Cossack's Comrades


Well, it's Labor Day weekend, and Covid is still running wild in the streets! So you got nothing better to do this weekend, then hang out with us, right? Naturally!

The next part of Icebreaker is now playing at a theater near you! As you may recall, the Comrades have finally met Disciples of Torchjitsu, who got it in their heads that the Comrades are more accomplished, disciplined warriors than they are. Half of the Comrades have already imparted all the wisdom they had to offer. Now it's time to check in with the other half! Ostensibly, this chapter and the one before were supposed to be one ep. But test audiences informed me that it was so long, it had to be split into two parts.

Milking two updates out of one ep? That's working smarter, not harder.

-St. Diveman


If you're suffering from post-Independence Day Blues (it can be a thing, can't it?) Then we get the cure for you! What better way to cap off celebrating our nation's independence, then reading about the adventures of Russian robots, hosted on a website maintained by a Canadian dude?

It's been a long time coming, but at long last, the Mega Man 11 robot masters finally make their debut in Icebreaker Part 2! Previously, the Comrades met their long-lost brother, Tundraman. Whose promised to take them to meet his master and brothers-at-arms, the Disciples of Torchjitsu. And as we all know, the Comrades ALWAYS put their best foot forward when meeting knew friends.

Would I lie?

-St. Diveman


Yowza. I can hardly believe the last sign of life from us five months ago. Time break that rut!

This time, we got a brand new ep to spice things up, not just a remake. Featuring a brand new Comrade, no less? Yep, the Comrades discover their long lost brother, Tundraman in the new ep, Icebreaker! Because it's high time more of the Mega Man 11 boys find their way into our fiction, not just Torchman! Though more importantly, is this new addition a friend or foe? Though knowing the Comrades, that question works both ways.

Will they hit it off? Go check it out and see!

-St. Diveman


No, it's no April Fool's gag. We have an new ep to kick off the new month. Well, sort of. Like "Wraith and Skull: Brothers?!?"before it, Silence of the Red Hannibal was all but lost after we moved hosts. While the ep itself can't be recovered, we built a new ep that embodies the same spirit.

Set just before Business of War, the Comrades try to track down one of their missing friends with the help of...Wraithman?? What could go wrong? On April Fool's no less? This ep serves as a prelude for the Comrades' end to BOW, while a send off for another team altogether.

-St. Diveman


It's the Comrades' first update of the year! And better way to start off something new with...Something old? Well, sort of. Remember Wraith and Skull: Brothers?!? One of the two Season 3 eps that's lost to the sands of time? We haven't been able to recover it, exactly. So we did the next best thing: Remake it from the ground up. For all intents and purposes, it's pretty much a whole new ep, with stronger ties to the MM Team Community, and delightful call backs.

But the hits keep coming! Somehow, some way, Shadowman was able to dredge up old Season 2 classic The Sith Arrival from the forgotten corners of the internet, in all it's original glory! And as one last blast from the past, Gauntlet also dug up some of Keba's (our original Brightbabe's) old art, which now has its own page. Much thanks to him and his plucky use of Internet Archive!

That's a lot accomplished for one update, huh?

-St. Diveman


What the? Two updates in one month? Not exactly. Our latest ep touches over a few old eps that hadn't been posted yet. No sense leaving them collecting dust in the site's archives where nobody can see them. Now as a good a time as any to bring them back!

So without further adieu, I give you Once and Future Drill and A Short Sendoff to the CC.

-St. Diveman


Cossackachna-wha?? With half the Comrades swept up in a mix-and-match team, you didn’t think the remaining Comrades were just going to sit on the sidelines, did you? Not while there’s suzies and old conspiracies bounding about!

While half the Comrades under Ballade’s sterling leadership, the remaining Comrades are hard at work tackling the jobs they handle best. And it’s up to their on and off buddies, The Mechanical Maniacs (at least half of them) and Punk to pick up the slack! The out-of-control suzies are the least of their problems. The mismatched team finds themselves delving into an old mystery that may be best left unsolved. But their greatest enemies could very well turn out to be themselves thanks to a lousy sense of team dynamic, and old bad habits. What kind of mischief will our boys get into? Only one way to know!

-St. Diveman


All good things are worth waiting for. Including the conclusion to Ballade's Battlers!

It's our heroes, Androids and Ballade against the world, as they're beset by suzies, RPD, and a darker force that intends to consume them all. But will this shaky team destroy themselves before their foes have a chance? Tune in to find out!

-St. Diveman


It would be a little disingenuous to say this is a Cossack's Comrades update. For that team is no more! There is only...Ballade's Battlers!

Yes, half the Comrades and half the Ascendant Androids have joined forces with Ballade to form a new team that will change everything! What exactly is in store for this new team? Only Ballade knows for sure. Let's just hope a brewing suzy rebellion doesn't crush Ballade's lifelong dream before can get off the ground!

-St. Diveman


The Mechs had a chance to shine the last couple months. Now it's our turn!

You know your archenemy has worn out his welcome when he's outlasted all but one or two members of your team. But the only thing sadder is when you realize you don't even know why he hates your guts so much. Our heroes along with the Ascendant Androids of all people try to get to the bottom of Ballade's irrational prejudice in the game-changing Ballade's Battlers!

Old bonds will be shattered! New alliances will be forged! And nothing will be the same!

-St. Diveman


We all know that Russians and fake news are (tragically) the in-thing at the moment. So why not have a little fun with it our latest ep, Straight from the Headlines! Actually, the breaking news in that ep isn't fake. Though as bizarre as some of the headlines are, they should be. Can the Comrades get to the bottom of it? It's an old ep crafted by our veteran writer Skullman (Hunter) who hasn't let us down yet. And deserves more than letting hos old stories get locked a dusty old vault.

Just remember, whatever you read here, you read it here first!

-St. Diveman


Is there a better way to spend your holidays than with a bunch of rowdy Commie robots? Let’s hope not. Because Part 2 of Cookies! is open for business! From here on, things get really off-the-wall, in no small part thanks to a power-crazed Toadman, and Pharaoh’s alter ego’s tenuous grasp on reality. And things can only get worse before they get better. But that’s all part of the fun, and we all know it!

-St. Diveman


Neither fate, apathy or a bum copy of Dreamweaver can keep a good commie sub down! Here's an ep a long time coming: Cookies!, penned by our lovable mummy mistress herself, Pharaohwoman!

What do cookies, a senile baker, Met Daddy and a power-crazed Toadman add up to? Short answer: pure madness. Long answer: even more pure madness. But don't take my word for it. Read it and see for yourself!

-St. Diveman


I bet you thought it would never come. But after several long years, and even a few host changes, Dive's Inferno draws to a close! At long last, I give you the capstone installment, Canto X: Treachery!

Dante's salvation and escape from Hell is so close, he can practically taste it. And he's not going to let various traitors and even Lucifer himself stand in his way! Unfortunately for him, it's not as simple as he thinks. Before it all ends, Dante learns the hard way learns the hard way that everything he knows is wrong, he stands perilously close to losing everything than he realizes, and the fate of all of creation hangs in the balance. Is it all too much for our (anti) hero? You've read this far and waited this long on the edge of your seat. You deserve to know how it all really ends!

-St. Diveman


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