Robot Master Name: Top Man タップマン
Weapon: Top Spin タップスピン
Weakness: Hard Knuckle ハードナックル
Robot Number: DWN021
Designer: Yasushi Konjiki
Aliases: The Spinning Demon, SD, Demon, Nightmare (formerly)
Sex: Male
Height: 5'5"
Eye color: Hazel
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair color: Dark brown, currently with blonde streaks.
Goal: To be purposeful in whatever I ultimately choose to pursue in life.
Fav. MM game: Anniversary Collection (hah, I cheated the system!)
Fav. MMX game: MMX2 and X4
Top Man is a poet first and foremost, and his ambition is to become a songwriter; he already has written lyrics for several songs of different genres.
Top Man has an addiction with the english language. He is a grammar Nazi and has a dictionary site in his bookmarks.
Top Man likes to change his physical appearance every few weeks so that he can always have a fresh look.
Top Man sings ALL the time, but admittedly isn't the best singer.
Top Man is gay, and feels very fortunate because it has allowed him to be more open-minded and receptive towards different points of view.
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"I am your worst Nightmare..."