Robot Master Name: Hard Man ハードマン
Weapon: Hard knuckle ハードナックル
Weakness: Magnet Missile マグネットミサイル
Robot Number: DWN020
Designer: Kazahiko Oguro
Real Name: Benjamin, no last name given.
Sex: Male, last time I checked.
Height: Taller than you.
Eye Color Blue-Green
Hair Color Brown
Goal To outlive all my enemies.
Fav MM Game MM Game: All, except for 7
MMX Game Megaman X, Megaman X4
Though he doesn't advertise it, Hardman enjoys refining his culinary skills. Just don't ask him where he gets his ingredients.
Having learned from a professional, Hardman periodically plays pranks of those he believes deserve it. Only they tend to be more sadistic.
Hardman has some inexplicable grudge against pants and is prone to burning them.
Hardman conversely has a fondness for Australian fauna. Especially Platypuses.
Violence is the cause and solution to all of Hardman's problems.
E-mail Hardman

"Would you like some mustard on your Hard Knuckle sandwich?"


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