Robot Master Name: Gemini Man ジェミニマン
Weapon: Gemini Laser ジェミニレーザー
Weakness: Search Snakes サーチスネーク
Robot Number: DWN019
Designer: Yoshihito Hattori
Real Name: Lennon
Sex: Male
Height: 5'3
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Fav. MM game: Power Battle, MM3 and Rockman & Forte
Goal: Work for Capcom or Squaresoft
Lennon is a mysterious character who came from a Matrix like world known as the Shadow Worlds
In a past life Gemini has had several experiences in the video game world thus has a vast knowledge of several video game titles.
Gemini is usually the most peaceful one of the team but has a short fuse. If you anger him he will attack in rage.
Lennon considers himself as one of the smartest members of the group, however his plans never seem to be successful.
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"I am neither friend or foe but get in my way and you'll really see double!"


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