Robot Master Name: Spark Man スパークマン
Weapon: Spark Shock スパークショック
Weakness: Shadow Blade シャドーブレード
Robot Number: DWN023
Designer: Mikihiro Suzuki
Real Name: Leon James Graves
Sex: Where??!
Height: 5' 10"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Goal: To always finish what I've started
Fav. MM game: Mega Man 2 GB. That's right! You heard me!
Spark Man was originally Elec Man on the S6 before departing to an alternate timeline where the Scissor Army won and devastated the whole world.
In the fifteen years he's had to survive in a post apocalyptic ashtray of a world, Spark Man has honed his skills as a repairman/engineer through repairs he's made on himself and the rest of surviving S6. And he's eager to see what he can accomplish in a world where resources are far more plentiful.
Spark Man is a big fan of Bruce Campbell movies and misses watching them in the fifteen years he was gone.
Spark Man doesn't like setting boundaries when it comes to his sense of humor. He's usually the one who takes a joke too far, and is proud of it.
In real life, Spark Man works as a whooping crane handler, who helps whooping crane chicks migrate to wintering grounds in Florida. It's a long story.
In addition to being Elec Man, Spark Man (more properly known as Geoff Tarbox) was also Spark Mandrill, Sparkman.exe, Dive Man, and Napalm Man on a plethora of other teams. Man gets around.
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"Crazy is as crazy does. Gimme some sugar, baby."


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