Hi. Welcome to the Robot Master Database. I'm Ben, and I'll be hosting it with Gary's permission. Let me remind you that these profiles are not really canon as they are not endorsed by Capcom's American or Japanese branches. However with what was taken from the manuals and the CDs from Megaman and Bass: these profiles should be fairly on the mark.

I couldn't have remade these profiles without the help of the following people.

  • Pixelboy - Without his insight in the original profiles he wrote years ago; none of this would've possible.
  • Auto - The pictures used here came from his database.
  • Sprites Inc. - The foremost place for Megaman sprites.
  • Megaboy & Sonic HQ - For their translations of the CDs.
  • Gauntlet - For his nagging us to get off our asses and the Megaman PC sprites.