Sinister Six Epilogues
Last Updated: 01.13.2007

Hi and welcome to the Sinister Six Epilogue Series with the latest organization of the site, this section has been divided into seasons. You can navigate through by clicking on the link on the right to the season of your choice. For your convenience, here's a run down of the seasons.

  • Seasons 1 through 3 - These are the adventures of the original Sinister Sis (Jason, Tim, Gary, Scott, IRA, Edward and later Andon). This incarnation of the Sinister Six is known as the "Original Sinister Six".
  • Season 4 - Beginning with this season a new Sinister Six forms after the original team breaks up after the events of the epic "Ice Man vs. Red". This incarnation of the sinister six can be be known either as "The New Sinister Six" or "Sinister Six Mk. 2".
  • Season 5 - Still running strong, our new team faces off against greater challenges. This season is known for its many crossovers and unique parodies, such as the team attending Hogwarts, and earning their own Power Morpher.
  • Specials - These Stories don't really fit anywhere with the first four stories but can still be considered canon in the S6 Universe.
  • X-Force - These are stories, mainly written by Ben, from the old X4 team, the X-Force. They were a big part of the old days and there's even a few crossovers with the old Sinister Six in there!
  • Fiction - The stories in this category are Alternate Universe (AU), while they have characters from any incarnation of the Sinister Six; none of them can be considered canon.