman's Temple
A good place to get all those Rockman and Forte Cards. You can also learn about Pharaohman himself, and see his comics, and fan art. A lot of which are pretty good and hilarous. Stop by Egypt and pay him a visit. You know you don't want to defy him...

Iragination (IRA's Page)
Our beloved IRA has created his own site, based open 21XX, where he calls the shots. He was also the author of his incredible Fireman Comics! Visit his site for a rare and unique treat of excellent drawing style! You won't be disapointed!

Rockman Robot Centre
Auto is the owner of this site, and he's been around for a long while. He's well respected in the community, and his site is very unique. I like his layout and ideas. There's lots to do there, and his site is still growing! Check out his unique sprite collection, his awesome collection of rare Megaman Picture galleries, and lots, and lots, of odd ball facts that'll make your head spin! Definatly stop by!

Xardion's Page of Stuff
Xardion was a good friend of mine, and his site is pretty full of eye candy. His Met Comics are funny as hell, seriously. And his custom metool Robot Master Sprites are definatly unique. I like his site mostly cause it stands up for the Mets! Check it out!

Sneer (A Draco Malfoy fansite) Come here if you're a big fan of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. I'm a member, cause I'm a proud Slytherin! In Slytherin, Draco is a GOD. My God.

Eon's Comic
A sprite comic that breaks the mold Bob and Geroge made by taking itself seriously. Highly recommended for those that enjoy a serial adventure.

Comic Bloc
Ben's favorite place to go when you want to talk comics, serveral professionals like Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Kurt Busiek and Gail Simone frequent there (and that only a handful.)

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